The Twin Blades of Levianta,[note 1] also known as the Demonic Twin Blades[note 2] and the Dual Cursed Blades, were one of the vessels of sin, inhabited by the Demon of Envy. Kayo Sudou was among their most prominent owners, infamous for causing the Enbizaka Murderer Scandal.



At some point, a pair of dual blades was forged and passed down within the Magic Kingdom Levianta until being acquired by Ly Li.[1] Following her death in EC 013,[2] the twin blades ended up in the possession of the Moonlit Family.[3] When Hänsel and Gretel created the vessels of sin in EC 014,[4] the twin blades were used as the vessel for the Demon of Envy. Afterward, the twins released the vessels into the world.[5] At some point, the blades ended up in the possession of the Levin Church in Holy Levianta.[6]

Four HorsemenEdit

Around EC 501, Levin Church leader Mikhail Asayev obtained the blades and traveled to Lucifenia, requesting the blacksmith Langley to destroy them. As Rahab mended them every time, Langley eventually returned the blades to Mikhail. In EC 508, Abyss I.R. had Mikhail become possessed by the demon and collaborated with him.[7] Envious of his fellow constituents climbing the ranks, Mikhail contacted radical hardliners within the Church and the four formed Neo Apocalypse, launching terrorist attacks across Levianta.[8]

New FormEdit

After Abyss I.R. fled and Neo Apocalypse was put down,[7] the Demon of Envy returned to its vessel and the twin blades were obtained by Chartette Langley. The women then traveled to Jakoku in the Akuna region and reforged the dual blades into eastern and western-styled pairs of scissors.[8] In EC 549,[9] Chartette gave the vessel to Gaou Octo outside Enbizaka.[10] Gaou later sealed the scissors in a cave in the Izami region.[11]

During the 9th century EC, the Demon of Envy swapped bodies with Kagura Octo, leaving Kagura's soul in the Twin Blades of Levianta. Afterward, the demon fled with the scissors to Enbizaka, using them to tailor clothes with her new husband. After the Demon of Envy left Enbizaka in January of EC 838,[12] her daughter Kayo Sudou inherited the scissors and continued tailoring with them until the town was consumed by a huge fire at the end of the year.[13]

Enbizaka Murderer ScandalEdit

After the Sudou tailor shop was rebuilt, Kayo returned to Enbizaka in early EC 842 and resumed tailoring with the scissors.[14] In spring of that year, the tailor took the western-styled blades and removed their fulcrum before using them to brutally murder Mei Miroku in the middle of the night.[15] Several months later, Kayo used the Twin Blades of Levianta to stab Miku Miroku in the stomach.[16]

Later on, Kayo murdered Rin and Kai Miroku with the blades before being arrested,[17] with the scissors taken by the magistrate as evidence. Behemo later stole the scissors and they were left in Kayo's tailor shop.[18] At the end of the year, Elluka "Ma" Clockworker came by and collected the Twin Blades of Levianta. Shortly after, the Demon of Envy returned to the scissors and freed Kagura's spirit.[19] After Ma collected the scissors, the two pairs were strung together.[20]

Evil's Theater and the World's EndEdit

After the completion of Evil's Theater in EC 982, Ma placed the scissors among the other vessels in the theater.[21] After the destruction of the Third Period in EC 999, Michaela summoned all seven vessels together for Allen Avadonia.[22] The Demon of Envy later manifested her form and took the scissors with her to Toragay to meet with the boy before taking him to Jakoku.[23]


Similar to the other vessels of sin, the Twin Blades served as containers for the Demon of Envy's essence and allowed the demon to possess or influence a host.[24] From the scissors, the demon would be able to fuel its owner's jealousy, turning it into envy.[25] Like the other vessels, the empty scissors could be inhabited by another Demon, although a skilled individual must purposefully move them.[26]

As the demon was the source for the Twin Blades' power, sealing the vessel subsequently suppressed the demon and left the object powerless.[24] The blades neither dirtied nor rusted, allowing them to consistently stay clean and usable for their owner;[27] this also made them excellent weapons, keeping the twin blades and later the scissors sharp and never degrading.[25] Compounding this, the blades also mended themselves whenever broken,[28] although they were capable of being reforged.[19] Like all the vessels of sin, the Twin Blades of Levianta were able to kill a demon contractor through the Demon of Envy's power.[29]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The vessel's representative sin is derived from Envy of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The Sin's depiction in Chrono Story as a body of water may be reference to Leviathan, the patron demon of Envy; the Leviathan is commonly depicted as a giant sea monster.
  • The state the vessel is named after, Levianta, also derives its name from the demon.




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