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Transformation Magic was a type of magic involving the alteration of one's form. Able to be used on oneself as well as other beings, the magic could be as simple as minor alterations to one's color to major alterations in shape and size.


A user could cast transformation magic on either themselves or a target for a variety of effects. The techniques for transformation magic varied; because of this, some required a great amount of magic power while others required little to no power to remain in effect.[1]

When used by humans, the spell could be used for simple alterations, such as a change in eye color;[2] compounding this, Eve Moonlit could also heavily alter a human fetus' appearance while it developed in the womb.[3] Demons were also capable of using the technique, using it to alter their forms of their contractors,[4] as well as their own.[5] When utilized by demon contractors, the technique usually involved the contractor gaining the physical traits of the demon possessing them.[3]

Gods could employ the technique, changing between different forms;[6] when used by the god Held on his forest spirits, the technique could be used to transform the spirit's physical form provided that the spirit was inside the forest.[7]





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