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  • The Unknown Patient is named Malice and is the first HER.
  • Malice was adopted by Seth Twiright to research her condition. Him developing HER and his obsession with the condition was caused by his continued exposure to Malice.
  • Sickle's real name is Allen.
  • Sickle was highly immoral in the past and it was through a series of events that he changed his ways.
  • The Mysterious Rin Character is Levia, detailing her upbringing, abandonment by Sickle and development of the Clockwork Lullaby.
  • Michelle Marlon is the Master of the Court.
  • Irregular is the result of a god kin experiment similar to Hansel and Gretel using Allen Avadonia's seed.
  • Banica Conchita cured Hansel and Gretel's HER after she took their spirits into the glass.
  • Punishment is an entity derived from Wrath and is the actual being Nemesis Sudou contracted with.
  • Eve Moonlit is a Ghoul Child created by Seth to be the ultimate mage and vessel for the God-Kin. Her appearance is based on that of Sickle's deceased lover.
  • The Demon of Pride is Sickle's younger sister.
  • Gear is Adam Moonlit, now partially a demon himself due to his prolonged exposure to Seth.
  • The voices Nemesis heard are actually manifestations of her HER.
  • Nemesis was heavily altered in the womb by Ma, giving her HER and the appearence of an Elphe.
  • Milky Eights's background was a complete lie. Milky was still the lover of Pale Noël and a member of Apocalypse at the time, having been sent in as a mole by Pale to hijack Seth's plan.
  • Waiter is a fragment of the soul of Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche that was attached to the vessel. The other half continued to wander, stripped of her memories and true ego.
  • Keel Freesis is the reborn soul of Pale. Pale's ultimate wish was to have a family.
  • Mikina Freesis is the descendent of Pale and Milky.
  • Apocalypse was an organization geared against Seth and the corrupt senate. Pale loathed his creator and wished to destroy everything Seth hoped to ever create. Many of its members consisted of Ghoul Children and others who were experimented on as children by Seth.
  • The light that guided Hansel and Gretel, as well as the shadowy form that killed Adam and Eve, is the manifested soul of Meta Salmhofer.
  • During the Greed/Wrath arc, Banica sent out Hansel and Gretel's spirits so to keep an eye on her enemies. Gretel incarnated during this period and, using her assassin skills, worked as a member of PN.
  • An "awakened" vessel refers to a human soul inside the vessel that, through some means, has become a demon.