Evils Theater

aka Evils

  • I live in Toragay
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Writer, Artist
  • I am Female
Evils Theater
Other Names Evils
Sempai (by kouhais)
Papa Evils (by Kouhai and Maiddy ;u; )
Born October 16
Personal Items Gavel
Classification Clockworker's Doll
Family (See Wifey-sama's profile)
Gender Female
Times banned Only about every time I get on chat~ <3
Occupation A pretty dollie =u= The last face you'll see too
Affiliation(s): Um...myself?(Get it, Evil's Theater?//brick'd)

Hello, my name is Evils Theater~! But feel free to call me anything shorter if it suits you. Anyways I guess this is the place where I can tell you a little bit about myself. Not creepy at all~<3


I never really knew that this wiki existed until like about a year and a half ago when I saw a link to the wiki on YouTube. The first EC song I had ever saw was The Daughter of Evil, shortly followed by The Servant of Evil, and just by those two songs I was completely hooked and captivated by this series. I read up on the all lovely information here, that I didn't quite understand by the way and then...kind of disappeared from the fandom for about half a year or so because you know, I didn't understand anything at all and I also didn't know how wikis function at the time XD. When I was bored one day, I decided to check out the Evillious Chronicles wiki once again and this time...I actually began to understand the series~! So I stalked looked through the wiki for a couple of weeks and the tumblr groups as well before I decided to make an account and join in chat. And since then I guess I've been trying to get on there as much as I can and help out from time to time. So that's my story. OuO;

Personality and TraitsEdit

I'm find myself a bit difficult to explain, I used to be really talkative and social and but recently I'm just really quiet and got sucked into the secretive world of PMs. I'm actually pretty nice, just shy and awkward lol. People think I'm awesome but that's totally not true alkfdjsadlkfjsdlkfjsdlkjf. In reality, I'm a really fretful big fat worry-wart and when I feel guilty of something, it never seems to leave my mind. But I am always willing to help out anyone if it's within my capabilities, so don't be afraid to ask me.

As the Master of Torture of chat I partake in the occasional torture of my chat fellows.

UnitedStatesofPikachulious: Sempai is also sadistic, but rest assured she has a heart unlike certain other users~ <3

(COUGHCOUGHLikeTheKindEvilliousResident~COUGHCOUGH) W....Who said that, kouhai? >u>;


I am also the Master of Typos, I make typos, so be warned~. I know what I am talking about in my head but sadly my fingers refuse to make sense on the keyboard. At least they make people laugh, so I am not too upset over them. If I am tired it get especially worse and sadly a few people had to witness that horrible display. I mean I almost always realize my mistakes, it's probably something about me thinking faster than I type. But I try at least~! I also love using really weird and creepy emoticons, scaring a few people with them but a favorite of them is (◞≼☉≽◟◞౪◟◞≼☉≽◟) however sometimes I use cute normal ones like this (ノ>ヮ<)ノ*:・゚✧


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • I love Preguiça!
  • Whenever I come into chat it'll say ~Evils Theater has stumbled into Evil's Theater~, a running gag that never seems to get old. I didn't notice that until like a month after I joined chat =3=
  • Despite the fact that I am referred to as Husbby-sama, I am actually a female and Wifey-sama is a male. We refer to each other as that because our muses are of opposite gender and married.
  • My HER apparently comes from my Papa Respi....Andmaybeallitlebitofmama


  • Despite being referred to as "sempai" by Pika-kouhai and once in a while by Octo, they are both older than me. I have a kouhai-kouhai, who's actually someone I can refer to as kouhai! Lemmings-kouhai! Yush, my kouhai harem is growing stronger. OUO 
  • I lie, Octo is actual senpai, don't listen to her.
  • I didn't actually adopt any of the children in my family. =u=; But Papa Evils still loves you, children.
  • I once had a hack when everything I copy and pasted was the name Nirofu, so you should blame all your computer problems on her.


My Fellow MastersEdit

I NEED MOAR MASTERS (◞≼థ≽◟◞౪◟◞≼థ≽◟)

A Section That Is Still Completely Devoted to Papa Respi~ <3Edit

"Papa Respi is still Papa~! I can't change that it's the truth even're yourself...Actually can someone explain to me why I decided to come back to you?"
―Evils Theater[src]
Glomps, Glomps Everywhere~

Evils: Papa Respi, I knew you loved me. I...I knew you always had a heart. ;u; Papa Respi: *sCREAMS INTERNALLY*

Papa Respi is still my papa even if she is herself, I can't deny her. We all get one papa in the world whether they are a horrible or a kind one sadly I got her and she got one daughter so I guess we were both screwed except I happen to be a WONDERFUL daughter. Don't listen to what she says! 

It doesn't matter how horrible she treats me, we are all going to the Heavenly Yard anyway, even HER. Why, Sickle?! ಥ_ಥ

Glomptopia was achieved, you freakin' non-believer. HA!.

Favorite Characters (Not in Order)Edit

Favorite Songs (Not in Order)Edit

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