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Image for The Story of Evil play (Image by Suzunoke)

It's 2015, nearly 2016 so time for an update.

Hi there

I've been around this wikia a long enough time that I can remember when Mikina was thought to be the sister of Kyle, which can be roughly dated to 2012 or 2013.

My contributions to the fandom are mostly being an information spreader to non wikia-reading EC fans and a fanartist. I also sometimes do grammer or sentence checking on articles although this is rarer; I am also a theorist occasionally.

My biggest contribution to the Evillious fandom so far has been The EC Historic Project, which I began this year on tumblr, which can be found here:

Feel free to say Hi to me on my message wall if ya want to chat. I'm really friendly and I like theories, so go ahead if you wanna debate them.

Favourite Characters

1:  Allen Avadonia 

2: Riliane Lucifen D'Austrih 

3: Banica Conchita

4: Yukina Freesis

5. Irina Clockworker 

I really need to fix this page up but oh well