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Twiright Prank is a short story included in Entr'acte of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Worldguide, released on August 30, 2011. The story was written by Akuno-P and illustrated by Ichika. It elaborates on the events of the song of the same name and The Servant of Evil, describing the origin of the demon, the reason for the twins being separated, and the events alluded to in The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow and Wiegenlied of Green.

Plot Summary[]

Told of a plot that was both an angel's grace and a demon's curse, Lucifenia's Minister of Interior Affairs Presi Rogzé is shown a hand mirror and the demon inside it by Abyss I.R. in the royal palace. Despite his disbelief, Presi admits he's forced to let his sister Prim use him to advance her own ambitions, hoping to take the position of Prime Minister from his longtime rival Genesia.

After the woman with a red cat confirms she is a mage in service to Prim, the witch assures him that Elluka Clockworker wouldn't be a problem so long as they have Prince Alexiel possessed outside the palace. After Presi reveals the twins were regularly escaping to play along the beach, the minister tries to confirm if the plan would really work only to see Abyss I.R. has already left. While trembling at the thought of treason, Presi affirms he'd defeat Genesia even if he had to become evil and be his sister's puppet.

While Alexiel and Princess Riliane play along the seaside, the latter discovers a black box in the sand. After the two curious twins open it and find the hand mirror, Abyss I.R., hiding in the forest, summons the demon. The frightened Riliane leaves the demonic apparition while Alexiel warmly reaches out his hand to it. As the demon reaches back, she stops and hesitates before heading after Riliane. As Alexiel tries to stop the demon while it wraps around his sister, he passes out. Waking up hand-in-hand with Riliane a little later, he hears her cry she's "hungry" and the two smile in the twilight, unaware the twin's shadow was that of the smiling demon.

Later on in the Hall of Sounds, Leonhart Avadonia kneels before Queen Anne and discuss Presi's recent assertion that King Arth's will was a fake and that he had the real will stating Riliane was the true successor. Deducing he was just trying to counter Genesia, Leonhart recalls the rumors that Anne and Genesia were conspiring and doing something "immoral" that was splitting the government; he curses himself for thinking they could be true for even a moment, knowing Anne's sole love for Arth.

Leonhart clarifies that Presi's lies would be made clear over time. Anne then notes Riliane's recent change in behavior, explaining she suddenly took interest in the throne, opposed her brother, and was constantly in the kitchen. After the Queen explains that Elluka suspects Presi was plotting something and Mariam was already investigating, she asks that the knight do her a personal favor.

Elsewhere, Presi exhaustedly admits Riliane's possession was working out while Abyss I.R. laughs at his expense. The angered minister chides her role in the plan for failing and questions why Riliane was acting "gluttonous" when she was supposed to be possessed by the Demon of Pride. The amused mage brushes off his concerns and Presi gives up to think of what to do next. After warning him about the Three Heroes, Abyss I.R. disappears in a cloud of smoke, leaving Presi to panick and wishing Genesis weren't still around before coming to a realization.

Later on, Elluka rushes through the palace after Leonhart narrowly saved Alexiel from assassination. Finding Genesia poisoned in his office, she sees Riliane eating meat and, horrorified at the implications, takes it from her. Learning it was just hare, Presi mocks the mage before admitting he poisoned Genesia, maniacally declaring he wasn't done for if he killed the Three Heroes. He then borrows Riliane's power and Elluka learns he was using a vessel of sin she's failed to acquire for five centuries. Wondering what Prim would think of his sorry state, Elluka sees Presi lose all reason and prepares her staff to battle him.

Sometime later, Ney finishes her report to Abyss I.R. on a hill on the outskirts of Lucifenia, revealing Mariam Phutapie saved Elluka from certain death and the two defeated her uncle. Once Ney confirms Elluka exorcised Riliane and sealed the hand mirror, the old woman laughs that her "big sister" only collected one of the four mirrors while they can easily reawaken the demon from the vessel Prim carried. Abyss decides she'll kill Anne the same way she killed Arth and break up the Three Heroes and that it would take seven to eight years to do it. Ney confirms she knew what to do and already had one of the mirrors. The sorceress reminds her of her training and to wait until Anne's death before transplanting the Demon of Pride to Riliane, reminding her it was all for her mother's sake.

Later on, Mariam writes a report of everything she discovered about Presi and Abyss I.R., Anne accepting Alexiel's request to be adopted by Leonhart to avoid any more unnecessary conflicts, and her being made the head maid to help heal Riliane's broken mind. Leonhart then speaks up about being a bachelor with a kid and Mariam questions how he plans to raise two children by himself, quietly envying his simplistic way of thinking. Leonhart points out she too adopted someone and Mariam reveals she found Ney unconscious and amnesic save for her name. She then asks Elluka if she's willing to train an apprentice since she's unlikely to marry. Without looking away from her book, the mage bluntly tells her, "Never."[1]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The story's title is based upon the song sharing its name; interestingly, a majority of the events and conversations mentioned in the song are not shown in the story.


  • Although primarily prose, the story includes a short manga portion drawn by Ichika for the story told from Riliane and Alexiel's perspective.
  • After publishing the story, mothy realized he had forgotten to write Minis into the plot, much to his disappointment.[2]



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