• Hi! I just want to ask you if I should add an article about the "Utopia" that makes the story go round. When I search "utopia" I don't find nothing, so I assume that there isn't any article about. yeah, I know that there is no much information about it, but, for exemple, I've noticed that in the "Judgement of corruption" Project Diva Extended's PV there is a place that can be identified as the Utopia. We should make an article, at least to put things like this.

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    • I am pretty sure the Judgement of Corruption one is fanmmade but I may be wrong. I have never seen mothy's twitter so much as mention it during the promotion of the game and I am pretty sure the PV is reusing skins from another song in the game. 

      If that is the case, that debunks the reasoning. "Utopia" is a pretty general term to use as well, if you ask me, so an entire page devoted to a concept that is synonymous between our world and Evillious seems redundant to me. What info in particular would we be including for this potential page, exactly, besides just a history section of it being mentioned? 

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    • I would be against this because there is not much information about this "utopia"... and all of the things Servant said

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