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Welcome travelers, to my domain. I'm Animak3000, constant listener, mp3 collecter, fanfiction writer, and big-time chief editor of the The Evillious Chronicles Wiki. After more than half a year, I am seeing this story out to the end. Please make yourself comfortable and don't let the Master of the Graveyard eat you on the way in.

First of all, let's get one thing straight: I am not your boss, nor do I desire to be one. However, if anything does go wrong, I will most likely intervine. Also, feel free to keep an open mind. The Evillious Chronicles is filled with all kinds of vagueness. However, please do not accept speculation as canon. Since the wiki is gaining notability around the web, there is a chance of confusing people with the wrong information. If you have something to say, please post it in a forum or the comments section.

I am no way affiliated with the Vocaloid Wiki. While the other wiki itself provides a much shorter and easier summary, The Evillious Chronicles Wiki mainly exists to organize everything as cohesively as possible from beginning to end. So far, it has been very taxing, yet rewarding!

Finally, if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask me! It's alright if they are "stupid questions". I do appreciate company. Enjoy the rest of the website!

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My Fanfics

My pride and joy. I mostly write whenever I need to get rid of something out of my chest or if I'm dissatisfied with something.


Outsiders: My very first fanfic in honor of me getting 1000 achievement points. It expands the ending of Daughter of Evil, Wiegenlied of Green into something more.

South North Story: My flagship fanfiction that I had been planning for a long time so as to answer the question: If Riliane and Rin did meet, what would they do together? Pretty much my most popular story to date.

Your Smile: Sequel to Outsiders where Riliane meets Michaela for the first time.

Daughter of Truth: Written in celebration of the conclusion of the Story of Evil. Following the end of Daughter of Evil, Prefazio of Blue, Yukina Freesis begins to write the story of what really happened five years ago.

Her Name: Written in about one hour. Evillious has been saved, but where is its savior?


South North Story: Summer Festival!: A sequel/fandisc of sorts to South North Story. Unlike my other fanfics, I do not intend to give an ending to this at all. :)


None announced so far.

My Favorite Characters

The Evillious Chronicles has a large cast of lovable characters! Here's my list of favorites. Since there are a lot of them, the girls get more choices.

Favorite Boys

  • Best Story: Allen Avadonia (He's not just "the guy who died")
  • Best Villain: Sateriajis Venomania (Uh...can't think of anybody else.)
  • Most Hot: Kachess Crim (...WHAT!?)
  • Most Sympathetic: Kyle Marlon (What is wrong with this person?!)
  • Most Coolest: Gallerian Marlon (It takes guts to defy Satan.)
  • Most Influential: Irregular (You will soon be GOD. >o<)
  • Most Funny: Keel Freesis (Come on! He beats the living crap out of Kyle!)

Favorite Girls

  • Best Story: Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche (Heck, I use her in all of my fanfics.)
  • Best Villain: Prim Marlon (CURSE YOU PRIM MARLON!)
  • Most Adorable Protagonist: Michaela (I ♥ you!)
  • Most Adorable Antagonist: Margarita Blankenheim (Nemurinasai kono GIFUTO de...^_^)
  • Most Sympathetic Protagonist: Clarith (I'll bet you haven't read the extra material yet)
  • Most Sympathetic Antagonist: Ney Futapie (...spoiler alert?)
  • Most Coolest: Elluka Clockworker (I'm not being biased towards my fellow facebooker XD)
  • Most Influential: Irina Clockworker (My goodness. Is there no stopping this woman?)
  • Most Funny: Chartette Langley (ROCKET PUNCH!)

Favorite Crack Pairing

  • Kyle Marlon/Yukina Freesis (I SUPPORT WITH ALL MY MIGHT!!! TOT)

Our Facebook group

I'd like to give a special mention to Triuberit, who introduced me to all of these wonderful people!

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