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    • On the topic of the Yarera Bloodline article discussed in the last part of this thread, I have a rough draft of the article (some of the minor statistical stuff yet to be completed) in my sandbox right now. I don't think there's a huge problem with how it turned out--all of Yarera's descendants could be included without hassle and in the history section we were able to describe who they were briefly, even including brother Zusco. But Zusco could not be included in the list of known members, because he is not a descendant of Yarera.

      Is this acceptable? Should we make it a different title, a different classification? Yarera is in a tough spot because they seem to have no actual last name until Kiji's era, meaning we can't put "So and so family" because that'd be inconsistent. But classifying it as a bloodline cuts off Zusco from the technical family tree, as well as any potential wives of Yarera's descendants.

      So yeah thoughts?

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    • Maybe instead of calling it the Yarera Bloodline, It could be called Yarera's Family, or Yarera and Zusco's Family. Adding the apostrophe s would mean that Zusco would be included because he's related to Yarera and would include the wives of any descendants.

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    • Calling it "______'s Family" gives the impression that it's an immediate family unit (parents, siblings, children, etc) rather than a familial line. I mean you wouldn't refer to Venomania's many descendents as "Venomania's Family", after all.

      I don't see why we can't call it The Yarera Bloodline, and then mention something about how the original ancestors didn't have Yarera as a last name or it only recently became one. Or even just "The Yarera Family" so it's not restricted to purely blood relatives.

      Or we could put, "The Unnamed Family Line that Ended Up Being Called Yarera"

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    • Is it that important to include the original Zusco, though? Because I can live with a page that only details Yarera and his descendants.

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    • Personally that's my opinion too. He gets a nice mention in the history section, that feels good enough for me.

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    • I'm thinking "The Yarera Family" could work, if Zusco is really desired to be listed, with an explanation that the name wasn't always a Surname.

      "The Unamed family line that ended up being called Yarera" is too wordy lol

      I don't have an issue with Zusco being isted or not, although it would make it easier for management purposes and for... uh... idk I have a reason, not sure how to explain it but I like having family trees/blood-lines for fictional characters?? It's one of the things that I wish the Dragon Age wikia had.

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    • I can understand a Yarera Bloodline that doesn't focus solely on Yarera but includes him as the reference point, including any other family members that come before or after (in the completely hypothetical situation a Yarera ancestor popped up in OSS or something). I can also understand just cutting Zusco. Him getting referenced with Yarera in the History section sounds more than sufficient to me.

      Our only other example is the Venomania Bloodline which doesn't give a good indicator on how broad we'd want other "bloodline" articles to be. The only other downside to not including Zusco in this is he doesn't get listed in the same categorizations as his brother. If users feel strongly about that, I don't mind ruling in favor of including him. Otherwise, it's fine as is.

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    • I dont mind either a Yarera family page or a Yarera Bloodline- although I'd prefer Zusco to be mentioned in the Yarera family/bloodline page. So if a Bloodline page is more appropriate to contain Zusco, than my preference would be towards that one.

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    • I prefer a Yarera Family page as opposed to a bloodline one with an explaination that it wasn't always a surname, like HouseofAustrich said.

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    • It looks like Yarera Bloodline with Zusco mentioned as is is the most popular so I'll give that a pass. It must be made clear somewhere that "Yarera" was adopted as a family name later down the line.

      I'm going to move on with some mines since Kokutan-douji and his friends got a few things to dicuss.

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    • Chapter 1: Act 5: Scene 8

      • Kokutan: "--Please, forgive me."
      • Someone has visited the tailor.
      • It was an unfamiliar voice.
      • The person who came there...... if he wasn't a neighbor, perhaps he came for work I thought.
      • Kayo: "No problem, may I ask who you are?"
      • Upon answering, a young man came in.
      • He was blonde with blue eyes, wearing armor with a tabard over it.
      • The tabard was torn around the sleeves so it seems he had come to have it repaired.
      • Kokutan: "I came here hearing you were the one called Sudou Kayo-san--"
      • Kayo: "I am Sudou Kayo...... Will you be requesting my work?"
      • Kokutan: "Oh...... yes. There's that too."
      • The young man took off the tabard and handed it to Kayo.
      • Kayo: "..... Were you slashed with some edged tool? But my, with this much damage, it'll take two or three days----"
      • Kokutan: "Um, would you mind hearing me out?"
      • Kayo: "What is it?"
      • Kokutan: "Um...... Kayo-san, um...... have you given birth to a child?"
      • At that sudden question, Kayo had blank look with wide eyes for a while.
      • But, kindly answered before long.
      • Kayo: "Yes...... a son...... with blue eyes and blond hair just like yours----"
      • Kokutan: "! I knew it......"
      • Kayo: "You seem to be in some sort of situation?"
      • Kokutan: "----I came to Onigashima to look for my real mother."
      • Kayo: "Why, if your mother on this island?"
      • Kokutan: "Yes, because a received a revelation...... From a mermaid."
      • Kayo: "Mermaid......?"
      • Kokutan: "You might think it's a silly story. But I'm certain I encountered a mermaid, and she told me this. "Your real, former mother is in Onigashima," and, "She possesses pink hair and runs a tailor shop," and...... that my real name was "Ren"."
      • Kayo: "......!!"
      • In Kayo's surprise, she put a hand to her mouth.
      • Kokutan: "In order to ascertain the truth, I journeyed here with my companions. We took several detours along the way...... and, finally, we were able to arrive here."
      • Kayo: "..... Indeed...... I did once give birht to a child...... and that child's name was---"Ren"."
      • Kokutan: "! Then-----"
      • Kayo: "I don't know...... Honestly, I'm very confused right now. But from what I do grasp......."
      • Kayo got up and rushed over to the young boy.
      • And then hugged him tightly.
      • Kayo: "Right now...... let me believe your story is true...... I want to hug you like this...... Oh, Ren!"
      • Kokutan: "Kayo-san----"
      • [Space]
      • The youth's identity was that boy called Kokutan-douji that Eikichi and Oyuka made rumor of.
      • I don't if know whether this innocent-looking boy had been lying. He didn't look like a devious boy who approached Kayo in order to deceive her. But, if he was speaking the truth----.
      • It would be very difficult to explain the feelings I had at the time to you.
      • I wanted to tell him but couldn't.
      • [Space]
      • That the "revelation" he was told----.
      • That it was nothing more than the whispers of a demon----.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 5: Scene 9

      • I noticed that I blurted out something unnecessarily there.
      • Narrator: (Forgive me. Please forget about what..... I said just now)
      • But, there was no way Elluka was unable to hear it.
      • Elluka: "Heheh...... you really do hate this so-called "mermaid", don't you?"
      • Narrator: (...... It's completely unrealistic. I just hate enigmatic fantasies. Mermaids don't really exist in the first place)
      • Elluka: "You, an "unrealistic being" yourself, is saying that?"
      • Narrator: (Speaking of mermaids...... Perrie was desperately searching for one, wasn't she?)
      • Elluka: ""The secret to immortality"...... This has been what the Freezis Foundation firm has pursued for many years since its inception. For that reason, they've even repeated some informal experiments. Through these experiments, the foundation's founder, Shaw Freezis, lived for over a century. Perrie herself is another one of these test subjects. She's about forty yers old despite having that young appearance...... but still, the foundation has yet to achieve thorough immortality."
      • Narrator: (Is this why you're friends with the Freezis Foundation firm?)
      • Elluka: "I've had a fairly long relationship with them. I suppose they were interest in why I was alive for so long. Of course, I would never reveal my secret to them, but the foundation has given me the necessary money and power for insuating something to that effect...... I've gotten by quite a bit."
      • Apparently, our talk's gotten off-track from the actual story.
      • Still, Elluka asked me such.
      • Elluka: The one who murdered Miku was Kayo----there's no doubt about that, correct?"
      • Narrator: (Yes......)
      • Elluka: "Kayo witnsessed Kai and Miku arguing in front of Twin Mirror Bridge. She heard them say she was "pregnant with child" and mistook that Miku was pregnant with Kai's child----was it something like this up til then?"
      • (...... You're right, for the most part. Kayo definitely witnessed those two in front of the bridge and ambushed Miku that night, stabbed in the stomach with the scissors and then pushed into the bridge)
      • Elluka: "The fact you're saying "for the most part" means the details are different?"
      • Narrator: (......)
      • Elluka: "You're always quieting down at the crucial parts...... And this "Kokutan-douji". Will you finally be talking about him?"
      • Kokutan-douji----the boy who spent a short time with Kayo as her son, "Ren".
      • Narrator: (His history up until coming to Enbizaka...... are you sure you want me talking about this?)
      • Elluka: "You don't have to. I care little about him myself. I've already finished researching him in advance."
      • Elluka opened her notebook and showed me sentences written in the language of a foreign country.
      • Elluka: "See? Like this."
      • Narrator: (...... Even if you show it to me like that, I can't read the words of a foreign country...... you're going to have both of them in this book?)
      • Elluka: "I am. I wonder if it'll be any good? The title of the book will be...... compiling this and other stories I've heard in Jakoku----something like the Eastern Magic Record?"
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    • Finally, another chapter. So, the Freezis Foundation has bene experimenting with eternal life and that's why Perrie is so young-looking? And apparently, they've been funding Elluka all these years? Interesting. Also, just ot be clear, the "mermaid" was lying to him, right? It's not like Gakuka were he somehow survived, is it?

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    • Yes the mermaid lied

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    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      Yes the mermaid lied

      I knew it! never trust a mermaid! 

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    • Ren would only be about four years old if he had lived since he was but a baby, unless of course some sorta magicky stuff was involved but I would think that unlikely since we don't have any precedence for it.

      So we're to understand that Ma wrote the Eastern Magic Record... Hmm

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    • The Standard Book of spells from the eastern culture of jakkou by Elluka Ma Clockworker. And Ren(Len?)

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    • It's just a compilation of magic-related tales in Jakoku lore.

      Curious how these informal "experiments" resulting in Perrie's physical youth have any relation to Chartette's own youthful appearance (albeit she also had massive strength).

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    • Freezis foundation is basically looking for the fountain of youth; glad to know Shaw's descendants didn't fall far from the forever-youthful-desire/ fear-of-death tree lol

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    • Excuse me but during the war against Jahime, was Charlette's appearance youthful, or are you refering to during the Daughter of Evil?

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    • wrote:
      Excuse me but during the war against Jahime, was Charlette's appearance youthful, or are you refering to during the Daughter of Evil?

      Based on Heavenly Yard, Chartette was an old woman and definitely no longer in her physical prime, though her hair color doesn't seem to have grayed and there isn't much to indicate how old she actually looked for her age.

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    • Chapter 1: Act 5: Scene 10

      • Once upon a time, there was an old man and an old woman.
      • It was said the old man was called Kurookina and the old woman was called Kinouna.
      • One day, Kurookina went to prune up in the mountains and found an indescribly lovely ebony tree.
      • Further more, part of the trunk had been tinged with a faint light.
      • Loving black things and things with monetary value (also Edo-Period unit of gold coins), Kurookina decided to cut out part of the trunk and take it home.
      • Kinouna: "My o my, this is rare."
      • Kinouna said when she looked at it.
      • Kurookina: "That's right. Something in this trunk might make us some money."
      • Kinouna: "You're always like that, old man. [lists a bunch of ridiculous potential consequences taking that trunk could have]. Take it back to where it originally was."
      • Kinouna said that while picking up the trunk.
      • ???: "Waaaah, waaaaah!"
      • The trunk broke and a baby boy popped out from inside it.
      • Kurookina: "What's this? A baby came out of the ebony wood/tree. How creepy."
      • Kurookina was scared and told Kinouna to throw the baby out.
      • Kinouna: "You're always like that, old man. Whenever something slightly unexpected happens, you immediately want to do away with it. Look at this child. Isn't he very pretty with his golden hair?"
      • Loving gold things and things with monetary value, Kinouna objected and the two ended up raising the child as their own.
      • Since he was born from the ebony tree, he was called "Kokutan-douji".
      • [Space]
      • Kokutan-douji grew up quickly.
      • But, his golden hair and blue eyes made the villagers uncomfortable.
      • His only playmate was Inukichi, the only one who got along with Kokutan-douji without looking at him with suspicious eyes.
      • Before long, the two became close friends.
      • [Space]
      • As he grew up, Kokutan-douji often brooded.
      • Kokutan: "I feel like there's something I could be doing."
      • That's how he apparently felt.
      • Thinking about this at the beach near the village became the boy's daily routine before he knew it.
      • Suddenly, while doing this again one day, a mermaid appeared.
      • Kokutan: "Woah!"
      • The boy, in his surprise, was unable to stand.
      • Mermaid: "I apologize for scaring you. But I came here because I wanted to tell you something."
      • What the mermaid would say was a revelation to the boy.
      • Mermaid: "You're troubled by what your purpose in life is, correct?"
      • Kokutan: "Yes. Since the time I was born, I've felt that there should be some reason."
      • Mermaid: "You must meet your mother."
      • Kokutan: "If it's my mother, there's Kinouna. Even though it was just on account of monetary value, she somehow raised and cherished me."
      • Mermaid: "But, she is not your real mother. Your real mother is in a place called Onigashima. She has pink hair and works as a tailor."
      • Kokutan: "If that's true, then why hasn't my mother come pick me up?"
      • Mermaid: "Because she does not know that you are here. That's why she hasn't come this way to see you. And tell the woman your name. That way, she'll recognize you as her son."
      • Kokutan: "My name? Shouldn't I call myself "Kokutan-douji"?"
      • Mermaid: "No...... your true...... name is...... Ren...... heh, being on land so long tires me...... I should return home soon...... [thanks for the meal]."
      • Saying that, the mermaid returned to the sea.
      • Kokutan-douji returned to the village and told Inukichi about what happened.
      • Inukichi believed the boy's story and the two decided to depart for Onigashima together.
      • [Space]
      • They immediately left the village. The two were stopped by a lone woman.
      • "You two're headin' for Onigashima, yeah? Then ya should take me along too......"
      • The strange woman in a monkey mask introduced herself as the "Sixteenth Saruteito".
      • She knew legendary blades the founder of her clan had made were in Onigashima and wanted to acquire them.
      • [Space]
      • With Saruteito joining the others, the three headed for Onigashima.
      • Along the way, they became involved in various incidents.
      • They turned the tables on a thief who attacked them, punished a wicked magistrate using his position to line his own pockets, met a retired crepe (silk) wholesaler who brought/led a companion with unnatural physical strength, got rid of a villain as well as a playboy with excessive tattoos on [his?] back and arm(s), while continuing their journey.
      • [Space]
      • Finally the three crossed the sea and reached Onigashima.
      • [Space]
      • ----From the Eastern Magic Record----
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    • Kokutan-douji really is Princess Kaguya

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    • What a lovely backstory.

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    • I don't see how he is kaguya hime this is all in momotaro's tale

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    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      I don't see how he is kaguya hime this is all in momotaro's tale

      Kaguya-hima was born from a bamboo tree = Kokutandouji was born from a enbony tree

      I don't want to tell you more because I don't like tell spoilers jaja

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    • Yes but it is suposed to be a parallel to momotaro who was born from a peach (momtaro=peach son, kokutandouji=ebony boy) none of his story is suposed to be inspired by Kaguya.

      Allen reincarnated into Kokutandouji and popped out of the ebony trunk, just like Momotaro was sent from the heavens and then sprung out of the peach.

      There just happends to be a slight overlap with Kaguya, but it is not what mothy intended

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    • Still, I'm familiar with the tale of the Bamboo-Cutter over Momotaro, so that's what I immediately thought of. Lol not my fault that the tales have simularities

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    • There's also the issue of him ascending to the moon at the end, as well as the themes of reincarnation which are so strong whenever Allen's character is involved. These things are also similar to Kaguya's story.

      Which are spoilers but this novel has been out for months now.

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    • I don't see why Kokuan can't be based on both Momotaro and Kaguya-hime 

      Yes most of the inspiration comes from Momotaro but you can't really say mothy never intended for Kokutan to also have similarities with Kaguya-hime because it's not like he has outright said that Kokutan is exclusively based on Momotaro.  

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    • Chapter 1: Act 6: Scene 1

      • After that, Kokutan-douji lived at the tailor shop for a while.
      • The two didn't decide they were really parent and child based solely on the mermaid's revelation. But for the time being, maybe they'd realize it if they spent time together...... something like that.
      • It was what both Kayo and Kokutan-douji wanted. Sharing the same intentions, no one was going to stop the two of them from doing it.
      • Oyuka: "That's kind of strange, y'know......"
      • Oyuka, having come by the tailor shop, sighed in front of Kokutan-douji, also there.
      • Kayo was gone at the time, out to receive payment for the kimono she finished from the liquor store.
      • Kokutan: "Long time no see, Oyuka-san."
      • Kokutan-douji greeted Oyuka.
      • Oyuka: "Has it? Since the time I got married and left Momogengou...... it's been ten years now?----It's too late now, but I'm sorry, I treated you coldly. I'd never seen someone with blond hair at the village...... since I came here, I learned that sort of thing isn't completely abnormal."
      • Kokutan: "It seems a lot of people descend from foreigners here in Enbizaka."
      • Oyuka: "Yes. You definitely look like you descend from foreigners too, don't you?..... Well, I wouldn't know, since you were born from an ebony tree."
      • Kokutan: "......"
      • Oyuka took off her shoes and sat down with Kokutan-douji.
      • Oyuka: "There was one thing I wanted to say, about the story of you possibly being Kayo-san's son----I think that's impossible."
      • Kokutan: "How come?"
      • Oyuka: "Kayo-san's son died in a fire four years ago and the child was still a baby at the time. You had been born and grew up long ago, not four years ago."
      • Kokutan: "That's true...... Four years ago...... I believe I was ten?"
      • Oyuka: "That's why you can't be a reincarnation of Ren. I think the "mermaid revelation" itself is fake to begin with. You sure you didn't see a hallucination at sea?"
      • Kokutan: "......"
      • Oyuka: "Haaa......"
      • Oyuka made another huge sigh.
      • Oyuka: "Still, I'm not going to oppose you doing this and living with Kayo-san in itself."
      • Kokutan: "?"
      • Oyuka: "Kayo-san...... forgive me, seems to have forgotten her husband and son had died in the fire. She doesn't want to admit it somewhere in her mind or something like that......"
      • Kokutan: "Really...... I thought she didn't really fit coherently with respect to those around her."
      • Oyuka: "It's true it's a lie, but if you would take the role of Kayo-san's son, I'd be grateful...... if it'll put Kayo-san's mind at east just a little, okay?"
      • Saying that, Oyuka made a kind smile.
      • Kokutan: "Oyuka-san......"
      • Oyuka: "However! One piece of advice! You two may think you're parent and child to one another but the fact of the matter is that you're a man and woman at that age living under the same roof----don't pull anything perverted without her consent!!"
      • Kokutan: "What!? I wasn't going to......"
      • Oyuka: "...... Well, all right since you look so serious about it. But just in case, I'll definitely be coming by often to see how things are going!" (I think)
      • Oyuka said that and left the tailor shop.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 6: Scene 2

      • Not long after that.
      • Kokutan-douji left the tailor shop and met one of his friends, Inukichi, near the teahouse.
      • Inukichi: "Hey! How's it going with Kayo-san? Is she beautiful?"
      • Inukichi asked while sutffing his cheeks with dumplings.
      • Kokutan: "Whether she's beautiful doesn't really matter, now does it?...... well, if you asked me, maybe she is beautiful......"
      • Inukichi: "That's a good thing, isn't it? Better she be beautiful than ugly...... So, how 'bout it? Think you actually met your mother?"
      • Kokutan: "I haven't decided yet...... Hmm, it's impossible to describe. I'm certain this isn't the first time I've met her."
      • While Douji was sipping tea, he answered Inukichi's question.
      • Inukichi: "Anyway, you came down here just for that. You gotta completely make sure of it."
      • Kokutan: "----And what about you? Have you found an inn?"
      • Inukichi: "Yeah, I did. I decided to work and live at the foreign trading house atop the hill."
      • Kokutan: "Foreign trading house?"
      • Inukichi: "The Freezis Foundation firm's place. To start, I came with you to Onigashima originally because I was interested in foreign culture."
      • Kokutan: "That's true. You said there were lot of foreigners in Onigashima so you'd have many opportunities to learn about it."
      • Inukichi: "They also seem to be short on labor. I got hired pretty quickly. There's this strangely young-look'n old lady, this black-haired woman that gives off this mysterious vibe, this jerky samurai bastard----well, a lot of people, so I probably won't get bored for now. Besides...... heh heh heh."
      • Kokutan: "What's with the face?"
      • Inukichi: "There's this maid called Bufuko-chan there, and she's cute! By golly, I fell in love the moment I saw her."
      • Hearing this, Douji made a huge "Haaaaaaa" of a sigh.
      • Kokutan: "...... You're totally working there because of this girl, aren't you?"
      • Inukichi: "Oh, you caught me?"
      • Kokutan: "Because when you work hard, Inukichi, there's usually a woman's involved. Well, I guess it's okay."
      • Inukichi: "Anyway, we going to be staying a while? Well, let's take our time...... oh, waitress, a second helping of dumplings."
      • Inukichi placed the skewers for the dumplings he finished on his dish.
      • While looking at the people passing through the hill, Kokutan-douji asked Inukichi this.
      • Kokutan: "How's Saru doing?"
      • Inukichi: "She apparently went around doing lots of exploring right away. The "legendary blades", right? Look'n for clues about them."
      • Kokutan: "I hope she finds them."
      • Inukichi: "How'll she do that? Apparently she originally only had the information conveyed by the clan's founder. "The blades sleep in Onigashima." How's she supposed to find those things with just that...... since the monkey girl's steadfast about it while missing so much, I'm a little worried." (not sure about that last part)
      • Kokutan: "Well, when we have the free time, we'll try looking for them together...... there seems to be a lot of other things to be worried about in this town."
      • Douji's eyes looked just a little down.
      • Inukichi: "What do you mean?"
      • Kokutan: "There've been a lot of nighttime murders here in Enbizaka. They're all foreigners but I don't get the feelings it's a clear amateur. They smell of blood.
      • Inukichi: "...... Just leave it be. You want to immediately stick your neck out for anything. It's because of just that that we took forever getting here."
      • Kokutan: "I can't leave the bad guys alone."
      • Inukichi: "Well, it doesn't put the people grateful to you in a bad mood so it's fine, I guess..... oh, they came."
      • Inukichi received the additional dumplings he ordered and threw them in his wide-open mouth.
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    • PrincessAcedia wrote: I don't see why Kokuan can't be based on both Momotaro and Kaguya-hime 

      Yes most of the inspiration comes from Momotaro but you can't really say mothy never intended for Kokutan to also have similarities with Kaguya-hime because it's not like he has outright said that Kokutan is exclusively based on Momotaro.  

      Yeah I totally agree. It's not the first time mothy used a couple of fairy tales for a character; he stated that the inspiration for Gift came from Sleeping Beauty, Snowhite and even Rapunzel.

      So far the parallels with Kaguya are: having been found in a tree by an old man, who also saw a faint 'kaguya'(=shining) light in the special tree, being raised by an old couple in a village, and being born from the tree because of the gods' will. And there is also the same vague line of the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, saying that Kokutan/Kaguya "grew up quickly". So I really think this has a number of parallels to Kaguya and for me that also was an inspiration for Kokutan-douji.

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    • Oyuka and Inukichi are making me die with laughter... As for the Kaguya thing, it's possible and likely as already stated that Mothy took some inspiration from both tales, since I'm under the impression both tales are rather popular??

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    • I'm beginning to like this Inukichi XD

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    • Inukichi has a crush on Bufukko. It's gonna kill him when he finds out who she really is.

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    • Rip Inukichi's star-crossed crush on Bufuko

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    • Chapter 1: Act 6: Scene 3

      • One of Kokutan-douji's companions, Saruteito, was at a nearby cliff along the coast.
      • There was a large, natural cave in the cliff. She was standing right in front of it.
      • Saru: "Hmm, this place...... doesn't seem to be in use right now, but there're traces of human hands. Suspicious...... yeah."
      • She attempted to enter the cave as she was.
      • Kiji: "Wait!"
      • A main in a white suit came from behind and stopped her.
      • Kiji: "You there, woman, what are you doing in a place like this?"
      • Saruteito looked back at him.
      • Saru: "Who're ya supposed to be...... yeah?
      • Kiji: "I'm Kiji Yarera of the Yarera-Zusco Firm. You're--ah, I see, hmph."
      • Looking at Saruteito's whole body again, Kiji snorted.
      • Kiji: "That bizarre monkey mask, that incomprehensible curly hair, and that wasted, flashy kimono----you're one of Kokutandouji's colorful companions, aren't you?"
      • Saru: "Seems ya know about me...... yeah."
      • Kiji: "I don't know why you came here to Onigashima, but there's a small problem here at the moment. And it bothers me that you've been hanging around here so much."
      • Saru: "----I saw some foreigners wearin' business suits like ya back in town. They're all ya buddies...... yeah."
      • Saruteito confronted Kiji head-on and it was like they were glaring at each other.
      • Since Saruteito was wearing a mask, I had no idea if she was actually glaring at him.
      • Kiji: "...... May I ask you one thing?"
      • Saru: "What is it?...... yeah."
      • Kiji: "You've ended everything with "yeah" but...... what is that?"
      • Saru: "...... I do it out of respect for the founder of the Lang clan, the 1st Saruteito. I hear it's said she always ended everything with "yeah" like that. That's why I imitate it as well. This monkey mask was also modeled after the 1st's."
      • Kiji: "......"
      • Saru: "......"
      • Comfortable sound waves flowed between the two.
      • Kiji: "..... But just now, you didn't end it with "yeah"......?"
      • Saru: "!? ..... Yeah!!"
      • Kiji: "I somehow get the feeling you're ridiculously overdoing it...... Anyway, it doesn't seem you'll get in our way, that's good."
      • Saru: "Ya say "get in your way", but if I don't know what ya guys are doin', I may interfere with ya mission...... yeah."
      • Kiji: "The Yarera-Zusco Firm is currently looking for the culprit of the murders that have occurred in Enbizaka. Until he just..... I won't rest until he dies by my hand!"
      • Kiji made a face that didn't hide his anger.
      • Saru: "He killed ya relative, huh? But, vengeance is forbidden here in Jakoku...... yeah."
      • Kiji: "I know about this country's laws! I have to find and kill the culprit----just that."
      • Saru: "......Well, if ya gonna break the law, go ahead. My mission's findin' the blades in the tales of my clan. I ain't interested in an incident like this...... yeah."
      • Kiji: "In that case, good."
      • Saru: "But----heheheh."
      • Kiji: "What's so funny?"
      • Saru: "My friend's a bit of a busybody. I wonder if he'll really stand by once he hears the story...... yeah?"
      • Kiji: "Hmph. Even if he's as you say. If he makes a bad move, he's done for." (I think?)
      • Kiji turned around and left Saruteito.
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    • too much yeah

      ooooooh too much yeah

      Ohh Kiji wants vengeance and he's willing to break the law

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    • Ignoring the silliness, there's the matter of Saruteito's name I'd like to address before we go putting up her page. She's referred to in her profile title and the main prose as the "16th Saruteito" and more casually as just "Saruteito" or "Saru". How should we handle this? Are we going with titling the article like Platonic (no "phantom thief"; only "platonic" used in profile) or include the 16th?

      Uh here you go Dany
      Also, there's this picture. Would this be acceptable for colored infobox images or should we stick with the black and white ones we currently use?
        Loading editor
    • No opinion on the infobox picture, but I'd say no 16th on the Saruteito.

        Loading editor
    • I think just saruteito works

      I guess Mei and RIn could be used form the cover but i don't think kai and miku would do

        Loading editor
    • I thought we didn't use titles regardless.

        Loading editor
    • I'd say Saruteito works, considering we do not have any other Saruteito(s) to distinguish her from. If in the future we were to get another Saruteito (let's say the 20th Saruteito) then I would say to add the title. Otherwise I feel no inclination for the 16th to be added.

      For the info box, I suppose we could use it for pictures of Mei and Rin, but definitely not Kai or Miku.

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    • I agree with HouseofAustrich.

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    • Meiavitest2
      Here's a test for Mei's to give an idea then.
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    • Ok, that is not to bad

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    • It could work

        Loading editor
    • I'd rather that we stick with what we already have.

        Loading editor
    • The scan artifacts are too visible. Unless they can be edited out I'd rather keep the infobox pictures we have now.

        Loading editor
    • True, the quality isn't good enough to replace the current picture.

        Loading editor
    • I'd like Saru's article to be like Platonic's. Which is, Saruteito as the title, and "16th Saruteito" in the other names.

        Loading editor
    • I count most in favor of keeping the title as simply "Saruteito"; we'll stick with that then, barring some future issue with another character name.

      I haven't had much luck with my own scans so I'm not sure I could provide anything better than the above. This is the best I got:
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    • I'd like Servy's scan to be Mei's profile image

      Could you scan Rin in a similar way?

        Loading editor
    • SO i can just go ahead and post now?

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    • Danytaly wrote:

      Could you scan Rin in a similar way?

      Sure, I can edit together a sample.

      Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      SO i can just go ahead and post now?

      If you've finished up the rest, it should be good for posting.

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    • Since the other threads are dead can you continue with posting the translations, servy? thanks.

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    • Chapter 1: Act 6: Scene 4

      • The day-to-day peace lasted for a while.
      • There were no murders for a while and the criminal who killed Mei and Miku hadn't been caught...... but, time flowed differently.
      • Kayo and Kokutan-douji continued pretending to be parent and child. Douji being a freeloader often helped Kayo with her work.
      • Kayo: "That helped. You're very deft with your hands, Ren."
      • The truth was Douji, despite saying he'd never sewn up until then, had shown he had some strong muscles.
      • Kokutan: "I'm surprised myself. To think I was so good at sewing."
      • Kayo: "You're particularly good with dealing with foreign clothes. Since I'm ignorant in that area, I'm thankful for that...... In that case, even when I'm gone, this tailor shop will still be fine."
      • Kokutan: "Don't say something like that. I still have a lot to learn. And everyone stills requests things be done by you, Kayo-san.”
      • Looking at it from nearby, they looked like a real parent and child to me.
      • Compared to before, Kayo seemed to be always smiling.
      • Inukichi: “Hey, Douji—no, er, Ren, how’ve you been?”
      • In that atmosphere, Inukichi came to visit.
      • Kokutan: “Sure, you?”
      • Inukichi: “Healthy as can be. Feels like you’re already the son of the tailor shop, doesn’t it?”
      • He’s come to the tailor shop several times so Kayo was already familiar with him.
      • Kayo: “Oh, Inukichi-san, welcome.”
      • Inukichi: “Hello there, Kayo-san…… Right. Here.”
      • Inukichi handed something to Kayo.
      • Kayo: “What’s this?”
      • Inukichi: “A foreign country—a country called Lucifenia’s specality or so it’s said. Bri…… It was called bri something or other, I think?”
      • Kayo: “Oh, well, thank you…… I’ll go prepare some tea then.”
      • Kayo said that and then went to the back of the house with the “bri something or other”. 
      • Douji asked Inukichi this while he continued sewing.
      • Kokutan: “So how’s it going for you, Inukichi?”
      • Inukichi: “Oh…… Going very well, you could say.”
      • Inukichi answered with a frown.
      • Inukichi: “Bufuko-chan’s surprisingly serious. Very, she won’t turn her face to me.”
      • Kokutan: “No, I haven’t heard anything like that……”
      • Inukichi: “That she’s a worker? Every day, we just goes out to sea. Looking for the mermaid.”
      • Kokutan: “A mermaid…… I never thought I’d hear that word again in this place.”
      • Inukichi: “I don’t know if this mermaid’s the same one you met but…… one we hear her story assuming we catch her, we could learn new information about your mother. I’m hoping for that too, so wish me luck fishing all serious…… And it pays well! The Freezis Foundation firm, I mean.”
      • Inukichi put up his fist to Kokutan-douji.
      • Kokutan: “Thanks, Inukichi.”
      • Inukichi: “Well, as far as I can tell, there really might not be a need to. You like staying here with Kayo-san as parent and child, don’t you?”
      • Kokutan: “…… That might be the case.”
      • Douji stopped his hands and looked up at the ceiling.
      • Kokutan: “…… Something’s wrong, I can feel it.”
      • Inukichi: “What’s wrong? That the mermaid’s description of your mother’s traits perfectly matched Kayo-san?”
      • Kokutan: “That’s just it.—to begin with, was that which “I should be doing”…… really to look for my mother?”\
      • Inukichi: “C’mon, it’s too late for that now. Let’s not make coming to Onigashima a complete waste.”
      • Kokutan: “Coming to Onigashima…… I don’t think that itself was wrong. I got a strong feeling when I first came here. There is something here. But whether that something has to do with Kayo-san…… anyhow, I’m not sure.”
      • Inukichi: “Hmmm.”
      • Inukich was apparently considering something.
      • And then he told him this.
      • Inukichi: “If you try talking to her, she might lend you a hand.”
      • Kokutan: “Her?”
      • Inukichi: “There’s a missionary named Elluka in the Freezis Foundation trade house. She’s apparently some big-wig whose healed the minds of many people in Maistia and the Evillious region. Moreover, she’s apparently a user of some strange arts.”
      • Kokutan: “….. That sounds shady. A missionary? I’m not interested in some foreign faith.”
      • Inukichi: “I didn’t say that. Try it. You might just need for her to talk to you. [she’s fixed a lot of people’s problems and he can’t really afford to miss this opportunity].”
      • Kokutan-douji can’t find a good excuse so he finally agrees to meet this Elluka.
      • Inukichi: “Oh, I see. Then let’s go right-“
      • Kokutan: “But first, I’m going to eat.”
      • Kayo returns then with the food and tea.
      • Kayo: “Come now, enjoy.”
      • Inukichi and Kokutan-douji dig into the food at her recommendation.
      • Kokutan: “Mmm, it’s delicious.”
      • Inukichi: “So tasty.”
      • Smiling while watching the two eat, Kayo stood up again.
      • Kayo: “Well, I’m going on a little errand at Oyuka-san’s place so please take care while I’m gone.”
      • Kokutan: “Sure.---Oh, but.”
      • Douji told her this with slight discomfort.
      • Kokutan: “We’re also going out now.”
      • Kayo: “Is that so? Well it doesn’t really matter. Please make sure you lock up.”
      • Kayo said such while putting on her shoes and then went outside.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 6: Scene 5

      • While approaching Oyuka’s hairpin shop, Kayo saw prior visitors were already there.
      • Upon seeing the figure, she suddenly hid herself in the shadows.
      • Leaning forward just a touch from there, she began secretly observing the clients.
      • --The couple expressing their appreciation to each other.
      • Kai: “You like it?”
      • The man speaking to the other. Blue hair. Slit eyes. And a burn on his left hand.
      • It was the man of the Miroku family, the one known as Kai.
      • Compared to how he looked before, he seemed considerably emaciated. His cheeks slim, blood vessels standing out along his arms, it didn’t look like you could call him incredibly healthy.
      • Rin: “…… Uh-huh.”
      • Less talkative, the girl looking at the hairpin he ordered was Kai’s daughter and the dead Miku’s little sister, Rin.
      • In fact, after Miku’s death, she disappeared from Enbizaka for a while.
      • To heal from the emotional scars she suffered from her mother and sister’s deaths, she had apparently rested at their father’s hometown in the land of Amayomi.
      • Apparently she returned just today and had come to see her father again for the first time in a long time.
      • Rin: “Uhhhh…… here.”
      • Before long, Rin took a hairpin.
      • It was a rich yellow, a rather cute hairpin.
      • Kai: “I see, so you like that one? In that case—Madam, I’ll take one of these.”
      • Kai removed some copper coins from the purse he had and offered them to Oyuka.
      • Oyuka: “Anytime!”
      • Oyuka answered in high spirits, taking the coins.
      • Oyuka: “Would you like me to wrap it up or put it in your hair?”
      • Kai: “That’s right…… how about it, Rin?”
      • He asked her.
      • Rin: “Hmm…… uhhh, put it on.”
      • Hearing that, Okyuka beckoned her over.
      • Oyuka: “I see. Come over here then, young miss. Your big sis will put it in.”
      • Rin: “Thanks, granny.”
      • Oyuka: “……”
      • Rin: “……?”
      • Oyuka: “……”
      • Rin: “…… T-Thanks, big sis!”
      • Oyuka: “Right! Now come over here!!”
      • Rin rushed over to Oyuka.
      • Oyuka: “Incidentally, did you trim your pretty hair?”
      • Oyuka sat rin before a mirror.
      • While looking at the situation, Kai spoke to Rin.
      • Kai: “So how was life at Amayomi? Was it fun?”
      • Rin: “Yeah. Gramps was real nice and I was able to make friends. It’s a nice place, though a little cold.”
      • Kai: “Well good…… Although you’ll be going back in the next week or so…….”
      • Rin: “…… Yeah.”
      • Kai: “Well just take it easy. By spring-time next year, I’ll be closing up shop and heading up there too.”
      • Rin: “…… Kay, I’ll be waiting.”
      • It looked like a parent-child conversation to the casual observer. The father simply bought his daughter a hairpin.
      • …… But, for Kayo who observed them from the shadows, it may have appeared otherwise.
      • Oyuka: “All right, I’m done!----Yep, you’ve become a fine woman, young miss.”
      • Oyuka put her hands on Rin’s shoulders.
      • Rin looked at herself in the mirror and seemed a little entranced now.
      • Rin: “…… How is it?”
      • Rin turned toward her father.
      • Kai: “----Yeah, I think it looks good. But that hairpin suits someone with a bit more of a grown up kimono. I’ll choose a good one for you once we get back.”
      • Rin: “Really? Heheheh.”
      • Overjoyed, Rin made a beautiful smile.
      • Kai: “Now, let’s get home.”
      • Kai and Rin left the shop, walking to the Miroku Shop hand-in-hand.
      • Oyuka: “Thank you so muuuuch!”
      • Oyuka gave them a high-spirited send-off.
      • --Kayo was already nowhere to be seen.
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    • Yay! New scenes finally. Nice to see that mothy added a short funny sequence not to make that scene super depressing. so Kai definitely didn't tell Rin about the rape. Do we then assume that Kai had some sort of agreement with an old man, to take care of Rin, and to act as her grandpa?

        Loading editor
    • Wait, Rin's grandfather as in the Marlon man that raped Kai's mother? I always had the impression that he left after raping her.

      Danytaly wrote: Yay! New scenes finally. Nice to see that mothy added a short funny sequence not to make that scene super depressing. so Kai definitely didn't tell Rin about the rape. Do we then assume that Kai had some sort of agreement with an old man, to take care of Rin, and to act as her grandpa?

      "Gramps" is short for "grampa", as in grandfather. Kai's mother killed herself when he was 10, so it's impossible for Rin to have met her.

        Loading editor
    • Is it actually gramps as in grampa, or is it gramps as in "old man whom I am referring to with familiar terms" which Servant translated ""translated"" as gramps? Like how people in Japan can call others "big sis" and "grandma" even when they aren't actually related?

      Or, you know, Mei's dad. I forgot what his situation is.

        Loading editor
    • Doesn't Mei's dad live in Enbizaka? Also, the text says Kai's hometown, unless of course he and Mei have the same hometown.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, I find it highly highly doubtful that he would entrust his daughter (his only living family left) with the man who raped his mother. There's no reason to think it's the same man.

      I also find it doubtful that it's some old man pretending to be her grandfather. I don't see why it can't be Mei's father. I will say though that the phrase does not always strictly a blood relation, just that the person is an old man.

        Loading editor
    • --Didn't see the most recent comment so that is a good point on it being Mei's father. Still could be some other older relative or a friend of the family of some kind.

        Loading editor
    • You guys are forgetting the possibility that Kai's mother was already married, and then got raped by the foreigner. In that case, Gramps could be Kai's stepdad.

      Unless it was stated elsewhere that Kai's mother was single?

        Loading editor
    • Let's just wait for more translated text and see if it clarifies how "gramps" is related to Kai. If it doesn't, we can just ask Mothy. It's not like he's dead. 

        Loading editor
    • He's not dead, certainly, but there's no guarantee he's going to answer every single question people send his way about minute details in the story. Especially ones as trivial as this.

      The character is barely a passing mention, I hightly doubt we're going to get any more information on this. Is it really that big a deal? I wouldn't even call him a minor character, he's more a plot device to answer who took care of Rin while she was away. I don't see why we need more clarification than "she stayed with some people in Kai's hometown (one of whom may or may not have been a grandfather)". It's certainly not the backstory/plot relevant biological grandfather because that wouldn't make sense.

        Loading editor
    • Well, we'll wait and see. If Gramps comes up again and his relation to Kai is confirmed, then we have our answer, if not then that's our problem, although we can try asking Mothy and see if he answers. He's been very nice and answered some of our questions before.

        Loading editor
    • Danytaly wrote:

      so Kai definitely didn't tell Rin about the rape. Do we then assume that Kai had some sort of agreement with an old man, to take care of Rin, and to act as her grandpa?

      Kai may have been adopted after he lost his mother and this is his "father" as far as Rin knows or it's some friendly old man whom Rin got particularly affectionate toward (though telling her dad about it implies he would knew who she's referring to). I've never considered it to be Mei's dad but it's also possible given his actions up until now haven't been brought up.

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    • I don't really think it's likely that it's Mei's dad, but I guess it's possible.

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    • Chapter 1: Act 6: Scene 6

      • The day ended and it became night.
      • That day, it was a beautiful night with a full moon.
      • ……When I think about it, Kayo always killed someone when there was the light of a round moon.
      • Kokutan-douji was still out and hadn’t come back.
      • It wasn’t unusual for him to do so and end up staying somewhere.
      • Douji often stayed out all night looking for clues to the murders and helping search for Saruteito’s blades along with his friend(s) and coming home in the morning like this.
      • But, if just this day—if he just returned to the tailor shop this day, maybe fate could’ve still been changed.
      • Without Douji’s return, Kayo was alone in the tailor shop that night…… there was nobody around that could stop her.
      • “…… Now, let’s begin the tailoring.”
      • Kayo smiled by herself.
      • This evil smile, the expression I never would’ve imagined seeing her make during daylight----she made while no one was there, except for me.
      • [Space]
      • And so Kayo, for the third time—began her “nighttime tailoring”.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 6: Scene 7

      • Kayo left the tailor shop and went to a place far from the public eye.
      • I followed her to the beach a little ways from the harbor.
      • Without the figure of any ship around them, there was total silence.
      • You could only hear the faint sound of the waves.
      • But, there was one small figure in the middle of the beach.
      • Kayo closed in on her.
      • The figure’s identity—was a girl wearing a hairpin in her hair.
      • It was that Rin girl.
      • Why was she there in the middle of the night and how did Kayo know that? I had no idea at the time.
      • Rin: “Good evening, Sudou Kayo-san.”
      • The one who spoke that was Rin.
      • Kayo: “…… How is it you know my name, Ojou-san?”
      • Rin: “Wasn’t it you who introduced yourself?”
      • Kayo: “There’s no way that’s why. This is the first time I’ve met you face-to-face.”
      • Rin: “…… Has your memory failed you or are your putting up an act…… well, fine. If you’re going to claim you didn’t introduce yourself, maybe I heard it from Mom or Sis--or maybe I saw it in a dream?"
      • That Rin seemed to also have a slightly different atmosphere than during the day.
      • Kayo: “A dream?”
      • Rin: “Yes, I saw it in a dream. I would come to this place alone and then—you’d stab me to death with scissors."
      • Kayo didn’t hide her surprise after hearing that. But she quickly returned to her original, unperturbed look.
      • Kayo: “I see. You’re…… the same as me.”
      • Rin: “Not only that. Kayo-san, do you—believe in a “previous life”?”
      • Kayo: “A previous life……?”
      • Previous lives—in the religion that became mainstream in Jakoku, was part of concept called Rinne Tenshou (reincarnation in the cycle of life and death). It referred to a person’s soul reincarnating as another, new human being after their death. In other words, what she called a “previous life” referred to the past self prior to the person’s rebirth.
      • Rin: “I…… got something by change while in the land of Amayomi.”
      • Rin took out a small, foreign hand mirror.
      • Rin: “There are four in total. Like your scissors, it’s an object that has meaning when they were all together.”
      • Kayo: “……”
      • Rin: “Through acquiring it, I was able to recall my memories of my previous life. And I was able to get answer for what—for who I’ve been “waiting” for.”
      • Kayo: “Your previous life…… I wonder who in the world that was?”
      • Rin: “Long ago—I was a princess of a country. Not seeing anything beyond my own selfishness… The Daughter of Evil."
      • Kayo: “Heheheh...... What a cut, childlike fantasy.”
      • Kayo didn’t appear to believe Rin’s story.
      • Rin: “I don’t care what you think of it. I—won’t succumb to such a fate! Until the day I see “him”, I can’t afford to die! That’s why…… I’ll kill you here, tonight!”
      • Kayo: “Oujou-san. You don’t realize what you’re trying to do but—you can’t win against me.”
      • Even in spite of the strange atmosphere surrounding Rin, Kayo never faltered.
      • With the western scissors in her right hand and the eastern scissors in her left hand she continued closing the distance between her and Rin.
      • Kayo: “...... Forgive me. You’ve done nothing wrong. But I—can no long be stopped.”
      • Rin: “Save it!...... Now, Demon of Pride! Give me! The power to win against this woman!”
      • Rin cried that and raised the mirror above her head.
      • However--.
      • Rin: "What……? Why!? Nothing’s…… happening.”
      • Kayo: “…… Goodbye.”
      • Before Rin’s eyes, Kayo spun as if she was dancing.
      • Holding the scissors in both hands. Like she was gently caressing Rin’s body with the scissors.
      • Blood gushed out from Rin’s hands and feet all at once.
      • While her face went pale, she fell back in place.
      • Rin: “Impossible…… I was…… so easily……”
      • Kayo approached the fallen Rin and took the hairpin inserted in her hair.
      • Kayo: “If there really is a something like reincarnation…… I hope you’ll find happiness in your next life—“
      • Rin: “It’s too late to say honeyed words now…… you…… murderer!”
      • Rin tried hard to move her body but it didn’t come to pass. I could see she was losing more and more blood.
      • Rin: “Alas…… I----I still failed…… I’m so sorry…… I couldn’t wait….. until you came for me…… Allen--”
      • And so, Rin died.
      • Kayo: “With this, stage one’s complete. But…… I’m not done yet.”
      • Kayo left Rin there and left the beach.
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      • Servy, the first and last bullets on the above post are identical. Did you make a mistake?
      • Glad to see we got one last scene with Rin. I wonder how she got what appears to be a prophetic dream, though.
      • A bit unrelated, should Ma and Kagura be listed as users of Telepathy?
        Loading editor
    • That's just tragic.

        Loading editor
    • Now since she reverted back to being riliane when she was away, this should technically count as an appearence for her in the tailor song and the novel illustration also how should we work this into her character page?

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      *Servy, the first and last bullets on the above post are identical. Did you make a mistake?
      • A bit unrelated, should Ma and Kagura be listed as users of Telepathy?

      Yes, it c/p'd twice and I must've cut out the actual last line while leaving in the first of the double.

      I can't think of a time Ma uses telepathy but Kagura's at least using it the same way the spirits or other magical entities do. It seems it's similarly limited to mages who can pick up the wavelength, but yes.

      Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      Now since she reverted back to being riliane when she was away, this should technically count as an appearence for her in the tailor song and the novel illustration also how should we work this into her character page?

      We don't know how Rin/Riliane works in relation to the song given the parallel world shift so I'm unsure there.

      On the other hand, "Rin" does switch from her normaly Aishi (I) to Watashi (Riliane's I) at the end. I think we could leave everything as it is on Rin's page as long as we keep the tradition of summarizing those same things in a section for Riliane's article. 

        Loading editor
    • I could try and summarize what goes down on riliane's page

      But since she goes from being kinda in the back of Rin's head to becoming fully riliane should there be two sections?

        Loading editor
    • I agree with servy.

      Do we treat Rin's dream as a purple dream? I really don't think that this was an ability of the demon of pride...

      And also, anyone has a theory about why the demon didn't show up? Too scared to confront Rahab's child? The three other pieces missing? too busy with the opera buffa demon appearances? or just a jerk in general?

        Loading editor
    • Perhaps Riliane acquired one of the sealed mirrors? If she did, it's possible the demon couldn't reach her even if it wanted to.

        Loading editor
    • Well Elluka had a sealed mirror so maybe Ma gave it to her?

        Loading editor
    • But based on what sealed mirror looked like she would have realized it was sealed and the Demon of Pride probably just didn't care to show up. I don't think we have enough info as of now.

      Also I think this should all remained on Rin's page because she is still Rin she just has the memories of her previous life. She is still Rin though.

      Finally, I don't think it was a Purple Dream. It probably just unlocked her memory like how Levia got her memories back when she absorbed Eve. 

        Loading editor
    • But she saw herself get killed by kayo, thats not in her past memories

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      But she saw herself get killed by kayo, thats not in her past memories

      I just reread and yeah hmmm I mean there isn't a reason why she should have it unless Demons have the Prophetic Dream ability and contractors can be given the ability to use it.... The Prophetic Dream most likely came from the godkins and they gave it to some humans or there is more too it...

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    • HouseofAustrich wrote: Perhaps Riliane acquired one of the sealed mirrors? If she did, it's possible the demon couldn't reach her even if it wanted to.

      If so, how did she regain her previous memories? And also she knows of the demon's existence- in that mirror. It's not like she woke up one day in Amayomi and "oh im riliane lol" and then a random person gave her the mirror saying "there's a demon in there ayup". She must have "met"/spoke to the demon once, or at the very least perceived its existence. So yeah I don't think a sealed mirror is the answer. Maybe we'll know in the following chapters? Like in that one with Gumillia and Seth.

      Also, to the anon that wrote about demons causing the purple dream in contractors, I don't think that's the case, since no contractors have had purple dreams so far (especially riliane when posessed). And since demons kinda need a contractor to possess, I don't think it's reasonable to assume that the DoP simply chose Rin to have the dream (since it could've done the same with riliane, saving her life, and keep on possessin').

      At least that's how i see it.

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    • Danytaly wrote:

      HouseofAustrich wrote: Snip.

      If so, how did she regain her previous memories? And also she knows of the demon's existence- in that mirror. It's not like she woke up one day in Amayomi and "oh im riliane lol" and then a random person gave her the mirror saying "there's a demon in there ayup". She must have "met"/spoke to the demon once, or at the very least perceived its existence. So yeah I don't think a sealed mirror is the answer. Maybe we'll know in the following chapters? Like in that one with Gumillia and Seth. Snip.

      Fair enough, I see your point. It was merely a suggestion, but you've placed holes in my theory and sunk my battleship. Good for you Dany, lol.

      Now, I almost wanted to suggest that possibly the Miroku family traces blood back to the loop clan, but that's basically impossible because the only important members of the clan or people related to it that possess the purple dream ability have all been Octos.

      Now, I would not be surprised if perhaps the purple dream ability is related to the demons/God-kin in origin, like how Eve traces her roots to Held. However, we momentarily have no information to even support such a theory besides speculation.

      I for one think all this info should go on only Rin's page (with a summary on Riliane's), and we treat it something similar to how we treat Eve's transmigrations.

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    • Danytaly wrote:

      Do we treat Rin's dream as a purple dream? I really don't think that this was an ability of the demon of pride...

      And also, anyone has a theory about why the demon didn't show up? Too scared to confront Rahab's child? The three other pieces missing? too busy with the opera buffa demon appearances? or just a jerk in general?

      No, it should not be treated as a prophetic dream and would be best just mentioned in Rin's abilities as some form of vision similar to that power imo.

      Ma explains the reason next scene. It leaves a few plot holes but it is explained and has nothing to do with any of your suggestions.

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    • Servy, I think you mislabeled the scenes because you seem to have skipped scene 6.

        Loading editor
    • Yep yep. Fixed.

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    • Servant of Evillious wrote:

      No, it should not be treated as a prophetic dream and would be best just mentioned in Rin's abilities as some form of vision similar to that power imo.

      Ma explains the reason next scene. It leaves a few plot holes but it is explained and has nothing to do with any of your suggestions.

      So, is this related to the parallel timelines/worlds thing or what? Oh man, I think I'm getting a headache. Anyway, I'm eager to see MA's explanation and the final scene regarding Behemo's foiled plan to reunite Allen and Riliane.

      I have a theory about it, but I need the info to confirm or discard my suspicions.

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    • So, is there any info about the scene with Gumillia and Seth?

        Loading editor
    • No, I don't believe so.

        Loading editor
    • If by info you mean whether or not SoE info-mined it, yes he did.

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    • Does anyone have SoE's summary of the novel on tumblr?

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    • Emuei wrote:
      Does anyone have SoE's summary of the novel on tumblr?

      This one?

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    • Seramyu wrote:
      Emuei wrote:
      Does anyone have SoE's summary of the novel on tumblr?
      This one?

      Yes, thank you!

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    • I'm not sure if this was brought up before, but do you think we could have a trivia point about how the Freezis Foundation is ironically called the Freezis Foundation Firm? Like, the entire point of their reorganization was that they aren't a firm anymore, and yet here they are being called one again.

        Loading editor
    • Why would that be trivia?

        Loading editor
    • When was it stated the point of the reorganization was so that it wouldn't be a firm? Regardless I have to agree, I don't see the point of making it trivia. All it means is that the intentions of the organization have changed from when it started.

        Loading editor
    • Okay then. Can the name be put in bold at the start of the article though?

        Loading editor
    • A little announcement here guys, we're going to be moving forward with implementing everything we already have from the infomines on our nonmedia articles--with extreme caution, preferably. Keep in mind our new writing standards which I have yet to make rules for specifically but you can refer to this thread.

      When it comes to all the information from after the infomines end, we'll be adding extremely broad summaries based on the former admin's and Price's Tumblr posts on the rest of the novel until we can get more detailed information.

        Loading editor
    • I just want to ask, how should we handle characters with different-gendered personas? Do we keep doing what we're doing or should we instead refer to AB-CIR as a he and Bufuko as a she?

        Loading editor
    • For posterity, the following are the pages that need updating:

      • Kayo Sudou
      • Kokutan-douji
      • Ma
      • Jakoku (finishing touches for Society and Culture)
        Loading editor
    • ABC-IR and Bufuko do not have different genders. They're just pretending to be the opposite sex (Despite what his body might be we know that ABC-IR is being controlled by Irina in the cat body, and Bufuko is literally just Behemo pretending to be a girl so he can wear dresses). So I'd say keep referring to them as what they really are.

        Loading editor
    • I agree with referring to them as they really are. The articles aren't really obligated to preserve plot twists.

        Loading editor
    • My line of thinking was more of since we refer to Irina during the Sloth era as Julia Abelard, we should also adjust the gender pronouns to match her assumed identities in the case of AB-CIR.

      However, I looked up Wikipedia articles on drag queens and they're still referred to with male pronouns, so I guess we should follow that.

        Loading editor
    • Julia Abelard is just a name, an alias, same as ABC-IR. Yes, it refers to her as Julia. Because that is the name she was going by.

        Loading editor
    • I'm aware of that; I feel that it's hard to communicate my point. It's moot to argue about this since I'm already convinced that we should use the characters' real pronouns, but for the sake of posterity, my line of thinking was this:

      • For each era, Irina had a different identity. For example, during the Sloth era was "Julia Abelard".
      • The corresponding sections on the articles refer to her with the names of her fake identities, not her real one.
      • It follows that said sections should also refer to her with the gender of her fake identity.
      • This isn't an issue with Irina's other identities, except for AB-CIR. As AB-CIR, Irina was pretending to be a man.
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    • GreekTelepath
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      Not necessary
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    • I'm glad to announce that almost all the updates for this novel are done! All we need are updates for the following:

      • Kayo Sudou
      • The novel page summary
      • Jakoku (finishing touches for Society and Culture)
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    • That's good to hear, Greek.

        Loading editor
    • I had a question regarding the Jakoku page. It claims that the island to the south is Izasa, when the kanji reading is Iami. In addition, the kanji spelling is different from that of Mount Izasa, as it is referred to on Gakusha's page.

        Loading editor
    • One thing I'd like to bring up: In the Evils Kingdom website profiles, it's said that Kayo caused an incident that greatly affected the world. Going by the novel information, it doesn't seem that Kayo's murders were of international concern; does this mean mothy is retconning things again?

        Loading editor
    • It might be just an issue of how "the world" is defined. It was probably quite a stir in Jakoku. As far as retcons go it's not an especially jarring one.

        Loading editor
    • Posting a directory of user GIFT's Envy infomines. Please note that the information from these posts will not be implemented on the wiki, as they do not come from PriceCheck.

        Loading editor
    • Adding a little clarification here that although we will not be implementing the infomines as translations (i.e. we will not use them for deciding terms, adding quotes, or putting anything down from them verbatim,) it is permissable to add to pages with summaries of the info in them as long as you exercise caution and common sense. Err on the side of vagueness. 

      The main problems we had with infomines in the past came from people not exercising caution or common sense. Just keep in mind that amateur translations can have a host of mistakes that affect the tone of a work, the characterization of a character, and other minor details, and that there are also many cases of a sentence being translated as the exact opposite of what it actually means.

      That said, I am assuming the user GIFT is at the very least a higher skill level than Servant (who had no skill level at all.)

        Loading editor
    • Not that price doesn't have her flaws but we atleast knows she gets the gist of things

        Loading editor
    • ...Misstress I'm pretty sure Octo was talking about taking caution with GIFT's infomines, not Price's. You know, the ones linked literally above her post?

        Loading editor
    • Yeah that's what i meant, Price does occationally get some small details wrong but her info mines are still accurate

        Loading editor
    • That's true, but Price doesn't factor into this. GIFT went the Servant route of aping the dialogue and prose, while also putting a disclaimer that their translation isn't good. That stuff specifically is why I said we should err on the side of vagueness and not trust the accuracy of individual sentences, (although again if GIFT has any actual experience with Japanese the info-mines can't be any worse than Servant's.)

      For example, the scene where Giyara meets Gakuga when he's transformed. There is a lot of dialogue back and forth between them in the scene itself, but all someone would have to put down on Giyara's page/section is that he saw an amnesiac Gakuga and mistook him for a wounded monster, but Gakuga convinced him take him to the temple and give him medical treatment (if not worded exactly like that.)

        Loading editor
    • Alright, as far as I'm aware, all of the pages have been updated with their Envy information (except for the novel page.) I may have missed some, though, and there's some worldbuilding the novel dishes out in regards to other countries that may or may not have already been added (I don't even know where SoE got that info in the novel though, I assume it also has a glossary/timeline in the back or front.)

        Loading editor
    • Can I ask you when this summary will continue?

      I wanna read the rest of the story <//3

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote: Posting a directory of user GIFT's Envy infomines. Please note that the information from these posts will not be implemented on the wiki, as they do not come from PriceCheck.

      Here, anon. Before you reply, make sure to read the thread next time.

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      i thought this was MoN oh jeez
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    • In the Enbizaka novel, Behemo goes by 月本ブフ子. I feel we should add that surname to the alias, but here's no reading for 月本 So I don't know how it is read

      Also I love how mothy wrote Perrie's dialogue.

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    • Eneight
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    • Changed Bufuko redirect to Bufuko Tsukimoto, all links to just Bufuko are red links now.

        Loading editor
    • Although I'm a bit late to announce this, Price has begun translating the Tailor novel. Check it out here.

      Some changes:

      • Octo family -> Okuto family
      • Izasa region -> Izami region
      • Mt. Izasa -> Mt. Inasa
        Loading editor
    • So, in the process of translating Kokutan-Douji's digression bit, I've discovered a reference.

      Retired crepe merchant with strong companions-->"Mito Koumon", an extremely long-running Japanese period drama about a former vice shogun from Echigo who travels the realm with two samurai retainers and then fights injustice (usually corrupt officials or gangsters).

      There might be others, but as I don't generally watch historical dramas I don't recognize them.

        Loading editor
    • Where does it actually say that Kai is a result of his mother being raped by a foreigner?

      The scene where Kiji discusses it (if it mentions this elsewhere I haven't gotten there yet) only says that his mother killed herself when he was 10, and that she was rumored to have been gangraped by foreigners. It does not say that this is what led to Kai being born (I mean, if it led to her killing herself, presumably it was fairly recent).

      Does this have a source or was it just a massive assumption on the part of the old wiki admin?

        Loading editor
    • --Especially because Rin does have a paternal grandfather that she mentions staying with.

        Loading editor
    • It does look like that was an assumption from the former admin, yeah.

        Loading editor
    • Worth noting that Price has finished translating The Tailor of Enbizaka here. I believe that the information on our pages is already up to date and generally correct, but if there are any errors in information feel free to correct them.

        Loading editor
    • Price has just translated the worldbuilding notes at the end of the novel. There seems to be some information that we missed, so going to add that now. Any help would be appreciated.

        Loading editor
    • A FANDOM user
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