• So as it stands, there are two (coding-side) things about this wiki that irk me immensely - the infoboxes and the reference tags. The good(?) news is that I've coded solutions that fix the coding problems (read: pet peeves) that I hope you all implement. If not I guess I'll just leave then.

    In regards to references - it is common practice on other wikis to group identical references together. If you did not know, we do not do this, leading to really long reference boxes with this in it. Also I don't like how we don't link to the article on the material.



    This could be fixed manually by adding a name attribute to each repeated reference so that duplicate references are grouped together, and also by adding a link, which I assume is pretty easy to do. However, I would like to propose a template to help keep sources consistent and do these two things automatically. I have created a basic template with examples over here.

    Another thing is that a few(?) years ago Wikia - sorry, I mean Fandom - introduced portable infoboxes which allow for CSS styling and easy portability to mobile without it looking like a mess. This wiki does not use portable infoboxes. I understand they can be daunting to style, but I spend too much time working with CSS so I already did it. This also helps with the problem of having the same 20 lines of code repeated every two lines in the infobox template to help color the infobox based on the character since we can just make an additional theme instead to add the colors. Right now my page looks unawesome to everyone else but me because it's all styled in my personal CSS, so I've attached an image of what it looks like on my end with the CSS applied.


    The other vocaloids work as well, I checked.

    Naturally to implement this we'd need someone with CSS editing privileges to adjust MediaWiki:Wikia.css, so this is more of a daunting task.

    Anyways. Feel free to ignore me or berate me or whatever if you think my ideas are stupid. Many of my ideas are stupid. I want to think this isn't one of them. Thank you for reading. I'm going to go back to watching Project Diva PVs on repeat now.

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