• mothy is holding a poll on twitter on what novel he should release at next year's Summer Comiket
    1- OSS novel
    2- Banica Concerto novel
    3- Three Heroes novel
    4- release an album, no novel

    which means he's at least planning on at least releasing one of these options, but the implication is that he's planning on doing all of them eventually (which also reminds me of the fact that he's said in the past that he wants to give lukana a song. if he's willing to make another album for the series then that might just still be on the table)

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    • I don't have a twitter, but my vote's on the OSS novel.

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    • Mothy has also said he will give Gretel a song, so there may be a possibility for another album. I doubt we will get a Three Heros novel, considering we already have songs about them and they are featured in multiple novels and manga, but then again they are mothy's favorite characters, so who knows.

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    • Mothy also posted 4 things on twitter. I insert here the PriceCheck's translation:

      1. The present outcome (of the poll, i think) is roughly what he expected, 2. Even if he released a novel, he’d still probably have some music for people to listen to with it 3. Probably a music card rather than a CD because a CD would be awkward to attach to a novel (I think), 4. In the event that he releases a new album instead, he plans to make it a new series unrelated to the current one.

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    • I wonder if the music card would have music related to the series or not? if he's planning on starting up a new song series (or possibly producing for an older song series or even one of his other novel series) if he releases an album then it seems to suggest that he doesn't want to make new music for the series at this moment, but who knows

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    • What is a music card?

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    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      What is a music card?

      I'm assuming it's the same thing he did for Ending Boy, Hansel. The little card you scan with your phone that gives you the song.

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    • A new series "unrelated to the current one"? I wanna know what that is!

      My money's on a new song series based on Unlock City ^_^

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    • Also, I hope that this hypothetical Original Sin Series novel will explain more about the Court Ending. Like what the HECK is going on with Irina and Maria, whether or not Adam and Eve were her kids and where the heck Gammon went.

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