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  • The Mysterious Rin is Maria Moonlit's first incarnation, the first irregular of this world.
  • Maria Moonlit learnt how to create humans from Levia and Behemo. Just like Seth had ghould children and Lich had mud dolls, Maria had her sons and daughters.
  • Meta Salmhofer's magic powers are linked to nature and that’s why she's commonly with flowers. The power links her with Gluttony and Lust.
  • Elluka Chirclatia was an irregular. Levia and Behemo wouldn't be able to reincarnate as Elluka Clockworker if she wasn't.
  • Elluka Chirclatia's soul incarnated into Levia and Behemo's dragon body. She willingly destroyed the Magic Kingdom, believing it to be necessary due to how dangerous the kingdom was. Regardless, a single human soul was not enough to keep the dragon alive.
  • Maria Moonlit and Irina Clockworker aren't the same person, in truth, they're two different people possessing the same bodies in two different occasions (the Red Cat and the Clockworker's Doll). They had notably different abilities, personalities and origins.
  • The Master of the Graveyard knew Hänsel and Gretel weren't able to end the world on the Graveyard ending, so she planned to use the Master of the Court's twins and pretended to be an ally of the doll. She thought to have been defeated when Nemesis destroyed the world, but kept an eye on other irregulars like Allen.

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