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      Chapter 1: The Story of the Scissors

      Act 1: Great Fire

      Act 2: Exchange

      Act 3: Reunion

      Act 4: Restlessness

      Act 5: Visit

      Act 6: Previous Life

      • Scene 1
      • Scene 2
      • Scene 3
      • Scene 4
      • Scene 5
      • Scene 6
      • Scene 7
      • Scene 8

      Act 7: Destiny

      • Scene 1
      • Scene 2
      • Scene 3
      • Scene 4
      • Scene 5
      • Scene 6

      Chapter 2: The Story of the Monk

      • Scene 1
      • Scene 2
      • Scene 3
      • Scene 4
      • Scene 5
      • Scene 6
      • Scene 7

      Chapter 3: The Story of the Ebony (Kokutan)

      • Scene 1
      • Scene 2
      • Scene 3
      • Scene 4
      • Scene 5
      • Scene 6
      • Scene 7

      Chapter 4: The Story of the Mermaid

      • Scene 1
      • Scene 2
      • Scene 3

      Chapter 5: The Story of Enbizaka

      • Scene 1
      • Scene 2
      • Scene 3
      • Scene 4
      • Scene 5

      Extra Chapter: The Story of the Judge

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    • Prologue

      • A really long drawn out way of the narrator explaining that it’s one being embodying two steel scissors, which were originally blades.
      • A portion of the blades are faintly stained red. That girl who owned the scissors--Kayo, handled them with care each and every day but the red stains infused within them never disappeared.
      • It wasn’t due to rust.
      • I know why the blades reddened.
      • Kayo was a woman who tailored kimono for a living.
      • That’s why the scissors, besides being sewing scissors for a number of fabrics and yarn----were used to cut “something else”.
      • What was that girl thinking then.
      • It’s impossible to ascertain her true feelings anymore.
      • For she is no longer the owner of the scissors or the seamstress of this tailor shop.
      • I lack eyes or ears.
      • But nevertheless, this Enbizaka around this tailor shop----no, more broadly, this entire land around Enbizaka, Onigashima, and its neighboring nation(s) is the range of what I can see and sounds that I can hear.
      • Strictly within Enbizaka, I’m now mere sewing tools lying on the tatami.
      • ...... Yes, I’m also contained within these sewing tools.
      • Even though the interior of this tailor shop is now shrouded in silence, it was a little more lively not too long ago.
      • The quiet sounds of action when she worked, the conversations between her and her “son”--though since both weren’t very talked people, it was a rare thing with their busy lives.
      • If I were to go further back, there was an even more noisy time.
      • For Kayo’s husband was a very talkative man and their son Ren was always crying since he was still a newborn baby.
      • Kayo smiled a lot during those times.
      • They had quite, peaceful married life.
      • Surely, back then, that was the happiest times for her.
      • --But, no one’s in this tailor shop anymore.
      • It’s just me here now, nothing to look at in the surrounding neighborhood.
      • [Space]
      • If I move my line of sight to outside the tailor shop, there’s the streets of Enbizaka.
      • She liked the enclosed ordinary landscape.
      • ...... It was as if everyone had completely forgotten the incident that there ever was an incident.
      • There was an execution ground atop the hill.
      • Right now, the head of a woman who was executed for her crimes has been pilloried for the public to see.
      • There were two people standing before that head.
      • One was a tall man, apparently a monk in the midst of his journey. She couldn’t see his face since he wore a closed amigasa.
      • The other was a blond boy.
      • She knew him well.
      • That boy there was the one who beheaded the woman’s head.
      • The monk and the boy were standing there saying something.
      • Based on their tone, the two of them probably met for the first time today.
      • It wasn’t quiet around Enbizaka.
      • Before everything didn't change...... speaking of changes with the exposed head atop the hill, there were two shops that were closed.
      • One is this tailor shop.
      • And the other is a dry goods store atop the hill.
      • Now that they’ve both lost their residents they may be opened again.
      • [Space]
      • When I move my line of sight even further away, the sea immediately followed.
      • This Onigashima wasn’t a very big island. Only one harbor.
      • ...... A large merchant ship was the only vessel anchored there right now.
      • It was a foreign ship. It looks to be ready for departure.
      • By listening to the sailors’ conversations, they’re apparently now returning to their homeland.
      • Though there’s a familiar face among the occupants......
      • That one definitely should’ve been from here originally, I did not see anyone else.
      • [Space]
      • Atop the reef islets floating on the waters, there was someone looking at the ship.
      • While that person’s upper body looked like that of a human woman, her lower body was that of a fish.
      • Yes...... she’s a mermaid.
      • While making sure she wasn’t spotted by other humans, she watched the merchant ship from a distance.
      • ---Every time I see that mermaid, my mind buzzes slightly.
      • It’s only then that I’m reminded of my “feelings as a human being” I thought I lost long ago.
      • Whether those feelings were anger, or sadness at what was lost--.
      • Without finding an answer, I soon regained my composure.
      • There is no sense in thinking about it, because I know that there’s no helping it anymore.
      • [Space]
      • ...... I know the whereabouts of the “human who didn’t have to but should’ve been on the merchant ship” I sensed earlier.
      • She’s in the middle of climbing Enbizaka right now.
      • A black-haired woman wearing a monocle--.
      • Evidently, she’s heading for this tailor shop.
      • Even though I said earlier that no one lives in this house anymore. It’s obvious she didn’t come to see Kayo.
      • If so, then why has she come here......?
      • [Space]
      • Soon, the entrance to the tailor shop was opened.
      • The one who passed under the curtain was still that woman from earlier.
      • While I watched the state of things...... never mind, I finally decided to speak to her.
      • Narrator: (You seem disappointed, Elluka)
      • I don’t know whether my voice reached her.
      • Elluka widened her eyes for a moment and then made a big sigh.
      • Elluka: “...... Well, it’s fine. This isn’t the first time one's been cheated by a Demon of Sin.”
      • She
      • Elluka: “So...... who are you?”
      • She definitely had questions for me.
      • Elluka’s apparently one of the humans capable of “hearing” my voice.
      • However, I flatly retorted to her.
      • Narrator: (I’m under no obligation to tell you that)
      • She didn’t feel like a human that would bring me harm to me.
      • Moreover--there was another reason for me to hate Elluka.
      • (You’re the human who robbed that body from Kayo--I have no desire to open my heart to such a person)
      • When I said that, Elluka replied with a slight smile.
      • Elluka: “Saying I “robbed” her isn’t true at all...... That was what Kayo herself wanted.”
      • Kayo: (Kayo thought she did, but didn’t you induce that thought into her?)
      • Elluka: “Hmph...... Oh well, I don’t care who you are. At any rate, I’ll destroy you.”
      • Elluka replied such with a cool temperament.
      • I don’t know how she planned to “destroy” me.
      • But I thought that if anyone could do it, it was her.
      • Elluka was ostensible occupation was a missionary.
      • But I knew she was actually a witch who used mysterious arts.
      • Narrator: (......)
      • As I remained silent, Elluka suddenly began speaking in a friendly tone.
      • Elluka: “--Relax. It isn’t such a bad thing to say you’ll be destroyed. Well, I suppose you won’t be able to converse with a living human being anymore.”
      • Narrator: (......)
      • Elluka: “It’s fine if you still don’t want to talk about yourself. But...... your intent to share it with someone else would be a long time for you, wouldn’t it?”
      • It was certainly as she says.
      • Elluka: “I’ll say it again. I’m sure this is the last time you’ll be conversing with a living human being like this. So, if there are things you want to say, things you want to talk about, I’ll listen, right now. There’s still time before the ship departs. In exchange--I’ll tell you what you want to know.”
      • Things I wanted to talk about--.
      • I immediately thought of Kayo.
      • She was executed as a mere madwoman without understanding, left as an exposed head on an execution ground atop a hill--.
      • That, was Sudou Kayo.
      • Even though I continued to see her very close by, perhaps I didn’t know the true reason.
      • But, I feel I was at least a being closer to her than anyone else.
      • That’s why I want to tell someone.
      • How that child lived, why she caused the incident she did.
      • It might at least be some sort of atonement for me who can’t do anything.
      • This woman called Elluka in front of my eyes probably knows the summary of this.
      • But she’s the one who met Kayo still just a year ago, who hasn’t seen all the various events surrounding Kayo.
      • ----If true, these might be things to tell someone else about.
      • For example...... the blond boy.
      • But, he wouldn’t hear or understand my words; to begin with, he would surely never come back here again.
      • Narrator: (...... Though I’m reluctant to do so......)
      • “I want to talk about Kayo,” I said, and Elluka smiled, content.
      • Apparently she also wanted to know about that.
      • Elluka: “I have many questions, about both Kayo...... and the humans surrounding her. Because among the humans I’ve met so far, she’s a person I couldn’t read in her greatest (top class) inner thoughts.”
      • [Space]
      • What should I speak about first...... I thought about it a lot.
      • When Kayo was born?
      • When she got married?
      • Or maybe when her child was born?
      • (No..... not even that)
      • I got it, I should speak from that event on, when it all began.
      • When Kayo’s life began to go mad--.
      • [Space]
      • Four years ago, during the great fire of Enbizaka.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 1: Scene 1

      • While it's a little late to explain this to you now, Onigashima is part of the island nation known as Jakoku, particularly a land where many foreigners live.
      • The Eto (palace capital) shogunate that rules Jakoku essentially reject foreigners and so impose a so-called national isolation policy; negotiating with foreigners at only this Onigashima as an exception is the current status of trade being carried out.
      • One of the things about this Onigashima to begin with is the former Izasa magistrate, Octo Gaou, who also possessed foreign blood----.
      • Huh? Oh, really? A history lesson isn’t needed?
      • Then let’s cut to the chase.
      • In any event, it was situation where numerous foreigners and those descended from them resided in Onigashima and here in Enbizaka at its center.
      • Many mercantile establishments have since been built atop the hill of Enbizaka. The largest mercantile establishments here would be the Freezis trade house--yes, that’s right. You were living here with yours friends at that trading house just a year ago.
      • At the end of the year four years ago, a large fire struck Enbizaka...... I remember it happened right next to that Freezis trade house.
      • At that time, the hostess of a tailor shop, Sudou Kayo, was still sixteen years old. She had a boy with the husband she married at the beginning of the year, her work as a seamstress she took over from her deceased mother finally beginning to take off.
      • ...... Yes, the couple was on good terms.
      • Kayo loved her husband and her husband loved Kayo.
      • From what I could keenly see from within the scissors, they were very affectionate with each other.
      • But that day, while her husband went out, Kayo was in the tailor shop with her son, the two of them.
      • It was another rather late night but she still continued her tailoring work.
      • Because it was a huge request from Oyuka-san of the hairpin shop living next door to the two.
      • Casting a sideways glance at her beautiful blond baby sleeping on the futon--.
      • Yes, that’s right. That boy Kayo gave birth to had blond hair.
      • Although it was somewhat strange since Kayo’s hair color was a beautiful black and her husband had purple hair, since the couple were descended from foreigners, there was probably an owner of blond hair among one of their ancestors.
      • Actually, it was because there were other parents who had children of different hair colors in Onigashima.
      • Anyhow, even while checking the state of her child, Kayo wore a monocle for her work, which was to repair small holes made in a shallow violet kimono.
      • While doing that, her husband came in, going pale with a start.
      • Husband: “Hey, Kayo. What are you doing?”
      • Kayo: “Oh, it’s you. You ask what I’m doing but can’t tell by looking that I’m working?”
      • Husband: “That’s not it. There’s a fire.”
      • Kayo: “...... What, oh my.”
      • Husband: “The fire’s approaching from the trading house on the hill. We’ll burn to death if we don’t flee quickly.”
      • While he was Kayo’s husband, despite his identity originally being the child of a samurai...... no, that might’ve been the reason why; he wasn’t as able as a [prodigality/debauchery] since his teens and so was disowned and later adopted as the Sudou family’s son-in-law.
      • There were a variety of scars on his body from countless quarrels and play fights from a young age, so the people who didn’t know often mistook his terrible physique for him being a [chivalrous/heroic] person.
      • How in the world Kayo could fall in love with such a man......
      • Well anyhow, since her husband had been out to one place after the other without effect, drunk, that night, he quickly notice the fire coming their direction.
      • Now that Kayo was no longer concentrating so hard on her work, she could notice the noisiness outside and the fire quickly approaching the neighboring homes already.
      • Kayo prepared to flee from her home with great haste. With her child in her arms, Kayo [basically rushed to get things and took her mother’s scissors keepsake].
      • Husband: “There. We’ll flee to the other side of the hill’s bridge.”
      • Kayo’s husband called out to her while raising his left hand out. Although there were burn marks on his hand, they weren’t wounds suffered from the fire back then.
      • When he was 15, he made a move on the blacksmith’s wife and her furious husband pressed an iron rod to his hand, burning him.
      • While the man was absolutely no good, [narrator basically defends him for at least not cheating on Kayo]. On only this point can I say he was a reasonable human being.
      • At this point, he was also desperate to protect Kayo and their son; as if trying to protect them from the fire, he walked from behind as they rushed to the hill.
      • Passing over the twin arched bridge(?) on the hill...... in other words, they believed they would be safe for the time being if they went over the flowing river below it.
      • However, [the bridge wasn’t wide enough for so many people all thinking of doing that and ended up clogging up the path].
      • While they did so, the fire was looming closer and closer. Kayo said such while watching this.
      • Kayo: “Dear. Oyuka-san’s hairpin shop’s on fire.”
      • Husband: “Yes, it is.”
      • Kayo: “I wonder if the Oyukas are safe......”
      • Husband: “[something about a teahouse]. They gave me their delicious manjuu for a while. Even gave you you’re favorite tuna takoyaki...... anyhow, we won’t be able to go with all these people in front of us.”
      • Kayo: “If you would grow wings from your back, we’d be able to fly......  you always brag how you can do that, Dear.”
      • Husband: “It’s not bragging. I really can soar through the open sky. I just usually hide it.”
      • Kayo: “Well now, wouldn’t this be the time to use that power?”
      • Husband: “...... No. At any rate, right now, I won’t be able to escape with the both of you. My wings won’t be strong enough to fly with that burden.”
      • Kayo: “Yeah, yeah--it’s gotten considerably hotter. Let’s move, quickly.”
      • While referring to the imminent danger, they were having a pretty carefree conversation.
      • Those two were always like this.
      • It was precisely because they both possessed such similar temperaments that these two might’ve been drawn to each other.
      • [Space]
      • But of course, they didn’t have much faith in the forest given the circumstances.
      • The burning houses around them were likely about to collapse now, didn’t even question whether they would fall atop the crowd in time.
      • ...... And then, it actually happened.
      • It was this moment.
      • Where Kayo and her family’s situation dramatically changed in a flash.
      • I was, at the time, screaming and flailing about, though no one could hear my cries.
      • She apparently saw a burning house coming down on them.
      • Kayo: “Aaagh!”
      • Thrusting away, Kayo struggled to hold onto her baby while the burning wooden pillar was coming down on top of them.
      • It didn’t directly strike her body but Kayo couldn’t move since her foot was stuck under the pillar.
      • Kayo: “Ah, hot, hot!”
      • While Kayo was screaming at the feeling of her foot burning, getting out of there somehow wasn’t going well.
      • Baby: “Waaahhh, waaaahh!”
      • Her son in her arms was crying too.
      • Kayo looked at her trapped leg.
      • The pillar was burning and crackling.
      • The fire would clearly spread to her body soon.
      • Additionally, there was a pile of rubble of countless burning houses behind her.
      • --Kayo suddenly noticed her husband was there buried under them.
      • In order to protect his wife from the falling debris, he thrust himself in the way.
      • Kayo: “Dear! Dear!”
      • Kayo screamed at the burning rubble but there was no reply.
      • Still, she kept calling for her husband.
      • But, the foot of the fire spread to Kayo’s kimono in the meantime......
      • Before long, it consumed her whole body.
      • “Aaagghh!!”
      • Kayo made different kinds of screams from earlier.
      • The fire continued to burn Kayo’s legs, arms, and face.
      • Kayo’s reputably beautiful face became ugly with burns as I watched and watched.
      • Whether she thought of the heat of the flames going along her body or of her husband.
      • Kayo screamed for a long time, and soon--.
      • She fainted.
      • [Space]
      • For me, I don’t have any arms or legs.
      • So I could only just watch in this state.
      • The moon shining in the sky.
      • The fire’s focus looked to be reaching up to there.
      • Even the birds dancing in the night sky seemed to be burned.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 1: Scene 2

      • Kayo’s life ending at that point probably wouldn't have been that odd.
      • However--she decided to wake up again.
      • When Kayo awoke, she seemed to have not been able to move her body because of the pain.
      • So at first she looked at the unfamiliar ceiling curiously.
      • People who suffered burns like Kayo groaned in their futons, though she wouldn’t have even known.
      • [Space]
      • There beyond the hilltop bridge was a town clinic.
      • Kayo was discovered at the place where she had fallen and been burned by the fire and rushed over here.
      • She had suffered burns to her whole body.
      • No one suffered what she did and wouldn’t have been strange if she was dead ordinarily.
      • But, Kayo survived.
      • She was told those facts by a woman wearing a red kimono who was treating all those injured people.
      • Mei: “Good. You’re awake.”
      • Her face looked familiar to Kayo.
      • Kayo: “...... Mei-san.”
      • Mei was a draper living atop the hill, the lady of the Miroku shop.
      • ...... Yes, that’s right.
      • You also know that, this was the woman who became the first victim of that incident from then.
      • The medical clinic was where her father, the doctor, worked. So, due to the emergency, it seems she was helping him at this time.
      • She was primarily a draper’s wife, in other words a business rival for Kayo, but because Mei knew Kayo had quality arms, she would sometimes secretly sneak behind her husband’s back and request she do some of the more unruly work for them.
      • It was for these circumstances that the two were acquainted.
      • Mei: “You’re severely burned. It’s a wonder you’re alive. Very much so.”
      • Kayo: “Yes......”
      • Mei: “Fortunately, our home wasn’t affected by the fire since we’re across the street from the river but my husband was slightly burned. Well, it wasn’t a big deal compared to you....... anyhow, get some rest for a bit.”
      • While Mei said this to Kayo with a gentle smile, the was a feeling of sorrow on her face that Kayo didn’t miss.
      • Kayo: “Him... moreover... Where’s Ren......”
      • Kayo was in pain just opening her mouth but she still somehow asked Mei that.
      • For a moment, Mei’s expression was panicked. Probably had the idea not to keep it hidden.
      • She shook her head regretfully.
      • Mei: “Um, the house that burned down...... the only one that survived underneath it....... was you.”
      • Kayo: “...... That’s.......”
      • Kayo realized what those words meant.
      • That her husband and son had in fact burned to death in the fire.
      • Tears overflowed in her eyes and breathing leaked from her mouth.
      • Mei tried hard to say something to comfort her, but nothing was reaching Kayo’s ears at all.
      • “Aaaahh....... aaaaaaaaahhh.”
      • She slightly raised her voice into a growl, and then--.
      • [Space]
      • Kayo: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh!!”
      • [Space]
      • Since her throat was burned, she shouldn’t have been able to be so loud otherwise.
      • Nevertheless, Kayo continued to scream.
      • [Space]
      • ----The fire resulted in significant damage done to the outskirts of Enbizaka.
      • In particular, most of the buildings up until the hill top were completely burned down.
      • Of course...... so was Kayo’s.
      • The dead amounted to over a hundred, most of the victims the same as Kayo and her family, people living around the outskirts to the hilltop of Enbizaka.
      • The current magistrate of the Izasa domain, the fourteenth head of the Octo family, Octo Gato, concluded that the arson that caused the large fire was from within their own domain; while a search for the criminal was underway immediately, they couldn’t find who incited the fire in the end.
      • [Space]
      • Homeless and having lost her beloved family, Kayo was sick of mind.
      • Her burns healed little by little over time, but the wounds to her mind did not.
        It seems nobody thought she would return to normal, everyday life from before ever again.
      • When her wounds finally recovered enough for her to finally walk, Kayo deposited herself in the home of her deceased mother.
      • --Along with the scissors and me dwelling within them.
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    • This is gonna be fun. Have to say, it's nice to see the Demon of Envy.

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    • So Mei knows some medicine? Sounds like a Gluttony reference to me.

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    • Have to say, this feels like a very, very different style of book than the norm. Nice to see something new, at least.

      Also, wow...Kayo, you're already on Riliane levels of tragic.

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    • About as much as a Gackpo character committing debauchery.

      Because Kayo's baby's name isn't mentioned to be intentionally western or anything, I'm keeping it as Ren for the time being.

      Internesting to note the narrator in the scissors refers to herself as once being human. We also have mention of Kayo's mother being deceased which raises new questions, as SCP's profile implied she was part of the "family" burned in the fire.

      There's lots of lore on the eastern region here. It seems to have finally been given a name. The eastern "Akuna" region. Lots of backstory.

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    • Interesting. It seems Envy is, so far, not a bad demon at all, and instead seemed quite content with Kayo and her life. I'm wondering if Kayo survived because Envy forced a contract to save her life at this point...

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    • Well atlest it's nice to know why kayo called kokutan ren

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    • I'm going to note some of the lore here because it's very enlightening. It brings a lot of expansions and changes to articles.

      For one, the Jakoku archipeligo was once dominated by the Netsuma clan and their Jamataikoku. Apparently when this nation collapsed, some of the Netsuma emmigrated to Evillious. Then you have the third head of the family, Raisa, who joins Apocalypse and became close friends with Meta.

      When the Leviantan army captured Meta, Raisa lost her life, angering the clan enough to spread terror across Evillious, especially in Elphegort. This resulted in Elphegort heavily persecuting the Netsuma (note: Netsuma's name Kanji is uses the term for "heat/temperature" and demon). Unfortunately, the Netsuma blood left in Jakoku was lost.

      Jakoku's government constantly changed from that point onward until they entered a warring states period around EC 540. The most successful was the daimyou Hatsune Nobunaga of the Hatsune family who later fell to rebellion from his subordinates. His daughter, Jahime, expanded her influence to fulfill her father's long-cherished wish to unite the country.

      There were many resisting her aggressive invasions however, most prominent being the daimyou for the Tokugawa family. To combat the foreign mage following Jahime (Julia IR, later Julia Abelard), the Tokugawas allied with their own mages from a foreign nation, namely Elluka Clockworker and her apprentice.

      There was also the wandering swordsman, Gaou Octo, and the blacksmith with immense strength, Chartette Langley (Saruteito is used for her Kanji name). As a result of the Battle of Jagahara in EC 549, the whole country was unified under the Tokugawa's shogunate. Chartette was killed by Julia just before but kept the Twin Blades of Levianta she wanted away from her. Gaou was entrusted with the reshaped blades and, holding true to this fact, kept the truth hidden from even Elluka. After the Battle of Jagahara, he sealed the scissors in a cerrtain cave on the land of Izasa.

      While she was defeated, Jahime survived and apparently took it out on Julia, trying to kill her when her whereabouts became unknown. Elluka and Gumillia were also hunting her down and left Jakoku. Gaou Octo changed his name to Octo Gaou and was made magistrate to rural Izasa apparently due to his lineage that the shogunate and its isolationist policy alienated. Gaou served as magistrate for many years.

      The shogunate of the main story is the same as back then. But, ten years later, an "apostle" from the United States of Maistia (Perrier Legally Marlon? Going to need some work) came in with warships and forced the confused shogunate to open their country to trade again.

      For Onigashima, the shogunate basically had Gaou Octo (as magistrate) take in any foreigners who were caught in the country and make sure they could be nowhere but in Onigashima. This then became the natural place for trade negotiations to take place when the borders opened up. Onigashima is 60% Jakokuese, 30% foreigners, and 10% mixed races, more or less.

      Momogengou is a small village on the western edge of Enkoku. Once upon a time it went by a different name, the name given by its founder Saruteito. The Lang family also lives near the village.

      The Lang family has been engaged in swordsmithing in Momogengou for generations. Its founder was Saruteito, Chartette Langley. While involved in the New Four Horsemen Incident in Divine Levianta, Chartette happened to acquire the Twin Blades of Levianta vessel of sin. She was therefore chased by the mage Julia IR. To escape her, and coincidentally travel, Chartette dared to journey eastward and found her way to Jakoku.

      Decided to live there, she tried doing her father's work she watched him do from a very young age for the first time, and unexpectedly got a great reputation for her work to make a living. Because she was looked at as odd for her strange, foreign appearance by the Jakokuese, she started wearing a monkey mask in public, though didn't bother covering up the hair which made that pointless, because she had a bad feeling about showing her face. But, it resulted in her marrying a handsome man with a monkey fetish so she didn't care.

      Finally, years, later the well-known blacksmith was reunited with her freinds Elluka and Gumillia as well as now being in the same place as Julia. To keep the Twin Blades of Levianta away from Julia, she reforged them as scissors and gave them to her friend Gaou. She had her final battle with Julia to take back her friend Germaine's body that she stole. But Chartette was already old and died horribly.

      Currently, the Lang family passes on the name "Sharuteito" to Chartette's descendants with each generation. The current Sharuteito is the sixteenth generation. While the foreign blood has long since thinned out and each member has black hair like a Jakokuese, the family head dyes their hair the same pink as the founder per tradition.

      The Kurenaikorumoshuu (Crimson Robed Masses), was originally a mage population led by Julia IR. The organization remains even after Julia vanished. It continues to resistance the shogunate but has had its purpose distorted over time, presently becoming anti-foreigner extremists in 842. Ten years after the main story, the Maistia army came in and, while met with resistance, destroyed the group.

      The United States of Maistia was born in 776. A branch of the Freezis Foundation is here and is where many of its merchant ships going to Jakoku are based. Maistia was originally a continent discovered by a Freezis Foundation merchant ship in 592. It had good quality tobacco and liquor, and when many raw materials and when many medicinal ingredients were found in this land, the merchants of Evillious all dispatched ships to it.

      Thanks to the Freezis Foundation developing it, the Evillious populace was supposed to eventually immigrate to Maistia. But, there was also problems with persecuting the indigenous people sparking during that same period. In 760, Marlon colonies seeking independence rebelled. In a prolonged war, the Marlon Royal Family and Freezis Foundation gradually lost power. In 776, woman claiming to be Elluka Clockworker visited Maistia to calm the situation and Masitia established its independence.

      But the following year, due to a civil war in Marlon, the Marlon family was chased from the seat of the royal family. While it still maintains a powerful influence as nobility, the Marlons are no longer at their peak like in the past. However, Maistia's independence gave it overwhelming power over the Evillious region and even apparently cast a shadow on the momentum of the Freezis Foundation. The developing Yarera Zusco Firm desired to expand its trade to compare with the Freezis Foundation and so started trading with east and west Akuna.

      Marlon is now ruled by the Viwaatsu Royal Family due to the change with the Marlon family. Remembering a sense of crisis with the developing United States of Maistia, they've been communiating with other nationals of the Evillious region and seem to be orchestrating the creation of a Union State.

      Divine Levianta's a religious state that possess great power for the Levin faith. After the New Four Horsemen Incident of 508, the influence of domestic Levin believers has been reduced, and it's currently work with imperial nationals for a dawning union.

      The Lucifenian Republic's stayed the same since its government was established in 510. It's seeking a solution to its sluggish national power though.

      While the Elphen Royal Family has continued ruling Elphegort, it's political system has practically become that of a republic and royal authority is shrinking. There's starting to become a large call for the nation to become a complete republic.

      Asmodean's stable empire is continuing. It's signs as a military state have faded in recent years. Relationships with other nations have been peaceful.

      The Beelzenian Empire fell apart in 620 and had gone through a period of decline long after. The new Kingdom of Beelzenia born in 820 is rapidly industrializing.

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    • Well, looks like I was right all along with Raisa XP


      Doesn't take a wizard to pick up on what Nobunaga and Tokugawa are referencing.

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    • wow this is massive. wasn't there a guy named nobunaga in real life

        Loading editor
    • Uh...yeah. Oda Nobunaga, one of the most important and destructive men in Japanese history.

        Loading editor
    • The bit about Raisa raises some questions for me that I've wanted answered for awhile. Do we have any confirmation that Clarith is descended from Venomania, or was that simply an assumption based on her persecution previously having no known source?

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    • I'm not to great with history, I just heard the name before in some book and he was appearently some big shot

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    • Well... At least you'be somewhat heard of him, I feel like most people might miss the reference if they don't know lol But that's like most references.

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    • Well, Gaou confirmed the Gackpo character from Heavenly Yard to no ones surprise. Technically speaking this would mean the Sudou's are of a fairly high rank as well, and that, presumably, Kayo's husband-who-is-totally-not-Gakusha were of the same family tree. Well, I guess cousin marriage IS legal in Japan...

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    • wrote:
      The bit about Raisa raises some questions for me that I've wanted answered for awhile. Do we have any confirmation that Clarith is descended from Venomania, or was that simply an assumption based on her persecution previously having no known source?

      I've checked every source I can on the subject from old forum posts. All of them link back to Clarith being called a demon child and talks about the existence of the persecution. I can't find anything directly linking to Venomania.

      Now that we know more about the Netsumas and how they can became indigineous to Elphegort, along with their Japanese name's association with "demons" and other violent or fierce sounding things (Raisa's name in Kanji literally means lightning sand), it's looking more likely the terror the Netsumas wrought in the wake of losing their leader brought about the intense discrimination for centuries after.

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    • Sweet Sickle we've got a ****ton work to do if this is the exposition in the first chapter. At this rate I'm estimating 20 new articles.

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    • That kind of makes me sad, because I liked how interconnected to everything Clarith was. This kind of makes her a lot more standalone and less connected to everything like she seemed to be. Guess she really was just an unfortunate bystander instead of just as connected as everthing else when the only real connection she has to anyone bloodline-wise is someone who worked alongside Meta and Pale.

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    • Yay more articles. I hope more comes up on Mei so that I can finish her article. Shouldn't take long since she dies early on.

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    • Looks like we've all got work to do, I can help, I just need somebody to give me info and then tell me where to put it lol.

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    • Well, generally we just sit on everything (and put WIP stickers on them) until the translation is done. Let's just wait and see...

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    • Sounds like my editing of the Karakuri Burst series page on the Vocaloid wiki lol

      Great to see that Perry is still very similar to the real Perry, but expansion on Jakoku is great!!! Oh boy

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    • I can't believe mothy made his joke tweet canon. Is this all from the first Act o_0?

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    • Bless Mothy for more info on Chartette and her descendants, this makes me happy although I still find the monkey fetish funny.

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    • Can I ask if it's possible to ask Mothy to clarify if Clarith is at all connected to Venomania? It's quite possible that she is still, IMO, and being discriminated against because of the whole Raisa thing doesn't also mean she can't be discriminated against for being connected to him (in fact, that incident would just potentially make it worse). And this is, I think, a point worth getting a direct answer on given it could change a lot about how Venomania descendants happen to be treated, since IIRC she was the biggest source on them being discriminated against?

        Loading editor
    • This might be a good idea, I had also considered suggesting we ask Mothy. Obviously we can't ask him about everything, but if we once asked him about Karchess' name, I feel like this would be even more meaningful than that was lol.

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    • National politics has clearly evolved and is leading towards Evillious being largely united to compete with Maistia. Beelzenia's been through some tough times if the empire collapsed in 620 and it took 200 years to get a new stable government.

      Makes me wonder, has Ma been orchestrating events for the purpose of destablizing the USE and dragging the world into war? I can't imagine she'd just come into a warring continent on the pretense of calming the storm and then successfully does that without some gain.

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    • A friend read over your first bits and suggested that MA might be at war with herself still--the identities of Levelluka, Irina and Eve all clashing and causing her overall weirdness. This probably settles down by the time of the Greed-Wrath thing, but right now it might still be in full force. They noticed, at least how you transcribed it, that there's a bit of a difference in how MA talks at points with a visible shift between Levelluka to Irina or even Eve.

      Juuuust as a possibility, I'm basically saying it's possible that MA is causing messes and the fixing them right now because she's still settling into herself as a single entity.

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    • wrote:

      Juuuust as a possibility, I'm basically saying it's possible that MA is causing messes and the fixing them right now because she's still settling into herself as a single entity.

      It'll be easier to know for sure if we understand what her character's doing know during this era. Is there reference to a larger plan or is implication left to be it's the random acts of a madwoman? Ma seems to be quite involved throughout this book, even if she lacks a profile, so hopefully we'll get some new info with that.

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    • Kayo said that her husband has wings, does that mean that Kayo's husband has made a contract with the Demon of Lust and gained the "Beast out" transformation like Venomania did?

      If so, that would be a whole messed up thing since we know that the Venom sword was still in possession of the "World Police"

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    • Chapter 1: Act 1: Scene 3

      • When I finished the story up until this point, Elluka, who was silently listening to my words, suddenlyed opened her mouth.
      • Elluka: "Her mother's home, huhhh...... that means--"
      • She seems to have gotten an idea.
      • Elluka: "The Octo Family?"
      • "Yes, that's right," I answered.
      • Narrator: (You know it well)
      • Elluka: "Just what little I've heard from Anan (阿南) and Kayo herself...... She seemed to have a rather complex domestic situation."
      • Narrator: (Yes)
      • Elluka: "Kayo's mother, Kagura, was originally the eldest daughter of the magistrate, Octo Gato.When she was 16, she fled from her family and eloped with a man, and then Kayo was born--that's what I heard."
      • She said such.
      • And that was the situation I very much witnessed.
      • Narrator: (You know more about that than I thought. Perhaps I simply don't need to spealk about it at great length)
      • Elluka: "Don't do that. I know the story because it's releveant to you--to the scissors."
      • Narrator: (......)
      • Elluka: "Back then, Kagura took the "treasure" passed down the Octo family."
      • Narrator: (It was these scissors and...... you don't want me to talk about that, do you?)
      • Elluka nodded.
      • Narrator: (...... In that case, then why were the scissors not taken from her possession when Kayo was taken into the Octo family?)
      • Elluka: "...... Is that supposed to be a riddle for me?"
      • Elluka was put in a slightly foul mood before understanding it immediately.
      • Elluka: "The answer to your riddle is the reason I didn't come after you--or perhaps I should say those scissors--for many years."
      • Narrator: (And so you realized the answer)
      • Elluka: "Yes. And so I came to this Jakoku. All the way to the island nation at the ends of the earth."
      • After that, Elluka's face changed to being a little more frustrated.
      • Elluka: "However, as soon as I thought I acquired what I desired, [I realized I was also in a situation where I was trapped in fumes. ]" (I think?)
      • Narrator: (Heheheh)
      • Before I realized it, I was laughing.
      • While her cautioness toward Elluka wasn't gone, since she hadn't had human interactions like this for a long time, she had unknowingly found the way she said it amusing.
      • Elluka: "...... Well it's fine for now. If I can hear a little more of your story, the answer would naturally come to light, right?"
      • As she said so, she proudly laughed.
      • Whether that smile came from her true feelings, I didn't know.
      • Narrator: (I also have a question for you)
      • Elluka: "What is it?"
      • Narrator: (You said you had to come to this country to get the scissors...... why didn't you immediately take the scissors from Kayo?)
      • To my knowledge, Elluka coming to this country was almost a year ago now.
      • Elluka: "...... There were various circumstances over here as well. Moreover, the scissors weren't the only reason I came to Jakoku...... You get my meaning, don't you?"
      • Something else of hers....... it was clearly by just looking at Elluka's current form.
      • But, that still didn't answer my question.
      • Elluka: "Now, please continue your story of Kayo."
      • Whether she didn't want to touch upon the story or felt it was too troublesome, Elluka was trying to change the subject.
      • Narrator: (Yes, it doesn't matter...... this story will be from four years after the fire. In other words, of the time you came to Jakoku----)
      • Elluka: "So basically, I've become a character in your story."
      • Narrator: (So the story from this point on will involved what you already know)
      • Elluka: "It doesn't matter. How I--the one known as Elluka Ma Clockworker is seen by others...... that's what I care about, a little."
      • That sort of thing......?
      • Narrator: (Well then, I'll continue)
      • I resumed my old tale.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 1

      • Enbizaka was able to bounce back from the fire in four years time.
      • And so it wasn't a straight and narrow road ahead.
      • To rebuild everything that burned down so people could come live there again required an enormous amount of money.
      • The Izasa fiedom wasn't as wealthy as the other domains so getting that kind of money wasn't easy.
      • ----But, a savior appeared.
      • The one in charged of the Akuna region for the Freezis Foundation firm's Maistia branch was Perrier Cutie Marlon.
      • Yes it's a very long title. You thought that too, right?
      • Well in short, the Freezis Foundation being a foreign business, she's a great woman who's been entrusted with trade around the Jakoku area.
      • ----You it know well, right?
      • The source of the fire was very close to the trading house she lived at and had done great damage to the Freezis Foundation firm. She was unharmed that night due to being at the shogunate's headquarters on the Enkoku mainland but she apparently lost quite a bit of employees and property.
      • Nevertheless, Perrier, invested a lot of funding in Enbizaka's reconstruction. The reason wasn't clear--.
      • Huh? So she was selling a favor to the shogunate to try making them accept their requests?
      • I see, so that's why they accepted it.
      • No, it's because I can't "see" all way at the distant mainland past Onigashima.
      • Anyhow, it was able to occure thanks to her and Enbizaka returned to its original vibrance by four years later.
      • Of course, those who died were never coming back.
      • --And because of that, a mind was broken.
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    • I'm loosing my mind over cutie marlon

        Loading editor
    • Perrier Cutie Marlon???

      At least it's a woman with that name, I'd be snickering a bit more if it was a guy.

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    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 2

      • Kayo was the unrichteous child of the Octo house.
      • Her mother was already disowned when she eloped with a man but that still didn't change that she descended from the family.
      • It was thought and understood that Kayo didn't have a single relative, and the Octos feared rumors geeting spread by Kayo of her being sick of mind so her grandfather, Octo Gato, took her into his custody.
      • But Kayo was never truly a member of the Octo family.
      • After she recovered, she would be kicked out of the family again--that's what Gato himself  and those around him declared.
      • While living in the Octo family's mansion, [basically she was taken care of by a servant girl, apparently called "Bufu-ko/Bufuko"].
      • She looked to be a pureblood foreigner based on being a beautiful blonde with blue eyes. But, based on her strange name, perhaps she was part Jakokuese.
      • She was also knowledgeable about medicine, apparently had a certain admiration for Mei's father, the doctor. Partially due to that girl's dedication, Kayo's severe burns were good enough to no longer be noticeable by the time four years past.
      • Doctor: "My goodness, this is huge. I didn't honestly think you'd recover this much."
      • Mei's father visited on house call from the Octo family and voiced his surprise.
      • Doctor: "This patient has an amazing healing ability but this is largely thanks to Bufuko's medical knowledge. Tell me, did obtain that knowledge somewhere?"
      • Whens he said such, Bufuko replied with a little shy gesture.
      • Bufuko: "Not at all. I actually grew up in a family of doctors. It had an influence......."
      • Doctor: "Ah, so you're like Mei? Then your father's a foreigner?"
      • Bufuko: "Yes. He's Lucifenian."
      • Doctor: "Lucifenia...... you say, in the Evillious region? My late wife was born in that area."
      • Bufuko: "Oh really?"
      • Doctor: "The Evillious region is far more medically advanced than Jakoku. I'd like to have the opportunity to learn that knowledge......"
      • Bufuko: "Right now in Jakoku, trade with foreign nations isn't allowed anywhere except here at Onigashima in the Izasa domain."
      • Doctor: "Yes but still, even though we live in Onigashima, our opportunity to obtain a foreign nation's medical knowledge compared to you, Bufuko, is very very--"
      • As he praised her, Bufuko was humbled and shook her hands.
      • Bufuko: "Please stop already...... oops."
      • Bufuko got up, realizing something.
      • Bufuko: "It'll be dinner time soon. I haven't made the preparations for Kayo-san."
      • Doctor: "Is that so? Then I'll be going soon."
      • Bufuko: "Leaving already? I can prepare a meal for you, Sensei......"
      • Doctor: "No, I should go. By the time I get to Onigashima, it'll be too late in the day."
      • Bufuku: "Then take this rice, here I'll even wrap it up into a rice ball. Please enjoy it during your journey back." (more or less)
      • Doctor: "I appreciate that. Then, if you insist."
      • Bufuku: "I'll prepare it immediately. Please wait a minute."
      • Bufuko left the room after saying so.
      • Doctor: "Tremendous resilience...... huh?"
      • While murmurring that one-liner, he looked at Kayo lying on the futon.
      • She was awake but her pupils looked hollow somehow.
      • Kayo: "Sensei......"
      • With her eyes as they were, Kayo spoke to the doctor.
      • Doctor: "What is it, Kayo-san?"
      • Kayo: "When will these burns of mine heal?"
      • Doctor: "Your burns have almost healed now. Few scars even remain."
      • There were no lies in his words. Kayo suffered severe burns to her entire body, burnt sores across the skin of her face, but now it was as if none of it happened.
      • But then Kayo said this.
      • Kayo: "..... There's no way. My face is still ugly--"
      • Doctor: "In that case, how about you see for yourself?"
      • The doctor took out a hand mirror and put it close to Kayo's face.
      • Reflected in it was the face of a beautiful woman with black hair.
      • However--
      • Kayo: "Uuuuaaaaggghh!! Ugly, ugly!!"
      • Kayo suddenly screamed and grew restive in her futon.
      • Doctor: "!? Calm down! Kayo-san, Kayo-san!"
      • Once the doctor managed to calm her down, she soon regained her composure and laid down on the futon again.
      • Then she returned to those hollow eyes again.
      • While looking at the situation, the doctor let out a small sigh.
      • Doctor: "The wonds to the body healed, but her mind......"
      • [Space]
      • Bufuko: "Sorry I made you wait."
      • Soon Bufuko returned with Kayo's dinner and a packet for the doctor.
      • Doctor: "Thank you...... well then, if you'll excuse me."
      • After taking the parcel, he nodded to her and left the room.
      • Bufuko: "Well then...... Here's today's dinner, Kayo-san."
      • She turned around calling to Kayo.
      • Then Kayo got up from the futon and thanked her.
      • Kayo: "I'm forever sorry...... Ren."
      • Ren was the name of Kayo's late son.
      • Naturally Bufuko's name wasn't that but Bufuko, never changed. If he were alive, he'd be four years old where as Bufuko was a full-grown adult of at least twenty.
      • To begin with, even their genders were different.
      • That Kayo would talk to her as if she were Ren because of their shared blond hair was pretty odd.
      • Bufuko: "No, Kayo-san. My name's Bufuko. How many times have I told you before?"
      • Kayo: "Really now...... well, thanks for the food, Ren."
      • Bufuko: "Haaa......" (sigh)
      • They've had these exchanges for four years on a daily basis to the point Bufuko had given up.
      • Bufuko: "Well, [will be satified if she eats and gets better]."
      • Bufuko silently watched as Kayo ate.
      • Then, someone else came into the room.
      • ???: "What a hindrance."
      • He was a tall man with black hair in a topknot and delicate features.
      • Bufuko: "Oh, it's you, Anan-sama. It's been a long time."
      • Upon seeing who he was, she made a low bow.
      • Anan past Bufuko and came and sat down in font of Kayo.
      • Anan: "Wake up, Kayo. Listen to me now. The Octo family "treasure"...... where are you hiding it?"
      • Kayo looked upon the man's face and soon quietly answered.
      • Kayo: "Like I've told you many time...... I don't know anything about any such "treasure"."
      • Anan lifted his eyes and attempted to say something again before Bufuko put a hand on his shoulder.
      • Bufuko: "It's pointless, Anan-sama! Kayo-san honestly doesn't know anything. It doesn't look like she's lying to me."
      • Anan: "...... Ghhh."
      • Anan lowered his head, angered.
      • Anan: "It must... it has to be somewhere. This woman's mother--Octo Kagura took the family heirloom from our home...... the Dual Cursed Blades!!"
      • Bufuko: "But this Kagura-san died in an accident a year before the fire. That's something you--"
      • Anan: "I know that! That's why I'm' searching for it from her daughter Kayo!!"
      • Bufuko: "Kayo-san's already said she hasn't seen such blades and even if they had been hidden somewhere in her home, the tailor shop already burned down in the fire......"
      • Anan: "...... Nothing came of searching the ruins. The cursed blades shouldn't have been able to be destroyed in a fire of that magnitude. In other words....... unless I elicit it from this woman, I won't be able to fulfill my duty."
      • This samurai called Anan was Octo Gato's grandson--in other words, Kayo's kin as a cousin.
      • He was apparently ordered by his grandfather to locate the heirloom Kagura took.
      • What did it mean for him to not fulfill his duty...... it's a mystery to me, but it definitely would've been good for his position in the Octo family.
      • Since Kayo came to the Octo family, he often visited the room to ask Kayo about that, though he ultimately didn't produce any results from it.
      • Kayo did not say anything about the blades, not because she was hiding it or because her mind had suffered ill.
      • Like Bufuko said, Kayo honestly heard of these "blades" from her Mother.
      • Anan: "Hmph...... fine. I have another matter to attend to today."
      • Before he left, Anan told Kayo this.
      • Anan: "Octo...... no, Sudou Kayo. I hear that the tailor shop you lived in for a time has been successfully rebuilt. Thanks to the Freezis Foundation Firm's assistance."
      • Bufuko: "Oh! That's wonderful!"
      • While Bufuko was pleased to say that, Anon still had a straight face. Kayo's look didn't change at all.
      • Anan: "I also hear you've recovered enough that it won't interfere with your life any longer...... Therefore, the magistrate has ordered you to leave here."
      • Bufuko: "!? What!"
      • Only Bufuko reacted then.
      • Bufuko: "Kayo-san's body's certainly healed. But, her heart..... still."
      • Anan: Would you prefer she not ever have even been here? She could not afford the rice she eats which should belong to only those of the family." (rough, rough, rough)
      • Bufuko: "Isn't Kayo-san the magistrate's granddaughter, your cousin? Despite everything--is the magistrate unable to forgive Kagura-sama after all?"
      • Anan: "...... It's not just that. There's also the woman's own problems."
      • Bufuko: "W-Why do you say that?"
      • Anan: "Kayo's dead husband--he was one of the magistrate's grandchildren too."
      • Bufuko: "What!? This is new to me."
      • Bufuko acted surprised while Kayo continued to show no reaction.
      • It was well-known fact to her. She knew all along what her relation to that man was.
      • Anan: "Don't you know the magistrate had four children total? One of them was Kagura, one of them was my father, and one of the children of the last two was the man who became Kayo's husband--in other words, Kayo married her cousin."
      • Bufuko: "But that sort of thing isn't that rare here in Jakoku, is it?"
      • Anan: "That may be so, but Kayo's husband was disowned and so wasn't part of the Octo family...... Kayo married the man but I certainly don't believe the magistrat approved it. You could say the fact Kayo's been cared for up until now is due to the magistrate's mercy. But that ends today."
      • After saying that, Anan told Bufuko this.
      • Anan: "You've been caring for Kayo up until now but that ends today. You will return to being my servant starting tomorrow."
      • Bufuko: "Whaaaaat!?"
      • Anan: "Don't be so reluctant! You're just returning to your orignal post!!...... That's why you're to also prepare to leave tonight."
      • Bufuko: "Huh!? But why?"
      • Anan: "Because as you know, I now aid the Freezis Foundation Firm!! Meaning that you can't take care of me by remaining here."
      • Bufuko: "..... Uh, does that mean I'll be living at the Freezis trade house too?"
      • Anan: "Yes, that's right. It's quite the beauty and rebuilt just a few years ago."
      • Bufuko: "But I won't have contact with anyone but foreigners, right? That's so tedious~"
      • Anan: "You who looks like she's abandoned a foreign country is saying that?"
      • Bufuko: "Having said that, I was born and raise in Jakoku~."
      • Anan: "Don't complain! You'll get killed there!!"
      • Bufuko: "Haaa...... that's exactly why I hate it."
      • Bufuko drooped her shoulders and turned towards Kayo.
      • Bufuko: "Kayo-san. I'll be working at the Freezis trade house starting tomorrow. So today's the last day I'll be caring for you, unfortunately."
      • While Bufuko was regretful telling her that, Kayo's expression didn't change hearing this.
      • Kayo: "Oh my! You're able to work at that huge trading house! Isn't that great, Ren? That's something to celebrate...... Mother used to say that too, though she would only tailor colors......"
      • Bufuko: "...... Well, would you tailor a new clothes for me? I feel the kimono I have now would clash with that Evillious-styled building."
      • Kayo: "Sure. What would you like?"
      • Bufuko: "A maid outfit!! With foreign frillish stuff!!"
      • That was her immediate answer.
      • Kayo: "A foreign maid outfit...... I've made that, but I'll try my best, Mother."
      • When Kayo smiled, Bufuko also made a small, sheepish smile.
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    • So now Mei is also half and half. Lucifenian/Beelzenian perhaps

        Loading editor
    • Kayo has incredible healing power, so far it seems to be Bufuko's medical knowledge that it is atributted to, but I feel like it could be the demon of Envy at play..

        Loading editor
    • I'm going to be tweeting Mothy later to ask for clarification on if Clarith is connected to Venomania or not. I'll report results.

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    • Sounds good!

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    • Reading the description for thus far for Bufuko, am I the only who thought "Lily"? Eh, might just be me.

      Also, wow, Evillious has seen better days. It's basically from the looks of it in the Industrial Revolution.

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    • I thought of Lily aswell

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    • Servant of Evillious wrote:
      Gaou Octo changed his name to Octo Gaou and was made magistrate to rural Izasa apparently due to his lineage that the shogunate and its isolationist policy alienated. 

      Would you say this is confirmation that Jakokuese characters are intended to have their names spelled with the surname first? If this is the case for the other characters in the novel, like the Mirokus or Sudous, I believe we should change them to match. We already should change the Octos past Gaou to match, given this.

      Other cases of their names being given name first might just be because the "source" of their names was intended as "western" by mothy. 

      Or is this all discussion for after the infodump-

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    • I've suggested this at least twice now so I'm siding with Octo. The fact that the names are rendered in kanji definitely speaks to me that Surname-First Name is the correct option.

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    • On the other hand, it could get confusing when everything else is Given-Surname and then suddenly a bunch of characters who aren't. A consistency thing.

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    • The thing is though is that it's not consistency. All those names are Western (or Vocaloid puns warped in Western) names. This is Eastern, written in kanji with explicit reference to a character changing the order of his name when he became part of the country. Pretty sure that's a strong case.

        Loading editor
    • I meant consistency across the wikia itself, maybe with a note somewhere easy to see or like I've seen on some wikis that denote the Western order next to the name. So, like, for example.

      Sudou Kayo (Western order: Kayo Sudou)

        Loading editor
    • Does this mean we can also include the kanji?

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      So now Mei is also half and half. Lucifenian/Beelzenian perhaps

      I got the same indication but it would be more obvious if a similar case with with Kai having Elphe somewhere in his lineage, which would mean both parents have a potential reason for having Lucifenian and Elphe children.

      Octofan wrote:
      Servant of Evillious wrote:
      Gaou Octo changed his name to Octo Gaou and was made magistrate to rural Izasa apparently due to his lineage that the shogunate and its isolationist policy alienated. 
      Would you say this is confirmation that Jakokuese characters are intended to have their names spelled with the surname first? If this is the case for the other characters in the novel, like the Mirokus or Sudous, I believe we should change them to match. We already should change the Octos past Gaou to match, given this.

      Other cases of their names being given name first might just be because the "source" of their names was intended as "western" by mothy. 

      Or is this all discussion for after the infodump-

      In terms of in-universe? The style is very clear. Characters who are part of Jakokuese culture go by the surname first convention; Gaou Octo's name is Katakana but he has it changed to Kanji to better assimilate himself into that culture, including the name order.

      As for changing articles to match, we could leave it as is. This isn't the first series to have a mix of western and eastern characters names with wikis translating them all western style. We have to also keep in mind cases like Gammon where both a western and eastern styled name are employed simultaneously. Similarly, in the west Kayo is Kayo Sudou (katakana); for easterners, she's Sudou Kayo (kanji). And then we have Chartette's name getting what seems to be an in-universe corruption as "Saruteito".

      It's clear mothy is trying to reflect a distinction of culture; it's our decision on how to apply that. Personally, I feel the only thing we absolute should do is have our character quotes leave honorofics and eastern names as they are to reflect that change in style on mothy's part. Articles can be handled the same or done differently, but reflecting the cultural tones in the quotes is essential imo.

        Loading editor
    • I agree with Anon. Without a proper indication it might be a little confusing for a new reader to understand the name order thing. I'd say keep the current order for clarity OR add a note or something, like they suggested.

        Loading editor
    • I think we should put the Eastern format in the Other Names section of the infobox, that way we can also include kanji.

        Loading editor
    • I'd like it if we went with surname- given for the characters from Jakoku, but I understand that clarity wise it may get confusing, so maybe just use the other names section instead.

      Basically I'm partial to the issue.

        Loading editor
    • I prefer puttin the Eastern name in Other names. This is EVILLIOUS chronicles, so the name used shpuld be the Evillious one

        Loading editor
    • Octo family treasure...does that come from Kayo or totally-not-Gakusha?

        Loading editor
    • The sewing scissors are confirmed to be from Kagura, Kayo's mother.

        Loading editor
    • Ah.

        Loading editor
    • Oh my Kayo married her cousin. Kanon Nakajima would be proud.

        Loading editor
    • so no one brings up Chartette married a furry

      not even EC is safe

        Loading editor
    • That fact was already stated on mothy's twitter.

        Loading editor
    • Okay so Kayo married her cousin-who-is-totally-not-Gakusha but it wasn't legally her cousin.

      A thought, what if Ren is what Allen was originally supposed to incarnate into to only for the fire to fuck things up? Because that's the only way I can wrap my head around a black haired woman and a purple haired man having a blond child.

      I really like how Freezis is still around. It's nice to see them as a constant in the franchise.

        Loading editor
    • KAYO :(

        Loading editor
    • Ren/Len is not Allen. Kokutan would have to be less than four years old if that were the case, Malice. He was clearly born before Kayo's son. 

        Loading editor
    • Isn't part of the tale of Momotaro supposed to be that he grew very quickly? Who knows, I'm just suspicious about that hair colour.

        Loading editor
    • Malice Twiright wrote:
      Isn't part of the tale of Momotaro supposed to be that he grew very quickly? Who knows, I'm just suspicious about that hair colour.

      Maybe Kayo's father had foreigner blood too??? Idk

        Loading editor
    • It's stated in the chapter that no one was really surprised that Ren had blond hair, since Enbizaka is a melting pot of foreign genes. I think Kokutan was born from an ebony tree in the first place because Behemo was pulling the strings with his reincarnation.

        Loading editor
    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 3

      • When Kayo returned to the tailor shop the next day, a brand new building certainly stood there.
      • And waiting for Kayo next to the entrance was a girl with green hair.
      • The girl wore a sash (obi) the same color as her hair around her waist.
      • As soon as Kayo saw her, she reflixively hid her face in her kimono.
      • While wondering why Kayo was acting so strange, she spoke to her.
      • Miku: "Why're you hiding your face?"
      • Kayo: "Because my face has become ugly from burns...... who're you?"
      • That girl was a stranger to Kayo.
      • Miku: "How do you do? My name's Miroku Miku."
      • Kayo: "Miroku...... you say, as in Mei-san?"
      • Miku: "Yes, I'm her daughter. Mother couldn't make it today so I came instead."
      • Kayo: "Really? But...... what's your business here?"
      • Miku: "Since you were coming back here for the first time in four years...... Mother was worried."
      • Kayo: "Yes. But they rebuilt it quite lovely. It's more respectable than before."
      • Miku: "But it'd be inconvenient in a lot of ways since the inside of the house's completely empty."
      • Kayo: "That is true."
      • Miku: "So without telling you, we asked the Freezis Foundation Firm to prepare some household goods in advanced for you."
      • Miku said such while leading Kayo into the tailor shop.
      • Kayo: "Oh my......"
      • Seeing the inside of the tailor shop, Kayo voiced her surprise.
      • Kayo: "Not just furniture but tailoring tools as well......"
      • Miku: "Since we work as drapers at our home too and [basically they had a general idea for everything]. Everything was prepared as Mother remembered but it might be a little different from the tools you had used Kayo-san."
      • Kayo: "No this is more than enough...... thank you so much."
      • While still half-hiding her face, Kayo lowered her head deeper.
      • Miku: "I just came to speak to you about it...... please give your thanks to the Freezis Foundation Firm. They're the ones who financed it."
      • Kayo: "You're right. Then I'll repeat my thanks to the trade house. I have to run errends there anyway."
      • Miku: "Oh really?" Well--if you'll excuse me from here."
      • Miku nodded while saying so and went outside.
      • Kayo: "Now then......"
      • Kayo sat upon the tatami mats and looked around again.
      • --And then, she said this one thing.
      • Kayo: "As I thought...... not enough."
      • Tears began to flow from her eyes.
      • Something was missing, though Kayo didn't say what and I didn't ask her about it, I understood quite clearly.
      • There was the house, the furniture, and the work tools.
      • But her beloved family wasn't here.
      • Kayo should've known the truth already.
      • But since, somewhere, she didn't want to admit it, she recognized the nearest blond person as her son instead--.
      • She was completely broken, her mind perhaps instinctively taking defensive measures.
      • But, by Kayo coming back here whether she liked it or not, she was forced to confront the reality.
      • And so, she cried--that's what I believe.
      • Neverthless, after a while, Kayo took out a pair of scissors from her pocket.
      • The same scissors I dwell in from before.
      • And then she said such.
      • Kayo: "Now--let's begin the tailoring."
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    • Kayo... ;w;

        Loading editor
    • So wait.

      It sounds like her family actually largely took her in

      So they could use her to find the blades.

      And the moment it wouldn't reflect badly on them and they were sure she didn't have them?

      They... Tossed her out and sent her to her own empty house, full of memories to torment her about what she'd lost?

      Jesus, no wonder this lady snapped.

        Loading editor
    • It's sounds like what happened with Kagura really created a rift between her and her father, which only got exacerbated by the other "dishonorable" things she and her daughter did with his also dishonored grandson. Makes for one big emotional void, unfortunately for Kayo. Doesn't help the woman's trauma's clearly turned a few screws loose in her head.

      I would partially blame Jakoku's sluggish medical advancements for lacking proper psychological treatment, but Evillious has been guilty of that for centuries. XP

        Loading editor
    • Yeah. Jesus, I just want to hug her at this point. She's become one of the bigges tragedies of Evillious Chronicles since most of this seems to have just been a huge accident and pile-up of events so far. :c

        Loading editor
      • People dying in Jakoku seems to be no big deal. I wonder if Jakoku also had strains of Gula.
      • Also, poor Kayo. She had such a manipulative family and suffered a traumatic experience. It is nice, however, that we get an inside look on Eastern culture of closely-knit families.
      • I like how mothy gave her shreds of lucidity. She's barely socially functional at this point, and she has a long way to go in terms of insanity.
        Loading editor
    • You know, mothy said he's terrified of Kayo's character, so perhaps making her one big tragedy is his way of quelling fear? XP

        Loading editor
    • Perhaps so. I really hope she's scarier later on because right now I just feel very sorry for her.

        Loading editor
    • Do keep in mind that EFEC, expressly a horror story, also starts with half the book dealing with the trials and tribulations of its main character (Banica) with only ONE mildly horrorific scene concerning said character within the first 90 pages.

      I'm not even at page 50 for Kayo yet. If mothy intends (and succeeds) on making her terrifying, he's going to first put us through lots of characters, exposition, and set up first.

        Loading editor
    • Eh, considering Kokutan called Kayo sinful but pitiful and he's shown crying when he's about to kill her, methinks mothy's playing the tragedy card here. Of course, that doesn't mean fear can not exist...

        Loading editor
    • Also keep in mind that, so far, Kayo's everything is actual real-life mental illness. That is scarier than actual demons, because it's real and can force you to think far more about the human condition.

        Loading editor
    • That's true, actually! Part of what makes Kayo's story thus far so realistic is how...blunt it is. There's very little thus far in the way of anything nasty like the previous arcs, just one poor woman being put through utter hell and going insane because of it. It's..fascinating, to say the least.

        Loading editor
    • I agree with what anon said about mental illness. Kayo was mistreated and stigmatized for her behavior, which was perfectly reasonable given the trauma she went through. As I said before, she's mildly aware of her mind's coping mechanisms, and that she's projecting the image of her son and husband onto others. Coupled with the loss of her family, I think Kayo's going to be the most tragic vessel owner so far.

        Loading editor
    • I like those twists mothy do, while Margarita in her song gave the impression of being a pitiful woman who was pushed over the edge on insanity, while in reality she was mad and evil, and now Kayo, who was shown as one of the most ruthless and evil characters in her song, is in reality truly sad an pitiful.

      --Also, my heart is going to break if Kokutan-douji and Rin play together.

        Loading editor
    • Mad and evil is a bit of an extreme way to portray Margarita. I mean, while by no means innocent, she was still very much a broken teenage girl with severe mental issues and a terrible life who snapped from her experiences. Of course, Kayo is much sadder and isn't genocidal, but even then she was called pitiful and shown to have a good relationship with Allen in SCaP. She's honestly what I expected.

        Loading editor
    • Margarita was also Eve, and two out of three of her identities not Eve herself have turned into ruthless murderers. Keep that in mind.

        Loading editor
    • Poor dear Kayo

        Loading editor
    • Eve was pretty crazy herself and that was because Adam drugged her. If Mikulia would of done what Evelia did is a mystery the world will never know, but Margarita was very much her own person regardless of the past. After all, there wasn't a Margarita before besides a stillborn infant.

        Loading editor
    • That doesn't mean she wasn't influenced by Eve. See: Arte and Pollo, Lemy, etc. Denying that Eve's become a monster and that probably had an effect doesn't sit right with me.

        Loading editor
    • Everything else aside about how much of a "broken teenage girl with a terrible life" that Margy was, it's pretty explicit that Margarita's craziness was a result of having Eve lurking under her psyche. There's also, on the opposite side, nothing stating the Venom is the reason that Eve went crazy--in fact, Eve's mental state by Gift is more attributed to her long body-swapping life and the overall state of her soul. 

      On another note, Kayo's insanity of attaching her child or husband to whoever at hand is close enough might explain how, each time she sees Kai, she assumes he's her husband--if she decides that her husband is a man with a burn scar.

        Loading editor
    • I always saw that Venom didn't cause Eve to go mad but was the catalyst that lead to the events that caused her to go mad which just built over the years until she was just the monster that she is in Gift . I don't believe Eve was just always evil and I wanna see her psyche expanded upon in OSS novels but that's for another time.

      I very much am enjoying Kayo's story so far and tbh the part with her crying after being told her family is dead kind of struck something in me. Just idk it really hurt reading it. And I like the set-up of her seeing Bufuko as Ren which will lead to her seeing Kai as TotallyNotGakusha 

        Loading editor
    • Since (spoiler warning) Kayo projects the image of her son onto Kokutan-douji, does that mean we have to change every instance of "Len" into "Ren"?

        Loading editor
    • Are they spelled the same way?

        Loading editor
    • I don't think Eve was always evil, so much as the Venom made her mind fragile and then the years of being an entity that was transient with multiple identities just broke her and her sanity was reduced to zero.

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote: Since (spoiler warning) Kayo projects the image of her son onto Kokutan-douji, does that mean we have to change every instance of "Len" into "Ren"?

      Since Servy did it because it's the Japanese spelling and seems to have no connection to Allen himself, then yes.

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    • The scary parts are more in how Kayo ruthlessly kills a family that's been nothing but pleasant to her out of sheer resentment without so much as a second thought, even as they're having a nice conversation. To touch on Rin's death, she has no idea what's about to happen until Kayo announces, when they are in a secluded place, that she intends to kill her.

      Her apology during the execution scene is for causing fear in the town she loved. I'm not sure she feels any remorse whatsoever over the murders.

      She's tragic but having a psychosis doesn't make a serial killer somehow not horrifying or dangerous.

        Loading editor
    • wrote:
      The scary parts are more in how Kayo ruthlessly kills a family that's been nothing but pleasant to her out of sheer resentment without so much as a second thought, even as they're having a nice conversation. To touch on Rin's death, she has no idea what's about to happen until Kayo announces, when they are in a secluded place, that she intends to kill her.

      Her apology during the execution scene is for causing fear in the town she loved. I'm not sure she feels any remorse whatsoever over the murders.

      She's tragic but having a psychosis doesn't make a serial killer somehow not horrifying or dangerous.

      Banica was a cannibal who wants to devour the world. Margarita poisoned and nearly killed a whole town. Riliane started a war and attempted genocide.

      The difference being that Kayo's psychosis is very realistic and seems to come from her trauma and projecting people where they aren't. It doesn't excuse what she did, no, but she is by far the Sinner you're most likely to meet in real life. Unless you're telling me there's magical cannibals, princesses possess by demons, and living dolls with a penchant for poisoning out there.

        Loading editor
    • Yeh as the two anons pointed out the whole point of the scariness is because she's a realistic kind of scary, with the psychosis paired up with a willingness to kill without remorse when given a "good" reason. The tragedy caused the psychosis, which caused bad things when mixed with the latter, far as I can tell.

      I also think that it could be spelled as "Len" still, because it clearly is a reference to Kagamine Len as it's applied first to the Len character. < < I don't see why it can't still be a reference to Len just because we know now why Kayo called Kokutan Len. 

        Loading editor
    • wrote: wrote:
      The scary parts are more in how Kayo ruthlessly kills a family that's been nothing but pleasant to her out of sheer resentment without so much as a second thought, even as they're having a nice conversation. To touch on Rin's death, she has no idea what's about to happen until Kayo announces, when they are in a secluded place, that she intends to kill her.

      Her apology during the execution scene is for causing fear in the town she loved. I'm not sure she feels any remorse whatsoever over the murders.

      She's tragic but having a psychosis doesn't make a serial killer somehow not horrifying or dangerous.

      Banica was a cannibal who wants to devour the world. Margarita poisoned and nearly killed a whole town. Riliane started a war and attempted genocide.

      The difference being that Kayo's psychosis is very realistic and seems to come from her trauma and projecting people where they aren't. It doesn't excuse what she did, no, but she is by far the Sinner you're most likely to meet in real life. Unless you're telling me there's magical cannibals, princesses possess by demons, and living dolls with a penchant for poisoning out there.

      Realism is frightening, just like how I feel about the dinosaurs in Disney's Fantasia 

        Loading editor
    • I'd point out that there are at least a dozen characters in EC who have done far, far worse than Kayo (many of whom didn't suffer from overt mental illness and trauma) and Riliane, one of the worse in actions, was given the ability to redeem herself, so I think mothy isn't one to play moral absolute.

      That said, out of not wanting to turn this into a flame thread, how about we drop this topic and discuss the elements for forthcoming articles, kay? Don't want this to turn into a Nasuverse power debate >>

        Loading editor
    • I'm not saying that she's worse than any of the others, it just seems odd to me to act as though she's the least scary out of all of them. The realism of Kayo's psychosis, and the down to Earth nature of her crimes (drawing someone out where they're alone and isolated so that they can't get help or escape when you kill them, and with no powers just an ordinary pair of scissors), is very visceral.

      That's precisely my point. She's horrifying because she's real.

      Or did I miss the nature of the conversation? It seemed to me people were saying how she was the least scary because she's tragic. My point was just that the product of that tragedy was a little horrifying, even if her crimes aren't on such a vast scale. It's the disconnect between

        Loading editor
    • --My reply took too long didn't see the replies, sorry.

        Loading editor
    • Nah, they're mostly two different conversations. Yes, sh's tragic, but she's also scary. They're not mutually exclusive, basically. I actually outright mentioned that all of this seeming to be born of tragedy is what makes it scary: because it's realistic and you're more likely to meet a Kayo than a Banica.

        Loading editor
    • CAn I just point out that Jakoku looks like a fire breathing snake, and that Leviathan's mouth was a portal to hell

        Loading editor
    • I only realized now that there being two "patron" countries for Envy (Levianta and Jakoku) ties with Envy's duality theme (twin blades, twin gods, etc).

        Loading editor
    • And about Bufuko... Blond hair, blue eyes, looks like Ren/Len, and asks for a maid dress... Am I the only one to think of our dear Behemo ?

        Loading editor
    • wrote:
      And about Bufuko... Blond hair, blue eyes, looks like Ren/Len, and asks for a maid dress... Am I the only one to think of our dear Behemo ?

      I did too. I think it's just a reference to Behemo actually.

      If the narrator is really the demon, I wonder why Ma didn't realise at first who it was (and also who is the mermaid).

        Loading editor
    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 4

      • One morning a few weeks later, Kayo visiting the Freezis trading house carrying a package.
      • [Basically this is Kayo's first time coming here even before the fire].
      • There was no one in particular at the main entrance.
      • While Kayo was hesitant to barge in without permission, a petite woman came out.
      • ???: "Mmm~, good morning! I had a premonition I'd have a dramatic encounter today!!"
      • She spoke in a very loud voice. Judging by how she smattered her words, the woman was undoubtably a foreigner.
      • Hiding her face immediately, Kayo decided to ignore it and speak to her even while a little puzzled.
      • Kayo: "Are you all right, ojou-san?"
      • ???: "You! You called me "ojou-san"!? You thought I was a child, didn't you?"
      • Kayo: "Oh, no......"
      • Kayo was so surprised by her threatening attitude that she forgot to hide her face.
      • ???: "I may look like this like my son back at home (I think?), but I'm a respectable lady! I am the leader of this here trade house! Watch what comes out of your mouth!!"
      • Kayo: "What? Does that mean you're...... Perrier-san?"
      • ???: "Indeed!! I am the Freezis Foundation Firm's Maistia branch's Akuna region case worker(?), Perrier Cutie Marlon!!"
      • Perrier puffed out her chest while saying so.
      • Kayo: "Really...... we received a great deal of help rebuilding Enbizaka, thank you so much. And thank you for letting me continue being a tailor too."
      • Kayo bowed to Perrier.
      • Perrier: "It's fine, it's fine! We're all equals in times of need! So what business do you have here today, Tailor-san?"
      • Kayo: "I'm delivering something..... for an aquaintance working here--"
      • Perrier: "? What's this person's name?"
      • Kayo: "...... Bufuko is what she's called, she was taking care of me up until a few weeks ago."
      • Perrier: "Oh, if that's the case--"
      • At that moment, someone else came outside.
      • Bufuko: "Perrier-sama! There's something I wanted to ask...... is that? Kayo-san!!"
      • Kayo: "Oh, it's good to see you. I brought what you requested."
      • While Kayo rushed over to Bufuko, Perrier watched them from the side.
      • Perrier: "Well then. I'm off to my morning run!!"
      • Perrier started running down the hill.
      • Bufuko: "Oh...... I still have something I wanted to ask...... it's fine, I guess."
      • Bufuko turned to Kayo.
      • Bufuko: "You got the maid outfit, right!!"
      • Kayo: "Yes. Like I said before, it's my first time making foreign clothes, so I don't know if I succeeded but......"
      • While she said so, Kayo showed her the contents of the package.
      • What was revealed was an elegant, mainly black maid outfit.
      • Bufuko: "Wow......"
      • While Bufuko took it, her eyes shined.
      • Bufuko: "It's good! It's really good! Thank you, Kayo-san..... I'm going to put it on now!!"
      • While holding the maid attire, Bufuko ran back inside.
      • Kayo: "Heheh..... I'm glad you like it."
      • Kayo was there smiling alone in the front of the entrance.
      • --Then new people came out of the trade house.
      • This time a man and a woman pair.
      • Anan: "What in the, I thought she looked strange and noisy (I think?)...... Kayo, what are you doing--Ah, are you the one who made the clothes Bufuko was raving about back there?"
      • The man was Anan.
      • [Basically, Anan was technically there to assist the Freezis Foundation Firm on behalf of the Octos, but he also had an interest in foreign culture, hence his helping Perrier apparently].
      • And then, the woman--I shouldn't need to explain her to you either.
      • ???: "Oh...... is this the "Sudou Kayo"-san you were talking about, Anan?"
      • The woman was a foreigner who spoke fluent Jakokuese--.
      • Elluka "Ma" Clockworker.
      • It was you.

      Note: I stopped bothering to translate Perrier's ridiculous amount of katakana. Just imagine someone obnoxiously loud and speaking your language non-fluently.

        Loading editor
    • Behemo is physically in the novel and shows up at the end, so while I haven't read the specific part that says Bufuko is Behemo, I'm pretty sure they're the same person.

        Loading editor
    • --And also the narrator is not the demon. But I suppose you're waiting for Servant to get to that part so I'll try not to say any more, sorry. Kind of a big spoiler.

        Loading editor
    • Hey Anon! Stop spoiling the novel, gosh >_> There are people who want to be surprised, don't ruin everything for them.

      By the way, Kayo suddenly stopped thinking Bufuko was Ren/her mother? Welp, that was random. Also, Servy, I wonder, why are people calling eachother "Kayo-san" instead of "Sudou-san"? Isn't that supposed to be how they call eachother in Japan if they are not close friends/family?

        Loading editor
    • A few questions?

      If Kayo's husband had the ability to fly, was he linked with the lust's demon?

      Knew Kayo the Miroku's Family before to kill them? She certainly became crazy 

        Loading editor
    • I don't think her husband could actually fly, and it's more a reference to Venomania than anything else. If he could actually fly, I don't doubt he could have carried his wife and infant son to safety. All it would take is ducked out of sight long enough to release his wings, which, since they started ahead of the fire, wouldn't have been hard.

        Loading editor
    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 5

      • A missionary who came from a country called Maistia that was arrived aboard a Freezis Foundation Firm merchant ship three days ago for spreading a foreign religion, the Levin faith--that's the identity Anan told Kayo.
      • Elluka: "Kayo-san, I heard you were troubled from being burned."
      • While you were drinking milk tea in the drawing room, you told her such.
      • Kayo: "Yes."
      • Sitting in the chair facing you, she nodded.
      • Kayo: "As you can see, I've suffered burns like these. They remain on my body even now after four years."
      • While Kayo claimed this, there were no trace of burns actually on her, of course.
      • But as you should know, you didn't deny Kayo's words.
      • Elluka: "Yes...... terrible scars."
      • Then, Anan standing beside you spoke up.
      • Anan: "Elluka-sensei came and saved the minds of many people from her homeland. I heard the stories and thought that she might be able to relive you of your troubles and told her about you."
      • This clearly wasn't an act of kindness on Anan's part. He probably had the slight hope she might recall the "treasure" if she mental illness was cured.
      • Kayo: "Haa......"
      • While giving a half-hearted reply, Kayo stared dreamily at your face while saying such.
      • Kayo: "Sensei...... you have a beautiful face. And can even speak Jakoku's words."
      • Elluka: "I'm happy you said that. Aside from my appearance, I learned this country's language since I've come here before, way back when, you see."
      • Kayo: "Really now?"
      • Elluka: "Yes...... a long...... very long time ago."
      • Kayo: "But, Perrior-san earlier wasn't able to speak Jakokuese as well as you."
      • Kayo's words made you suddenly laugh.
      • Elluka: "Well, that woman..... it's an unsuitable aspect of her. But Perrier's business savvy is huge. Due her distant blood ties to the Freezises she's been dropped in such a remote area but--oops, excuse me."
      • Kayo: "No, I don't mind. There's no doubt this part of Jakoku is remote. The Freezis Foundation headquarters is probably the hugest organization in the Evillious region here." (probably butchered that last part)
      • Elluka: "It is the most powerful organization from Evillious--is what I would've once said. Now, the firm is starting to be pressured by a rival."
      • Kayo: "A rival?"
      • Kayo tilted her head to one side and you pointed to the building out the window.
      • Elluka: "The trading house next door, the Yarera Zusco Firm."
      • Kayo: "Still, could such a large trading house really lose here?"
      • Elluka: "Recently, their power's been rapidly expanding over here. Even though the Freezis Foundation's still backed by the Marlon family that was chased from the throne, the power of the two firms have been in competition. Perrier was somewhat thinking that they were the ones behind the fire of four years ago."
      • Kayo: "......!"
      • It looked like the color in Kayo's eyes changed just a little.
      • Elluka: "It was eventually concluded she was wrong since their store building(s) burned down as well."
      • Kayo: "...... Haa...... it's been difficult for everyone."
      • While Kayo drank the tea, she was listening to her story.
      • Elluka: "..... I'm sorry. Would you rather we talk about something else?"
      • Kayo: "No, since I haven't had the opportunity to hear stories of foreign countries, it's all very interesting to me."
      • Anan also joined the conversation.
      • Anan: "That would likely be the case. Hearing Elluka-sensei and Perrier-sama's stories, I'm reminded of how small Jakoku is. I'd like to visit Maistia and the Evillious region across the sea one day."
      • You then turned to Anan and declared the following.
      • Elluka: "Anan...... are you going to leave?"
      • Anan: "Haa...... no..... but--"
      • Elluka: "This here's a conversation between just two women. Moreover, you're being a little annoying."
      • Anan: "Annoying!?...... I understand....... excuse me."
      • Anan left the parlor while drooping his shoulders.
      • Elluka: "Now then...... shall we get down to business? Kayo-san, you're troubled by your burns."
      • Kayo: "..... Yes."
      • Elluka: And you say that I'm beautiful, correct?"
      • Kayo: "Oh yes. That pale white skin, that bright, pink hair--I'm envious to be honest."
      • Elluka: "In that case--there is a very simple solution. Something I keep in reserve for special times." (rough on that last bit)
      • Kayo: "Really?..... But, I...... that's......"
      • Elluka: "What is it?"
      • Kayo: "I'm just not very interested in your religion." (I think?)
      • While Kayo fidgeted saying that, you suddenly made a huge laugh.'
      • Elluka: "..... Hahaha!! Relax. I'm not thinking of converting you to Levin. To start, I just used the "missionary" title to get a ride on the Freezis Foundation's merchant ship."
      • Kayo: "Oh really!?..... I don't really know who you are then, Elluka-san."
      • Elluka: "You're fine not knowing.--you should only recall I'm the one saving your mind."
      • It looked like your pupils were glowing a mysterious green.
      • You'll save...... me..... Elluka-san?"
      • Elluka: "I will. But first I need to prepare a little...... I'll still be here three days from now--no, I'll go to your place. Where's your house?"
      • Kayo: "Well..... it's the place a little down the hill from here..... the tailor shop."
      • Elluka: "Got it. Then I'll see you in three days."
      • [Space]
      • Honestly, I've never recalled being so afraid as when I first met you.
      • Might be funny of me to say that with the body I have, but you were different from other humans, something different...... yes, you seemed to possibly not even be human but something else entirely.
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    • wrote:
      I don't think her husband could actually fly, and it's more a reference to Venomania than anything else. If he could actually fly, I don't doubt he could have carried his wife and infant son to safety. All it would take is ducked out of sight long enough to release his wings, which, since they started ahead of the fire, wouldn't have been hard.

      Well hubby claims his feathery wings wouldn't have been strong enough to carry them both, so if he were telling the truth, he has his excuse. Personally, I think it's just the ravings of a man who regularly exaggerates while drinking and (previously) hitting on anyone.

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    • Sloth Sinner wrote: (Snip) Also, Servy, I wonder, why are people calling eachother "Kayo-san" instead of "Sudou-san"? Isn't that supposed to be how they call eachother in Japan if they are not close friends/family?

      I think it's mostly a relationship thing. Bufuko and Anan know Kayo on some level thanks to the Octos.

      As for Perrier, she's a foreigner (whose speech uses katakana in the writing) so she isn't fluent like Ma, and possibly doesn't know or doesn't care for the custom.

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    • I literally cried when I saw the spoiler... Please make it stop.

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    • So Ma can still use hypnosis at least. Begs the question of why she'd bother with the missionary cover story when she could zap anyone to believe anything but maybe she's just lazy. XD

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    • Well, Ma said soon she wouldn't be able cast magic at all, so maybe she's just trying to conserve what she has left?

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    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 6

      • The next day, Kayo went to the draper store the Miroku Shop.
      • She was indebted to Mei and wanted to give her proper thanks.
      • While passing through the Miroku Shop, a girl was demurely sitting there.
      • Kayo: "Are you all right, Ojou-san?"
      • Rmembering Perrier's anger when she said the same thing, Kayo was a little nervous, but she really did seem like a proper "ojou-san" this time.
      • The girl bluntly replied.
      • Rin: "Mother and Father aren't here today. Nee-chan's on a date."
      • She was also one of Mei's daughters apparently.
      • Kayo asked for her name and the girl responded while hanging out her fieet.
      • Rin: "I'm Rin. Housesitting today. But I can't do any work requests. I don't know the prices so no selling kimono either."
      • I thought there was no point in her house sitting then.
      • Perhaps Kayo thought the same but she just smiled and laughed.
      • Kayo: "Well then, Rin-chan, you waiting here for your family?"
      • Rin: "Sure."
      • Then Kayo made a very lonely face, I remember well.
      • Without seeing Kayo's expression, Rin went out and said the following.
      • Rin: "But...... I feel I'm not just waiting for Father, Mother, and Nee-chan, you see?"
      • Kayo: "Hmm?"
      • Rin: "Not just today either. Yesterday, the day before that, and even long before that--since the time I was born. I've been waiting...... though for who, I don't know."
      • The girl was saying strange things.
      • Kayo: "Yes, it'd be great to see them. Whoever you're waiting for."
      • I don't know what Kayo was thinking but she answered without losing her smile.
      • Rin: "Yup!...... Are you waiting for someone too, Onee-san?"
      • Kayo: "...... Why would you think that?"
      • Rin: "Somehow, I get that feeling from your face."
      • The moment she mentioned her face, Kayo remembered the burns and swiftly turned away from Rin so suddenly.
      • Rin: "..... I said something rude, didn't I? If so, I'm sorry."
      • Rin looked at Kayo apologetically.
      • Kayo: "No, that's not it..... you see, I'm also waiting...... but."
      • Rin: "....."
      • Kayo: "The people I'm waiting for...... won't be coming back ever again......"
      • Kayo told Rin afterward that she'd visit the shop again and left.
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    • Rin oh god

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    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 7

      • It was two days later. Elluka--you, visited the tailor shop as promised.
      • Elluka: "Am I disturbing you?"
      • When you straight barged in, Kayo was in the middle of her work.
      • Kayo: "Excuse me...... I was going to take a little break just now."
      • While Kayo said such she put the kimono and sewing needle to the side.
      • Elluka: "Do you really like your tailoring job?"
      • Kayo: "Yes, I've liked it since early on, [apparently because her mother's been doing it since even before her].
      • This tailor shop was originally started up by Kagura's husband, Sudou Nagare. They started up their lives in Enbizaka as tailors following their elopement.
      • Kayo began helping her parents work since she was ten, and learned at an impressive pace and had been working with just her mother as a full-fledged tailor immediately after her father died from an endemic disease.
      • Elluka: "A tailor, huh...... I get the feelings its the fate of your blood."
      • When you said that deeply emotive words, Kayo looked at you with a curious face.
      • Kayo: "My fate?"
      • Elluka: "Yes. I believe it's the Octo family's fate to be tailors."
      • Kayo: "The Octo family? Not the Sudous? Haven't the Octos been a samurai family for generations?"
      • Elluka: "...... How much do you know about the Octos?"
      • Kayo: "Honestly, not much...... Mother wasn't the type to talk about her past very much. It was when I was taken in by them four years ago that I first learned I was descended from the Octos."
      • Hearing that, you seated yourself down and began telling the history of the Octo family.
      • Elluka: "--The Octos descend from a samurai who made a name for himself in the Battle of Jagahara about three hundred years ago; this Octo Gaou, who participated in the Battle of Jagahara, was a foreigner--did you know that?"
      • Kayo: "No...... I'm ignorant about history......"
      • Elluka: "Gaou was an immigrant from the Evillious region. Going further back in his lineage, there was a nobleman and a tailor woman. The man was the Duke of Asmodean, Sateriasis Venomania. And the woman was called Lukana Octo."
      • Kayo: "Haa...... but, why do you know all that, Elluka-sensei?"
      • Elluka: "If I were to say, I am Lukana herself," would you believe me?"
      • If one believed you were an ordinary human being, it was an unlikely story.
      • Kayo thought it was a joke too. She began making a small laugh.
      • Kayo: "Heheh, if that's the case, that means you're a witch that's been alive for centuries, Sensei."
      • Elluka: "Yes. My true identity is that of a witch--what're these clothes?"
      • You pointed to the pieces of cloth piled a little away from you both.
      • Kayo: "Oh, that's just some leftover cloth from my tailoring."
      • Elluka: "So you won't be using it anymore?"
      • Kayo: "Well, basically. It'd only be material for making minor repairs."
      • Elluka: "...... Well then, I'll borrow them for a second."
      • You took some of the scraps of cloth from the pile, and turned back to Kayo.
      • And then you murmured a few foreign words to yourself.
      • Then--despite being indoors, a strong wind suddenly began blowing from somewhere.
      • The pieces of cloth fluttered and soared through the building.
      • Kayo: "Oh my......"
      • Kayo voice her admiration the very next moment.
      • You were also chanting something else and all the torn cloth was immediately consumed in flames all at once.
      • They then burned and turned to ashes.
      • Kayo: "Aaaghh!!"
      • Kayo screamed seeing that.
      • Elluka: "It's alright, the fire won't spread to you or the building...... so it won't cause you any trouble."
      • Kayo was trembling with a frightened face.
      • Elluka: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have shown you that."
      • Comforting Kayo, she hugged her body softly.
      • Elluka: "...... But with this, do you believe I'm a witch now?"
      • Kayo: "Y-Yes......"
      • Kayo nodded repeatedly while still trembling.
      • Kayo: "W-What...... in the world is your reason for--"
      • Elluka: "The only reason I came to this country was to return this Lukana's body to a descendant of the Octo family...... when I heard your story and saw your figure, I thought you qualified."
      • You said you came to "return" it. That means you had originally stolen this body from Lukana, not that Kayo had the time to realize that.
      • Elluka: "You said you "envied" Lukana's body so I'll give it to you. That way, you won't ever have to be troubled with those burns again."
      • Kayo: "B-But...... if so, what will happen to you, Sensei?"
      • Elluka: "I've decided I'll take your body instead. We'll exchange our bodies with each others."
      • Kayo: "...... But if my form's suddenly exchanged, woun't everyone wonder about it?"
      • Elluka: "It's alright. I know a way for them to not."
      • Kayo: "......"
      • Elluka: "It seems you're still deciding. Well, of course, right?"
      • You released Kayo's body and stood up from where you were.
      • Elluka: "--In the past, there was a human troubled with his appearance just like you. Passing the means over to him, I allowed him to change this appearance...... then, his life changed completely. Discarding his miserable past, the man obtained the happiness he so desired."
      • Kayo: "......"
      • Elluka: "You now have two conflicting emotions. A feeling that you must move on and forget your past and your desire to not forget your family, I believe. Without balancing them, your mind has fallen into chaos. You've created illusions of there being burn marks on your body...... If the scars of the fire disappear, so too would your memories of your beloved family along with memories of the fire; you're afraid of that in the depths of your mind."
      • Kayo: "I don't know...... I just don't know......"
      • Elluka: "Forget them. If you cannot forget what's causing you pain, then you cannot begin to move forward. It isn't heartless of you. Your dead family wouldn't want you to continue to be held captive by your old memories, surely."
      • Before she realized, Kayo was shedding huge tears.
      • Kayo: "Sometimes...... I'm afraid of myself......"
      • Elluka: "...... Afraid of what?"
      • Kayo: "Going by the front of the tailor shop are lovers...... families...... people who have what I lost...... when I look at that...... I feel myself driven by terrifying fits of jealousy. I'm tempted to take these scissors in my hands and swing them at them."
      • Elluka: "...... Just maybe, you may be possessed by the Demon of Envy."
      • You glanced at the scissors I dwelled in beside Kayo.
      • Kayo: "A demon...... would you be able to exorcised that from my body?"
      • Elluka: "If you were to exchange bodies with that of a witch's, perhaps......"
      • Your proposal, at first glance, looked like you had respect for Kayo.
      • But, I could tell just by looking from beside her, that you made it seem like you weren't lying. (I think?)
      • You just wanted to get your hands on Kayo's body. This sophistry was merely for the purpose of deceiving Kayo.
      • But I couldn't transmit my thoughts to her.
      • She nodded in understanding and told you this.
      • Kayo: "Please...... do it. Give me a new body so I can move--"
      • Elluka: "...... I understand."
      • You smiled.
      • For Kayo, it might've looked like the smile of her savior.
      • For me, it looked like the sneer of a demon.
      • It didn't take long for the "ritual" to be completed.
      • You put your hand on Kayo's head and recited a few words.
      • And the two of you were wrapped in a faint pink light.
      • --That lasted maybe five minutes?
      • If you noticed, you and Kayo were lying there on the spot.
      • However, Kayo got up immediately.
      • ???: "...... Excellent."
      • She said so but it was no longer Kayo. I understood that she became a different being.
      • Elluka: "As expected of a body of Lukana and Venomania's descendant...... this is...... what I've been searching for for years!! If the body's full of magical power, it won't take as long for me to regain my true power!!"
      • Kayo--you who took the form of Kayo, began howling with laughter.
      • Then you turned your eyes to the scissors laying on the tatami.
      • And then you slowly began stretching your hand toward them..... then you realized something and withdrew you arm.
      • Elluka: "Well then, good luck, Kayo-san."
      • After saying that to the remaining Elluka--the woman whose mind was that of Kayo--you left the tailor shop.
      • Thus that was the reason why you exchanged bodies.
      • By using the Swap Technique--.
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    • I knew it!  I knew she'd say something like that!  ITS SO SAD WHY ARE THEY NOT FRIENDS YET

        Loading editor
    • Rin and Kayo's conversation was so sweet ;-; It's so sad to know that Kayo will muder Rin when she was the cutest thing ever 

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    • Green eyes, wind and fire, huh? Good to know that she can still use the 3 Mas' abilities. 

        Loading editor
    • Oh yeah, I can certainly see a certain deal coming up... maybe we'll get some sort of description of how it feels to be subject to the swap technique.

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    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 8

      • Elluka: "I have some questions."
      • While listening to my story, Elluka suddenly stopped writing in the notebook she had place on her knees.
      • Narrator: (What is it?)
      • Elluka: "How did you know the name of the spell I used was the Swap Technique? At the time, I shouldn't have mentioned the name of the spell I was using to Kayo."
      • Narrator: (...... I just did. Calling the spell to exchange bodies the Swap Technique or something--just something I arbitrarily thought of)
      • Elluka: "Hmmm...... well, I'll leave it at that. Then one more thing--in regards to Kayo losing her parents, I understand her father died of disease. But, her mother..... what was the cause of Kagura's demise?"
      • Narrator: (She went missing immediately after Kayo's wedding. Since her favorite scissors were found on the coastal cliff, it was determined she accidentally fell and died)
      • Elluka: "And those scissors were the ones you currently dwell in, correct? Then that means you witnessed the scene."
      • Narrator: (Yes...... she definitely went down into the sea. Left the scissors on top of the cliff)
      • Elluka: "Was it really an accident? Maybe she was pushed by someone, or perhaps it was suicide?"
      • Narrator: (......)
      • I didn't answer her question.
      • Elluka: "You don't want to give me the details about that..... I've been listening to your story, as much as you dislike me--I mean, you seem quite committed to Kayo."
      • Narrator: (For me, we've spent so much time together that Kayo is like my master. Isn't that natural of me?)
      • Elluka: "Your master, huh...... Is that really the only reason why?"
      • Narrator: (Why is this about me? This is Kayo's story right now. After that...... I may share mine with you)
      • Elluka: "That isn't so if my questions are answered. The same with you." (totally butchered)
      • I looked at the notbeook on Elluka's lap.
      • Narrator: (It looked like you were writing something on paper earlier...... what in the world is it?)
      • Elluka: "Oh, this...... writing things down has become a bit of hobby for me recently. Since your story was more interesting than I thought, thus I wrote down its content. Maybe I'll sell it somehow after this. May make a good screenplay for the stage. Or maybe a different--"
      • Narrator: (Please don't do as you please without my permission..... And one more thing. Did you even care to save Kay's mind--)
      • Elluka: "Don't you already know the answer to that regardless?...... As you might've guessed, I only wanted a body full of magical power. Her interested overlapped with mine so I merely took advantage of that. If Kayo refused, I would've taken it from her by force."
      • That means she's been living for centuries by doing so up until now.
      • Elluka: "Still...... don't get me wrong but while I wasn't willing to save Kayo, that doesn't mean I bore ill will towards her either. Other than exchaning bodies, [lots of stuff about how Ma didn nothing wrong and that even she doesn't know why Kayo did what she did after that]."
      • Narrator: (......)
      • Elluka: "Of course, perhaps it was a side effect of the Swap Technique. But even that doesn't explain it...... I think you hold the key to the answer."
      • So that's why Elluka was listening to my story.
      • Elluka: "To begin with, the Swap Technique is a powerful spell that burdens me. My power being temporarily weakened too. That's why I haven't done anything really unnecessary this year."
      • Narrator: (Is that why you didn't take the scissors right away?)
      • Elluka: "...... We, something like that. I thought the Demon of Envy dwelled in the scissors until today. This demon is a little special. [she'd basically be in trouble if she screwed up]. That's why I left them as they were until I regained my power but--against my expectations, a different being dwells within them."
      • Narrator: (...... Let's continue Kayo's story)
      • Elluka: "Heuh, you're really not willing to reveal your identity, are you?"
      • [Double space]
      • Narrator: (--In your form, Kayo...... had pink hair and white skin, reborn as someone else. But, none of the people around her found it to be strange)
      • Elluka added to explain the reason.
      • Elluka: "I had the power to manipulate people's minds just a little. It was considerably weaker compared to the old days, but it was still a modest power. But I was able to convince everyone around us that Kayo and I "had those forms since before"."
      • I couldn't ascertain whether that was the truth.
      • But, as long as far as the actual phenomenon I saw, her words didn't have to be correct.
      • Narrator: (...... Anyway, thanks to that, there was no particular confusion after the body exchange. Kayo lived on the same as before. Neither did she seem to worry about the remaining burn scars thereafter)
      • However...... another problem occurred with her mind.
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    • Huh, so our initial assumption on why the body swap happened was correct. Have to say, Ma is getting to be an amusing ham.

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    • Nice to see Rin has some vague memories of Riliane. I wonder if Kayo calling her "Ojou-san" is a reference to Riliane's being queen.

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    • (First ever post, hi all!)

      I feel like the narrator is Kayo's mum and she used the Swap Technique to enter the scissors and fake her suicide or something. And Elluka referencing back to Sati and Lukana is another hint at Kayo and TotallyNotGakusha?

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    • I totally love how my nickname for Kayo's husband has stuck.

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    • hilarious name Gallerian

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    • Gallerian wrote: (First ever post, hi all!)

      I feel like the narrator is Kayo's mum and she used the Swap Technique to enter the scissors and fake her suicide or something. And Elluka referencing back to Sati and Lukana is another hint at Kayo and TotallyNotGakusha?

      (Spoiler warning) You've got it right, Gallerian. There's info on the TVTropes page for the novel if that's what you're after.

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    • GreekTelepath wrote:

      Gallerian wrote: (First ever post, hi all!)

      I feel like the narrator is Kayo's mum and she used the Swap Technique to enter the scissors and fake her suicide or something. And Elluka referencing back to Sati and Lukana is another hint at Kayo and TotallyNotGakusha?

      (Spoiler warning) You've got it right, Gallerian. There's info on the TVTropes page for the novel if that's what you're after.

      Also spoiler: except not exactly. |D IT's a bit more complicated.

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    • GreekTelepath wrote:

      Gallerian wrote: (First ever post, hi all!)

      I feel like the narrator is Kayo's mum and she used the Swap Technique to enter the scissors and fake her suicide or something. And Elluka referencing back to Sati and Lukana is another hint at Kayo and TotallyNotGakusha?

      (Spoiler warning) You've got it right, Gallerian. There's info on the TVTropes page for the novel if that's what you're after.

      Nice! I hadn't thought to check there, thanks for the tip.

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    • Okay, but I was thinking... We know that Kayo automatically assumes any blond person is her son, Ren, so maybe the reason she imprints her husband onto Kai is because he and totallynotGakusha have a shared burn on one of their hands?

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    • Yeah, I think that's the case.

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    • I like how it's something as minuscule as a burn on the same hand that's leads Kayo to imprint her husband onto Kai.

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    • To be fair, how many people do YOU know with burns on the same hand?

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    • Chapter 1: Act 2: Scene 9

      • Gossip--1st: Jahime
      • [Space]
      • Once upon a time, there was a very selfish princess named Jahime.
      • Jahime spent lots of money simply for her own pleasure.
      • On top of that, suddenly one day, she began to say things like this.
      • "Give all of this Jakoku to me."
      • [Space]
      • Back then, Jakoku still wasn't one big country.
      • It was a number of small countries and Jahime's country was just one of them.
      • [Space]
      • Jahime allied with a witch who came from a foreign country and steadily went around destroying the neighboring countries.
      • When all of Jakoku was about to be consumed with fear of Jahime and the witch, one young samurai rose against them.
      • He descended from the same foreign countries as the witch and was able to deal with her mysterious powers.
      • It was said he could sprout wings from his back and fly through the sky.
      • [Space]
      • The samurai and his fellows who came from foreign countries as him confronted Jahime and her forces.
      • One was a sorceress, blowing away Jahime's soldiers in the winds she created.
      • Another was her disciple, kicking about her soldiers with a strange matchlock.
      • And finally an old woman wearing the mask of a monkey, who created sharp blades for the samurai.
      • [Space]
      • When Jahime's defeat drew near, the old women in the monkey mask was killed by the witch.
      • While shedding tears of grief, the samurai finally defeated Jahime at Jagahara, driving the witch from the country.
      • [Space]
      • The sorceress and her disciple returned to their countries.
      • And then the samurai was given the land of Izasa in the south by the fuedal lord and allowed to govern there.
      • The daughter of the old woman in the monkey mask turned up in this land, making a respectable tomb for her mother, and lived in this land as she had.
      • He kept the blades he received from the old woman in the monkey mask as an heirloom with the upmost devotion.
      • [Space]
      • --from the Freezis Fairy Tales' Foreign Stories--
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    • What is with the wings? Or do Venomania's descendants (at least the purple-haired ones) somehow retain the ability to grow them? Or are here more contracts going on than initially thought?

        Loading editor
    • If it was related to a demon contract, Elluka and Gumillia would've probably exorcised Gaou asap. There's no way they didn't hear about him sprouting wings on the battlefield to slaughter their enemies, regardless of what vessel he had, imo. It might be a legitimate power developed from being a Venomania descendant, similar to Germaine's healing ability with Banica.

      One thing to note, the narration about the birds looking like they were burning in the night sky might've been an allusion to Kayo's husband. Maybe he used his wings to escape but was still burned and crashed at the mountain, becoming Gakusha?

      Considering the reference is coming up again, I'm inclined to believe this isn't just a coincidental legend about the Octos.

        Loading editor
    • Interesting and kind of hilarious. It would explain how he survived--sprouting his wings might have knocked the rubble off enough for him to get loose. And then flying would get him to safety.

        Loading editor
    • Well, we know that descendants of contractors contain residual magic and sometimes certain abilities given by a contract (I.e Banica's contract lead to Germaine's accelerated healing).

      So it's possible that Veno's descendants might be able to grow wings..?

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    • Given Pierrot, I would have assumd resistence to charms, given Elluka proposed that possibility. But of all things, the thing that carries down the Venomania line is wings.

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    • wrote:
      Given Pierrot, I would have assumd resistence to charms, given Elluka proposed that possibility. But of all things, the thing that carries down the Venomania line is wings.

      It's possible different powers developed down different lineages. Keep in mind, Gatt descended from Gast, a separate branch from the main Octo branch that settled in Jakoku. It's quite possible Gatt's resistance to brainwashing/hypnosis was just a different power entirely; or maybe he just never discovered he could sprout wings or was unable to.

      If we could confirm whether Gakusha was unaffected by Ma's hypnosis (assuming he was in range of it) and had these wings at the same time, it would clarify a lot on that end.

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    • EC is getting more anime by the minute.

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    • It is making me wonder if there's more than one residual power passed down the line, and normally they just go undiscovered.

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    • A Freesiz tale dedicated to the civil war, go figure.

      RIP Chartette Langley 

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    • Okay but now I'm wondering if the wings are solely limited to Octos, or if there's a possible universe where a tiny chubby Banica Conchita has wings and I especially felt the need to share that last mental image.

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      • If Gakusha indeed displays some of Venomania's powers, it may also be the reason behind his increased sex drive.
      • Hmm, Jahime's story sounds a lot like The Daughter of Evil. Do we take her story depiction as literal?
        • I'd also like to note the pun in Jahime's name (hime means "princess"). It may be a reference to Margarita/Eve though, since she's implied to be a Miku.
      • Do we categorize Ma's story as a Freezis Fairy Tale?
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    • It seems to be from a Freezis' fairy tale collection of foreign tales, so I think it qualifies.

      As for Jahime, I have no clue what to do. There is obvious similarity to Daughter of Evil, and I suppose it could count as a reference.

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    • ...You know, I had a thought. While it's never outright mentioned, Gatt does seem to get around very, very swiftly. And I mean some pretty big distances from what I can tell. Is it possible he did, in fact, have wings, but Mothy never directly mentioned them to save that big reveal for Envy?

        Loading editor
    • Extreme speed does seem to be an ability seen in Veno descendants. Gast had superhuman speed, and Gatt could literally dodge bullets. I wonder what Gammon's "curse" is, then.

        Loading editor
    • I was mainly wondering if it was possible that Gatt flew a few times he was closing long distances (like heading to Marlon to kill "Bruno") or something like that. xD;

        Loading editor
    • That does sound like a possibility. I wonder if the mutations get more prominent over time.

        Loading editor
    • If so, what does that mean for Gammon's face?

        Loading editor
    • Guys I fished out some alternative profiles and the colored page
        Loading editor
    • That map of Jakoku is a beautiful Christmas gift.

        Loading editor
    • I made an avi for Kokutan-douji. Does anyone know how to edit out the text in Gakusha's profile?

        Loading editor
    • Would this one work for Gakusha?
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    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      • Hmm, Jahime's story sounds a lot like The Daughter of Evil. Do we take her story depiction as literal?
        • I'd also like to note the pun in Jahime's name (hime means "princess"). It may be a reference to Margarita/Eve though, since she's implied to be a Miku.
      • Do we categorize Ma's story as a Freezis Fairy Tale?

      The first few lines are The Daughter of Evil almost verbatim. Yes, Jahime's name literally means Snake Princess, go figure. This story sounds pretty reliable as far as accounts though but it's likely watered down all the circumstances.

      There's no mention of Jahime's father and the back of the book indicated Jahime was trying to fulfill her father's dream of uniting the country. Perhaps she was a selfish ruler who wanted to control more territory, but we definitely don't know everything that went on based on just the fairy tale.

      Edit: The fairy tale is written as a separate account btw. This isn't part of the narrator's story Ma is being told.

        Loading editor
    • With the involvment of Irina during this time could it be possible that Irina forced a contract between Jahime and the Demon of Pride similar to what happened in Story of Evil?

        Loading editor
    • Chapter 1: Act 3: Scene 1

      • While Kayo strolled through Enbizaka, young men whispered to each other.
      • Man #1: "Hey, that's, the proprietess at the Sudou place, isn't it?"
      • Man #2: "Yeah...... was she always a beautiful woman like that?"
      • Man #1: "Hmmmm...... I feel that's it, but also not it."
      • Man #2: "What sex appeal for a widow...... hehehe, I might make a candidate for her new husband, huh?"
      • Man #1: "You're finished; with a nose like yours, you won't be her partner...... that woman needs an actual--"
      • Kayo didn't hear what the men were whispered to each other.
      • [Space]
      • Kayo was visiting the neighborhood hairpin shop of Oyuka that day.
      • It was burned in the fire last time but was reconstructed a little before Kayo's tailor shop was.
      • Kayo: "Hello, here you are."
      • Kayo handed Oyuka a beautiful purple of shallow purple.
      • Oyuka: "Oh my, it's lovely...... thank you, Kayo-san."
      • Kayo: "No, no. It's come four years too late."
      • Oyuka: "But the kimono I requested burned in the fire back then, didn't it? You dared to reproduce it this brilliantly? Truly."
      • Kayo: "...... The fire was dreaful for all of us."
      • Oyuka: "...... That it was."
      • Like everyone else, Oyuka didn't question the fact that Kayo's form had changed.
      • Oyuka: "Kayo-san, it'll be dinner time soon. Since you're too focused on your work as is, you haven't prepared anything, right? If you'd like, you can eat dinner at our home tonight."
      • Kayo: "No, that...... would be a nuisance to your husband and daughter."
      • Oyuka: "Don't mind the both of them. They say it'll make the food better with company......  Kayo-san, aren't you alone at home?"
      • Kayo made a little, lonely nod.
      • Kayo: "My son and husband aren't come back home."
      • Oyuka: "Yeah...... that's right."
      • Kayo: "Honestly, that pleasure seeking of his is so troubling."
      • Oyuka: "...... What?"
      • Kayo: "Even Ren, though I get his job at the Freezis trading house keeps him busy, he should show his face around the house sometime."
      • Oyuka: "Kayo-san..... you......"
      • Oyuka knew Kayo's husband and son died in the fire four years ago, of course.
      • Since Kayo was saying such things, she was puzzled.
      • Without realizing she was upsetting Oyuka, Kayo continued saying these things.
      • Kayo: "But I'll have to refuse today after all. I had another tailoring job I wanted to finish today." (roughly)
      • Oyuka: "O-Of course..... see you, Kayo-san."
      • Oyuka waved her goodbye while Kayo headed off back to her tailor shop.
      • Immediately after she turned back, her husband the hairpin craftsman opened the sliding door and showed his face.
      • Husband: "Look like she came by. The Sudou proprietess."
      • Oyuka: "Yes...... it seems the rumors are true after all."
      • Husband: "Oh, the story that, since her husband and son died, she's been mentally unwell?"
      • Oyuka: "To tell you the truth, since Kayo-san had come back to Enbizaka, I was a little scared. While I was walking together with our, I spied her staring at us with a super scary face. But because of what happened to her recently, I assumed she'd get over it for sure......"
      • Husband: "Did she say something?"
      • Oyuka: "It's like Kayo's forgotten her husband and son are dead. Her husband's not back because he's pleasuring himself outside and her son's working at the trading house...... it's like she's convinced of that."
      • Husband: "Well, even during the time her husband was alive, he didn't stick around his house much. She could easily justify it's his playboy habits despite their marriage. But saying her son's working, wasn't the boy still just a baby?"
      • Oyuka: "[basically she's full of contradictions and it's all very strange]..... poor girl."
      • Husband: "...... You and the neighborhood going to share your thoughts?" (I think?)
      • Oyuka: I'm not going to do that. I've been indebted to Kayo-san and the late Kagura-san and Nagare-san for a very long time. I need to care about Kayo-san, especially if she's mentally unwell."
      • Husband: "Even though it's generally unasked of you......."
      • While Oyuka's husband was amazed, his face looked a little amused.
      • Husband: "Well, I'll stop. I haven't stopped liking that." (I think?)
      • [Space]
      • Kayo ostensibly lived a normal life with only the thing about her son and husband being any obviously strange behavior.
      • You could say it was natural that rumors spread through Enbizaka.
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    • PrincessAcedia wrote:
      With the involvment of Irina during this time could it be possible that Irina forced a contract between Jahime and the Demon of Pride similar to what happened in Story of Evil?

      Assuming she had the mirrors at the time. She doesn't during the Pere Noel era and neither did Elluka so who knows what happened to them between the battle with Mikina and Jakoku's Civil War.
      Edit: Since I'm going to be on a holiday for a few days, I think it's a good time to discuss what we should be focusing on for future articles.

      As far as characters go, it looks like Gakusha, Kokutan-douji, Kagura Sudou, Kiji Yarera, Mei, Miku, Rin, Saruteito and maybe Oyuka will meet the requirements we currently have in place. I could lower the line count, but we're still working on a few articles for minor chars on the existing quota so I'd rather hold off until that's done.

      Miku, Rin, and Mei have enough info now for articles with the individual scenes we have with them. If we can polish their articles now, we'll just have to update them as we confirm new information in scenes.

      Since TotallyNotGakusha is obviously Gakusha, do we use his original name or his new name as a monk for the page name? I feel like in this case, he's most iconic to the fandom as the monk with his new name and it seems like that's the identity he's using the majority of both the book and song he's featured in. With all the info between both of their identities, he definitely has enough for his own article.

      We've gotten a lot of info about Onigashima and its history so I think an article for the island would be appropriate. There's also all the regions in Jakoku (Amayomi, Enkoku, Tsusa, and Izasa) that can be updated on that article. The Akuna region now has a redirect to Bolganio so we can update that page with the new info.

      Are there any other notable locations to consider?

      The Twin Blades of Levianta now have more of a clear history we can update about, though how Kagura got them out of the cave Gaou apparently sealed them in isn't clear. I feel like the fire could be its own event if it turns out there was more going on behind the scenes.

        Loading editor
    • I'm not sure if Rin and Mei are ready for articles yet, I'd rather wait for eveything to be revealed.

        Loading editor
    • We can still implement some of the information though?? Like Mei and the doctor stuff

        Loading editor
      • Do we ever get Mei's maiden name? That way her father can have a named section in the Minor Character list.
      • Does Jahime's fairy tale have an actual title?
      • I vote that we use Gakusha as his character name. It's what he's most known as.
      • I'll put up the Miku Miroku page shortly.
        Loading editor
    • I bet it's kou or something stupid like that

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      *Do we ever get Mei's maiden name? That way her father can have a named section in the Minor Character list.
      • Does Jahime's fairy tale have an actual title?

      If it does, I haven't read the scene about it yet. So far, her father is just the "doctor" and she's a Miroku. And no, nothing beyond the fairy tale group it's part of.

        Loading editor
    • Do you think we could have a page for all the businesses in the Third Period? We could call it Bolganio Businesses or something. Because we have:

      • The Freezis Foundation (Can have a link to the page)
      • Yarera Zusco Firm
      • Corpa Firm
      • Venom Mercenaries
      • All the family-owned businesses in Enbizaka
        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      Do you think we could have a page for all the businesses in the Third Period? We could call it Bolganio Businesses or something.

      Yeah! I like that idea.

        Loading editor
    • Depends. There's a lot of businesses in Evillious. Is there going to be a cutoff point that isn't arbitrary?

      Would Keel and Mikina's shop pre-trading guild count? What about the inn that Clarith and Michaela stay at? Seventh Magician's fortune telling business? The newspaper companies, fishing companies, etc. mentioned in Gift? The Toragay inn and Aceid inn? Egmont's pharmacy? Dr. Felix's practice? Dr. Rogze's practice? The Beelzenian inn whose name I forgot from Praeludium? The Octo tailor shop? Lilien's bakery? The Rolled bar? Kiril's shop? That circus group/Millenais theater? Elluka's brothel? The brothel in Lasaland? What about the brothel that Gatt's mom came from? Does a hospital like the one in Aceid count? The library in Calgaround? 

      And this is just all I can think of at this particular moment. (i.e adding more //shot)

      Ultimately seems like the page would get cluttered/unorganized and wouldn't add much that we don't already have from an Organizations tag and locations articles, the latter of which should be making mention of local businesses and the former discussing larger companies. That's just my opinion off the bat, though, unless you have some plan for this.

        Loading editor
    • Ah, I see your point. Perhaps a good cutoff point is businesses with at least one major character. I also would like to suggest we add additional sections for businesses under the Freezis Foundation umbrella, since they seem significant enough. 

      (This is Greek btw)

        Loading editor
    • Adding business sections under the Freezis Foundation umbrella sounds like a good idea to me, since they wouldn't be mentioned otherwise, but again I don't see the benefit of an overall businesses page. As I said before, local businesses like Kayo's or the Miroku's shops would be mentioned in Locations, and larger businesses like every firm you listed should be covered in Organization pages.

      And for your proposed cutoff point, who would be counted as a major character? Is Brigitta, the innkeeper, too minor, despite having a character page? Is Egmont? Many of the businesses I listed are run by people with character pages. And what about businesses like the Beelzenian inn that aren't run by any named character, but are nonetheless significant to the story? 

      Perhaps a page for businesses not based on a single location, and too minor for their own page, because those businesses wouldn't otherwise be brought up. But that also raises problems since some of these businesses are part of or later become larger businesses (Keel and Mikina's shop, for instance and the stuff under the foundation umbrella.)

      After that, what's left to list? (Not being rhetorical)

        Loading editor
    • By the way, should we list the family run businesses differently? I was thinking something like "Sudou Tailor Shop" or "Miroku Dry Goods Shop" to clarify which family runs which business.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, I think we can put the last name of the owners' in the shop name. It helps specify it down to whose shop it is (even if it's like the only shop lol)

        Loading editor
    • I agree on the  adding the family name on family run shops, and on Greek's suggestion

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      Guys I fished out some alternative profiles and the colored page

      I think we should crop the images of Kayo, Gakusha, and each of the Miroku profiles into separate images to replace the existing scans.

        Loading editor
    • Can do

        Loading editor
    • Mirokucoupleprofilecrop
        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:

      Thank you. I think you can upload those high quality images as the new version of existing images so that the existing ones in the articles will be updated automatically.

        Loading editor
    • I also disagree on making a businesses page, for Octo's reasons. It feels as redundant as making a "houses" page. Every business or building in the series has some kind of involvement with either a major character, someone minor but important to the plot, or characters that aren't heavily involved in the plot but have enough information to make pages based on. The important ones are already covered under Locations and if a character owns a business it's mentioned on their character page (with an appropriate link to the Location page).

      As well as what Octo said, if a business is tied to a larger organization it should be mentioned on their organization page as well. If a business is an organization (such as Freezis foundation), it should have it's own page with the more minor business it started from mentioned in it's history.

      This wiki already has a problem with providing too much information to reasonably digest, and adding completely superfluous pages like that will only compound the problem. imo it feels like you just want to add things for the sake of adding it rather than because it's necessary or good to note in any way. The information is already easily or has a perfectly serviceable spot.

      What would we put on a Businesses page that isn't already in an appropriate spot on the wiki? What businesses would be on there that can't be mentioned somewhere else?

        Loading editor
    • If there is enough information for a business to get a section, it could probably get a group article. It would be more appropriate to build on our existing articles imo. Unlike our lists on, say, wildlife, whatever businesses have enough info for sizable sections would likely have enough to create non-stub articles.

        Loading editor
    • In infoboxes of characters who has Kanji for their names (like Kayo and the Mirokus), what should the Japanese name be written in, katakana or kanji?

        Loading editor
    • I would say both, but if not, the kanji. The kanji is used for name meaning, whereas the purpose of the katakana is to clarify on how a name is pronounced. As we aren't anglicizing these names, and so they're written phonetically anyway, the katakana would be superfluous. The kanji on the other hand conveys information that can't be arrived at just by reading the name in English.

        Loading editor
    • Is Bufuko a orthodox Lucifenia? caused in the description, it said that she has blond hair (don't know if she got the pale skin or not), if so, maybe she's a descendant of Lily (the closest of the orthodox Lucifenia that still alive)

        Loading editor
    • It's possible that Bufuko is related to Lily, but the only thing really connecting the two are hair-colour and what not. I also saw someone who thought that maybe Bufuko was Behemo due to the blonde hair and maid outfit, but at the moment I think Mothy might just be referencing Behemo.

        Loading editor

      Bufuko is apparently confirmed to be Behemo

        Loading editor
    • I found a picture that spoils the book, should I upload it?

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      I found a picture that spoils the book, should I upload it?

      Please don't. I would wait until we get whatever part of the book your picture spoils translated.

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      I found a picture that spoils the book, should I upload it?

      Please don't. I can wait.

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      I found a picture that spoils the book, should I upload it?

      Please. I want to know spoilers.

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      I found a picture that spoils the book, should I upload it?

      I want to see it too. Can't you link it so people who don't want see spoilers don't have to see it?

        Loading editor
    • Seramyu wrote:
      Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      I found a picture that spoils the book, should I upload it?
      I want to see it too. Can't you link it so people who don't want see spoilers don't have to see it?

      Well I suposed I could post it on my tumblr and link it, but it's in japanese soi would need someone to translate it

        Loading editor
    • Sounds good Mistress, is it absolutely vital it be translated?

      (I also want to see it)

        Loading editor
    • Yes because the picture is just profiles that lists up things that happend to the people

        Loading editor
    • Ohh okay, dang too bad I can't translate

        Loading editor
    • not talk about it then here until the translation progresses.

        Loading editor
    • While I'm completely okay with users regulating amongst themselves what gets posted on this thread, keep in mind that this is a discussion thread for the book and that I'm not going to punish anyone for posting spoilers. Just to make that point clear.

      Anyhow, with scans now available do users prefer a colored back of the head for Kai or a non-colored look at his face? I'm personally in the latter camp and think his novel illustration is perfectly suitable for his infobox.

        Loading editor
    • I vote for his novel illustration as well.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah I prefer seeing his face too.

        Loading editor
    • Face

        Loading editor
    • Face.

        Loading editor
    • Feys.

        Loading editor
    • Alright, we're all on face; I'm going to assume the one I suggested. I'll give a pass to the edited image GT made for it.

        Loading editor
    • I would have said face too

        Loading editor
    • There are spoilers of the novel in this page:

      This is very interesting.

        Loading editor
    • Uh, let's not discuss those right now in the case of not wanting the thread to get unhandy.

        Loading editor
    • let's just all be calm until servy's translated everything

        Loading editor
    • Yep.

        Loading editor
    • Welp, looks like we're down to 2 1/2 good KAITOs left.

        Loading editor
    • While down to, what? One, maybe two Rins and Lens? :V Point is, that doesn't mean much in this series. Almost everyone is a shade of gray.

        Loading editor
    • wrote:
      While down to, what? One, maybe two Rins and Lens? :V Point is, that doesn't mean much in this series. Almost everyone is a shade of gray.

      Hmmm true

        Loading editor
    • This novel confirms that children of Barisol are Levia and Behemo, so they should be Rin and Len characters, right?

        Loading editor
    • If you'll check on their pages you'll see that we have both included their Vocaloid as Rin and Len and said that they're children of Barisol. We decided this way back when the OSS album was released, it's not new information.

        Loading editor
    • Does this confirm Barisol as the surname of Levia and Behemo?

        Loading editor
    • I'd rather wait on that until we have a direct confirmation that that's how god surnames work, or if gods even have surnames and not just two names. For all we know Behemo's surname could be "Barisolson" and Levia's could be "Barisolsdottir" or something. Or they might have chosen not to take their parents' name. Similar issue to everyone assuming Sarah, Gast's sister, was "Sarah Venom" before we found out Gast Venom was a given name and common Elphegort people don't have surnames.

        Loading editor
    • Good point

        Loading editor
    • While we're on the subject, can it be added to Barisol's trivia that her first name, Rahab, is the name of a Biblical sea monster?

        Loading editor
    • Can we count Barisol as the one spoken of in the song?

        Loading editor
    • wait then shouldn't Levias name be like rahadsdottir is that was the system, because they took their parents names? The rahab's name wouldn't even be barisol if that was the case

        Loading editor
    • dang i looked up more spoilers.

      Be prepared for tears when servy is done

        Loading editor
    • Their surname is probably Barisol, is what I got from it.

      Also Barisol might be a married name.

        Loading editor
    • I'm, bracing myself for tragedy.

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      While we're on the subject, can it be added to Barisol's trivia that her first name, Rahab, is the name of a Biblical sea monster?

      Wait where did you find this? From what I can find it says Rahab was a prostitute that lived in Jericho and also an ancestor of Jesus.

        Loading editor
    • Rahab is both, actually. In the Christian Bible Rahab is the name of a prostitute, but in Jewish mythology it's a sea monster. It's probably the latter meaning, but we should keep in mind the former if we learn more about her. alternatively, just mention Rahab is a name that shows up in Abrahamic religions. 

        Loading editor
    • Given the reoccuring theme of prostitutes, especially in relation to motherhood, I wouldn't doubt that the name isn't a coincidence. Mothy loves double meanings.

        Loading editor
    • Octofan wrote:
      Rahab is both, actually. In the Christian Bible Rahab is the name of a prostitute, but in Jewish mythology it's a sea monster. It's probably the latter meaning, but we should keep in mind the former if we learn more about her. alternatively, just mention Rahab is a name that shows up in Abrahamic religions. 

      That is an interesting concept 

        Loading editor
    • Well i'm confused. In the spoiler it said that human cannot reincarnate aside from Hansel, Gretel, and the "Irregular" twins or something. And yet Rilliane was able to escape the Helish Yard for a moment and reincarnated into Rin? What?

      as for the meaning of Rahab's name, yeah, it is interesting.

        Loading editor
    • Because she, like Allen, is a reincarnation herself. Keep in mind that heir bodies were meant to house Hansel and Gretel, and even then their own ancestor was one of the Lucif twins lost from the MA Project.

        Loading editor
    • No, that's not what i meant. Like- what Is she doing outside the helish yard? Is this before The Master started keeping the sinners here?

        Loading editor
    • Perhaps forced contracts don't count after all. Of course, that creates a thorny issue with Kayo, but > >

      On the other hand, in the book Allen did suggest as an alternative that a sin contractor's spirit could be wandering the earth when denied heaven. Maybe Riliane is an example of that.

        Loading editor
    • It's entirely possible that MOTHellY only kept the sinners out of the Heavenly Yard, as opposed to keeping them in the Hellish Yard. Most likely, that would still make reincarnation possible.

        Loading editor
    • That's assuming reincarnation doesn't circumvent the spirit visiting the Hellish Yard at all. H&G never mention their spirits having an afterlife between cycles. For all we know, reincarnating souls get thrown into some time-space dimension until the next point in the cycle; Behemo calculates this like an equation and Elluka's shown mapping out celestial bodies as if her ritual involves astrology. Allen hearing the Lu Li La might've just been Sickle using a device to take Allen's soul out of the cycle to keep for himself as Irina implies.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, and if Gumilliseth were the only ones keeping the Sinners there, remember that Venomania would have had a chance to get into the Heavenly Yard for a few HUNDRED years before her arrival. And he doesn't seem the kind of person to hide in Hell just because he wronged people.

        Loading editor
    • Honestly, everything we know about death is EC is all over the place at the moment, with only a few "facts" known.

      I'm still wondering about that "world-shaking thing" Kayo is rumoured to have done, with my bets being on Kayo Ma Sudou being the true instigator.

        Loading editor
    • Chapter 1: Act 3: Scene 2

      • I don't know why Kayo began saying such things. I thought you did something to Kayo's mind but the result doesn't seem to pan out.
      • Still, [that event certainly began her talking as if her husband was still around].
      • --It was shortly after you had exchanged bodies with her.
      • That day, Kayo wasn't working for the first time in a while and just casually strolling outside.
      • She probably wanted to look around at Enbizaka since its recovery from the fire.
      • [Space]
      • Essentially, the narrator describes that there are lots of different hair colors that can be seen in the business-heavy Enbizaka, few having black hair indicative of pure Jakokuese, so Kayo having pink hair wasn't odd.
      • The prime example of foreign culture in Enbizaka would be the foreign trading houses lined along the slope.
      • There were many representatives of firms that were trading with Jakoku that had settled there, including the Freezis and Yarera-Zusco.
      • A little ways from the trading houses are Enbizaka's executiong grounds.
      • The narrator suggests that this was Onigashima's way of warning those nearby, since foreign crime would have naturally increased now. Natives would be executed there even now but that is far off for Kayo.
      • Going down the hill, Kayo serenely looked at the revitalized neighborhood from four years ago.
      • At the bottom of the hill was a twin arched bridge. Crossing it lead to the central street and the Miroku shop was along that road. Since it's the only bridge connecting Enbizaka to the main road, it was a high traffic area.
      • After stepping onto the bridge, Kayo suddenly stopped moving.
      • Her eyes widened and she stared at the man with blue hair ahead of her on the bridge.
      • The man was, at that moment, leaning on the railing of the bridge while dazing at the river, unaware he was in Kayo's line of sight.
      • Kayo: "A...... aaaah......"
      • While she gaped at him, she didn't stand there like that for long.
      • The man quickly began walking the opposite direction of Kayo's location.
      • Kayo tried going after the man in a hurry but his figure soon disappeared, buried in the crowd.
      • Kayo stopped her feet regretfully and murmurred such.
      • Kayo: "He's--alive."
      • Kayo saw the visage of her late husband in that stranger--that's what I thought at that moment.
      • Since that event, Kayo began to go around talking like her husband was still alive.
      • But...... as far as I could tell, that man didn't look anything like her husband.
      • If I dared make a commonality between them, the man did have the same kind of burn scar on the back of his left hand as Kayo's husband did.
      • [Space]
      • I was worried about that man and decided to look for his whereabouts.
      • Basically, the narrator didn't have difficulty finding him from in the scissors since she could see everything around Enbizaka.
      • When she found the man, he was inside the Freezis Trading House at first.
      • He was in the middle of a conversation with the owner of the mercantile establishment sitting across her desk, Perrier.
      • Perrier: "It's unsual for you to come here, sir!"
      • She smiled and offered him black tea.
      • Kai: "Oh goodness, it's embarressing...... I always leave going outside to my wife while I just confine myself to our home working. She's feeling a little ill today so I came for the goods' pay instead."
      • The man was smiling back.
      • From his deportment, he was apparently a merchant.
      • Perrier: "From disease? That's worrisome."
      • Kai: "Oh no, it's not that big a deal. Her father's a doctor and gave the diagnosis; it's just a cold. She should be well by tomorrow."
      • Perrier: "That's wonderful!"
      • While saying so, Perrier held out some coins.
      • Perrier: "...... Yes, so here's the pay."
      • Kai: "Thank you so much. For the clothes you ordered, the kimono from earlier, the entire storehouse.----And your patronage in the future. "
      • Perrier: "There's a small boom for kimono in Maistia right now! [Basically, paying the Mirokus for good goods is how they've kept up]! We could still use a little more though......"
      • Perrier said that with a completely dissatisfied look.
      • Kai: "...... That's all we can give. As part of the isolation policy, the amount that can be distributed to foreign countries is strictly regulated."
      • Perrier: "If not for their obstinance, the shogunate should hurry up and open up the country already! I've been telling them that for years but they won't listen to me at all!'
      • In contrast to the excited Perrier, the man remained calm and smiling.
      • Kai: "I understand your feelings, Perrier-sama...... but a foreign country shouting too much to "open the nation" in this country...... wouldn't be good now would it?" (roughly)
      • Perrier: "? What do you mean?"
      • Kai: "There are extremists in Jakoku who hate foreigners called the Crimson Robed Masses."
      • With a meek look, the man began describing them.
      • Kai: "I heard they cause all kinds of harrassment to people calling for foreigners to live in Jakoku and opening up the country and sometimes form small raids. If you were to catch the eye of those types of people--"
      • Perrier: "I'm well aware about that. They've already sent threatening letters to intimidate me....... However! I ignore all that! A Freezis never gives into intidmidation!"
      • Kai: "Really..... Well, my wife and I also have foreign blood in us, so we're not in it ourselves...... (I think?) Anyway, I believe we can make good deals with the Freezis Foundation Firm in the future. If there's anything else you desire, please tell us."
      • Following the man's proposal, Perrier gestured to think a little then answered.
      • She comments about a related problem of their Masitian tailors not having the necessary knowledeg to properly repair damaged kimono which Kai understands would be problematic to send them over here to learn, to which Perrier mentions Kayo having proven herself with a maid outfit she made.
      • The man gestured to think a little and eventually replied.
      • Kai: "Ah, the Sudou residence's--"
      • Perrier: "You're acquainted?"
      • Kai: "No, but our family's predecessor(s) and their predecessor(s) were seemingly friends long ago but the two had been in a quarrel...... since then, I haven't had any relationship with her. My wife, unaware of the dispute, would have her help with our work sometimes, but I myself haven't met with her even once."
      • Perrier: "Really now?"
      • Kai: "Well, what do I know about a dispute between parents? It's partly because we're both stay at home people that we haven't met each other.
      • Perrier: "If you're on good terms, I think you should try introducing yourselves,
      • Kai agrees on account of wanting good relationships with his wife and would be willing to meet with her right then before noticing the exotic and luxurious cloak on the wall and suggesting another time.
      • Kai: "I must return soon."
      • Perrier: "I see. I have to start heading for the harbor as well."
      • Kai: "You're sailing now? It's already getting pretty dark......"
      • Perrier: "A mermaid! I'm catching a mermaid!!"
      • Kai: "...... Haaa, a mermaid, huh......? Onigashima does have a tradition that mermaids live in the seas around here but--"
      • Perrier: "I heard you can get eternal youth if you eat a mermaid! [Basically they can be killed in the homeland if caught/farmed]!! I cannot miss such a dramatic business opportunity!!"
      • With a harpoon she had impercetibably prepared in-hand, Perrier shouted such loudly.
      • Kai: "...... Well, best of luck to you. Then, I'll take my leave."
      • The man left the trading house with an amazed face after that.
      • [Space]
      • The man goes directly down the hill, regardless of whether he was aware the narrator was observing him and went across the bridge and into the Miroku shop.
      • Rin: "Welcome home, Dad."
      • Rin welcomed him.
      • Kai: "I'm back, Rin. How's your mother doing?"
      • Rin: "She's still sleepin' but shees to have gotten considerably better."
      • Kai: "I see...... where'd Miku go?"
      • Rin: "Mmm...... She's likely still at Kiji-san's place."
      • Upon hearing that, the man's face clearly went steeply sour.
      • Kai: "That despicable foreigner...... dating that guy when her father absolutely doesn't approve!!"
      • Rin: "Don't yell at me about it...... anyhow, I don't think Kiji-san's such a bad guy, is he?"
      • Kai: "A good-for-nothing's a good-for-nothing!!"
      • The angry man went to the back of the shop while saying that.
      • [space]
      • The man's name was Miroku Kai.
      • He was the master of the Miroku shop.
      • The one Kayo was convinced was her husband to the wife and their child--.
      • [the narrator was helpless to correct Kayo about her mistake].
      • What I could do was only continue watching over her.
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    • I read a tumblr post saying that Kayo is still envious, because Kai has a family while Kayo doesn't

        Loading editor
    • Wow, Kai sure is duplicitous. He says he loves foreigners but slanders them in front of his daughter, not to mention is (spoiler warning) part of the Crimson Robed Masses himself.

        Loading editor
    • I want more Miku dating Kiji!

      WhydidKayohavetokillRin   ShelookslikeRenwhydidntshethinkshewashersoninsteadorz AndyeahIalreadyknowthespoiersbutstill-

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    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      Wow, Kai sure is duplicitous. He says he loves foreigners [...]

      To be accurate, he doesn't; he just seems to claim he's not associated with them. He acts polite to Perrier but clearly would prefer his little girl doesn't get intimate with a foreign businessman of a dubious company, justified or not.

        Loading editor
    • He's obviously got some prejudice due to later spoilers concerning Kai and the Crimson robed masses, but like actual people who hold prejudices, he knows how to act towards people. It's not out of place for Kai to appear nice, but then be an a** about foreigners once he is around family or by himself (or with others who share the same belief).

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    • Chapter 1: Act 3: Scene 3

      • Another morning, Oyuka visited Kayo's tailor shop.
      • Oyuka: "Kayo-san, are you there? Sorry to bother you."
      • Kayo was still sleeping in her futon at the moment.
      • Oyuka: "Oh dear, did you oversleep? That's unusual for you."
      • Kayo was always the fastest to start working in the entire neighborhood, hence why Oyuka said that.
      • Oyuka peeped into the futon.
      • And noticed Kayo was having a nightmare, her face in pain.
      • Oyuka: "Wait a second, are you alright!? Kayo-san!"
      • When Oyuka shook Kayo's body, she got up with a start.
      • Kayo: "Haaa...... haaa......"
      • Her hair was wild and she was breathing heavily; Oyuka stared at her, anxious.
      • Oyuka: "What happened, Kayo-san? Have you caught a cold?"
      • She put a hand to Kayo's forehead.
      • Oyuka: "It dodn't seem like you're heating up."
      • Kayo: "...... It's okay, Oyuka-san. It's nothing."
      • Oyuka: "Didn't look like that to me." (I think)
      • Kayo: "...... But, I did have...... a bit of a bad dream......"
      • Oyuka: "A dream?"
      • Kayo: "Yes...... purple......"
      • Oyuka: "You're overworking yourself. Working out your core so much wrecks the whole body! And you've been saying such odd things--"
      • Kayo: "......?"
      • Oyuka: "No, nevermind that--Oh! Yes, yes."
      • She passed the package she had over to Kayo.
      • Kayo: "What's this?"
      • Oyuka: "Delicious sweet buns from a home in Momogengou came in yesterday. I thought I'd share them. You don't dislike sweet buns, do you?"
      • Kayo: "Yes...... though I prefer tuna takoyaki...... thank you very much."
      • While still breathing pretty rough, Kayo thanekd Oyuka.
      • Oyuka: "I'll bring tuna takoyaki for you next time, [suggests they eat together when she's not working]."
      • Kayo: "Sure......"
      • Oyuka: "Then bye for now! Do get proper rest!!"
      • Oyuka said that and left.
      • [Space]
      • The narrator tells us that Kayo actually often had nightmares with that pained expression since then. It started happening more or less directly after she exchanged bodies with "you" (Elluka).
      • Although I can see the far off scenery around me, that doesn't mean I can peek into a person's head.
      • So I don't know what exactly the dreams she had were even now--
      • These dreams were clearly something sad and horrible for Kayo.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 3: Scene 4

      • Elluka: "Purple dreams...... huh?"
      • Elluka stopped writing and said such.
      • Narrator: (You have some idea about them?)
      • I asked and Elluka twirled her brush round and round in her hand and answered.
      • Elluka: "It's a prophetic ability I had."
      • Narrator: (Prophetic ability?)
      • Elluka: "The power to see the future. To be precise, it's not mine anymore. it was the power of the original owner of the body I passed onto Kayo--it was Lukana's power. But, it's not a power that can be actively used; it manifess in the form of dreams sometimes. The dreams back then...... must've been tinged with the color purple."
      • She "had" a prophetic ability...... those words imply she doesn't have that power currently.
      • Narrator: (This ability passed onto Kayo then?)
      • Elluka: "I can't know without being there. But, it's possible. [hypothesizes that Kayo saw dreams in advanced hence her actions before stopping].
      • She stares at the ceiling, rethinking her words before muttering more about how it basically doesn't add up yet, just invites more questions.
      • Hearing this, the narrator comes to her own conclusion about what happened and realizes that she, unlike Elluka, has the insider information needed.
      • Elluka: "...... Miroku Kai. The man who was the last victim of the murders......"
      • While turning the brush between her fingers, Elluka seemed to be thinking about the man.
      • Elluka: "I wonder why Kayo was convinced that he was her husband? Was it really all because he had a similar burn on his left hand?"
      • Narrator: (Yes, it was definitely that...... but, Kayo ha done the same thing with calling Bufuko her son)
      • Elluka: "With the exception of sharing blond hair, their ages and faces were completely different...... right?"
      • Narrator: (They were different genders too)
      • Elluka: "......"
      • Elluka suddenly went silent.
      • Narrator: (? Something stuck in there?)
      • Elluka: "No...... it's just what you said. Either way, we can say Kayo's mental illness was out of her desire to escape reality. With both Bufuko and also when she later met him."
      • The "him" Elluka referred to probably wasn't Kai.
      • For that moment, I looked outside the tailor shop. At the execution grounds from before, a blond boy and a monk were still talking.
      • Narrator: (...... So Kai wasn't the same case Bufuko?)
      • Elluka explicates about how long Bufuko and Kayo were together (four years) and that the fact "he" had the same blond hair might've caused her to pass that mistaken identity onto the boy instead, but that her information on Kai is limited for making that same deduction.
      • Narrator: (Perhaps the answer will be made clear if you hear more of my story)
      • Elluka: "Ah, really? Then please hurry and continue."
      • Narrator: (Should I skip through my story a little to the point when Kayo and "he" met?)
      • Elluka: "No.... tell it in its proper order, it's easier for me to organize it all."
      • Elluka again put her brush tip atop the paper.
      • Narrator: "Really...... well then, let's continue)
      • [Space]
      • The everyday peace in Enbizaka--fell apart due to a certain incident.
      • One morning, the corpse of the lady of the Miroku shop, Mei, was discovered by passer-bys along the street.
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    • Chapter 1: Act 4: Scene 1

      • As far as the narrator is aware, there hasn't been any murders in Enbizaka (other than the great fire) in over a decade.
      • The detective Eikichi received the news and rushed over to the scene.
      • Pushing past the onlookers, a doushin (Edo period constable in Japan), Uibee, was there with a truncheon.
      • After confirming Eikichi's presence, Uibee silently lifted the straw mat.
      • What they saw there was a nake woman's corpse, cut around the neck/head in cold blood.
      • Eikichi: "...... Disgusting."
      • Eikichi closed his eyes and reached toward the corpse (I think?).
      • Uibee: "her neck/head was torn up with an edged tool. Otherwise, there's a wound thrust in the chest...... probably the mortal blow."
      • Uibee started describing the corpse.
      • Eikichi: "An edged tool...... you mean the culprit's a samurai?
      • Uibee explains that it doesn't look to be the type of clean cuts from a samurai's sharp sword. "It's something else."
      • Eikichi: "What is it then?"
      • Uibee: "I don't know yet. But, because her kimono was also taken, it may have been the work of your average thief."
      • Eikichi: "Do you know the woman's identity?"
      • Uibee: "Yeah. While you slept in and got here late, I examined everything myself...... She was the lady of Miroku shop."
        Loading editor
    • And so the murders begin.

        Loading editor
    • Also didn't SCAP state that Kai and Mei's bodies were found in Kayo's shop, or was that only Kai?

        Loading editor
    • No it just said their naked bodies were found

        Loading editor
    • Alright, very well because it would cause issues in the case of Mei.

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    • Chapter 1: Act 4: Scene 2

      • Oyuka: "Kayo-san! It's awful, just awful!!"
      • Panicking/Hurrying, Oyuka rushed over to Kayo's tailor shop saying that.
      • At the time, Kayo was repairing a kimono. She was sewing together holes in the red kimono.
      • Without stopping her hands or looking away from the needle, Kayo answered Oyuka.
      • Kayo: "What happened, Oyuka-san? Why're you in such a panick/hurry?"
      • Oyuka: "[No idea what this is]. The lady of the Miroku shop at the bottom of the hill has been killed!"
      • For the first time, Kayo stopped and raised her head to Oyuka.
      • Kayo: "...... Oh my, whatever happened?"
      • Yes, that's what she quietly murmurred.
      • Oyuka: "The story is some bandit or [someone who kills a passer-by to test a new sword] did it in the middle of the street last night."
      • Kayo: "Is that so......"
      • Oyuka: "So frightening. Even though Enbizaka's finally bounced back from that fire, people're now being slain."
      • Oyuka said this while sitting herself on the tatami.
      • Oyuka: "The Miroku shop's lady was famous for being a hard worker. On her way back from working 'til late yesterday...... apparently. Ah, no, no, we can't even calmly walk the streets at night after this."
      • Kayo: "Is that sooo......"
      • Oyuka: "Kayo-san. You were aquainted with that woman, yes? Um...... you don't seem too concerned about it?"
      • Kayo: "...... Huh?"
      • Kayo gave her an astonished look.
      • Oyuka: " What do you mean "Huh?"...... didn't you say the Miroku shop lady was always requesting you to do work for her?"
      • Seeing Kayo's expression, Oyuka also made an astonished face.
      • Kayo: "Aquaintance...... no, not at all. I'm not aquainted with anyone at the Miroku shop."
      • Since Kayo finally said that, Oyuka seemed taken aback.
      • Oyuka: "Kayo-san...... what are you saying......"
      • Kayo: "Perhaps that was the case if you say it was, Oyuka-san...... but, I'm sorry. My memory before the fire is actually a little iffy......"
      • Oyuka: "Ah...... that's right......"
      • Oyuka apparently remembered that Kayo was convinced her son and husband were alive. She was probably convinced of that, unaware Kayo had met Miku and Rin after returning to Enbizaka. 
      • The narrator suggests Oyuka didn't want to talk about the subject any further and subsequentally got up and started putting on her footwear.
      • Oyuka: "Well then, be careful, Kayo-san. The killer might still be on the prowl."
      • Kayo: "I'll keep that in mind, Oyuka-san."
      • Oyuka: "Ah, well then, see you."
      • Oyuka then turned away from Kayo and left the tailor shop.
      • After she no longer saw her, Kayo resumed her work.
      • She closed the holes in the kimono one by one with the same red thread as the clothing.
      • The scene of Kayo repairing a kimono wasn't an uncommon thing.
      • She was a woman who was always diligently doing her work so seriously.
      • --But, what she was doing this time wasn't a request for work.
      • The owner of this red kimono had disappeared from this world just last night.
      • [Space]
      • Kayo was resewing was the kimono Mei had been wearing.
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    • Alright, since Perrier's going to be getting an article, I'd want to confirm the name spelling ahead of time.

      For users who picked up on the Admiral Perry (ペリー) reference, the only difference between them is an "e" sound replacing the extension to "ri"; the name could feasible be Perrie or Perrié (if you want to be Rogzé fancy) in that case. It's also how the perrier is spelled, which is what I used as the default. That said, I think I'd prefer one of the above, mostly the latter for clarity on pronunciation.

      Her middle name only has "Cutie" come up in anything I can find related to it. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but that would make her and Admiral Perry share the same middle initial of "C" in English (different Japanese katakana). This is the first time we have a character with a legitimate middle name too so do we include it in the article title or just the first and surname?

        Loading editor
    • I personally vote for Perrié just because it looks the best I suppose

      And I think her name on the page should be Perrié Cutie Marlon 

      I thought though that Cutie was just a nickname and not her real middle name. I probably just missed something. 

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    • Question: Kai Miroku has blue hair and so far we've only seen that hair in men of the Crim-Marlon line,  so is Kai some descendent of the Marlons? Is he related to Perrier?

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, it's not like Ma going by "Elluka "Ma" Clockworker" during this era, though a little odd since she personally considers Elluka to be the alias and Ma her true name but meh. Letting the woman deal with her identity crisis. XD

      I'm not sure which I'd prefer to have for the article titles yet.

        Loading editor
    • Depends. Do other people regularly call her by her middle name, or do people include her middle name when they say her full name? Do they say Perrier Cutie Marlon or Perrier Marlon? If it's the former than yes. If it's the latter than not really.

      Like when I hear people talk about American Civil War generals (as you do) no one says General Robert Lee, they say Robert E. Lee. The middle initial is important, but not the middle name. Whatever Perrier's article is called should reflect how people say her name. 

        Loading editor
    • To my memory, her full name consistently comes up, though it's mostly just her saying it aloud (emphasizing her loud and proud ego).  Everyone else simply refers to her by first name.

        Loading editor
    • I'd rather we change her name to Perrié Marlon and then have a trivia point for her middle name.

        Loading editor
    • Me votes for Perrié Cutie Marlon, with the middle name as the page's title.

        Loading editor
    • perrié marlon

        Loading editor
    • Looks like Perrié is the majority preference but the title part's a little more mixed.

      GreekTelepath wrote:
      I'd rather we change her name to Perrié Marlon and then have a trivia point for her middle name.

      We'd still be putting the full name in the character introduction. It's just a question of what we feel is appropriate for article titles.

        Loading editor
    • I just feel that since mothy put it there, the middle name should be in the title. We can call her 'Perriè Marlon' in the rest of the article, but the Cutie is present a bunch of time, so...

      Also Cutie is a wonderful name.

        Loading editor
    • I vote for no cutie in the title. The only cutie in this wiki is me, with my sugoi green piggytails.

      Seriously though, if her name was something like, say "Perrié Conchita Marlon", I'd say put the middle name. However, Cutie doesn't seem to be a relevant name for the wiki. But if we did put the middle name on the title, then what would happen if mothy suddenly decided to come up with someone with 5 names or something ridiculous like that? You could say mothy wouldn't do that but then we have to remember he was the one who came up with Ly Li and Neruneru Nerune.

        Loading editor
    • I vote that if "cutie" is for sure her actual middle name and not a nickname, we put it in the title. Especially if she's found calling herself by her full name or being called by her full name. 

      I'm not entirely sure what Sloth means in their second paragraph that we shouldn't add it if it's not "relevant to the wiki," but as it belongs to a character in a story that this wiki is trying to catalog for readers, any middle name would be relevant, whether or not it was shared with another important character. I also don't think the length of the title matters. We've had long titles before, just not in our character articles.

        Loading editor
    • I'm under the impression Sloth feels that a first and surname are all that's needed and that jamming it with middle names might unnecessarily clog up an article title, especially if we get characters with ridiculously long names.

      Looking at Riliane though, with her two surnames(?) between being part of the royal family of d'Autriches and the Lucifen dynasty, I don't think it would be an issue of length (at least if mothy sticks to just three name strings). I'm going to lean towards including the full name then; it seems appropriate for this wiki for now.

        Loading editor
    • So Perrier has the initials of PCM, while Admerial Perry has the initials MCP. The letters are switched around.

      I prefer the spelling Perrier (like the horrid sparkling bubble water) but that might be just because that is the spelling I'm familiar with. Consensus seems against it so that's fine.

      I'm not sure on my opinion on page title...

      What if we did Perrié C. Marlon? Lol

        Loading editor
    • Looks like the Perrié spelling  is unanimous and the Cutie being in the title is the majority. That'll be passed.

        Loading editor
    • Should we put quotation marks around "Cutie" in the title?

        Loading editor
    • Gabedr888 wrote:
      Should we put quotation marks around "Cutie" in the title?

      No. Unless Cutie is a nickname and not a middle name, there shouldn't be quotation marks.

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    • Now with Novel Pixiv publishing parts of the novel each 15ish days, I'll make a digital backup just in case anyone needs it. The pages have a decent resolution, so they're fully legible.

      So far it's been published up Chapter 1~Act 2~Scene 3.

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    • Servant of Evillious
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      Logged out oddly enough
      16:03, January 23, 2016
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    • Chapter 1: Act 4: Scene 3

      • At the hill the day before Mei's corpse was discovered.
      • Kayo was heading down the hill toward the Soba shop. It was to deliver the goods she was requested to make.
      • That same day, the sakura trees along the hill had bloomed beautiful flowers, I remember them well.
      • Over the Twin Mirror Bridge, Kayo saw the figure of a man coming along the middle of the road.
      • It was the master of the Miroku shop, Kai.
      • He wasn't alone there. There was a woman right there alongside him, looking nice in her red kimono.
      • It was his wife, Mei.
      • Maybe the two were on some errand? Or maybe this was their leisure time between jobs? At any rate, the couple being together wasn't anything strange.
      • --But, that didn't seem to be the case for Kayo.
      • As soon as she saw Kai walking side by side with her, she stood there as if paralyzed.
      • After being stunned for a little while, she turned around and ran off.
      • Kayo's expression at that moment...... can't be well described with my poor vocabulary.
      • She wasn't shedding tears per say, but I feel it was a little different from simple anger. Of course, she wasn't smiling either.
      • If I were to dare say...... could I even say...... it was "demon"-esque?
      • It was the first time I'd ever seen Kayo with that face.
      • The thing with Kayo was disturbing but I wanted to observe the Miroku couple a little more.
      • Since that time I'd seen him before, I feel I may have unexpectedly glimpsed a bit of the true nature of the man named Kai.
      • The couple walked down the middle of the road together. They were going the opposite direction to the Miroku shop.
      • Away from the center of town, where the pedestriation traffic was low, Mei spoke with Kai.
      • Mei: "...... Your hand's still scarred."
      • Mei's eyes were looking at the burn marks on Kai's left hand.
      • Kai: "Mhhm. That's right...... what about it? Too late now."
      • Mei: "No, it can still heal properly and get better, he said. You've been without my father's care."
      • Kai: "No need to bother Dad (pronounced "chichiue" a polite term used by samurai families prior to the Meiji era but also includes the kanji for "foster father" [Youfu-jou] as well). I can even move my fingers without a problem, like this."
      • Kai showed his left hand to Mei, opening and closing it.
      • Kai: "[Stuff]."
      • Mei: "But......"
      • Kai: "A lot of people died in that huge fire. We should thank God that it's only this bad."
      • Mei: "...... Four years ago."
      • Kai: "Hm?"
      • While looking a little frightened, Mei lokoed up at Kai's face.
      • Mei: "Why did you walk outside only on that night......? Even though you were someone who walsy locked himself up in his shop doing work--"
      • Kai: "I don't know why. Being cooped up there, I get the feeling I want to see the scenerey outside once in a while. But I'm hopeless with places with lots of people. So I went out at night when there was less pedestrian traffic...... Well ten I staggered up the hill and that translated to me getting caught up in the fire."
      • Mei: "......"
      • Kai: "Well, you, Miku, and Rin were safe due to staying at home. Fortunately, the fire didn't cross the river. That intself was a good thing."
      • Mei: "...... But, a lot of people died."
      • Kai: "--Your' complexion's looking bad, Mei. It's gotten a lot warmer but it's still chilly after sunset...... Shall we return home?"
      • As Kai said such, he turned around.
      • But Mei said to his back this.
      • Mei: "Oh, no...... there's somewhere I have to be after this......"
      • Kai: "...... The foreign trading house as usual? That tiny older woman still screaming about mermaids?"
      • Mei: "Oh my, how do you know about that?"
      • Kai: "I went over there in your place once when you were sick. I heard about it then...... surely this doesn't mean even you would be helping look for a mermaid?"
      • Mei: "Heheheh, that's not the reason why, now is it? I'm going to take an order for the day."
      • Kai: "In that case, alright...... forgive me. For making you deal with a foreigner partner."
      • Mei: "No...... it doesn't really bother me at all."
      • Evidently, Kai disliked people like Perrie who didn't have any Jakokuese blood flowing through them. Based on his blue hair, there was foreign blood flowing through him too so it was strange.
      • The two returned to Twin Mirror Bridge and bid each other farewell. Kai went back to the Miroku shop and Mei went up the hill toward the Freezis Trading House.
        Loading editor
    • So she's only now catching on to what's happening? Or what she on to him since day one?

        Loading editor
    • Chapter 1: Act 4: Scene 4

      • Mei was on her was back home late into the night, at the bewitching hour when even the plants were asleep.
      • The narrator doesn't know why she was out so late, whether the Freezis negotiations were drawn out longer than expected or she lied to Kai and actually did help Perrie and crew look for a mermaid. Regardless, she's on her way home now.
      • At that moment--I, the scissors I dwelt in, were with Kayo.
      • That doesn't mean they were at the tailor shop. Kayo was on the street corner waiting for Mei. After confirming Mei pass by the front of the shop, Kayo dashed out with the scissors anticipating this.
      • Kayo was hidden behind the soba shop; once she saw Mei, she slowly revealed herself.
      • Mei's eyes widened at the figure suddenly appearing before her and recognized her immediately.
      • Mei: "...... Oh, Kayo-san. It's been a while. What are you doing in a place like this on such a night?"
      • The narrator could see the color of tension in Mei's eyes. Even though she knew her, it would be impossible to not be tense meeting someone at night like that.
      • Without answering Mei's question, Kayo silently closed the distance between them, taking out the western scissors she concealed.
      • The narrator describes how western scissors are two blades with a screw at the fulcrum holding them together, making them a match.
      • "They're like a harmonious couple," the woman who was her mother sometimes told her.
      • However, Kayo had removed the screw in advanced and held the handles of the two separate blades, one in each hand (a dual-wielding stance).
      • Mei immediately realized her murderous intent apparently and she turned around to head in the direction she had come from.
      • However, Kayo flew at her much faster and pinned down her shoulder with her right elbow.
      • Mei: "Help--"
      • Those were Mei's last words.
      • The next moment, the sound of the blade in Kayo's left hand was stabbed in the back of her neck. As soon as she rmeoved the blade, blood spewed from Mei's throat.
      • She could no longer scream; Mei was stuck there on her knees.
      • The narrator explains that the scissors weren't weapons made for killing. Despite their sharpness, the single blow she dealt to the neck wasn't fatal.
      • So once Kayo let go of Mei while holding down her legs, she stabbed her throat again with the blade in her right hand this time.
      • And then again with the left blade--.
      • Right, left, right, left--.
      • Many, many times--.
      • At first, Mei was showing some resistance.
      • But, she soon lost more and more power from her body until she stopped completely the last time.
      • Yet still, she was faintly breathing.
      • Kayo put both blades together--.
      • Stopping it right htere, she pierced through Mei's chest.
      • Kayo: "..... The pretty kimono I waited for is all messed up."
      • Kayo said while her own face was a bloody mess. Of course, all that blood was what had sprayed from Mei's body.
      • Kayo took the red kimono that had been bloodied and torn and returned home.
      • [Space]
      • Since the day she was born, Kayo grew up as the daughter of tailors and shouldn't have known any martial arts.
      • Of course, this was the first time she had killed someone too.
      • Since I've known Kayo since she was a baby, there's no way I'm mistaken.
      • --So why did she kill Mei with such skill?
      • I guess that it was this.
      • The person who exchanged bodies with her--.
      • Elluka, were you someone who was good at that--?
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    • Jesus that was brutal

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    • Oh boy, it's turning into a criminal minds crime scene investigation over here. To be fair, Kayo's "overkill" on Mei makes sense, she's releasing agression towards Kai onto Mei instead,

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    • ...Wow. And I thought the Pierrot novel had brutal murders.

      Can't say I'm disappointed this isn't a slasher novel.

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