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    If you have any questions about my role, please do go ahead and ask! If there is something specific you needed help with, or something that needs looked at, you are welcome to bring it to my attention! Nice to meet you, and looking forward to working with you.

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    • Welcome to Evillious Chronicles wikia.

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    • Yo! Nice to meet you! 

      Yes we were wondering if we could get some clarification on how the wiki is supposed to handle parts of Evillious that has mature/questionable content. Except for one song illustration (that's been removed from the article of the song in question to be safe) there's nothing graphically depicted in terms of sex or nudity, and the series doesn't usually depict graphic violence either, but it nonetheless covers a lot of dark and potentially upsetting topics (and there are some allusions to sexual content even if it's not shown or outright described.)

      So in regards to Fandom's Terms of Use, is there anything we are required to do when it comes to handling this content? Since I couldn't find specific guidelines in the TOU, right now we're mostly trying to follow the Vocaloid Wiki's example of providing content warning tags on media articles, probably character articles as well, and someone suggested making a warning on the front page.

      (I figure content warnings are a good idea anyway, but one of the things we were worrying about specifically is if we'd have to remove articles or article content to comply with TOU, since it seems like that's been happening on the Vocaloid Wiki. But it's not clear to us what the criteria for deletion is beyond the article dealing with mature subject matter.)

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    • Thanks for replying! I understand the situation you are experiencing right now. I will have to ask for clarification if the mature content is strictly image uploads or actual text being descriptive? Or both? The quick answer is Fandom doesn't allow nudity in most cases, so if there are uploads containing nudity, they can't be uploaded. However, they can be censored if you are comfortable with that. If you want to direct me to some uploads as an example, I can censor those if you're good with that. As far as text content being descriptive, I will double check on that with the team if that is also part of the concern.

      You're right in your apprehensiveness on content warnings. Those actually don't do anything. If something is violating Fandom's TOU, it will eventually be addressed at some point. Most things are case by case basis though, so we can start here and I will address your inquiry with the team to get you an accurate standpoint on it. :)

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    • O thanks for the response, also thanks for clearing it up with the content warning bit, I suppose that's just something we'll be adding for the sake of the readers then.

      Well in terms of image uploads the only one that features actual nudity is this one that's part of a song featured here. Specifically the part with the upside-down lady. I'm personally fine with keeping it censored if that's all that's needed for it to stay, but not sure how other users would feel about that. There's also another song here that comes close? It's more that it's visually alluding to sexual acts, but unlike the previous song it doesn't outright show anything (albeit someone does get stabbed, I don't know if Fandom would care about artistic depictions of stabbings but that's depicted a few times elsewhere in this series too.)

      There's also a few images that depict human remains like in this song and its accompanying novel, albeit they also aren't very detailed for the sake of discretion.

      As for the text on the articles, yeah that's what most of us are wondering about. Our summaries don't go into gory details, but it nonetheless discusses sexual, violent, or potentially triggering content on occasion. The songs I linked, for example (the second one was deleted by the Vocaloid wiki.) If that's not the concern for Fandom, that's fine then, but we will appreciate you double checking!

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    • Back with a response to follow up :) Apologists for the delay!

      So first thing, content warnings are fine if you prefer to use them. They just wouldn't do anything if content crosses the TOU line. An example would be describing details of explicit sexual activity. However, something within the lines of "they had sex and teased each other" is acceptable. It just can't go into that explicit detail, even with a content warning. You can still apply them, however. Though, every thing is indeed case by case basis so we'll take a read at any story you might have concern over and we can advise on what to do from there. We won't do any deleting if something is too explicit, we'll work with you to tweak it to fall within appropriate bounds.

      For the image "Plateau No Hana full" that is totally acceptable. The nipples are covered appropriately and there is no issue with hosting it. The lyrics to "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania" is also fine. Depictions of stabbing should be okay for the most part. Pretty much it comes down to "is this gore?" when questioning something. It can be subjective to a level but in most cases I would say it is allowed. There just can't be that full "yes we allow it" because then there would be a situation that comes up where a murder is described in great detail that makes you sick hahah.

      Regarding human remains, would you be referring to photos like this? If so, this is also good and allowed.

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    • Ahhh, this is exactly the kind of clarification I was hoping for, thank you so much! I think definitely if we have any articles that go against TOU (which, it sounds like we probably do not) it shouldn't be that hard to revise them to an acceptable level.

      Outside of The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, the main story that raised people's concerns was Original Sin Story: Crime which features an example of unwitting incest. The book's summary hasn't been filled out yet so I can't provide that for you unfortunately, but we have updated the history section of one of its main characters, Adam Moonlit. So to clarify, a character (Adam) forms a romantic relationship with his long-lost twin sister (Eve) as part of a more involved plot to take over the country. Part of this involves him mixing his own semen into a substance that's supposed to artificially impregnate her to make sure that the children will be biologically his. Nothing about that process is shown in the book nor described in explicit detail here, but the actual mention of semen in the book kinda struck me and other people, so I used the phrase "genetic material" on Adam's page to be cautious. The specifics of Adam and Eve's relationship in terms of if they were active sexually also isn't shown or described in the book or here.

      So, are we being overly cautious to worry about that? I suspect that this isn't the kind of thing that Fandom is concerned with, but I just want to make sure.

      Regarding the Flower of the Plateau thing, thank you for the clarification on the upper-body nudity, but I'm also concerned about a part of that image that's a little lower down--it's easily missed, but it depicts a character's sexual parts (albeit stylized to look like part of a flower) while she's also groping herself. 

      I'm less certain if that would be okay to keep as is ^ ^;

      Gotcha on the human remains and gore thing. For the picture, that's about as bad as it gets so glad to see we're fine there. For the gore, I don't believe anything is described in such detail, if not in the series then especially not in the articles. 

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    • No problem and I appreciate the questions :)

      Most of things that come up like this are going to be case by case, so I would be happy to pass along the story of Original Sin Story: Crime, when it is written to our community manager. I can say that you should write the story as it is, without trying to heavily alter it to the point it's no longer the story. General statements of inappropriate situations that give the reader an idea of what is happening, without the specific steps of how it's happening, is fine.

      As an example, Adam Moonlit mixing his own semen into a substance that is meant to artificially impregnate, is general, and doesn't go into detail on how he is extracting or performing the impregnation. I will double check on the word semen to verify it's acceptable, but I'm pretty confident it is. It is often the nature and context of how certain words are used, rather than the words themselves. If the community feels uncomfortable with the word, it is within the community right to reach a consensus if they prefer "genetic material" :)

      You aren't being overly cautious, it is good to keep your ears and eyes open. I always support inquiries to double check on things.

      I did not notice that part of the image on Flower of the Plateau ahaha. I'll ask our community manager, but quite likely that may need censored unfortunately. It could be argued as artistic art, but those type of calls are above my level so I have listen to what my community manager directs on these things. If it does come down to censoring, would you be comfortable with that? It would only be covering up the depiction of her genitals and nothing else.

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    • As an update to my last message, the mention of incest is fine so long as it isn't being a fetish.

      The word semen is acceptable if the community is comfortable with it. Lastly, I showed our community manager that specific image of Flower of the Plateau and no action is required. :)

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    • Oh sweet! 0o0 I guess that means we're alright on all counts then.

      If I have more concerns in the future I'll make sure to bring them up with you, but you've answered everything I was wondering about at the moment. Thank you very much!

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    • Awesome :) Sounds good!

      By the way, does this wiki have a Discord server?

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    • Nah, I know there's a couple servers for the fandom floating around but nothing wiki-affiliated. I wouldn't have the energy for one myself.

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