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Lucifenia may refer to:

Evil's Theater may refer to:

Character 2017 2019
Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche Reina Takana
Allen Avadonia Kazutomi Yamamoto Sena
Germaine Avadonia Fumina Suzuki Asana Mamoru
Michaela Yukari Nakamura yucat
Clarith Yui Takano Rina Miyazaki
Kyle Marlon Kenta Kamakari Yoshiki Tani
Leonhart Avadonia Naoki Nokubo Yuuki Tomotsune
Elluka Clockworker Ensemble member Aina Hashimoto
Minage Kiyoshii Oono Mao Katou
York Le Corbusier Taku Aoyama Seita Yamamoto
Arkatoir Marlon Gorou Takeshi Ryousuke Iwasaki
Josephine Jun Takada Ryuutarou Maeda
Keel Freezis Kenta Kida Takamitsu Fukuchi
Chartette Langley Hitomi Shimana Himena Tsukimiya
Ney Phutapie Aika Ota Aya Noshino
Mariam Phutapie Yuko Katsube Nanako Kodama
Minis Stoup Katsumi Watanabe Kazunori Hachisu
Breadmaker (father) (2019 exclusive) Satoshi Takeno
Breadmaker (daughter) (2019 exclusive) Kaoruko Ooda

Unknown Maid

Behemo's girlfriend from the First Period. She came to work as a maid for his family and they began dating shortly after; one day, however, she was disgusted when her boyfriend asked if he could try on her clothes. She was described as having a cute face comparable to that of a doll's.

Unknown Orphan Boy

A young Lucifenian boy who was abandoned by his parents at an early age and was taken in by the Held Monastery. He was raised by the old nun Rin who was kind and always smiled at him and despite living in poverty together with the other children in the orphanage, they were all happy with their mother figure. When Rin became deadly ill, he gathered all the other children by her bedside and told her that since she had taken such good care of them, they wanted to repay her regardless of how obsurd her final wish was. Rin then mused about how she'd like to get a reply from the person she sent a letter to in her youth but said that it could never happen.

The boy and the orphans then spread out to search for the person she had sent the letter to, soon meeting the former king of Marlon, Kyle, who had become a painter. Kyle explained the truth to the children, that the nun they had been raised by was actually the tyranical Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche who had waged war and killed countless people. He also tells them that the person she wanted to send her letter to has died so she will never get an answer. The children gave up and returned home, however the boy knew that Rin would continue to wait for a response even if she died. When Rin lied dying, the boy handed her a fake response he had written the night before, hoping that reading it would let her died happy.


batako is an illustrator who wrote and illustrated a two volume fan manga of The Daughter of Evil. Later she was discovered by mothy and began contributing by illustrating for The Daughter of Evil: Praefacio of Blue, and illustration of hers was featured in Handbeat Clocktower. The same year a few months later, she contributed by making an illustration for Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook.

Yggdra (wife)

The wife of Held Yggdra in the Second Period and mother of his child. Though first living happily with her husband and child, the family became more torn with the child showed signs of being a HER.


Byakko[note 1] was a human residing in the Third Period. Living in an unknown era, the human died and their soul ascended to the Heavenly Yard and was later pulled down to the Hellish Yard after the destruction of the world.

Arkatoir's mother

The mother of Arkatoir Marlon. Living as a simple Beelzenian farmer, the woman had a child with the King of Marlon in EC 482. Fearing that her child could endangered due to being fathered by a royal, she requested that he'd have no claim to the throne. When the king's other illegitimate children were murdered by Prim Marlon, her son was spared due to her wish.

Musubi (daughter)

The daughter of Yuka Musubi and her husband.

The Loop Octopus Clan was a race indigenous to Levianta. After the Levianta Catastrophe, the clan went mostly extinct, with a few members surviving and assimilating into the Asmodean population.

The Woodcutter Couple Murder Case[1] was the name given to the murders of Adam and Eve Moonlit by the hands of their adopted children Hänsel and Gretel.



In EC 001 Eve Moonlit kidnapped the children of Meta Salmhofer, Hänsel and Gretel, out of envy after her own twin children died. While escaping the worried mother through Held's Forest in Elphegort, Eve murdered her and convinced her husband Adam Moonlit to raise the babies as their own. However as the children grew up, Gretel had unbeknownst to the woodcutters understood that they weren't their biological parents.

Moonlit Abandonment

In EC 013 the Levianta Catastrophe broke out, resulting in famine in Elphegort. A few months later Adam and Eve saw no other option but to abandon their children in the woods as they had no means of feeding them, leading them on to a secluded path in the forest, the couple left the twins believing they would be unable to find their way home.

However, the twins managed to use Hänsel's glass bottle to light the way by filling it with moonlight. After wandering around for a while the twins made their way back home and now saw their foster parents as nothing more than a witch and her henchman that needed to die. While Gretel pushed Eve in to the fireplace, Hänsel killed Adam.


After Eve's death, Hänsel and Gretel split her Original Sin into seven pieces and sent them out in the world. Eve's soul joined the seven Demons of Sin, becoming the "Demon of Sloth", while Adam's soul joined the Demon of Wrath in his vessel. Through that, Eve and Adam continued to spread evil across the eras in hopes of reuniting once again.

Civillian Perception

The murderers' identities remained a mystery to the rest of the world, since Adam and Eve lived so secluded that no one even knew they had children. The couple's corpses remained untouched until they were discovered by Gallerian Marlon who tore their house down to build Evil's Theater.



  1. 木こり夫婦殺人事件

Evils Extra is an album by Akuno-P on August 12, 2019. It was first distributed at Comic Market 96 and later at Magical Mirai, on September 1 the same year. It includes 12 tracks and a story about Gretel trying to figure out who her biological father is. The album's jacket was illustrated by Ichika.


  1. Genesis Girl Gretel
  2. Fictional Maquerade
  3. All You Gotta Do is Double Jump
  4. Torture Tower Doesn't Sleep
  5. The Messangers of the Infinity Mirrors
  6. That King was Born from Mud
  7. Full Moon Laboratory
  8. The Frog's and My Love Romance Speeded Up
  9. Unlock Blackbox
  10. Reach For The Stars ~The Letter She Kept Waiting For~
  11. The Song that Resounds with Lu Li La, Lu Li La (Parade)
  12. Ending Boy Hänsel




Conceptualization and Origin

  • The album story is focused on Gretel using a Jukebox, the images used in the crossfade for the album are meant to look like vinyls.

External Links

The Manual of Evil is an information booklet regarding The Daughter of Evil Series, released on August 10, 2010, as part of a limited edition purchase of The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow. It contains information for the main characters in the novel as well as an overview, an interview, concept art, and illustrations.



A section dedicated to providing profiles for the major recurring characters in The Daughter of Evil Series. Each profile contains biographical information on the character relevant to the light novels, such as their birth year, death year, race, religion, and familial relations. It also includes concept art by Ichika, as well as some comments by her on her inspirations.


An interview with mothy, where he brings up how he started working on Vocaloid, music in general, and writing stories. He also answers questions sent in by fans.


A collection of miscellaneous sections detailing information for The Daughter of Evil series and mothy's Evillious series in general. The first section portrays the full covers from each light novel in The Daughter of Evil series along with a general introduction summary to each light novel. The next section contains a world map for The Daughter of Evil series, naming notable places on the map from the countries traveled to in the series. An Evillious Chronicles section then details a small timeline for events taking place since EC 0. Afterwards, a section dedicated to the songs released by mothy lists all of mothy's major song releases. Each song includes its Nico Nico Douga ID for the original upload and any remixes, its featured Vocaloids, the major artist involved in the creation of its PV, and a small introduction to the song's plot accompanied by an illustration. The last section shows each of the vessels of sin.



Conceptualization and Origin

  • The Manual is intended to act as a pocket guide for all material in The Daughter of Evil novel series as well as have miscellaneous other functions.


  • While the Manual holds detailed information about the characters like the two databooks succeeding it, it is not complemented by any short stories.


External Links

External Links


Watching Us





  • Little brother
  • Older sister
  • Star



  • In the Muzzle of Nemesis album the song is given the year BT 3214.


Genesis Girl Gretel is a song to be released by Akuno-P. It will tell the story of Gretel.



Related Songs

Ending Boy Hänsel




"I will protect you, so just be somewhere, smiling."
―Allen Avadonia[src]

The Servant of Evil ~velvet mix~ is a remix of the song The Servant of Evil released by Akuno-P on December 27, 2009 in celebration of Kagamine Rin and Len's birthdays.


Another rearranged version of the song with an updated PV was released by mothy, titled "The Servant of Evil ~velvet mix~", in celebration of Len's second anniversary. The instruments used in the remix are flutes, music, drums, organ, strings, piano, and a bloodier sounding guillotine.



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