aka Rose

  • I live in Magic Kingdom Levianta
  • I was born on October 4
  • My occupation is college student and aspiring author.
  • I am of female body parts, but my mind doesn't give a rat's behind about the cisgender system

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Kon'nichiwa, minna-san~ (Formal, reversed romanji, Tokyo dialect)

こんにちは、皆さん (Characters of the above; mix of Kanji and Hiragana)

May use 'Ohayo', as good morning, in place of 'Kon'nichiwa'.

I don't believe we've met. I'm Rose. It's nice to meat you~

Sweet nightmares~

Just call this woman Rose, as she generally roleplays as her original character Rose Conchita in chat, a nickname she picked up from her username. She's a pretty interesting and strange lady, sometimes easy to understand, and other times not so easy to understand. Please note that the term 'lady' can--and at times should--be used quite loosely. At the bottom of the page is a place where she will allow people to say things about her. Though she wishes them to be respectful, even if it criticizes her. However, she will take action if it is not respectful.

What You Should Know About This PersonEdit


The Silver Rose is a one-of-a-kind female creature that can only be found in America. She likes cute and 'regal' animals, and even some not traditionally thought of as cute. She is also completely bewildered by humans and wishes to understand them better by observance and studying psychology and sociology. If she had all the time and money in the world, she would spend at least half of her life in colleges studying various things and gaining many different degrees.

In the Evillious chat room, she is considered by some to be the Vessel of Knowledge.

MOTG rose3

So what does this photo-manipulation say about this woman...?


This particular vessel is a very interesting woman. She is quite bipolar--even if it isn't diagnosed as a mental disorder--and has many parts to herself. Above all, however, she is very caring about the people she considers friends, or just generally likes. She tends to do everything she can to protect and help others when she feels that it's needed. But be warned if she doesn't like someone--it won't end well. She can be rather cruel when she wants to be, and if scorned enough, finds that death is too merciful. She's also the type to sit back and grab some popcorn or something to eat when things get interesting--meaning if there's a fight in chat, she's going to be the one taking bets on who will win. And she also enjoys confusing and messing with people for the sake of a few laughs.

A Roleplaying GirlEdit

Being attracted to deceitful characters, she is also the type to deceive others and play games to amuse herself. And in admitting that she enjoys roleplaying people who she has created, she doesn't wish to stop roleplaying. The title aside her username and nickname, Internet Actress, infers that she enjoys the farcical lives she creates. However, due to lessons learned in the past, she has stopped creating false identities and simply roleplays preexisting characters instead. Presently, within Evillious, she roleplays Master of the Graveyard, a comedic, drunken Ma, a teenage Margarita, the gender-bend of Pale Noel, Paula, and a Pokemon crossover version of Clarith. Outside of Evillious, she roleplays Repliku of Kingdom Hearts.

As a Former ModeratorEdit

She definitely has her serious moments, and wouldn't hesitate to do what is necessary--whether she liked it or not. She has a fairly strong sense of duty and feels very privileged to have had such authority, even if she wasn't the highest on the chain of command. Therefore, she took this responsibility very seriously and did her best to help others. She did her best to not play favorites and still does her best to act fairly, analyzing the situation first to the best of her abilities. Also, to complete what she believed was her duty as moderator, she gladly asked for help and communicated with others if she felt she couldn't deal with a situation alone. She currently believes she is still a moderator at heart, and will try to act in a responsible manner. The only reason she is no longer a moderator in the chat is because of a lack of time to give proper attention to the room.

It may also be important to note that she is a second generation moderator, and has learned much of how she handles things from her dad.

Things That Others Say About This WomanEdit

If you're going to say something about me, then please do so here. I would also like to see people who make comments be respectful, even if you criticize me. It would also be good if you could give a signature of some kind, even if you wish to remain anonymous. ~Rose Conchita~

It's nice of you to keep track of this crazy family. It's nothing but incest nowadays, though, which makes duplicate names necessary. Like I said, make a 3d model of Evils Clan and it would be a sponge. LawfulInsane (talk) 08:35, October 5, 2014 (UTC)

In The Evillious Wiki Role-play As Rose ConchitaEdit

Personal PossessionsEdit

Among her possessions are a few very precious items. She generally carries with her a very amazing parasol that greatly resembles the one Master of the Graveyard owns. The handle of the parasol doubles as the hilt of a katana that is hidden within it, and the parasol, itself, can double as a shield against attacks. It even has a mouth that can magically appear and open up to ingest any projectiles aimed at it. Any other abilities have yet to be determined.

As the Vessel of Knowledge, she also possesses a scroll that contains the knowledge and wisdom she has gained over time given to her by Sickle ages before the Evillious calendar. This is also a tool she uses in recording the history she sees. She possesses several other books aside from general reading material, such as spell and potion books.

While it is a part of the chat room, she also holds control over a volcano she created, which is often used to toss things into. Usually, she only utilizes it if something is bothersome and she wants to be rid of it. In any other event, she just lets it be. However lately, she has been seen 'camping out' in it, and even a few others will be found in it.

Another of her possessions is a lyre that she picked up and enjoys playing. When bored, she will start playing some kind of tune to fit her mood. Or she could be playing a melody to fit the current mood of the chat room if she isn't doing something else. This could range from eerie to something like a lullaby or other soft tune.

She even has a snake named Rebona. Watch, though, as her slithering friend will bind someone if provoked, or she or Rose just doesn't like them. Usually, however, the snake is quite friendly with everyone and rarely ever attacks. While she doesn't have any venom, her bites hurt horribly.
Vessel of Knowledge

The Vessel of Knowledge.

There is also the famed bottle of bug spray she uses against the crickets when they decide to crop up in the chat. While it isn't shown, she also uses it against other pests that bother her.

Presently, she is also in possession of the Vessel of Wrath, The Golden Key, from an unidentifiable timeline in Evillious history. This is mostly for safe-keeping, since she has had experience in chat with it possessing someone. She isn't very keen on the idea of anyone else getting possessed. Occasionally, she will use it to stab someone, however she has recently begun to use both this and a pistol given to her by Eve.

She's also taken to carrying fresh, whole carrots around that she generally shoves up someone's rump for one reason or another. Though why it's carrots, she doesn't seem interested in explaining.

At some point, she also picked up a silver-ish lightsaber. This hasn't seen much use yet, though.

During an expedition of foreign affairs, she has been granted with a keyblade for her own use. This was given to her by Eve, as well. She has intents to use this in completing Kingdom Hearts to be used for other purposes.

Usually, these items are kept in her Bag Of Holding when not in use, and keeps it close at hand. There are many other items she possesses, however they do not usually make appearances in chat. These items include her candles, any ritualistic items, spell/potion books, and the axe presented to her by Resi-chan among other things. This bag is usually kept in her Victoria's Secret Compartment. The bag is kept where it is because she believes only a pervert would reach there to take it, and she won't even let them get that far if she can do anything about it.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

She possesses rather powerful magic, and is skilled in healing her friends after brutal fights and skirmishes in the chat. On any whim she pleases, she is able to transform people into animals and swap their genders, and can even change their clothes. Needless to say, she is quite adept at transfiguration. She also possesses the ability to revive others fully, or raise the dead as zombies she controls. Other than this, she doesn't dare dabble in necromancy. Another part of her magic, she is able to teleport out of dangerous situations. She is also adept at working with the elements of nature and communicating with her snake through a telekinetic connection. Recently, she has also begun practicing at creating illusions to suit her needs.

While magic is usually her specialty, she is also able to create potions and is currently working at mastering them. She usually acquires recipes for these on the black market, or by doing favors, bargaining, and even just swindling hobos for something. Of course, these hobos are also usually the butt of her experiments and even practical jokes.

Aside from this, she is also an immortal vampire with enhanced abilities such as strength, speed, and her senses. While she usually doesn't use these much, she will make use of them if she is forced into a fight. Though usually for this, she mostly makes use of her katana besides her magic, and is fairly skilled with it. However she usually prefers to use this in the defense of her friends or herself and not for the sake of fun. However, note the use of the word, 'usually.'


She does have a limit on how much magic she can use, and will eventually run out of magical energy and needs time to recover. She can only revive others a handful of times, no more than five times, before she runs out of energy. Generally, this means binging on human blood and not using magic for a while. During this time, her other abilities also diminish to an extent that leaves her slightly weaker than the average human. And while she is claimed to be the Vessel of Knowledge, she is still susceptible to slight influences of the seven sins. She is most easily influenced by Envy, and as such, shouldn't be allowed to hold its vessel. Also, though Gift won't kill her, it will make her drowsy for a while and quite sick.

She also can't be considered a master of magic, and sometimes will mess up on a spell or potion. Nor is she immune to a loss of blood and various injuries. Although she can regrow limbs and other body parts, the recovery time varies depending on how much energy she has at the time. And during times where she is consistently regenerating, that regeneration time slows by a few seconds with each regeneration. Silver can hinder this further, and as such, she has to handle it carefully.

Powerful scents such as garlic and other herbs are often a little overwhelming and can cause her to get migraines. However, some scents, such as the garlic, she loves, and will willingly put up with the subsequent migraines. Although those can make it quite difficult to focus if she's not careful. She can also be rendered effectively helpless by the nerve defect in the left side of her face.This condition is unpredictable, and irritating at the best of times and debilitating at worst. When it is at its worst, it often leaves her in a fetal position on the ground, raking her nails against her face.


Like her sister, Banica Conchita, she has cannibalistic tendencies. She enjoys cooking and eating people, primarily hobos. However, as the opportunity arises, she does like to eat someone from the chat. Though they are usually revived after the feasting is finished. Where she considers the hobos to simply be meals, the people of chat are sweet delicacies, as she often considers them to be her friends.

Rose Conchita is also prone to referring to herself in the third person. She will generally swap between first and third at the drop of a hat. Sometimes she will also speak in Old English, though she claims to butcher it more often than not. During this time, she will revert to referring to herself in first person. The way she speaks and refers to herself can become erratic, however she does have one constant. Should things in chat get serious, she will drop the third person and generally speak as a normal, modern-day woman.

Some Notable Relations and the Family TreeEdit

These are primarily chatroom relations, however some overlap with her primary DeviantART account.

Servy-nii My trolling brother. He's a little strange, but great all the same. He made me feel quite welcome when I first moved into chat.

Luci-chan My niece through Gammon-onii. This, of course, is mostly honorary as Gammon-onii isn't actually my biological or adopted brother.

Octo-chan One of my original friends in chat and roleplayer of Gammon-onii. She is Ji-chan's daughter, she's my great-niece.

Seth-kun I think we're sort-of-friends, but I'm not sure. His admin, Painter-chan, however, is definitely in the friend territory now that I talked to her and know not to try too hard anymore. She also adopted Gammon-onii, though it doesn't make us family in that aspect.

Ji-chan The Elluka spider of chat and a good friend. She isn't always around, but when she is, it's pretty fun. She's also my niece through Servy-nii.

Hime-neko Another of my original chat friends and really fun to be around. She's my main Hime-sama and I will protect her. She is also my daughter through adoption.

Mistress-chan My second daughter, again by adoption. No one hurts her. No one hurts my daughters. She wormed her way into my heart and I find her quite sweet.

Wolf-kun My son with Eve-chan. He is, of course, a wolf, although I don't know how. But I don't mind, and he has an even cuter form than his already cute form. He also rules over Hellish Yard.

Alex-kun He is both my son-in-law through Mistress-chan and co-ruler of Evillious region kingdoms. He has control of Lucifenia, Beelzenia, and Marlon.

Conchita-onee-sama My precious adopted sister that I adore. Bow down to her greatness or become her next feast. Or you could just become her next meal, anyway~ I'd be happy to help cook you up~! Also there is Aku-chan, her admin, who is really cool. This was begun on DeviantART, so naturally overlaps with that. This relationship translates over to DeviantART.

Pale-kun He's a fairly good friend of mine, but I like to mess with him sometimes. If he messes with me, ever, I won't particularly mind too much because I've messed with him some, too. Just don't mess with him on an emotional level that leads to emotional turmoil. He already has problems--he doesn't need any more. On another note, he also made me the godmother of his daughter, Marie-chan. Therefore, I have good cause to wish to mutilate anyone who harms her. I'm also the one who played mid-wife when she was born. This relationship translates over to DeviantART. At least I like to think so on this and the above stated.

Eve-chan I've become very attached to her, then attracted to her, and finally took her as my wife, so no hurting her. I care deeply for her, and if she is harmed, someone will pay with their blood. She is my queen of Magic Kingdom Levianta and now my only love.

Chat Family Tree16
This is the Royal Family of Evillious Chat, also known as Evils Clan. It gets a little confusing. Among others who have done so already, I've created a family sponge that should help clear some things up. If you're still confused... Well, I'm afraid not much can be done about that. However, I will try to explain to the best of my abilities--though admittedly, my explanations may not be very good. If you're a part of this family and you don't see your username or Evillious roleplay canon character there, let me know and I'll be sure to update it as soon as possible. With each person added, it gets more confusing to understand. However, sometimes it's best to simply go with the flow and not attempt to understand it completely. Otherwise you may be in for a mind screw. Please note that this diagram is under constant modification.

Current Activities Edit

Presently, she has begun to reform Levianta and rebuild it as Magic Kingdom Levianta, just as in its glory days before the Levianta Catastrophe. She and Eve plan to rule the kingdom together, as well as Asmodean and Elphegort. This is a part of Evils Clan's plan to conquer the universe with the power of the Force and Kingdom Hearts. The base of operations, of course, is Evil's Theatre, which is guarded by Master of the Graveyard.

Her son with Eve, Wolf, is the present ruler of the Hellish Yard, dealing with the dead. Alexiel Lucifen rules over Lucifenia, Beelzenia, and Marlon with his sister Riliane. Kachess Crim is the governor of the continent of Maistia. LawfulInsane acts as the lesser known, but still important, adviser to Darkwarrior101, the Empress of the New Galactic Empire. The formation of the Council of Governors is still under construction, but plans are coming along smoothly.

All About EvilliousEdit

The Muses--Edit

Master of the Graveyard Master of the Graveyard, or Rena as she tends to be called lately, is the theatre inhabitant who generally captures outsiders and eats them. However, there are certain people she has come to not wish to eat immediately. Recently, she has been seen outside of her graveyard, though not much. She still stays in the vicinity of the theatre most of the time. She isn't usually defined as kind, however she will defend those she calls friends.

Margarita Felix The high school variation of Margarita, though doesn't have plans to follow the original Margarita's footsteps. However, she is willing to poison those who cross her and make them sick. She often provides medicine for someone who needs it, or other assorted medicinal and herbal goods. She also has a fondness for baking sweets for friends, and is quite kind and caring. There is little she won't do for her friends, even if it means hurting someone else or sacrificing something. She is presently dating the high school variation of Pale Noel.

Mischievous Ma A spin-off of the real Ma, she is much more conniving and, naturally, mischievous than the original. And while she will manipulate others for her own personal gain, she will also do so just to have some fun and get a few good laughs. Though she is certainly not above mischief done by her own hand, and is prone to suggesting doing or having done things in fun of dubious nature.

Paula Noel The gender-bent variation of Pale Noel, Paula is quite willing to shed blood, herself. She, of course, is quite volatile at times and doesn't always take lightly to being messed with. She is more than willing to shoot someone who annoys her too much. She has a certain fondness for drinking beer after a long day of work, though has little taste for any other alcoholic beverages.

Sickle The creator of Evillious, Sickle is a bit whimsical in what he does and the decisions he makes. He isn't known as a god and refuses to interfere with the course of history of the Third Period. However, he has shown a slight interest in interacting with the inhabitants as a simple talking bat. Generally speaking, though, he still intends to primarily watch rather than interact much.

Trainer Clarith A Pokemon trainer version of Clarith from the Evillious region. She is often too shy to show up anywhere there are a lot of people, and isn't particularly confident in her abilities as a trainer. Yet she still loves her companion Pokemon, particularly her Clefairy. She's very kind and doesn't like to see others in pain, or too badly injured from a battle. She does, though, understand that some Pokemon like being in battle, and will have battles with other trainers.

How it happenedEdit

She stumbled across Evillious by accident while looking for Vocaloid songs on YouTube. It started with Evil Food Eater Conchita, and she found herself at Daughter Of Evil and The Lunacy Of Duke Venomania. After a few other songs that included Re Birthday and Clockwork Lullaby, she did some research and found herself at Wikia. Since then, she's been utterly obsessed with the series and has listened to each of the canon songs released so far.


In no specific order, her top ten favorite characters are as follows:

  1. Banica Conchita/Master of the Graveyard
  2. Eve Zvezda
  3. Pale Noel
  4. Clarith
  5. Seth Twiright
  6. Gammon Octo
  7. Riliane Lucifen d'Autrich
  8. Ma
  9. Allen Avadonia
  10. Sickle

Also in no specific order, her top ten favorite songs:

  1. Clockwork Lullaby
  2. Capriccio Farce
  3. Master Of The Graveyard
  4. Daughter Of Evil
  5. Evil Food Eater Conchita
  6. Muzzle Of Nemesis
  7. Chrono Story
  8. Wooden Girl ~Thousand Year Wiegenlied~
  9. Regret Message
  10. Escape Of Salmhofer The Witch

Curiously enough, due to the trance-like effect it has, Clockwork Lullaby may actually be her favorite Evillious song.

Favorite Series'Edit

  • As it was her first anime, Pokemon, she loves the movies, games, and cards. And while she doesn't care for the show anymore, it still holds a special place in her heart. She does, however, wish it would come to an end. She claims she will forever be a Pokemon trainer.
  • While she considers the mangaka a troll, she absolutely adores the manga Bleach and keeps up with it very nicely, happy it's released on a weekly basis. There are many questions about the series that she has had to go through waiting on the answers for, but she loves the suspense of the series.
  • She considers Vampire Knight to be among the best anime and manga she has found, and is sad that it is now completed. Currently, she is waiting to see if there is going to be a third season to the anime.
  • Of late, she has also been entranced by Black Butler, or Kuroshitsuji. She finds the combination of humor and tragedy to be very unique and waits for every monthly update.
  • Possibly her favorite, she grew up with Sailor Moon, soon after being introduced to Pokemon. She has neither seen the entire anime or read every manga volume, but she loves the storyline.
  • Even while she is unable to watch them aside from the DVDs she has, she loves crime dramas such as Walker Texas Ranger and NCIS. There is just something about the action and mysteries that she just adores.
  • Of course, we can also not forget an American cartoon from her childhood, the original Thundercats show. While she doesn't mind the new series of it, she much prefers the original.
  • With video games, her personal favorite is a complex storyline that creates Kingdom Hearts. She has several of the games, but is unable to complete the set. She does, however, know the general storyline of each one.

There are many more series' she enjoys, but this is just a sample of them.

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