"Let this millennium vow resound to the end of the earth."

Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~ is a song released by Akuno-P on August 13, 2011 in the Evils Court album. It is the sixth song in The Daughter of Evil Series, detailing the incarnated life of Michaela.


The plot follows Michaela, a forest spirit, who observes a girl named Clarith come and pray for a friend. Curious as to why Clarith is so sad all the time, the spirit wishes to help Clarith, although she finds herself unable to in her current form. After some time, Michaela is given a human form by a "capricious sorceress" so she can meet Clarith and understand her. After meeting Clarith, Michaela enjoys her life as a human, from the village to the city, until she meets Kyle Marlon at a banquet. He falls in love with her and rejects Riliane's proposal. The country falls into war by Riliane's hand. As disaster strikes, Michaela is separated from Clarith, and realizes her feelings for her. Being a human, she cannot revert back into her spirit form, but she resolves to stay in any case due to her love for Clarith. She and Clarith simultaneously promise that if they both survive, they will wait for the other to live in Held's Forest again.

The song ends with Michaela lying at the bottom of the well after being stabbed in the chest by a "golden-haired assassin", she thinks of Clarith and wishes her to live on with her last thoughts being: "If only I could be reborn, if I could be reborn..."


森の奥の千年樹 彼女は跪い
「友達が欲しい」 って願った

だけどこの幻身 (からだ) ではできない



異なる二人が今 出会った

千年の誓い 響け地の果てまで
あなたとの違い だけど惹かれ合った
守ってあげる だからそばにいて

精霊のぼくが 人間の私へと変わる



千年の誓い 響け空を越えて
変わってく二人 寂しくもあるけど
あなたの笑顔 見れるならばいい

夜の晩餐会 出会った海の国の王

私を愛した 彼は隣の国の王女の
求婚を拒み 怒りの炎が国を包む


千年の誓い 響けあなたの元へ
固めた決意は もう揺らぐことはない
「あなたの事 を愛している」


森で二人 仲良く暮らそうよ

暗い井戸の底 夜空には綺麗な月
金の髪の刺客は 何処 かへと立ち去り

透き通った白い髪 不器用な笑顔
どうかどうか生きていて 生き続けて

"Ikite ite gomen nasai"
Yowane wo haita shoujo
Mura no hito to wa chigau shiroi kami
Mori no oku no sennenju, kanojo wa hizamazuite,
"Tomodachi ga hoshii"tte negatta

Boku wa kanojo no negai kanaete agetakatta
Dakedo kono karadade wa dekinai
Sonna toki ni arawareta
Kimagurena madoushi ga
Seirei no boku wo hito ni
Umarekawara seta

Boku wa mada shiranai mori no soto no sekai no koto wo
Dakara wakaranai ano ko wa doushite nai teru no?
Heiwade taikutsu
Subarashii koto no hazunanoni
Dakedo wakaranai
Anata wa doushite nai teru no?

Yume mo shuzoku mo kachikan mo kotonaru futari ga
Ima deatta

Sennen no chikai hibike chinohate made
Horobi no unmei tsunagitomeru VIIGENRIIDO
Anata to no chigai
Dakedo hika re atta
Mamotte ageru dakara
Soba ni ite

Seirei no boku ga ningen no watashi e to kawaru
Kono sugata denara anata to wakari aeru kamo ne
Atarashii machi de no kurashi ga
Kokoro wo furuwa seru
Donna basho datte futari isshonara

Hito to shite ikiru yorokobi sukoshizutsu wakari hajimete itta

Sennen no chikai hibike sora wo koete
Horobi no unmei tsunagitomeru VIIGENRIIDO
Kawatteku futari sabishiku mo arukedo
Anata no egao mirerunaraba ii

Yoru no bansankai
Deatta umi no kuni no ou
Horobi no unmei soko kara ugoki hajimetanda
Watashi wo aishita kare wa no tonari no kuni no oujo no
Kyuukon wo kobami ikari no honou ga kuni wo tsutsumu

Hanarebanare ni naru futari
Imanara wakaru anata e no omoi

Sennen no chikai hibike anata no moto e
Tatoe seirei ni modorenai to shite mo
Katameta ketsui wa mou yuragu koto wanai
Anata no koto wo aishite iru

Tatoe sekai no subete no hito ga
(Tatoe sekai no subete no hito ga)
Watashi wo sagesumi waratte mo
(Anata wo sagesumi waratte mo)
Hitsuyou to shite kureru hito ga iru
(Watashi ga anata wo mamorukara)
Sore dake de shiawase datta
(Anata wa itsu demo waratte ite)

Moshimo anata ga buji ikinobite
Soshite saikai de kitanaraba
Mori de futari nakayoku kurasou yo
Koko de itsu made mo matte irukara

Kurai ido no soko
Yozora ni wa kirei na tsuki
Mune ni wa fukaku sasatta NAIFU
Kin no kami no shikaku wa izukoka e to
Akui no shinjitsu wa yami no naka

Sukitoutta shiroi kami
Bukiyouna egao
Dou ka dou ka
Ikite ite
Iki tsudzukete
Moshimo anata ni aetara tsutaetaikoto ga atta no
Moshimo umarekawareru naraba
Umarekawareru naraba...

I’m sorry for being alive
The girl who always complained
Her white hair different from the people of the village
She knelt by the millennium tree deep in the forest
And made a wish, “I want a friend”

I wanted to
Grant her wish
But I can’t do it with this body
At such a time, the
Whimsical sorceress who had appeared
Reincarnated the spirit me into a human

I don’t yet know
Anything of the world outside the forest
So I don’t understand
Why is she crying?

It’s peaceful and boring
Although I’d expect that to be a wonderful thing
But I don’t understand
Why are you crying?

Between our dreams, our races, and our values
The two of us who differ so have now met

Let this millennium vow resound to the end of the earth
A wiegenlied
Fastened to a fate of ruin
I’m different from you, but I’m drawn to you
I’ll protect you, so stay by my side

My spirit self changes into the human me
If I have this body
I might be able to understand you

A life in a new city
Makes my heart tremble
Wherever kind of place we are
If the two of us are together, it’s alright

The delight of living as a human
Little by little I was beginning to understand

Let this millennium vow resound across the sky
A wiegenlied
Fastened to a fate of ruin
As the two of us change, it might be lonesome, but
If I can see your smile, it’ll be okay

At an evening dinner party I met the ruler of a country over the sea
This fate of ruin
Began to stir from there

Loving me, he rejects the marriage proposal of a neighboring country’s princess
The blaze of her anger wraps the country in war

The two of us become separated
And now, I understand my feelings towards you

Let this millennium vow resound to your side
Even if I can’t return to being a spirit
I won’t be swaying from this decision I’ve made anymore
“I am in love with you”

Even if all the people in the world
(Even if all the people in the world)
Scorned and mocked you
(Scorned and mocked me)
Because I will protect you
(There’s a someone who needs me)
You should always be smiling
(With only that I was happy)

If you can survive to safety
And if the day comes we can meet again
Let’s live in harmony together in the forest
Because I’ll be waiting here no matter what

The dark bottom of the well, the moon that’s beautiful in the night sky
The knife stuck deep in my chest
My golden haired assassin departs somewhere
The cruel truth is in darkness

Transparent white hair, clumsy smile
Somehow, somehow live on, keep alive
If only I could see you
I had things I wanted to convey to you
If only I could be reborn
If I could be reborn…

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

The Daughter of WhiteEdit

The Daughter of White details the life of Michaela's friend Clarith, in events that occur alongside Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~; several of its lyrics mirror that of the song as well.

The Daughter of EvilEdit

The Daughter of Evil recounts the actions of the tyrannical princess Riliane, in events occurring alongside Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~, as she orders the death of all green-haired women.


Blink shows Michaela's rebirth as the new Millennium Tree following her murder and portrays the repentant Riliane contemplating the sapling's growth.




Conceptualization and Origin Edit

  • The song's title refers to her nature as a millennium-old spirit of Held and to the Clockwork Lullaby; the word Wiegenlied is derived from the German word for "lullaby".
  • The song's English title, "Spirit of ELD", reinforces the reference to her spirit origins; the Old English word eld means "old age" or "antiquity" and also means "fire" in Swedish.


  • The Evils Court booklet mentions the aftermath of the song, with Michaela succeeding Held as the Millennium Tree; the court case file notes that she may cause harm to the cinema and that the inhabitants would need to be wary.[1]
  • Later in the booklet, Gammon Octo discerns that Elluka had likely incarnated Michaela to help her gather the vessels of sin; examining Michaela and Clarith's relationship, he questioned whether it was love or friendship, but noted that it was doomed either way.[2]
  • During the song, Michaela parallels Clarith's words after the two meet in The Daughter of White and can be heard during the final chorus of the song; similarly, both songs begin with the same line: "I am sorry for being alive".
  • Similarly, Michaela's dying thoughts allude to The Servant of Evil and Allen Avadonia's dying thoughts at the end of the song. 
  • One of Yukina Freezis' fairy tales, entitled "Tree Maiden", alludes to the song's title.


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