• Apparently, the harasser on TV Tropes keeps deleting my page for SCaP ~Living Together~(Which thankfully was saved by my friend again) and calling me names, smearing my works, and telling me to die.

    I don’t know what I did to antagonize them but they better knock it off because this isn’t funny anymore.

    They also wrote this(Pardon the foul language on this site):

    "wHoOPsie piece of shit. This should never had been brought back. I can just delete this again teheheee. Also, stop complaining. You're the one who's stupid in the evillious chronicles wiki. Ive seen you everryyyywherreee just stopp!!!!!! You cant even sing properly in soundcloud teheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Seven Pussies
    Disgrace to the Evillious Fandom
    -Everyone in the Wiki" 

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