• Originally the quote on the Evillious Chronicles page was A flower, a seed, a stone... Um thts not a quote the real quote Lust, the Flower, Gluttony, the Seed, Vanity, the Stone, Envy, the Spring, Sloth, the Wind, Greed the Soil, and Wrath, the Forest. Is long and just rahter akward being there. What do you think the quote should be? If there should even be a quote at all? Anyway here are some ideas Servant and I came up with

    • 2:50 Servant of Evillious "I don't mind as long as it keeps me entertained." "I have unlimited time anyway"
    • 2:51 Jakeinc "Rise seven deadly sins, the filth created by the pretentious mother. Keep on turning world, please cleanse the deadly sins."
    • Servant of Evillious"Now, let us all look on this farce called life."
    • Jakeinc"The story of the sin born and raised by a woman, then torn into seven pieces."
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    • Originally, that wasn't a quotation. That was my doing.

      It is not like every single page is required to have a quote.

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