• So I think this could be worthy of a trivia section, but in the myths, Nemesis was the on responsible for Narcissus' death. Narcissus drove his suitors to suicide(he would literally give them swords and tell them to run them through themselves) and Nemesis as the goddess of retribution decided to punish him by cursing a pool of water so that when he saw his reflection he fell in love with it.(And then he wasted away by that pool)

    Maybe it doesn't parallel EC Nem and Narci but I like that there is a form of connection.

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    • And here I was told Alphrodite was the one who cursed him.

      It is a nice connection but seeing as Nemesis isn't responsible for Narcissus' death I'm not sure where or how you would write the trivia up.

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    • I supse if Narcissus could get his own page maybe it could be brought up that his mythological counterpart was punished by nemesis

      Or on Nemesis page it could be put as a curiosity like "In mythology, Nemesis was the goddess that cursed Narcissus to fall in love with his own reflection" and then something about how in Ec Narcissus seems to have a crush on Nemesis.

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    • I have realized there are some interesting things about Nemesis and the other members of zeus and how it all sort of connects. Sorry for sounding like a conspiracy theorist here but there are some thing i think could be noted in connection to  the greek myths.

      • Themis was a daughter of Gaia and Ouranus, Ouranus was also the created son of Gaia so Themis mother and father were also her grandmother and half-brother, Just like EC's Nemesis.
      • Heracles is noted for having wrath as his flaw, this was uncommon as most greek heroes were know for having pride being their main flaw. Connects to Racle beign a character in the wrath arc.
      • Helios is a god Heracles tried to take his anger out on. His other equivalent, Apollo was also the son of Zeus.
      • Dionysus helped Nemesis with one of her punishments (It's kinda complicated but basically a nymph had been toying with people's hearts So Eros asked Nemesis to do something and Nemesis told Dionysus to sleep with the nymph and leave her a single mother)
      • Eileithyia was the goddess of childbirth and was involved with helping to deliver most of Zeus' children. She was also one of Zeus' daughters.
      • Basically the only ones who haven't in some version been a child of Zeus are Narcissus, Nemesis, and Gaia.
      • Dionysus was not only god of wine, he was the god of rebirth. (It is also a complicated story with many diffrent versions but one is that he was originally the son of Persephone and Hades and got killed but Zeus saved him by placing his intact heart in a mortal woman. However because Dionysus was a full god he ended up completly waporizing her when he was reborn. It's almost like Irregular Adam.)
      • Nemesis was the queen of the Greek equivalent of Hell, Tartarus. This is because she was married to the god of that world, who was also named Tartarus.
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    • Idk most of these seem like "hey this is neat" factoids more than trivia actually relevant to the specific characters who share these names. There isn't even a place to put most of these even if they were relevant trivia since they almost exclusively concern minor characters, and I'm having a hard time imagining how you'd word these.

      At this stage, the only ones that I think could have been an intentional connection by mothy is the first one (the Themis one) and maybe the last one (that Mythological Nemesis was queen of a section of the Underworld where horrible monsters and the gods' enemies were imprisoned,) though I couldn't find a lot on that one from Google.

      For the rest of them, the characters are so minor and have so little personal impact on the plot that I can't see most of these being intentional, so I'm gonna say no for now, they're not trivia worthy.

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