Museum of Truisms
Other Names The Bad Producer, Piano
Born I'm in that limbo between young and old orz
Personal Items Vocaloid3 Editor's Pen Tool, Piano
Classification The Bad Producer You Regret Finding on YouTube
Family Avanna, Oliver, Prima, Yohioloid, VY2, Piano
Gender Male
Occupation Bad Producer (look for me on YouTube at your own risk)
Affiliation(s): Engloids, Piano

Congratulations! You have reached the page of a bad producer who is not at all famous and actually pretty bad. Now before you get all excited I do bad songs with Engloids, so no I cannot help you with translations, I'm sorry orz

Personality and Skills Edit

I am pretty serious, but I am totally willing to have fun and possibly unsheathe my sense of humor (YES MY SENSE OF HUMOR THAT'S ALL) if you initiate contact. You see where this is going. I've tried to contribute to wikis, but I never felt included at all because I mostly joined wikis that had important admins and then there was me. I think this will be different, though!

I make songs with engloids. I am not popular. Is there more you need to know? Oh, and I love piano and in my producing career have wasted much money on piano vst ughh.

Aside from my more-or-less uselessness when it comes to translating and possibly research (though if you more or less know where your stuff is going I am willing to do the grunt work for you), I mostly plan to just tidy up wikis and chime in on discussion and theories. My life is normally busy in a vain attempt to get popular by composing more.

History Edit

When I was a young'un (yes I made that joke don't kill me) I was reading Google News and came across an article about a blue-haired girl who was a robot or something. I ignored her. A few years later, I got back into this Vocaloid thing and ended up buying a few. I made a YouTube channel, but I didn't do much because I was sorta sucky.

That didn't stop me from enjoying other Vocaloid works and wallowing in my uselessness though, and soon I got into the Evillious Chronicles! My first song was the Daughter of Evil, and while I've found better, besides the mixing I honestly don't see why people hate on it so much. Rin sounded decent. My favorite song now, though, has probably got to me "Survival: Ma". I love Irina, because I love evil people. My own kind. This may or may not show.

So while I was doing this, I learned what mixing was and how to make instrumentals, and I've recently gotten into composing my own originals, as I've said before. I'll link to them up top; click at your own risk. I also put myself down a lot, so I may come across as whiny and clingy. If so please tell me because this is like my greatest phobia: that I annoy people.

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