• I wanted to discuss my reasoning for the edits on the minor characters page.

    My main thing is that other joke names have been taken seriously in the past. My main one is “Tette Cetera”, because that name is at the end of the list, and it seems to be a pun based on “etcetera”. While I agree that those names are jokes, they were included in the PV, and so were other joke names like “Tette Cetera” and “Neruneru Nerune”. While those names are ridiculous, this series is filled with ridiculous names. Yes, they don’t appear in the novels, but neither does Shick Rock, Nainai Kyuuzu, Heil Goon, etc.

    I hope that you understand my reasoning. I won’t undo the edit unless you say so. If you disagree, then I won’t undo the edit. Thank you for understanding.

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    • The key thing is not "these names are too silly to include", it's "these characters clearly don't exist outside of these names being used to service a joke".

      Tette Cetera and Neruneru Nerune are both terrible examples to compare because they both exist in the Venomania novel and have a small impact on the plot, with social status and occupations and everything. As for the others that don't show up anyywhere, their names are punny, but they aren't clearly just a vehicle through which mothy can spell out a secret message.

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    • Yeah essentially what the anon said. The names are purely a means of putting a secret message in the PV. All the other "ridiculous" names we've included in the lists are just ridiculous because mothy likes his puns/can't Western names

      I might not mind putting them down somewhere, but I think it's disingenuous to treat them as something more than joke characters (ones which all exist to service one joke), which is what happens when you give them a specific character history.

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    • I understand. That might not have been the best place to put the names. It would be better if the names were mentioned in the trivia section of the song's page, if not already done so.

      I understand wholeheartedly, and I apologize.

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    • It's no problem dude 0o0/ it probably would be a good idea to add this into the trivia, they don't seem to be there right now.

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