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Image for The Story of Evil play (Image by Suzunoke)

My name's Sydney. Born April 6th, 1999. 

I'm a fan of (you can already guess what Im gonna say next) Evillious. I'm a bit of a newer fan ( I've been a fan of Vocaloid itself for roughly three years now) but I learn new things almost everyday (or whenever there is an update). Even so, I've been here a long enough time that I can remember when Mikina was thought to be the sister of Kyle. I don't have much at the moment to contribute to the wiki besides a bunch of theories and that Ichika uses 'After Effects' when making videos. I like pretty much all of Mothy's songs, but my favourite song has got to be Princess of Lucifer (or Daughter of Evil) because it is my birthday song.

Uhh so I'm not very good at writing about myself....and..