• 0 0 Has it ever been a thing that we list the EC year that a song takes place on the song page itself? In the case of songs that actually do have a calendar year attached to them by mothy, which generally has happened for songs featured in an album or given years in the video descriptions.

    If it's not a thing, could it be a thing? Say, something included in the infobox if they have it and not if they don't.

    I feel like we had a discussion along these lines but for the life of me I can't remember where or how it went.

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    • Personally I like the idea, but what would we do for songs that span over the course of multiple years like Drug of Gold? Would we put a time range or just select a certain year where the majority of stuff happens?

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    • It used to be a thing long ago, but then we removed it for some reason. I'm personally in favor of the idea, although what should we do with songs that have no official year attached to them? Just leave them blank, or make assumptions?

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    • I would suggest leaving them blank. I don't think we need to go assuming that songs have specific years just because of the events that occur in them. This would just be for when mothy, himself, has attached a date to the song as via the video descriptions in his song list on NicoNico or via the albums which include dates (I don't remember if there are such albums but) or some other means.

      For songs that take place over multiple years, we would put in the time range since that's what mothy does. Consider the Nico Nico upload of A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson, which has the years listed as "481-486".

      Also contrast Daughter of White, whose year is just listed as  "499~" to keep the moments in the monastery ambiguous (I'd figure the end date as somewhere around 505 but we wouldn't put that on the page unless it's confirmed somewhere)

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