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Catherine was an earthling who escaped the Second Period's destruction and Gilles Derais' wife. She was reincarnated as a forest spirit of Held, but she rebelled against him and began living as a free spirit in the ocean, eventually becoming one with itself.


Early Life[]

Catherine was originally an earthling in the Second Period, and became a prominent marine scientist. At some point, she married the astrophysicist Gilles Derais and sired a son with him. As Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome began to ravage the Second Period, the couple was offered seats on the Climb One, one of several spaceships set to leave the planet to rebuild humanity; their sickly son unable to accompany them.

During the trip, Catherine became acquainted with the psychologist Rahab Barisol, whom she envied for having both of her children aboard. When she found that Gilles was having an affair with Rahab, she conspired with Lich Arklow to have Rahab killed, only to be killed by Lich herself, realising too late that he was under the influence of Seth Twiright.[1]

Held used her preserved spirit data to make her reincarnate into forest spirits in Held's Forest, Heldogort,[2] in BT 528,[3] Catherine taking the form of a small fish.

Unlike the other spirits, she had fragments of her memory remaining from her past, such as being one who served the creators of the world. She did not agree of Held's suggestion of merely watching over the world, so she rebelled against him and left the forest, transforming into a large white whale as a result.[4]

Adam's 'Mother'[]

Around BT 022, Catherine found an abandoned baby in a river. She took him in her mouth and deposited him at the western coast of Levianta, where he was found by a fisherman, who named him Adam Moonlit. About five years later, after a tsunami hit the orphanage he was living in, she watched over him and telepathically communicated with him.

One day, Horus Solntse appeared in front of Adam, saying he wanted to adopt him on the orders of his real mother. Recognizing him as Seth Twiright, Catherine emerged from the ocean and called for Adam, saying that Horus was lying. Pushed by Horus, she admitted being a former forest spirit, which led to Adam striking her with a harpoon in rage. Catherine tried to calm him down, in vain, as the boy declared that she was not his real mother, leaving to the capital with Horus.

Some time later, her physical body died and she became part of the ocean. Around BT 001, when Adam came to visit the shore where he grew up, Catherine telepathically called to him, and explained to him the nature of her being as well as her past. She was happy to hear that the woman with him was his wife, and she was also relieved to hear that Horus had died. Adam apologized for his anger when last they saw each other, and they parted on good terms.[4]

Personality and Traits[]

When she left the Second Period, Catherine was an emotional and unhappy woman, grieving for the sickly son she had to leave behind, and became envious of Rahab for having both of her children on board. She also became jealous of her husband's attentions, and her jealousy turned into murderous anger when she found of of his affair with Rahab, trying to have her killed. Retaining some memories of the Second Period, she disapproved of Held's intention to passively watch over the new world, rebelling against him even if it meant losing her immortality.

When raising Adam, Catherine proved to be a kind and caring mother figure, growing very attached to him and worrying over him. Despite being resentful of some of her former colleagues, such as Rahab or Seth, she did not harbor ill will towards Adam even after he harpooned her and left her, forgiving him when he returned to visit her.

Skills and Abilities[]

In the Second Period, Catherine was a renowed Marine scientist, enough to be chosen to board the Climb One. As a forest spirit, she was immortal, able to heal from any wound almost instantly while in Held's Forest. Similarly, she could transform into an animal, usually a small fish. As a result of leaving Held's forest, she lost her immortality, but in turn she was able to take the form she wanted, a white whale. She was also able to communicate telepathically with Adam, as well as with the former Climb One crewmembers. When her physical body eventually withered, she became an invisible part of the ocean.

Character Connections[]

Adam Moonlit: the child Catherine saved and cared for. Catherine became very attached to Adam, spending time with him to him to keep him from feeling lonely. The maternal love she held for Adam was such that she readily forgave him for wounding her in rage, and wished the best for him.

Gilles Derais: Catherine's husband. She was attached to Gilles, being very jealous of him, to the point of wanting to kill his lover when she discovered his affair.

NO? Derais: Catherine's son. Catherine was very attached to her son, and was greatly saddend by having to leave him behind in the Second Period.

Rahab Barisol: Catherine's crewmate in Climb One. Catherine was envious of how Rahab got to have her two children on board, and her envy turned to anger when she found out of her affair with Gilles, to the point of conspiring to have her killed.

NO? Held Yggdra: Catherine's crewmate in Climb One, and later benefactor as a forest spirit. She did not agree of Held's suggestion of watching over the world, and consquently rebelled against him.

Seth Twiright: the one responsible for Catherine's death. After she reincarnated as a spirit, Catherine did not trust Seth and considered him dangerous for Adam


Conceptualization and Origin[]




New characters OSS Novel

1st chapter[]

  • Li (senator). He was present at the round hall in Alicegrad for the senate meeting, discussing Alice's prophecy about Project 'Ma'. He had curly hair[1] ... COUP
  • Idola/Hidra. Hidra was a senator in the Magic Kingdom Levianta. He was present at the round hall in Alicegrad for the senate meeting, discussing Alice's prophecy about Project 'Ma'. There, he reminded his colleages that two years before they were able to minimize damage to the country through a prophecy. ... COUP
  • Kina: Kina was an old senator in the Magic Kingdom Levianta. He was present at the round hall in Alicegrad for the senate meeting, discussing Alice's prophecy about Project 'Ma'. When Miroku Loop Octopus specified that they had until “The Gear of Twilight”, Kina speculated that, bringing up ancient history records, as they were currently in the "Gear of Dayreak", they had roughly 12 years before unleashing the gods' wrath.[1] ... COUP

  • Ceci Vaju: Also Vaju has facial hair on only the right half of his face for some reason .... Vaju knows Adam (and Horus) through collaboration with the research institute on the “Next Queen Project"....

family run research institute in Asmouse[1]/Asmouse itself. Vaju is himself a descendant of those who first started discovering the Second Period stuff. He founded the research institute using permissions from the previous queen. [Through Miroku HORUS met Vaju, and through him became the head of the research institute,] [2] Horus, who became the head, was a friend of his.[3]. old and sick. Miroku drugs the queen and then Ceci Vaju as well, that when he is dead he will inherit what he leaves behind. [because he doesn’t have an heir, so Miroku used the Venom to get him to make Miroku his heir. This includes the institute, so that he can continue being head of the Senate even if they produce a different queen.]... Then he died, leaving everything to Miroku.[4]

2nd chapter[]

  • Alice Merry-Go-Round (5th): The 5th queen of the Magic Kingdom Levianta. Unlike her predecessors, she could not have children, so she declared that all people in Levianta were the children of the gods, and that having strong magic was a sign of the gods’ favor. From her onward, it became a rule that the queen of Levianta had to be a virgin maiden who had strong magic. Her statement also led to the discrimination towards people who did not have magic ability. Her figure was taught in schools [3]
  • Alice Merry-Go-Round (6th): A queen of the Magic Kingdom Levianta, reigning in the 1st century BT. She gave senator Ceci Vaju permission to build the research facility in Asmouse. She reigned until she died, around BT 20, when she was succeeded by Alice Merry-Go-Round.[3]
  • Zvezda (mother). The wife of the Nemu chieftan Raiou Zvezda. [EXCEPT NOT REALLY?she found Eve in a river,] When her husband brought home the baby Eve Zvezda, they adopted her and raised her as her own. Some time later, she gave birth to another daughter. At one point, she gave Eve a blue spoon, in order to seal her magical ability[3], in accordance to the rules of the village[5].She died before the Nemu Massacre.[3]
  • Zvezda (daughter). the daughter of Raiou Zvezda and his wife, and the younger sister of Eve, living in the Nemu village. She died when the witch of Merrigod arrived in Nemu, killed by the hypnotized men of the village[3].
  • Uknown shop owner: The owner of a shop a shop for dining utensils in Asmouse. Among other utensils, he sold a red glass to Eve Zvezda[3].
  • Zellana (Zelarana?) Chirclatia: a priestess of Lighwatch temple and Elluka Chriclatia's sister. An orphan, she was taken in by the Lighwatch temple due to being an inheritor of Held (AFTERWORD).
  • Fugen Asayev proposed her as a candidate for the first Project 'Ma', she was called to round hall in Alicegrad. Bitchy to eve... [Zelarana questions Eve on being from Held’s forest, noting an “evil god” lives there, Zelarana is a bit pompous, boasting about the training she’s received as a priestess and that Lighwatch priestesses are able to remove the wickedness from someone’s heart. Miroku reminds them all that this is serious business and a holy ritual, and they back down]. heading to the Temple of LeviaBehemo where the queen lives.

When she passes through the large door on the “First Wall” that only the senate are allowed to pass through, she sees a field of flowers—a garden in the center of Alicegrad Zelarana also entered the Hall of Glass—then she was found running out of the “First Wall”’s door, screaming like a madwoman. She fell unconscious and then died, evidently unable to handle the ritual. Unworthy candidates face “Divine Punishment”. Hugen is heading back to Lighwatch, with Zelarana’s corpse in tow.[3]

  • Fugen Asayev: short middle aged man, Yegor's older brother. Yegor went missing very suddenly, abandoning his post and leaving Hugen in charge. Bickered with Miroku&Eve... Headed back to Lighwatch with Zelarana’s corpse in tow.[3]

3rd chapter[]

  • Unknown fisherman. A fisherman living on the western coast of the Magic Kingdom Levianta. Around BT022, he found a baby ashore, noticing a glass bottle with his name wirtten on it. He then took Adam Moonlit to an orphanage nearby. presumably dead after a tsunami struck the coast around BT017.[4]
  • Loop Octopus (son): the son of Miroku Loop Octopus and the younger brother of Gammon. Since his older brother had no magic ability, he became the succeeding heir. As an inheritor of Rahab, he had the purple dream ability[4].
  • Loop Octopus (wife): the wife of Gammon Octo, siring at least one child with him[4].... afterword
  • Moreno. A proficient doctor in Alicegrad. Murdered by Seth Twiright, said to have drowned in a river.
  • unknown guard: told adam the shit
  • unknown priest: present during Eve's birth, i guess?


  • Derais (son). sick. eventually erased with the 2nd period.
  • Alice Merry-Go-Round (First).....


  • Nemu. sorcerers. All the people in the village have magical power, and there are a lot of girls with green hair. While the people in the village are immigrants from elsewhere... They were once a famous groupof sorceres..... meta deal.... When the fires have been put out, they find the corpses of all the village’s women piled up in a cattle pen.
  • Merrigod
  • Twelve Royal Capitals: Alicegrad, likely Asmouse, Welvya,
  • LeviaBehemo temple. [Temple of LeviaBehemo where the queen lives. When she passes through the large door on the “First Wall” that only the senate are allowed to pass through, she sees a field of flowers—a garden in the center of Alicegrad. There’s a white building in the center of that—the temple. It’s small, about the size of the house she lived in in Nemu, which disappoints her. Inside is a dim space with four plain white walls. She walks forward and smacks her forehead into a glass wall.

This is a maze, made of glass walls (we later learn it’s called the “Hall of Glass”). Eve makes her way through carefully, growing more disoriented as she does. She calls out, but there’s no reply—though as she goes deeper inside, she sees a humanoid figure in a white dress sitting in a wheelchair.]

  • Asmouse: run by the Vaju family. it has the strongest historical backdrop to it. Vaju is himself a descendant of those who first started discovering the Second Period stuff. founded the research institute
    • Research institute: run by Vaju family in Asmouse. The research institute is looking into ways to artificially create a new Queen/woman with extreme magical power (and thus guarantee Vaju as next senate head)—this is the “Next Queen Project”, which has involved women from all over participating to be this new queen’s mother
    • dining utensils shop. red-walled building. had a
  • Lighwatch temple: run by Asayev femily
  • Unknown orphanage: west of the capitals, near the coast. wrecked by a tsunami, remained only rubble.

Other Edits[]

  • MKL: he kingdom had both gold coins and paper bills as their currency to back the nation's economic wealth.[6]
  • Bolganio wildlife: pfifferling mushroom; which the Mogura put in dishes with venison that they buy from hunters[3]
  • Project Ma: (the legend says that when disaster approaches the world, the two-headed dragon LeviaBehemo will be reborn as the “Twins of God”, and the woman who births them is the holy mother Mem Aleph, or “Ma”)[3]
  • Family pages: Zvezda, Loop Octopus, Netsuma Clan, Asayev (family run lighwatch temple[1])


  • MKL Senate page
  • Possibly a page for technology?
    • especially 2nd period- car crystal ball; [3]
    • two-pronged iron rod—a Second Period device that can read someone’s magical potential…but he left the data output device. The rod is connected to a box that beeps when passed before a person, and also provides the readings numbers. [3]
    • big box (wearing bands on her arms and legs connected to a big box + seat) to properly quantify the magic abiliity, takes about an hour.[3]
  • Moles instead of mogura.

Pages for people[]

  • Raisa Netsuma. Lost Venom sword. Imprisoned. Several days later, Raisa escapes from prison, likely with the help of a collaborator.
  • Yegor Asayev. younger brother of Hugen/Fugen Asayev. Originally ran the Lighwatch temple. Yegor went missing very suddenly, abandoning his post and leaving Hugen in charge.
  • Miroku Loop Octopus: special orphanage
  • Adam Solntse: the head of the royal research facility
  • Gammon Loop Octopus: commanding officer of their security forces

Raiou Zvezda[]

one of the founders of apocalypse, chief of nemu and adoptive father of Eve Zvezda, died in the nemu massacre.


Early Life[]

  • One of the founders of Apocalypse along with Horus. [EXCEPT NOT REALLY? when it became a terrorist organization, he left it][4]
So, HORUS entrusted one of the twins with Raiou, telling him to leave apocalypse and go fetch her (Eve) at around BT 20.[2]
  • family. [SAYING! His wife found her in a river,] and they raised her as their own. then he had another daughter. [3]
[Like, just before Horus' death]. Seth went to Raiou and erased the memories he had of his appearance;  this didn’t really erase the mistrust that Raiou had towards Horus. [2]
  • merchant work
  • Nemu’s village chief; and bc Nemu had no doctors, he also acted as the village doctor
  • 2 yrs before his death: injured his lower back/hips/etc
  • houseridden, so Eve has been doing merchant work in his stead.

[presumably Taught her daughter what she needed to know (berries, how to use magic)] Told eve about the white army; they were once nomads, but after some fight with the people of the forest long before, they slowly became a savage tribe.

He knew Horus died, bc mages have their own information network using green onions. (also knew about what happened in merrigod/meta/project ma battlefield failure).[3]

Project Ma stuff[]

When Eve came with Seth and Adam, he suspected them from the beginning. Nonetheless, he tended seth's would, noticing that he was blind in one eye like his old friend Horus. Later he and Eve encouraged them to stay, noting the White Army won’t attack Nemu, since it was a village full of sorcerers. When Adam revealed that they came to the forest to meet Eve, he was [on edge]; when Seth claimed that he didnt want to repeat what happned with the Witch of Merrigod, he accused them on being on a witch hunt (to kidnap witches/women w/ magical power).

Seth then explained that he was Horus' greatest apprentice, and that theyre looking for a virgin maiden with high magical power to become the leader of Levianta; revealed the 'Next Queen project', insisting that women participated voluntarily and were not kidnapped. when seth mentioned their new project Ma, Raiou dismissed that it was just an old legend.

Raoiu then asked why Miroku would give the research institute as many permissions as he has; knowing that if they succeed he’ll lose his seat to Vaju; Seth speculates that he must acknowledge that it’ll be hard to find “Ma” through his orphanage, and so figures that by collaborating with the research institute he’ll still be able to leverage some political influence after stepping down. Seth revealed that they came there searching for the rumored “witch of the forest”; Raoiu then tells them they were mistaken in thinking it was his daughter Eve, directing them to helds forest instead.

Then gammon arrived, bringing the data output device so that seth can measure eve's magical ability with a two-pronged iron rod; eve's level was 72 so she cant be a candidate; (he also passed it on everyone else including raiou, showing that his level is 200).[3]

Nemu Massacre[]

After Eve left with Adam and Gammon, the Witch of Merrigod arrived with her Red Devottees forces/army, intending to punish Raiou for his desertion[4] (and to get revenge on the institute). She hypnotized the men of the village, and Raiou, not wanting to hurt them, couldn’t properly defend himself against them.

He was then attacked by the hypnotized men of the village and crucified in the garden of his house.[3]


Soon after his death, Eve discovered his naked corpse, covered in wounds, crucified on a big cross that was erected the in the garden. Had to leave the village cause she had nothing left, she became the first candidate for Project Ma and everything went downhill from there.[3]. [After he left Apocalypse, Pale Noel took over]. [2]

Personality and Traits[]

  • yay family
  • no want to hurt village ppl, willing to sacrifice himself
  • politics bad; but cared about the village enough to become chieftain[3]
  • he still founded apocalypse tho so??

Skills and Abilities[]

  • 200 M; sorcerer.
  • connections - allowed Eve to buy a carriage relatively cheaply; mages have their own information network using green onions
  • medical knowledge
  • understood politics[3]

Character Connections[]

Eve Zvezda: loved his daughter, dont want her to become a candidate. to protect her, he hid that her being the witch of the forest

Horus Solntse: co-founder of Apocalypse. big mistrust


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Raiou means thunder king in japanese. fittingly, his daughter was especially strong in thunder magic.


  • Was a doctor like Marx Felix, margarita's dad
  • While it was purported that the members of the Zvezda family inherited the blood of the earth god, Held, the truth of the claim wasn't clear. [5]




Alicegrad was the site of the Magic Kingdom Levianta's Levia-Behemo temple, set in the center of the twelve royal capitals as the political heart of the kingdom. Originally a set of walls made to protect the Levia-Behemo temple, the area was built up over time into a fortress and then a sprawling castle city as more people gravitated to it.

Alicegrad[note 1] was the capital city of Magic Kingdom Levianta. Otiginally one of the 12 royal capitals.... then.... Throughout the nation's history, it remained a political and economic center for the nation.


Early History[]

Early in the Third Period, many humans began gathering in the north of Evillious, eventually settling what would be known as the country of Levianta. The humans there eventually discovered the white ark Sin that had been buried beneath the earth there. With a handful of humans hearing the voices of the twin gods Levia-Behemo trapped inside the relic, the Leviantans sealed the device in a temple and worshiped their deities through it, establishing the Levin faith.

Sometime later, a group of Evillious mages discovered the numerous Second Period super technologies buried beneath the ground in this region, which streamlined the use of magic. Led by a woman named Alice, they began excavating these technologies, including those that were housed in the temple, establishing a walled fortress around the temple when they faced resistance from local worshipers. Eventually, the fortress became the city of Alicegrad in the new Kingdom of Levianta, with Alice making herself the queen. To appease the worshipers in the region, Alice established Levia-Behemo as the deities of the new country and formed a council of six mage families and six local families to help rule.

Over time, with numerous magic families flocking to the new nation, the kingdom became among the most magically and technologically advanced nation in Evillious, rivaling the great Tasan Empire. Upon Alice's death, her daughter inherited her position and assumed her mother's name, establishing a tradition of each Leviantan queen being named "Alice Merry-Go-Round."

After the nation of Heldogort broke off from the kingdom, worshiping the dragon god Held in its pantheon, the Magic Kingdom Levianta severely repressed its neighboring country. Following the fifth queen of Levianta being unable to bear children, the hereditary position of queen was abolished and new queens were instead selected by the senate.

Prophesied Destruction[]

Around BT 005, the seventh Queen Alice Merry-Go-Round prophesied that Sin would lead to the country's destruction and that the twin gods must be incarnated as humans to purify the ark and prevent their end. The Leviantan Senate then secretly established Project 'Ma' to artificially produce the twin gods' human incarnations. Following numerous applications, Eve Zvezda was selected for the project. Shortly after, Eve failed to produce living twins and fled with the project director, Adam Moonlit.

The country came into turmoil following this when the head of the military, Gammon Loop Octopus, launched a coup on the increasingly corrupt senate. As a result, all members of the senate were replaced and Alice Merry-Go-Round's prophecy was made public. With this, Seth Twiright took over the second Project 'Ma' and selected Meta Salmhofer as the test subject. Following the successful births of Hänsel and Gretel, Prophet Merry-Go-Round established the Evillious Calendar in commemoration and the kingdom celebrated; Meta fled with the twins soon after, making the project a failure.

In the following years, new projects were established and either failed or were suspended. In EC 013, the Senate selected Irina Clockworker for the seventh project and was celebrated as the new Queen. Around six months later, Kiril Clockworker activated the ark Sin and the device went out of control, causing an explosion. Afterward, the freed dragon Levia-Behemo rampaged through the skies, reducing the Magic Kingdom Levianta into a ruined wasteland. ... Devastated by the event, the land was rendered uninhabitable for centuries; with ethnic Leviantans few and far between, the culture and history of the Magic Kingdom Levianta faded into obscurity.

In EC 301, the land was resettled with a national construction aimed at rebuilding the once great kingdom. Called "Holy Levianta", the new nation became the center of the Levin Church and acted as the faith's headquarters. NO... At some point, the nation made an alliance with the neighboring Kingdom of Elphegort. After the Kingdom of Lucifenia invaded Elphegort in EC 500, Levianta requested the Yellow Country stand down. Although ignored, the religious capital remained uninvolved in the conflict.

SUMMARIZED: In EC 508, conflict between factions within the church led to numerous terrorist strikes by Neo Apocalypse. As the group attempted to bring about the fall of the church, the nation petitioned other countries to assist in their efforts to suppress the terrorists. Lucifenia sent them a single unit and the attacks were quelled later that year. Afterward, the Levin Church's influence with its followers began to gradually decrease.

NO: After some negotiation with the Freezis Foundation, the Evillious nations all agreed to the establishment of the World Police organization in EC 573. In September, EC 609, Levianta imported 90% of the Freezis Fishery Association's abundant ziz tiama catch. Throughout the 9th century EC, Holy Levianta began working with imperial nationals to create an organized union.

Union State of Evillious[]

Following the Aishikeru Treaty, Levianta joined Marlon, Lucifenia and Elphegort as part of the Union State of Evillious in EC 878. Witch Hunt: witches got burnt in the DSC... Heaven Jaakko, Hanma?, Gallerian exonerating Ma and stuff...

In EC 983, after General Tony Ausdin was exonerated for his war crimes by Judge Gallerian Marlon, revolts broke out in Alicegrad before spreading across Levianta. NO? in EC 993... and was expelled from the USE, Levianta declared war on the nation. With Marlon's cooperation, Holy Levianta launched a two-pronged siege on Elphegort. In EC 998, the USE army succeeded in liberating Lucifenia.

World's End[]

In EC 999, Alicegrad was completely decimated by Punishment. Following the end of the Third Period, the destruction site merged with the Hellish Yard along with the rest of the ground world.[1]



WAIT SO IT IS A ROYAL CAPITAL BUT IT IS NOT IN ALICEGRAD?? UGH Asmouse was a city in the Magic Kingdom. The noble Li Family lived there, and it was the only place in the kingdom where glass could be made. It was destroyed in the Levianta Catastrophe.

Royal Institute[]

(IS IT REALLY IN ALICEGRAD? I THINK SO...) The Leviantia Royal Institute was the primary research laboratory of the Magic Kingdom. The institution was used for scientific and magical study as well as the location for government projects. It was destroyed in the Levianta Catastrophe.

Levia-Behemo Temple[]

The Levia-Behemo Temple was a place of worship for Levia-Behemo, located in Alicegrad in the northwest part of Levianta. The ark Sin was sealed inside the temple, and it was also the location of the queens of Levianta. Due to the danger of Sin, those suspected of malicious intent were banned from the temple. It was destroyed in the Levianta Catastrophe, though its ruins continued to exist even in the 10th century EC. was a ruin remaining from the time of the Magic Kingdom Levianta, once a central place of worship for Levia-Behemo in the northwest part of Levianta, near Alicegrad. Following Holy Levianta's establishment, it became a pilgrimage site for devout Levin believers and tourists.


IS LIGHWATCH IN LEVIANTA?? If so: uh add Zellana

Lighwatch was a religious institution run by the Asayev family, which held a position of power in the senate as one of the means of selecting new Leviantan queens. As part of this, the temple conducted research into the source of Inheritor abilities, and raised priestesses found to be inheritors of Held.

Dark Star Bureau Courthouseedit | edit source[]

The Dark Star Bureau Courthouse was the government building for the USE Dark Star Bureau. It maintained a sizable courtroom as well as offices for the supreme court director and other employees. It also contained a conference room.

Court of Knights[]

A restaurant near the Dark Star Courthouse. Originally a simple bar connected to an inn, it was later converted into a restaurant by the Lucifenian palace chefs displaced by the Revolution.

Levin University[]

Levin University was a university located east of the Dark Star Courthouse. Among the courses it offered was a legal degree.

Marchef Mansion[]

The Marchef Mansion was the residence of the Marchef family. It was located on the edge of Nelsky Street and was near the Dark Star Courthouse.

Nelsky Street[]

Nelsky Street was a main street in Alicegrad. The Marchef mansion was located there.

Known Residents[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Its name blah blah Alicegrad because grad means city and Alice... RUssian





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Lich Arklow was an underling of the Demon of Gluttony and a former forest spirit of Held. Chased out of the forest, Lich began serving the new Demon of Gluttony and was incarnated as a death god.

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  • The two characters on the Clockwork Lullaby album are meant to be seen as generic wind up dolls
  • In traveling to a parallel world, Banica utilizes a sky fortress she names "Evil's Theater II"
  • Retasan is inspired by the star fort, a type of fortification first seen in Italy; Beelzenia, where Retasan is located, fittingly shares parallels with Italy.
  • The earth god Held appeared as a bluebird when confronting Nemesis Sudou and Allen Avadonia after the Third Period was destroyed.
  • In-universe, the name of Lunaca Labora means "full moon laboratory" in ancient Leviantan.
  • The presence of Jakokuese elements in Asmodean's culture, such as the use of katanas, may be a reference to Camui Gackpo's samurai aesthetic.
  • Hanma Baldured's surname contains the characters of the Japanese spelling of Baldur, a god in Norse mythology.

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The Evillious Chronicles is an expansive dark fantasy multi-media series conceptualized by Akuno-P, originally told in song using the Vocaloid software. Expanding into light novels, short stories, and manga, the overarching story revolves around the vessels of sin, seven objects inhabited by demons that spread malice and calamity in their wake, and the numerous characters affected by them throughout the centuries.

Please note that series contains brutal murders, tearjerker moments and crossdressing gods. Feel free to peruse the wiki, and don't forget to add the magical catchphrase: "Open Banana~!!"

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Featured Article

Josephine was a horse living in the Lucifenian Royal Palace and the pet of Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. Following the outbreak of the Lucifenian Revolution, Josephine aided her master in fleeing the palace. After the end of the world, the horse similarly aided Clarith and Riliane's twin brother Allen in their quest to stop the Eve Moonlit.

Sometime around the EC 490s, Josephine was born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia. Raised in the stables of the Lucifenian Royal Palace, Josephine grew up the pet of Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. On December 27, EC 500, Riliane rode Josephine to the nearby port town, passing through the Forest of Bewilderment; after the two were tracked down by Leonhart Avadonia, Josephine was ridden by Riliane back to the royal palace.

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Seven Deadly Did You Knows...

  • Gallerian is Eve. He has always been Eve.
  • If you place your Seven Crimes and Punishments CD in any disk-reading game console, you can play Boss Rush mode, where, as Allen, you fight all of the major demon contractors, as well as other notable opponents such as Yarera, Neruneru Nerune, and mothy himself, in typical beat-'em-up fashion.
  • Seth Twiright is a furry and his fursona is an octopus.
  • The evolved undead soldiers spoken of in Deadly Sins of Evil: Judgment of Corruption are actually Necromorphs.
  • Sickle’s real name is Bruce Wayne.
  • When asked why he didn’t use Oliver instead of Len for Fifth Pierrot, mothy replied “he’s too British”.
  • When Hänsel said that the original Demon of Gluttony was trapped in Banica’s stomach, he wasn’t lying. It’s still alive, just waiting for an opportunity to show up unexpectedly.

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