• I recently discovered to my horror that was dead. Oh no! Luckily the pages are still alive at, just like they are for (RIP...) Which brings me to my topic: should we link to archived versions of the websites on pages or the "live" ones which are, um, dead? Also while we're here I'm gonna bring up again that I found an archived version of the site for Screws Gears and Pride with mothy's prose intact if anyone wants to do something with that.

    (also i found a super old website of mothy's that hasn't been updated in like a decade it looks fantastic)

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    • For the dead websites, it's best to change the links to the archived versions. Giving that a pass.

      As for the Screws Gears and Pride website, if anyone could translate/infomine it, that'd be great. Just so we can double-check if what we currently have for the characters is correct.

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    • Slug has provided the following translation of the website text:

      The world-leading toy company C factory. A standard is implemented there such that each product will be equally loved by children all around the world.

      A non-standard, defective toy, BMD2-R, was sent to the facility on the B43 floor in C factory Sector 2 to be disposed of. There she met many toys just like her, toys being disposed of because "they were not normal".

      Before too long, all of the other toys gave up on hope and on her plan to escape from an exhaust port she noticed led to the outside, and soon failed to respond to her pleas. Only one of them, a toy the same type as her, SN7F-R, agreed to her plan.

      And thus began the saga of their escape.

      Sensing an irregular existence, the C factory headquarters launched a new type of purge weapons made in the I company called "G". It aimed to erase the girls' existences.

      As the girls escaped the pursuing G, they arrived at the C factory Sector 3. There the girls met a group of toys similar to themselves, Type-L.

      What will be the girls' fate? How well can they hide themselves from G?

      Will Type-L help them?

      And what is the real purpose of the C factory?

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