aka arooni ob da east

  • I live in da east duh?
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is an eastern worker u poser?
  • I am eastern

here you can see the aeoncitius at its natural habitat

Hello probablynotsoyoung stalker~! Welcome to the Aeon club where everything is...AEONTASTIC!!!@@#!@#@!#!@#!

I got into vocaloid after my friend gave me a song (can't really remember which one) and then I just thrived for more. Some point down this  miserable  road,I found Hitoshizuku-P and Yama△'s Infinity Night series which made me curious;are there perhaps anymore vocaloid series of such magnificent calibre? Afterwards,I found a video which had a few songs (daughter of evil was there)and that's pretty much it.


Why am I so amazing?Edit

aaaahhhh~ my favourite question,you little flatterer. well you see,in reality i was born under a tree of wisdom called yggdrasil. this tree was brought forth by the great and powerful wizard of time Ma- Servy. this wizard has bestowed me with one thing all the denizens of this sadistic theater don't have,and that is mah swag. like,not to brag or anything (nahjustkidding WHO LIKES BEING MODEST PFFT) but i'm pretty swaggy compared to everyone else

==Dis is swagger== 


well you must be...not very nice if you asked that,i can assume that you're as blunt as my pencil is- actually my pencil is quite sharp so moving on. well you see i suck at dis business but praktic mak purrfct catastrophy and u can't have catastrophy without trophy so dats why. 

I love Bany  <dis person akkuz me of sily stuff  i dun luv dis bany perhun at all wall editing crime pls report if sighted bounty prize

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