• I had some ideas and questions regarding the Freezis fairytale "The Red Shoe Parade". According to the wiki, it is, within the Evillious Chronicles universe, nothing more than a story written by Yukina Freezis. Regarding the origin the wiki says it is inspired by Snow White. I understand the connection, as in the end of the original fairy tale the Evil Queen is forced to dance in red hot iron shoes until she dies. I believe it could also be a reference to the fairytale "The Red Shoes" by Hans Christian Andersen. The fairytale has heavy Christian influences, detailing a girl at a funeral, confirmation and communion. Evillious as a whole has many references to the Old Testament. 

    (Here is a summary, as most are unfamiliar with the story.) The girl (Karen) repeatedly wears her red shoes to show off, even though they are out of place in a church. After being complimented on her dancing shoes she shows off a bit more and dances a few steps. Suddenly she cannot stop dancing and the red shoes force her to dance until they are pried off. After a while Karen is so tempted by the shoes she wears them to a ball, and dances. The shoes control her again and force her to dance unendingly. Forced to dance on graves an angel visits her saying, "Dance in your red shoes until you are cold and pale and your skin shrivels up like a skeleton's! Dance you shall from door to door at all the houses where children are proud and vain and you shall knock until they hear you and are frightened! You shall dance you shall dance!" The girl eventually chops her feet off and must sit in church until she is accepted into heaven.

    I would appreciate other people's opinions on a possible connection. 

    On another note, do we know if this is based off of events that actually occured within Evillious? Yukina's other tale, Daughter of Evil was based on Riliane's reign. I doubt that The Frog's and My Love Romance is based on 'real' events. If The Red Shoe Parade is not, then why are these characters referenced in Madam Merry Go Round? I am aware that the things described in that song may not come to pass as they come from Gammon's dream, but the possible future would not include fairytale characters. I read that it could be a reference to Beelzenia's Red Shoe Army, but I am unclear of where the Red Shoe Army was mentioned.

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    • I can't comment on what the real world inspiration for the story is, but in-universe it's unlikely that was based on real events (in my opinion, anyhow). It was written around the same time as the Frog's and My Love Romance, which was when she was a young child. And the most likely reason it was referenced to in Madame Merry Go Round because MOTC said she wanted the song "Red Shoes Parade" to be played when they march to utopia (implying that the short story was made into a song in universe, possibly even the same song that we have), and MMGR is supposed to be what happens to her when they actually reach "utopia." Though, of course it's not entirly certain that that's what would happen as Gammon's visions of the future are only right half of the time.

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    • I don't really see any connection to the Yukina Freezis tale aside from the fact that they both feature red shoes and people dying. Which, if we're going that loosely for a connection, would also connect it to the Wizard of Oz. The stories just aren't similar in any way. I'd say it's a coincedence, Christian influences aside (I mean, Red Shoe Parade itself doesn't have any real Christian references).

      Honestly, I disapprove of the wiki claiming a connection to Snow White, too, because that's also incredibly tenuous and the stories don't line up at all.

      As for the other thing, who knows? It's worth pointing out though that Evils Theater screens a lot of Yukina's works, so it may just be a reference to the actual fairy tale and not some in-universe "real" event that happened.

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    • I'd also like to point out, the song has a Spanish-style tune, and Beelzenia, which is partially inspired by Spain, makes a reference to it. Since the song exists as a Freezis Fairytale, it could be that the Shadow Parade in Madame Merry Go Round is making a reference to the fairytale.

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