• I've been thinking about disambiguations and i think the should be brought up again. Since we don't have disambiguation pages of two things that share the same name. We should remove the MotG disambiguation page since it's only Banica and the song.

    We should also include all types of disambiguations that can be connected to a person like in any of these examples.

    They can be worded in a diffrent way but this would make it easier to get around.

    Since Sleep Princess and Santa claus are aliases shared by three people, they could use disambiguation pages. Pere Noel might need one for gallerian, the organization, and PN.

    Redirects that could be useful

    Evil's Forest and Evil's Theater for the albums and the locations Margarita Blankenheim for the incarnation and Michelle Julia Abelard for Mayrana and Julia Demon of Gluttony for Vlad and Banica Seventh Magican for Yuzette and Elluka Adam for the Moonlit and irregular

    And if they get pages, we could used redirects for Eve and Sateriasis.

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