aka Soubi

  • I live in Somewhere in this Existence, I Suppose?
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Evil RP'er
  • I am Female

Yo. In case you didn't know when you clicked the link, I'm PsychoPaleNoel, but you call me Pale or else. Very few people get excepted from that rule! I should probably put down some stuff you want to know about me....

  • I am easily pissed off. Do not start something if you want to make it out alive.
  • If you try to pair me off with Seth, even as a joke, you automatically die.
  • I take medicine to reduce homicidal thoughts, but I haven't seen it in a few days....
  • I hate Soubi, End of story.


Seth Twiright - Creator

Paula Noel - sister

Serena Twiright - sister

Evil-Food-Eater-Conchita - my (disowned) son

UnitedStateofPikaculious - Daughter

RinaxLen02 - Daughter

Xo - Son

Marie - Estranged Daughter

Meta Salmhofer - Ex-girlfriend

Milky Eights - Ex-girlfriend (get this woman away from me)

Gammon - Uuuuh... No comment... >_>

Kirill Clockworker - Family Friend

And now that he's all done, it's my turn~ My name is Soubi, derived from my long Deviantart name, AgatsumaSoubi20. I am also known as Pare by Pika or simply Pale when no one wants to use my silly nickname. (I used Evils-Theater's profile as a model for my own. I don't know how to format this stuff myself yet. XD)

I will say this now; I may be on Deviantart a lot, but please do not tell me which profile to go on and when. I check them regularly and will see your post within twelve hours. I do have a schedule to adhere to. I will only accept such 'requests' if I haven't been on the account for a certain amount of time.


―The first thing I thought when I first entered the Evillious Wiki Chat[src]


It's hard to say when I first came across the world that is the Vocaloid/UTAU fandom, but I do remember that my first Vocalouid song was Insanity by Circus-P. Shortly afterwords, I came across UTAU while looking for a way to get myself Vocaloid. As of [December 17, 2014], I own the Vocaloids Rin/Len ACT2 (soon to include V2 appends), Miku V3, Meiko V3, V-Flower, Sonika, Tonio, and Avanna. *I might have a problem... OvO;;; //brick'd*

My first contact with the Evillious Chronicles was listening to Servant of Evil, back in the summer of 2013. Admittedly, I only listened to it because I was bored and looking for something to do with my unlimited free time, but that one song had me hooked. However, I really began to get into the series when I first heard Escape of the Witch Salmhofer (aka, the first MEIKO song I liked XD).

I didn't find the wiki until recently in early January, when a friend of mine suggested that I take a look at the site. I joined as PsychoPaleNoel, keeping to my Pale persona, and have never looked back. When I first joined the chat, I was scared out of my mind, unsure of what to do or say. But the people there were very warm and opening, and now I can't wait to see what chaos brews in the chatroom~ 8D

Personality and TraitsEdit

"So no going Pale on them? 8D"


Huh, I'm not quite sure how to explain my personality. Most times, I'm usually nice and willing to lend an ear. Though there are some times that I create chaos for the sake of chaos. If you don't believe me, just ask Pale and FA (or better yet, their kids. XDD). Like everyone else, I do have triggers that can throw me into a bad mood. You'll know when it happens by my apparent tone on certain topics.

I may also be partially sadistic sometimes, but I swear I'm good otherwise! XD

As a general warning, most of my thoughts tend to take to the violent side. I think that's why it's fun for me to RP as Pale~

(No, you're just a psychopath, Soubi) SHUT UP, PALE! THIS IS MY SECTION!

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Oh, it happened through 'questionable' means..."

In comparison to Pale, I am the true Master of Maliciousness~! I'm good at making some canon characters hate my guts, as well as twist them until they bend to my will! >8D I dabble in a few mediums, including drawing, literature, games, Vocaloid/UTAU covers, and MikuMiku Dance. 

Harem Pale

Doesn't he look lovely as a harem girl--? //brick'd



Dammit, I mean goodnight! >~<"

―Soubi messing up on her English[src]

I am usually a grammer fanatic, always checking my response before I post for spelling errors. However, there are times that I miss something and it turns into a funny joke on chat. My most common emoticons are (XD) (8D) (>:\) (>~<) (T^T) and (;~;)


Conceptualization and Origin

  • My apparent HERs is from being around Pale so much~ (lol).
  • My true origins shall remain unknown until the end of time~


  1. Whenever I speak in chat, I will use the ((brackets)), but they somehow manage to disappear in PMs (unless Pale is there too).
  2. I may be one of the few people in chat that isn't someone's mother, sister, or some other family member.
  3. Somehow, I have become the Senpai for Bany~ 8D *not complaining there*
  4. I made this- *hides*

Wall of CrazyEdit

(This section is for anyone to edit and put in some crazy thing about Soubi or [Psycho] Pale Noel in general~ owo)

Pale - Soubi is a Psycho. End of story. *is shot by admin*

Lawful: You owe me a Rare Candy. (Camila A. Slash: Nah, jk - *is shot by Lawful*)


y'all are a bit odd as is everyone else in chat. and I'm...maybe not human.

Favorite Characters (Not in Order)Edit

  • Meta Salmhofer
  • Pale Noel
  • Held
  • Caspar Blankenheim
  • Margarita Felix Blankenheim
  • Seth Twiright
  • Yukina Freesis
  • Gear

Favorite Songs (Not in Order)Edit

  • Chrono Story
  • Survival MA - Who Will Survive
  • Handbeat Clocktower
  • Project MA
  • Labrotory of the Full Moon
  • Escape of the Witch Salmhofer
  • Red Shoe Parade
  • Servant of Evil - Velvet Mix
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