• Please see the previous iteration of this thread here for past discussions.

    This is basically a thread for discussing retranslating names in the series.This is not intended to be a place to quibble over whether you think something sounds better. This is for when you have an actual reason to believe that a title or name has been mistranslated in the past and wish to have it possibly corrected. This thread exists so that these kinds of discussion won't take up space on other threads.

    Do not bring up names that have already been discussed or have solid sources. For example, a lot of the names in the Story of Evil had their spellings clarified by fanbooks and tweets, so there’s no need to retranslate them, even if they sound awkward. Same goes for things like “Gift from the Princess Who Brought Sleep” and “Evil Food Eater Conchita”—yes, they are not quite accurate translations, but they’ve been solidified by mothy and agreed upon in wiki discussion.

    The general criteria I would recommend is listing the original Japanese, how it’s currently translated, and how you think it should be translated (and why).

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    • Can we implement the terms found in the Grave Yard section of the mothy novel? If we do, here's a list of the locations, tribes, and people. Next to each term, I wrote the romaji and my suggestion for how the wiki writes it.


      シルガレッズ大陸 (Shirugarezzu Tairiku/Shilgarrezz)

      アノフェシオン帝国 (Anofeshion Teikoku/Anofeshion Empire)

      カーパスの平原 (Kaaapasu no Heigen/Caarpas Plain)

      ハープ (Haapu/Harpu)


      ベルゾー (Beruzoo/Bellzo)

      ファガン (Fagan/Fagan)


      イイラー (Iiraa/Iilah)

      ジャール (Jaaru/Jyar)

      皇帝ガルフ (Kootei Garufu/Emperor Garf)

      エストリア (Esutoria/Estrea)

      I don't know if there's a pattern with the names but I think the naming convention is music instruments. Beruzoo sounds like "bell" to me, and Haapu sounds like "harp"

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    • I have a few different suggestions for writing these names:

      シルガレッズ大陸: The double zz in Shilgarrezz looks weird, and I see レッズ primarily written as 'Reds'. Maybe Silgareds, Sirgareds, or Shilgareds?

      カーパスの平原: ストレプトカーパスStreptocarpus, so I'd suggest Carpus Plain.

      ハープ can just be Harp. Don't see why you'd write it as Harpu - the u is silent.

      ジャール: I'd suggest writing is as Jarre. There are precedents for this, ジャン・ミッシェル・ジャール (Jean-Michel Jarre) and モーリス・ジャール (Maurice Jarre).

      I see ガルフ primarily written as Gulf when I google it.

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    • There isn't an apparent naming scheme here, so I think we should just follow what has a precedent. I'm good with Silgareds, Anofeshion, Carpus, Harp, Bellzo, Fagan, Jarre and Gulf.

      As for エストリア, I think we should have it as Estoria. The country of Estonia is written as エストニア, with one character difference.

      For イイラー, perhaps Yyrah? The French metal band Yyrkoon is written as イイルクーン, so that's a precedent for using "yy" to write イイ.

      Opening this discussion for 18 more hours.

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    • There haven't been any objections, so I'm going to go ahead and implement the names.

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    • Double Jump's official English name's "Go! KakedashiYuusya". How's the Wiki going to handle translating the name of the MC? Do we leave it as is (Maybe separate Kakedashi & Yuusya) or do we translate it? 2theRainb0w pointed out it means "Heroic dasher". Also, if we do keep the name intact, there's the matter of Kakedashi written with Hepburn romaji while Yuusya's written in Kunrei-shiki romaji). The Wiki mainly uses Hepburn so Yuusya needs to be Yuusha.

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    • I would presonally write it more as "Dashing hero" than "heroic dasher".

      Separating the two and changing "Yuusya" to "Yuusha" sounds good to me. I don't think we should translate the title given this is its "English" name.

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    • --To be clear, by "dashing hero" I mean "Hero who dashes", not dashing as in the adjective.

      Apparently "kakedashi" also means "novice", so maybe it's a pun.

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    • Figured I'd bring it up again, but should we perhaps change Rindo Blum's name to "Lind Wurm"? "リンドブルム" is a way of writing "Lindwurm" in katakana.

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    • You've been shot down multiple times by now, haven't you? Especially since Rindo Blum seems to be a pun on flowers as a connection to Daughter of Evil.

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    • I've only seen Misstress bring it up once, and the issue of the pun was sort of overtaken by other discussion.

      Nonetheless, I do not think we should write her name as "Lind Wurm". The lindwurm pun might be there but we don't have to be so direct that it completely erases any resemblance to the Rin pun (and also that doesn't look like a name, period). At the very least I think her last name should be kept as "Blum".

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    • Yeah, I'd rather not sacrifice the Rin pun. Plus, what's the connection between Rindo and lindwurm? She's just a one-off character (even in the novel she gets like, one sentence devoted to her) so I don't think mothy thought about her much when naming her. She's a nun just like Riliane, so mothy was probably aiming to reference Riliane with her name as well.

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    • I've seen her bring it up a couple of times, and get shot down both times before this with the Rin and Riliane pun being the largest reasons.

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    • Anon, just commenting on the fact that we've discussed this before isn't really adding to the conversation.

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    • This probably isn't adding anything to the discussion but would translating her name as Rind Blum make more sense than Rindo Blum? I was also actually wondering if her name could be a Final Fantasy reference since it's spelled the exact same as the city of Lindblum and I know Mothy throws video game references in every now and again so. 

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    • That sounds like a likely reference but my only issue with it is that Rindo and Rind have different pronunciations, since rind is an actual word (like a watermelon rind, which would be said like raindo) Basically I think it reads a bit misleading.

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    • 'Do' is often in loanwords/western names to mean D. I don't think Rind Blum would be misleading. We also write Gurasureddo as Glassred, and not Glassredo, and there are way more examples of "Do" being D on the character term list and outside EC.

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    • wrote:
      'Do' is often in loanwords/western names to mean D. I don't think Rind Blum would be misleading. We also write Gurasureddo as Glassred, and not Glassredo, and there are way more examples of "Do" being D on the character term list and outside EC.

      Being anon means I can't edit posts, but I forget a word: "'Do' is often 'used' in" is what I meant. I also don't know why 'is often' and 'Gurasureddo' are highlighted? I didn't do that.

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    • Scarletta's point still stands thought that people might see the word "Rind" and think it's pronounced like "watermelon rind" rather than "Rin" with a d at the end.

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    • Since Chartette changed her name when she moved to Jakoku to make it sound more Jakokuese, I propose we change 乱倶族's translation to the Rangu Clan. To me, Lang sounds more Chinese than Japanese.

      Edit: Now that I think about it, all of the Jakokuese Octo Family members have their surname written as 奥戸. Should we change their last name to Okuto or keep it as is?

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    • I agree with that change. We wrote the name of Kayo's son as Ren rather than Len to make it sound more Japanese, so following that precedent, I'm good with changing Lang to Rangu.

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    • I think Octo should be kept as-is because it was originally a western name. Realize now it's too late to chime in but I would have said the same for Lang, as it's clearly from Langley.

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    • Price has weighed in on the Lang -> Rangu change.

      Considering how Chartette changed her name to Saruteito in order to sound more Jakokuese, it's reasonable to think that she converted Langley to Lang for the same reason.

      I'm also onboard with changing Octo to Okuto, at least for Gaou, Gato, Gakuga, Kagura and Anan. Not sure how we'll be handling Gammon and Nyoze since they're back in Evillious. Of course, everyone before Gaou would still be Octo.

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    • I feel like it might be a little trickier to rename the Octos, since as you pointed out we do have people from that same Jakokuese family who go back to Evillious and would we assume they changed it back or,

      We also iirc don't have confirmation that anyone in the Octo family changed their name to be more Jakokuese, unlike the case with Chartette = Saruteito and Langley = Lang/Rangu. Octo and Okuto are technically the same in Japanese anyway.

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    • Also, Price didn't "weigh in" so much as reply to someone asking her directly what she thought, which is that she doesn't have an opinion yet because she hasn't seen the context herself.

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    • this isn't technically a retranslation but it seems best to bring it up here rather than make a thread just for it so (X )

      considering it's a game that's been referenced by mothy before And it's relation to zombies we could probably add this to Lich's trivia section, though it should be worded as a possibility rather than a confirmed fact

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    • I think there's a fairly likely chance it's a reference, yeee. Very sleep deprived so I'm not in the best mental state to think of a way to word it without using weasel words, tho.

      "Lich's surname shares similarities with the name of the Arclay mountains, which was a key location in Resident Evil which also has zombies"? something like that maybe,

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    • how about "Lich's surname shares similarities with the name of the Arclay mountains, which was a key location in Resident Evil, a franchise that heavily features zombies." ?

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    • Price had correct Bindi's alias, it's Kandi, not Gandhi.

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