• I did some minor character sections for some venomania and four endings characters, is it ok to post them?

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    • There's some typos and grammatical errors I'd prefer for you to fix (for example, "consiquences",) especially in the Venomania articles but "the Chase for the Seven deadly sinners" is something from the four endings characters sections that looks really unprofessional.

      Otherwise my only issue is that we don't know if Mikulia's mother treated her worse than the father just because Mikulia had a particular nickname for her.

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    • I think I fixed the sections now.

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    • Well, you made the Heavenly ones inaccurate. The souls weren't sucked up during the fight against Ma, they were sucked up during the fight against Gammon's Tasan forces.

      Fix that and you can post them. And make sure that "leanred" from Greoonio (mother) is corrected.

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