Kathleen P

aka Kathleen

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on May 30
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

At times, I edit minor grammatical errors in some of the articles.

Things I have to Say Edit

  • Ma, go rot in the Hellish Yard.
  • The Sinners are pitiful, but with the slight exception of Gallerian (because he's a little lovable sh*t).
  • Levia's like a lost lamb, but she's also maximizing her cynical (and pessimistic) attitude, and she reminds me of my past self.
  • Behemo's still slaying that maid look.
  • F*ck you Seth, spreading all of those HERs and being an annoying talking mask.
  • Irina is legit the pettiest character I've seen (and I love her because of this).
  • Clarith is a cinnamon roll and I love her.
  • I commend mothy for having some LGBT+ representation and race diversity in the EC.
  • There are too many if only-s in the Evillious Chronicles.
  • iF OnLY there was some sort of machine that's the equivalent of the Black Box IRL.
  • Sweet Home Alabama (I'm looking at you Ma. Not gonna forget Kayo either).

(Profile pic is by Mario Gagabriel.)

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