• I live in Lucifenia
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female!

I'm still new to Evillious Chronicles so I'll help as best as I can.

Top 5 Female CharactersEdit

1.Rilianne (I'm glad she changed into a very good girl)

2.Gumillia ("Its a spring amazing spring onion" OwO)

3.Waiter (Wait,isn't she Rilianne?)

4.Clarith (I want to give her a hug)

5.Michaela (She's so cute and nice, she's impossible to hate)

  • Honorable Mention : Elluka Clockworker (She's cool :3)

Top 5 Male CharactersEdit

1. Allen (Willing to crossdress for his sister)

2. Gammon Octo (I'm already attached to him, and I don't know why)

3. Gallerian Marlon (He comitted Greed just for his "Daughter")

4. Gear (He sacrificed himself for MOTC)

5. Keel Freesis (Poor Kyle XD)

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