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"So Père Noël... Finally come to eliminate me as the competition, huh?"
―Ton Corpa[src]

Ton Corpa was a merchant in the Lucifenian Republic and the manager of the diva Rin Chan. Regularly using children for cheap labor, he adopted Rin and collaborated with Père Noël to set up the girl's debut as a singer. After turning her into an international celebrity, Ton abused the girl to exhaustion to maximize his personal profit.


Early Life[]

"Ton has become a person of interest for the police. He’s adopted several children outside of Rin in the past, but all of them have passed on for some reason or another."
―Bruno Marlon[src]

Born a member of the Corpa Family in the Lucifenian Republic sometime during the 6th century EC, Ton eventually became the head of the Corpa Firm. Living in his mansion in Rolled, the man became widely known among the Lucifenian elite; during this period, he began adopting children from local orphanages and making them work as cheap labor, disposing of them whenever their profitability faded or a more profitable replacement appeared while making their deaths appears to be accidents.[1]

Eventually, Ton began sponsoring Cirque de Lune and acquired a youth skilled in taming animals perform in the travelling circus as a lion tamer.[1] He also acquired a portrait of Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche and learned about the criminal organization Père Noël and its infamous Fifth Pierrot and Seventh Magician.[2]

Birth of a Diva[]

"At first, I was happy. I got a more beautiful face than before and became more and more famous—But, it gradually became painful. Mr. Ton wouldn't let me rest at all and I was singing at so many places..."
―Rin Chan[src]

Around early EC 601, Ton adopted a young girl named Rin and forced her to work at his mansion as a servant. Later hearing the girl's amazing singing talent, Ton recognized her potential to be a famous diva and became her manager, plotting to profit off her talents. To give the girl a more pleasing face for the stage, he had Seventh Magician use her demonic power to change Rin's face to match his portrait of Princess Riliane.[2]

Setting himself as the new manager of "Rin Chan", Ton debuted the girl during the opening of Milanais Theater in EC 606, setting up his lion tamer to die an "accident" and having Rin replace them as the opening act.[1] After Rin's stunning debut to a wowed audience, he began expanding the girl's career to sing endlessly across Lucifenia, later all around the Evillious region. Once Rin became unable to sing in EC 609, Ton found a Netsuma girl with a similar singing voice named Chansaux to replace her. With Chansaux's heritage potentially damaging to her popularity and Seventh Magician no longer operating in Rollam, Ton had Rin continue performing onstage, lip-syncing while Chansaux secretly sang backstage.[2]

Later that year, Ton arranged for Rin Chan to "sing" at President Julia Abelard's inauguration party at the Lucifenian Palace on August 18 and the next day had her perform at a concert in Asmodean soon after.[1] Soon after, Ton had Rin perform on September 10 for a concert at the Central Theater in Elphegort's capital city of Aceid, later returning back to his mansion with her.[3] When the Schuburg Newspaper attempted to interview Rin Chan about her lip-syncing, Ton announced that she wouldn't meet with anyone on account of her exhaustion from the concert.[4] Afterward, the merchant scheduled Cirque de Lune to perform at Milanais Theater again on October 10.[2]

In late September, after the Schuburg Newspaper published a claim from a former manager that Rin lip-synced her concerts, Ton murdered Chansaux to remove the evidence. He then locked Rin in her room upstairs, plotting to kill her as well and find a new singer. Around 2:00 AM on October 6, Ton took a knife and headed up to dispose of her, only to find her escaping with a teenage boy dressed like a pierrot.

Once the boy claimed to be Fifth Pierrot Ton became convinced Père Noël had finally come to eliminate him as the competition. Certain even he could handle a child, however, Ton gradually moved in for the kill when the child suddenly disarmed him, took the weapon, and stabbed him in the back. Fatally wounded, Ton Corpa collapsed to the ground and died shortly after.[2]


"Mr. Corpa had a deep puncture wound in his back, thought to have been the fatal blow. The World Police plans to move forward with their investigation of the murder case."
―The Schuburg Newspaper's sixty-first edition[src]

Following Ton's death, Lemy Abelard took the terrified Rin and fled across the border to Elphegort.[2] A servant that witnessed the event and discovered Ton's corpse reported the murder-kidnapping to the World Police shortly after. That same morning, the Saintes Fauraux Newspaper received a letter allegedly from Fifth Pierrot, taking credit for Ton's assassination.[5] Ton's death was later investigated as part of a string of local prostitute murders also allegedly perpetrated by Fifth Pierrot. During the investigation, Justea officer Willus Zorach speculated the culprit learned his target was a prostitute from Ton before killing him.[6]

Personality and Traits[]

"Mr. Ton... He was certainly a bad person..."
―Rin Chan[src]

Ton was a vile, greedy man. As the head of the Corpa family and its firm, the miser was obsessed with maximizing his profits while minimizing costs, regularly employing orphaned children as cheap labor and abusing them to squeeze as much worth out of their work as possible. He was also quick to kill them after they lost their profitability, further emphasizing his disregard for their lives.[1] Despite this harsh treatment of children, the merchant took a particular liking to the young Princess Riliane and even collected a portrait of the infamous "Daughter of Evil" for himself. While managing his firm, Corpa appeared to have an inclination for the entertainment industry.[2]

Despite his abusive practices, Ton was fearful of government intervention and acted especially careful to leave no evidence tying him to the children's murders, preferring to frame each death as a disease or accident.[1] He otherwise readily circumvented the law whenever he could, even collaborating with Père Noël's Seventh Magician for his personal gain. Regardless, he still feared being targeted by the criminal organization for his financial success, especially terrified of facing its infamous assassin Fifth Pierrot.[2]

Skills and Abilities[]

"Immediately after I’d been adopted by my mother, she was taken charge of by a merchant named Ton Corpa. He’d anticipated that she was skilled at singing, and so she started working at the opera house."
"That led to her becoming the top diva in all Lucifenia, so it’s clear that Ton Corpa has an eye for talent."
―Lemy and Bruno regarding Rin Chan's success[src]

Ton was an excellent businessman, frugal enough to cut costs by any means and cunning enough to avoid legal punishment for it. Due to his money-focused mindset, the merchant was keen to see talent in individuals and knew how to best utilize those talents for profitable ventures, entertaining the widest consuming audience possible.[1] Ton's knowledge extended into the criminal underworld as well. When faced with setbacks in his shady business dealings, he could also act to rectify his failures relatively quickly to turn the situation to his favor.[2]

Due to this and his lineage in the Corpa family, Ton had a massive amount of wealth at his disposal and utilized it greatly to sponsor even more profitable investments; as a result, the man was one of the richest merchants in the Evillious region, even surpassing Lucifenian President Julia Abelard in terms of wealth.[1] Aside from his business savvy, Ton's large, corpulent figure made him appear more intimidating to children and generally difficult to bypass; he was also proficient in wielding a knife.[2]

Character Connections[]

Rin Chan: A source of money for Ton. Initially adopting the girl to treat as a cheap servant, Ton was impressed by Rin Chan's singing talent and saw her as a opportunity to make money with her voice. Only valuing her for the money she brought in, Ton treated the girl poorly and refused to take her health into consideration when the strain of performance became too much. This disregard culminated in preparing to kill her once her use to him had ceased in the lip-syncing scandal.

Chansaux: A young Netsuma Ton saw use for. Finding the girl's voice to be an acceptable replacement for Rin Chan's, Ton used the girl when Rin lost her voice from the pressure of performance. Caring little for the girl personally, he had no scruples against murdering her after she became a liability in the wake of the lip-syncing scandal. 


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • A "ton" is a unit of weight equivalent to 2000 lbs and can also colloquially refer to any large number of amount; this may be a reference to Ton's corpulent body.
  • His surname, Corpa, may be a pun on the Latin word corpus (コーパス), meaning "body".