Tony Ausdin was a general for the Union State of Evillious. After the outbreak of the Evillious War, Tony enacted a massacre on the village of Zenosai after realizing they were secretly working for the enemy. Arrested for his war crimes, Tony gave a bribe to his friend Gallerian Marlon, hoping to be declared innocent by the judge.


Early LifeEdit

Born in EC 940, Tony grew up a member of the Ausdin family in Lucifenia. He was later accepted into Levin University, rooming with Gallerian Marlon. Failing to graduate in EC 958 with the rest of his batch, Tony attended the graduation party and approached his roommate, congratulating him. As the younger boy brushed it off, the two discussed Tony's future as a general, Gallerian remarking that he was unsuited for the career due to being a pacifist.

Discussing the USE's part in reducing the number of wars being a good thing, Tony explained that his father disagreed with the notion, expressing his dislike for having been born into a military family. After Gallerian asked if he sabotaged his graduation because he didn't want to be a soldier, Tony became flustered and left.[1]

After his parents stopped sending him money due to his not graduating, Tony became a security guard for the Dark Star Bureau. During the trial for Kayo Sudou in EC 960, Tony restrained the enraged prosecutor, winking at Gallerian. Chiding the judge for failing to recognize him, Tony explained his reasons for finding the part-time job.[2]

Military GeneralEdit

Later on, Tony successfully graduated college and became a major general for the USE army, his military career flourishing as he fought against Asmodean guerrilla forces as well as undead soldiers. At some point, he became acquainted with his fellow general Shiro Netsuma.[3] After the founding of PN, Tony helped it succeed.[4]

In summer of EC 976, he and Shiro visited Gallerian's house, calling in a favor to locate Ma in order to enlist her help in the fight against the dead soldiers. Knocking at the door, the two were answered by Gallerian's daughter Michelle. As the girl loudly called for her father, Tony chided Shiro that she should be at least half as loud as well.

Going inside and meeting with Gallerian, Tony related that the USE army needed Ma's help and was told by Gallerian's butler Bruno Zero that they hadn't seen Ma in 14 years. Saddened, Tony explained that the army was having trouble fighting the undead soldiers due to their supernatural abilities. Shortly after, Gallerian received a letter from one of his servants, Katerina, that was written by Ma.

Tony was later led through the Misty Mountains by Shiro, followed by Gallerian and Bruno. After Postman revealed themselves, Tony watched Gallerian meet with Ma, looking for a way out with Shiro. They were later informed that a troupe was waiting for them in the Babul desert.[3]

Trials of WarEdit

At some point, Tony learned that Gallerian was corrupt and took bribes for trials. After the outbreak of the Evillious War in EC 982, Tony and his forces were deployed to battle Asmodean. In February of the following year, Tony rode with Colonel Mars in an armored vehicle through Levianta's Samadin region. Shiro explained that the snow was dangerously deep, and that they'd halt for an hour.

Deciding to rest at the nearby village of Zenosai, Tony heard Mars and Shiro converse about her being from the village. Guarded by Shiro, Tony washed his face at the river before informing her he'd be going by himself for a while. Approached by a Netsuma girl and asked if he was a general, Tony confirmed the fact. After the girl pulled a stick of lit dynamite from her basket, Tony cried out and was rescued by Shiro. Following the blast, both the girl and Shiro's friends had disappeared.

Realizing that Zenosai was loyal to the enemy, Tony ordered his soldiers to kill all the villagers. Met with Shiro's protests, Tony ignored her. Shooting down the Netsuma, Tony was approached by the limping Shiro, told to stop. Telling her in turn to stop talking, Tony accidentally shot her in the chest.

Leviantan Civil WarEdit

Later on, information regarding Tony's massacre of Zenosai became widespread, covered in both Leviantan newspapers and radio. Arrested and imprisoned for his war crimes, Tony began eating less. Later on, he was met by Gallerian in jail, guarded by the jailer. Expressing his joy at seeing him, Tony was asked if what the media was saying was true; confirming the fact, Tony explained that he had to assume the entire village was acting for Asmodean.

Asked about Shiro's death, Tony assured Gallerian it was an accident and that he was truly sorry for it, struggling to tell if the judge believed him although he was visibly saddened. After his friend told him that the trial couldn't be easily fudged and that he would likely be found guilty and executed, Tony pleaded with Gallerian, hearing him state that he talk about their friendship before interrupting that he had money. After Gallerian gave him a price of 5 million Ev, Tony expressed his surprise at the low price before Gallerian replied it was a friendly discount. The jailer then ended their session.

Later on, Tony was tried by Gallerian for his crimes, the trial's audience shouting for him to be killed. The judge then declared him innocent, citing that Zenosai was an enemy village and that he killed Shiro by accident; the crowd then became angry. Later on, the Tasan Party leaked that Tony had bribed Gallerian, causing civil war to break out in Alicegrad in April.[4]

Months later in August, Tony was pursued by Nemesis Sudou in his own home. Cornered by her along with his pregnant wife and son in his backyard, he asked her why she was there and, given her explanation of the civil war, explained that the Zenosai massacre was an accident. Firing at her, Tony witnessed her quickly dodge the bullet. Told that his guardsmen outside had been arrested by the people's militia and that Nemesis would kill him with Shiro's gun, Tony surrendered and begged for his life. Beginning to offer a bribe, Tony was shot. Not long after his death, Nemesis allowed his wife and son to escape, Tony's corpse left in his backyard.[5]


Later on, Tony's soul entered the Heavenly Yard before being pulled down due to Nemesis' destruction of the Third Period in EC 999. Eventually, Tony ended up leading the Tasan Party soldiers in their hunt for the demon contractors. Confronting Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche inside the Lucifenian Royal Palace, Tony explained the situation, shocked to find out that Riliane knew him during her time as Postman.

Urging her to give up, Tony witnessed Riliane escape, assisted by Clarith, whom he mistook for Shiro.[6] Having his soldiers surround the palace, Tony was later approached by Arth Lucifen d'Autriche, whom he was pleased to meet. Explaining that they were waiting for reinforcements and stating his intention of capturing Riliane, Tony saw Arth go back inside. A fight later broke out between the palace inhabitants and the Tasan soldiers.[7]

As the fight dragged on, Tony was nearly defeated by the Lucifenian side's leader, Germaine Avadonia. Later on, Tasan's main forces arrived with a Black Box; Tony then delighted in seeing the Lucifenian souls get sucked into the box, before he and his forces were sucked in as well. After the Black Box was shot down by Nemesis, Tony was among the souls freed, although losing his will to fight.[8]

Personality and TraitsEdit

In his youth, Tony started out as a pacifist, wanting to avoid conflict and disliking his family's pressure for him to become a soldier; as part of his passive nature, Tony would physically remove himself from situations where he was embarrassed. However, Tony later came around to the idea of being a soldier, working in the military enough to achieve the rank of general.

Following the outbreak of the war, Tony was affected by the stresses of the conflict and became fearful and paranoid; the Zenosai villager's ambush caused him to order the entire town killed under the assumption that they were all working for Asmodean. He later justified this decision to himself, displaying no apparent remorse. After his war crimes were discovered, Tony became desperate to avoid execution, willing to break the law and give bribes to anyone in order to survive.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tony was a proficient soldier, able to attain the rank of general and command his troops against enemy forces; he was also experienced in fighting the undead. However, Tony's experience had its limits, causing him to crack under pressure when faced with situations he was unprepared for, such as surprise attacks. He was also a capable student, excelling at his studies enough to be able to get accepted into Levin University.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Gallerian Marlon: Tony's closest friend. Tony and Gallerian shared a room during their time at Levin University, growing close to the point where Tony was able to confide Gallerian about his anxieties about joining the military. After the two of them went their separate ways, Tony continued to rely on Gallerian, calling in favors multiple times.

Shiro Netsuma: A fellow general. Tony and Shiro maintained a professional relationship and got along well. During the slaughter of Zenosai, Tony's paranoia made him unable to recognize that Shiro was trying to calm him down and shot her dead. Following her death, Tony was apologetic for what he had done and deeply regretful of his mistake.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Tony's name is inspired by that of his representative Vocaloid, TONIO, with Tony's romanization containing "toni".




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