Alexiel Lucifen

aka Patron Demon of the Sin of Pride

  • I live in Kingdom of Lucifenia
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is co-ruler of Lucifenia
  • I am Male

I have two alternate accounts.

Alexiel user page banner
Hello, I am King Alexiel Lucifen, one of the Twin Rulers of the Kingdoms of Lucifenia, Marlon and Beelzenia of Evil's Empire. I rule with my sister, Princess Rilianne Lucifen. Together we are the Patron Demons of the Sin of Pride, Demon of Pride for short. Now, bow down and obey us!
Evillious Chronicles

Alexiel DemonEdit

Alexiel Lucifen
Other Names Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche (full name)

Lexi (Servy's nickname for me)
Demon of Pride
Tsundere Demon (Pika's nickname for me)
The Queen (Maid's nickname for me)


Kagamine Len

Biographical Information
Born December 27, EC 485
Died December 26, EC 500 (Reborn sometime after EC 1000)
Personal Items Four Mirrors of Lucifenia

Royal Lucifenian Guillotine

Classification Hybrid(Human/Demon)
Race Lucifenian
Family Members Rilianne Lucifen sister
Gender Male
Occupation Ruler of Lucifenia

Demon of Sin

Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia
Evil's Empire
Church of Sickle
Admin Information
Times banned 0 times
Time Zone Eastern Time Zone

I became the Demon of Pride when I stole the Sin of Pride from the old demon. She is still alive, just with out a sin. With becoming a demon I gained some cool powers. As the Demon of Pride I can possess people, controlling the to do my biding, being Pride, I am able to fuel people owner's arrogance, vanity, and selfishness, turning their doubt into confidence and then hubris. I'm also able to freely travel between each mirror, allowing me to affect multiple individuals over great distances. Being only half demon I can switch between being alive and being dead. Here is a full list of my powers:

Alexiel AdminEdit

I started getting into Evillious when I was looking for more Kagamine songs to listen to. I that is when I found Daughter of Evil I watched that and went on so Servant of Evil, Message of Regret and Re Birthday. By then I was hooked. It was until much later that I went searching for info and the Vocaloid wiki and found out about the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins, so I watched them. After mining for info I found out the story was a lot bigger then I thought. Not to long from then, this wiki came out. Around that time Moonlit Bear came out and I got into the Original Sin Story quickly.



  1. Daughter of Evil
  2. Servant of Evil
  3. Capriccio Farce
  4. Judgment of Corruption
  5. Evil Food Eater, Conchita
  6. Madness of The Duke, Vemonania
  7. Moonlit Bear
  8. Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night
  9. Blood-Stained Switch
  10. Escape of Salmhofer the Witch


  1. Tie between Sickle and Alexiel Lucifen
  2. Levia and Behemo
  3. Elluka Chirclatia
  4. Rilianne Lucifen
  5. Gallerian Marlon
  6. Gear
  7. Vanica Conchita
  8. Sateriasis Venomania
  9. Adam Moonlit
  10. Eve Moonlit

Alexiel GalleryEdit

Here is a gallery of the framed picture the came from the website, Deadly Sins of Evil(悪ノ大罪) (Note: Octo made the ones for Eve Moonlit and Mayrana Blossom. Also all of the OSS but were were done by me with the exception of Eve, Elluka Chirclatia and Levia.)

Origin of Evil

Madness of Lust

Repulsion of Gluttony

Reign of Pride

Gift of Sloth

Insanity of Envy

Judgement of Corruption

Punishment of Wrath

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