• I know this is an old issue, but I think it's worth bringing up again. I was thinking about it earlier today because I found it somewhat strange that we've been approving ichika's fan art for character icons while the art itself would never be approved for use in a wikia article. the main argument for taking illustrator fan art down before was that it could be confusing, but the fact that some art is canon compliant enough to be used to represent a character as a whole is proof enough that that claim doesn't hold water acoss the board, especially if we were to label illustrator fan art as such.

    moreover, I was thinking it over and I find that case strengthened by the fact that there is officially available illustrator fanart not just in official content, but available on the wikia. some of which depict things in a way that aren't exactly canon-compliant this is even sometimes done in the novels themselves, such as praefacio of blue or heavenly

    I don't think this:


    ​​​​​is less potentially confusing than this:


    that's not to say that I necessarily have an issue with either of these things, but they seem inconsistent with the reasoning used to cut illustrator fan art out of character pages when a more even middle ground could've been met at the time

    all that said, I think creating an illustrator fan art tab for the galleries would be useful, especially for characters who have very few or even no canon illustrations. though I also think it would be reasonable to limit the illustrations used for these tab (especially for characters that have quite a few more illustrations than others, such as rilliane and allen), even if that'd mean limiting it specifically to ichika illustrations as her art is generally considered closer to canon than most

    I'd be willing to create and organize these tabs myself if this gets approved and any potential limitations are decided on

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    • The idea that it's confusing isn't referring to how story-compliant the art is (I mean it is, but that's only part of the point.) The fanart you're referring to that's still on the wikia, no matter how weird or abstract, was as you said published in an official capacity. So even if it's non-canon in the sense that it represents the story in a weird or inaccurate way, it's still canon in the sense that it's part of the franchise, or was in some way endorsed by mothy. Ichika's fanart is canon as in it represents the lore accurately (as far as we know) but it's not official EC content, and the misleading part is that putting it on the wiki is to lead people to believe that it is, especially because she's a main illustrator. That's what I think the issue is, at least

      That being said, you're right that it's hypocritical to say that and then use fanart for character avatars (I think the idea might have been that it's okay because it's just their faces or something but it wasn't sitting right with me either.) I say we change them to official art, or they just don't have an avatar at all.

      I don't have any clear thoughts about an illustrator fanart tab, except that I personally don't think it's necessary. It seems like it'd only really be useful for characters who both don't have any clear art and have fan illustrations, which is a pretty small number. I don't have a good frame of reference for how other wikis handle fanart though.

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    • I mean if we do end up making such a tab my biggest concerns would be that:

      A. I don't want people to start overbloating the character pages again with every comic and doodle Ichika ever posts ever.

      B. I don't want people mistaking that kind of fanart as being official just because Ichika drew it.

      For limitations on whose art gets included I'd guess it'd have to be from an illustrator that actually worked on EC at some point, though that's a huge number since mothy hired a lot of illustrators back in the day.

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    • We could try to page a page tab for galleries, that would solve alot of issues.

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    • What issues would it solve, exactly?

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    • Well for one it would prevent the galleries that simply are tabs from being too bloated. and if we included just general art from other contributos then that would open up more space.

      (come to think of it why don't we have a tab for album depictions?)

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    • For the record, what she's suggesting is this:


      It would solve the problem of more major characters having boatloads of art on the page and also allow us more room to work with images, period.

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    • These are really two different discussions, so to address each individually:

      1. I was really against having fanart on the wiki in the past, but we can't really avoid the fact that there are a lot of characters that have not been, and probably never will, be illustrated fully in anything other than fanart. And given that this fanart is done by someone who is actually doing illustrations for the series, it is reliable, at least to some extent, that this is what they look like.

      So, perhaps it would be prudent to have an illustrator fanart tab, with very specific constraints to keep it from becoming "look Ichika did another chibi Riliane and Allen doodle" again. Like keeping it limited in number like the other tabs, specifying it has to be by an official illustrator, and perhaps also limiting it to work done in a promotional/concept art capacity (like, Ichika has been doing a lot of Lich/Seth/Ron/etc artwork in the wake of Outlaw & Lychgate, which features those characters heavily. Similarly, when Judgment came out she did a decent amount of fanart on PN, which is where Feng's current character image comes from).

      I also think that we should not post comics on here, unless it's in the usual "cropped, single image from the comic" capacity.

      2. I really don't see making a separate gallery tab as being necessary. Our galleries do not serve the same purpose as those wiki galleries--ours are there to give people a rough indication of what the character looks like and how they appear in various Evillious media, and what official content has done with them. This only requires a few examples per tab. Those galleries look to be mostly massive collections on every expression, piece of art, or other visual content that includes the character in question. Turning Evillious' galleries into those feels extremely unnecessary, because they both serve different functions on the wiki. We have also had issues on the topic of tabbing pages in the past, such as whether or not it works on mobile or if anyone actually has the coding knowledge to carry it out. I'm not sure if those were ever definitively resolved.

      I do think we need album tabs, yes. This feels like an oversight.

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    • The galleries are not overbloated right now, so as that is not an issue that needs solving I'd say no we don't make a page tab for galleries. Maybe if Evillious ever gets an anime or video game we'll reopen that discussion

      I'm cool with adding album tabs to the gallery. Album pictures are currently in Misc, but as Misc features a lot of general merchandise (some of them not being images at all but photos of figurines, for example) it doesn't give albums the attention they probably should have in a series heavy with promotional albums and booklets.

      For the illustrator fanart tab, if we're applying the rules of the other tabs on this wiki I believe it'd be one or two images per design per illustrator, like how for Books or Manga it's the cover and then one illustration (unless the character has a different outfit or is shown as a different age or something on another page, in which case that'd be included too). Adding full fan comics would probably be unnecessary, yes.

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    • Also since the idea is to give a clearer idea of what the characters might look like in canon, I'd like to say we don't readd this fanart to anything but character pages since now that I've thought about it more the biggest example of it confusing people was when Ichika's doodle of Song I Heard Somewhere Seth was on the song page and people took it to mean the song took place in the forest and argh

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    • (I'm pretty sure she only drew the forest there because of how it relates to Wrath, anyway, same with the big full moon...)

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    • That aside, I'm seeing two people for the illustrator fanart tab (and a tentative yes from me.) Discussion can stay open for a while so people can add their approval/disapproval or make suggestions about how it should be handled.

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