• Just to test out the new fourms ^.^ (Hopefully it's in the right area). I'm curious about what everyone's favorite Evillious Chronicles Songs are. You don't have to choose just one; you can chose as many or as few as you want.

    I love Chrono Story for many reasons.

    Reason 1: The Translation

    Being the only Evillious Song (that I know of) that actually has an "official" translation, I love the lyrics to this song. Just so many lines are quotable ("Time is Limitless Anyway" "I don't mind as long as it keeps me entertained", "What does she hope for/what does she desire/at the end of time").

    Reason 2: The Plot

    While many of mothy's songs raise more questions than they answer *cough* Heartbeat Clocktower *cough*, this one actually clearly connects the Seven Deadly Sins series with the Clockwork Lullaby series. The plot is similar, in my opinion, to the beginning of an RPG. A great evil was been unleashed, a powerful hero with a tragic past must save the world, etc. I also love the appearance of the harem girls at the end; just to convince those few non-believers that yes, this song is related to the seven sins.

    Reason 3: The Guitar

    The guitar in this song is amazing @.@; the transition from Hansel and Gretel's part of the song to Elluka's was amazing.

    Reason 4: Elluka Clockwork

    Her character really shines in this song; she's incredibly powerful, yet doesn't know what to do with that power. She's suffered a great tragedy, yet she's also very whimsy. Elluka's introduction to the series was the point, in my opinion, where mothy really began to show how much of a mad genius he was :)

    I'll write some more about my other favorite songs later :D

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    • Hard to say for me, although I am leaning towards the Story of Evil songs since I play them more often than any other Evillious Song. Why? Because they are Point-of-View songs/sequels, meaning that they tell a different perspective of the same story as time goes on and I like how they are told by release date i.e....

      1) Daughter of Evil: General Public POV

      2) Servant of Evil: Allen's POV, same story.

      3) Regret Message: Riliane's POV

      4) Daughter of White: Clarith's POV

      ...and so on so forth.

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    • ... Regret Message, Progect Ma, Moonlit Bear, Chrono Story, ru ri ra to hibiku uta and white brik and black morning dress

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    • Daughter of White-cause I can relate to it

      Handbeat Clocktower-I like the song (even thought it made no sense when I first heard it) and I also used it for an audition (Didn't get the part)

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    • Okay, one of my other favorite songs is Wooden Girl/Thousand Year Wiengenleid.

      Reason 1: The Actual Dang Song

      I swear, Wooden Girl is the catchiest thing ever. I love the beginning; the choice to make it sound like Daughter of White was a good one. Also, DAT CHORUS @>@. Most perfect chorus ever; I can actually see it being sung in my mind! Also, I get shivers EVERY.TIME I hear Micheala declare her love for Clarith. Then I keep those shivers all throughout Micheala and Clarith's duet! ~squee~

      Reason 2: MichealaxClarith

      For someone who usually ships HakuxNeru, I ended up ADORING this couple (of course, it would be hard for me to ship HakuxNeru in this series considering . . . you know). Fun Fact: Whenever I put my ipod on shuffle, it has a strange tendency to put Daughter of White and Wooden Girl right next to each other! MY IPOD SHIPS THEM TOO XD

      Reason 3: DAT GUITAR SOLO

      Most epic thing ever @>@

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    • Moonlit Bear: Well, the opening for this song is awesome, for both versions. Another is that Miku sounds awesome for this song.

      Tailor Shop on Enbizaka: Because it's so... creepy. And Kayo is a total yandere.

      Well, that's all for now.

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    • I'm a Madness of Duke Venomania fanatic... curses! It's Lunacy now, isn't it? Anyway, I like this song because there's something that pulls you in. It has almost a modern beat, but that organ sound gives it that gothic feel of olden times. I've heard some people say that the tuning of Gakupo's voice isn't all that good, but I found it rather fitting. 

      One of the things I noticed about it was that it was simple. There was no "beating around the bush" type of thing. Of course, neither did Judgement of Corruption nor Repulsive Food Eater Conchita. Gluttony's song was probably the simplest. I like both of those songs, too. 

      I think another reason I love this song is the fandom. The parodies I've seen so far are hysterical! I mean, how can anyone not laugh at the literal version? ...Maybe some people. There are lots of covers for this song, that I've found, on YouTube. Goodness, Razzy is an awesome Duke Venomania! Let's not forget the "Not-So-Serious-Summary" series. Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil probably get the most covers, but I believe the Lunacy of Duke Venomania gets the second most, putting Daughter/Servant together. 

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    • Oh Eldoh, I love the "Not-So-Serious-Summary" series! The plot of Lunacy of Duke Venomania is a lot simpler/easier to understand than a lot of other songs in the series. It's almost like a techno organ is being played throughout the song XD

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    • With this new manga out, I'm starting to believe the simplicity of the Lunacy of Duke Venomania is slowly draining. The novel is going to make it tougher, too.

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    • I actually think that most of the songs of the Seven Deadly Sins are easy to understand. The problem is that they only talk about the basic stuff, when there are SO MANY THINGS happening behind (Daughter of Evil, for example. The song is really easy to understand, BUT there's a lot more happening besides what you can get from the song).

      Mothy is probably going to ruin the simplicity of LoDV, and then he will repeat the progress with every deadly sin. XD

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    • Well I think the most annoying part of the chronicles is when it contradicts itself, but this makes sense because generally each song is sung by a character in the evillious chronicles, and a character may be misinformed or interpret something incorrectly

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    • Oh yeah, on a different note you talked about how Chrono Story would be a great RPG. I was actually planning to create a game called Chrono Story in 3DS BASIC, but I never was good enough at the language to create it :/

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    • My all-time favorite would most likely be Laboratory Under the Full Moon, mostly because the comments from Mothy give good information about Original Sin and Hänsel and Gretel. It also has a really catchy tune, and I can freak people out when I play it.

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    • Chrono Story because it's literally the beginning. It's even symbolized by the sunrise in the song. Also, Handbeat Clocktower makes an excellent closing song for the Story of Evil. I also like Full Moon Laboratory because it is so cryptic and addicting to decipher.

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    • Story of Evil songs get there own section for me. It was what originally got me into the series and they have the best chemistry together. Daughter of Evil provides the background and gives a simple (and somewhat generic) concept and then follows up with Servant of Evil, hitting you hard with an emotional plot twist and then proceeds to take that crack in your heart and ram a six-inch nail through it with Gallerian's hammer with songs like Regret Message, Daughter of White, and Kept Waiting for a Response. Only one that kind of feels disconnected is Handbeat Clocktower, which I consider more of an advertisement then a song in the series since it doesn't really build up or follow up on telling a story and voices its events the least.

      Excluding those I love a lot of the songs but I am going to give it a tie between Cappricio Farce and Master of the Graveyard.

      Cappricio Farce really did a great job creating an exicting yet eerie tune that had lots of content and dialogue involved while using all the Vocaloids really well. I got to give MOTHY a lot of credit using different tunes and effects to differentiate the two Rin and Lens and make all the different Vocaloid voices sound distinct but rythmically flow. It also brings everything in the story back together and really makes you feel hyped for a grand finale to the series

      Master of the Graveyard sounds great and really plays on the dynamic between the Servants and the MotG as well as give an ample description of her character. Compared to most other songs, it gives the most ominous feel and the characters involved sound and act really nasty. I lean more towards villains then heroes in media so that is probably why I am enthralled with it to an extent.

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    • I think I tend to love every song that adds the "lu li la" tune into it (especially Heartbeat Clocktower,) just because I love making connections between the songs and it's really, really catchy. Actually, make that all songs that provide callbacks to other songs and provide room to make connections (Chrono Story, YES. I was also thinking how this song is the perfect set up to this long, winding drama such as found in an RPG. And, you know, the "lu li la" at the end.)

      I also really love Daughter of White, and then Wiegenlied of Green's opening and closing tune, probably because of how sweet they sound and how simple the girls' story is while this big epic revolution is going on in in the background.

      Then I also really, really like Escape of the Witch Salmhofer. It's got callbacks to the very first Evillious song I ever listened to (Moonlit Bear, before I knew it was indirectly connected to Daughter of Evil,) Meiko is one of my favorite vocaloids, and the climax always gets my teary-eyed. The opening music of the song also has a very eerie quality that I like, just before the electric-guitar-sounding instrumentals.

      Seriously, though, Mothy is amazing at creating songs--it's hard to find one I wouldn't like to listen to over and over.

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    • Butterfly on your right shoulder, Meltdown....actually all of Rin's bests songs hahahaha ^_^ 

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    • Right now I'm unable to take Full Moon Laboratory off of my head XD It's one of my favorites since the first time I heard it. I like this kind of creepy songs and its lyrics are an excellent opportunity to weave new theories. x)

      I also love Lunacy of Duke Venomania, because aside from the song being awesome, it was my Vocaloid cosplay group's first project (I was Sateriajis xD) and it brings a lot of good memories. Also, Gakupo is my all-time favorite Vocaloid <3 all those FEELS

      Capriccio Farce and Handbeat Clocktower are awesome too 8D

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    • Capriccio Farce. Music is epic, PV is awesome, Vocaloid sound wonderful, is unbelievably fun to sing along to, is a wonderful almost end for the series and gives off a wonderfully chaotic feel like the story really has "left the hands of God and the devil and now walks on its own"

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    • I've seen that IP address serval times before, why not make an account?

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    • Daughter of evil, servant of evil, kept waiting for a response, ru ri ra ru ri ra: the resounding song

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    • Ru Ri Ra Ru Ri Ra: The Resounding Song, Capriccio Farce, Regret Message, Re_Birthday, Kept Waiting for a Response, Full Moon Laboratory, The Fifth Pierrot, Lunacy of Duke Venomania, Repulsive Food Eater Conchita, Chrono Story, Daughter of White, Madam Merry-Go-Round, Blood-Stained Switch, and all of the songs with the "Lu Li La" melody.... I just have a really wide range of music that I like.... I don't dislike any of the Evillious songs actually..... ^_^

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    • Let's see, I like alot of the EC songs but some of my personal favorites are:


      Regret Message (Though the Ballad version is better than the original)

      Kept Waiting for a Response

      White Brick and Black Mourning Dress

      Cappricio Farce

      The Fifth Pierrot

      Tailor Shop of Enbizaka

      Judgement of Corruption

      Master of the Court

      Daughter and Servant of Evil (the originals are okay ,but the Classical for SOE mix is really fantastic. So are the Velvet mixes for both of them)

      Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep

      Heartbeat Clocktower

      Recollective Musicbox

      The Last Revolver

      And Wordplay

      Hope I didn't go on for too long ^_^'

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    • Saigo no revolver

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    • Ma Survival, Chrono Story, the Seven Sin songs, Seven Crimes and Punishments, the Four Ends, Heartbeat and Handbeat Clocktower, and the Last Revolver FTW!

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    • (no order lel) Song of the 3rd period, Banica Concerto!!, Servant of Evil, Muzzle of Nemesis, Judgement of Corruption, Bloodstained Switch, Barisol's Child is an Only Child, my gosh I have so many more just I don't want to blab.  k bai

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    • Daughter/Servant of Evil bring me to Evillious and still are my favorite song now, but my most favorite is The Tailor of Enbizaka, Kayo is love Kayo is life. I also like Chrono Story, Regret Message, Handbeat Clocktower, Re_birthday, Seven Crime and Punishment. Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night sounds creepy but interested too.

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    • Master of the Hellish Yard, Muzzle of Nemesis, Ending Boy Hänsel, Servant of Evil, Drug of Gold, The Weathered Head at Onigashima, and Full Moon Laboratory has always been my favorites. Though a love a lot of EC songs though.

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