"We all want to catch the criminal as soon as possible."

Uibee Aoi was the constable of Enbizaka in Jakoku. Following the death of Mei Miroku, Uibee began investigating the string of murders occurring throughout the year.


Early LifeEdit

Uibee was born sometime during the turn of the ninth century EC and eventually became a constable for Izami Magistrate Gato Octo, stationed in the town of Enbizaka. During the course of his work, he became well acquainted with Detective Eikichi Akagi and cooperated with him on several occasions.[1] He also became familiar with the Miroku Family and their draper shop, seeing that Miku and the Yarera-Zusco Firm's Kiji Yarera were dating following the huge fire that struck the town in EC 838.[2]

Enbizaka MurdersEdit

"While you were still snoozin’ I went ahead and looked it all up for ya. …This is the wife of the Miroku shop owner."
―Uibee to Eikichi[src]

After Mei Miroku's naked corpse was discovered in the middle of main street in spring of EC 842, Uibee investigated the crime scene and determined she had been killed with an unknown short edged tool. When Detective Eikichi finally arrived later that morning, he shared his findings and hypothesized that Mei had been killed by a thief.[1] Later on, Uibee informed Kai Miroku about his wife's death. Afterward, he noticed that he began managing the storefront while Miku handled the sales dealing outside.[2]

A few months later, Uibee heard that Kiji Yarera had apparently returned home to Elphegort for about a month. Soon after, he and Eikichi investigated the murder of Miku Miroku, with Uibee determining she was killed in the same way as her mother after her body was found in the river. He then traveled to the Miroku shop and, after speaking with Kai about how well he and his family had adapted to his wife's murder, delivered to him the news of his daughter's death. He then left Kai to his grief.[2]

The officers of the magistrate's office then began relentlessly investigating for clues about the murderer. Learning both women had been witnessed carrying out trade negotiations in the Freezis Trading House the days before their deaths, Uibee went there and questioned the manager, Perrié Cutie Marlon. There he was told there were never any issues between her, Mei, and Miku, although suspicious about the truth of this. As he pressed the matter, Gato's grandchild Anan Octo entered and testified that all of Perrié's meetings with the Mirokus were uneventful. Before Uibee left, Anan also revealed that Miku pregnant with Kiji Yarera's child.[2]

Search for the CulpritEdit

Over the next few days, Uibee investigated Enbizaka. There he confirmed that Kai and Miku were witnessed arguing over her pregnancy around Twin Mirror Bridge before staying out late into the night; while looking into the Yarera-Zusco Firm, he learned Kiji had apparently left to tell his parents about his intentions to marry her, unable to bring Miku due to Kai's disapproval of their relationship.

After hearing Kiji had returned to Onigashima that morning, Uibee visited the Miroku Shop again. Speaking with Kai, he learned that the man's youngest daughter, had been constantly crying since Miku's death and suggested he buy her gifts to comfort her. Uibee then confronted Kai over his fight with Miku and suggested it was the reason why she was out late.

As they talked, Kiji Yarera rushed into the shop and Kai started to attack him, blaming him for Miku's death. After Uibee pulled them apart, he watched as Kai threw Kiji out and followed the Elphe man out of the shop. Introducing himself, Uibee tried to obtain Kiji's testimony, only for Kiji to brush him off on the grounds of the Magistrate officials' incompetence investigating the murder. As Kiji left, Uibee witnessed him declare he would find and kill Miku's murderer himself.[2]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Uibee was a dedicated officer of the law. Although recognizing his profession had limits in providing justice and saving lives, he was dedicated to bringing justice to criminals and comforting those affected by their crimes. He had a great deal of empathy for the victims, and as a result was harsh towards suspects. At the same time, the constable didn't allow the victims to avoid facing their own part in how a crime turned out.

Despite this, Uibee could act rather restrained and professional, especially in the presence of his superiors or their relatives, and stayed civil even when being harsh to a suspect. Unlike many Jakokuese, Uibee wasn't prejudiced against foreigners and generally friendly towards them as any other resident of Enbizaka. Still, he was distrustful of merchants due to their stereotypical focus on money.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As the local constable, Uibee had the authority to arrest people on behalf of the Izami magistrate if given sufficient evidence. He was a decent investigator, thoroughly interrogating witnesses to find clues. However, his competence was limited, unable to discern much from simple observation. He was also strong enough to break up small scuffles.[2]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Eikichi Akagi: A detective Uibee worked with. Uibee worked amiably with Eikichi but was well aware of his shortcomings; due to his superior's slacking nature, Uibee often was left with the brunt of the work, having to take time getting Eikichi up to speed long after he had already begun investigating. 


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Uibee's name is written as 宇井兵衛 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "roof" or "heaven", "well" or "town", "soldier", and "protection" respectively.



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