• Basically I wonder what you guys’ favorite EC characters are and why?

    For instance, my favorite Evillious character is Levia because I absolutely adore her character development. She was both Elluka Clockworker and Nemesis Sudou who are both super interesting.

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    • Margarita. Aside from maybe Gallerian she is the most intelligent of the sinners. She was able to refine her poison, turn it into a plague and test it out on the townspeople without anyone (aside from Elluka) having a clue. Also that dress of hers is amazing.

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    • I have very many. But I consistently love Yarera and Zusco because they were so hilariously slimy and incompetent. And yet they were trained in niche assassination techniques and one of them actually started a family with someone >----> Just loved seeing the way more sensible and decent characters played off them.

      Then they became a running gag through their descendants and it comes to a wonderful head in the Judgment novel.

      Sad I will probably never see what they actually look like from the DoE manga.

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    • Favorite God- Behemo (If Michaela's counted as a God, they're a close second for me)

      Favorite Demon- Seth

      Favorite Ghoul Child- Keel

      Favorite Contractor- Sateriasis

      Favorite of the Three Heroes- Elluka

      Favorite Irregular- Ma (Neo Eve is my favorite one associated with one of the Four Ends)

      Favorite Bruno- Bruno Zero

      Favorite Hänsel incarnation- Pollo

      Favorite Gretel incarnation- Ney

      Favorite Cockworker's Doll "incarnation"- Platonic

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