• But would you mind doing me a specific favor? With the name change Heavenly Yard (story) now needs to be reflected in references. I've noticed a lot of articles inconsistently listing them. To clean up the consistency there, could you go through and check all reference boxes and fix this up on the relevant articles?

    Changing "Heavenly Yard" to "Heavenly Yard (story)".

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    • The (story) specification on a reference is if there is another media listed as Heavenly Yard, it is independent of article names. Consider "Twiright Prank (story)"--I only specified the story because there is already a song for it which would also be a primary source.

      A locations article would not be referenced for another article on this wiki. Please remove any instance of "(story)" that you find.

      Not that I have authority > > but I would prefer to keep the precedent I've already set.

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    • Alright, now I'm confused. What do you guys want me to do?

      Remove any instance of "Heavenly Yard (story)" or check the references to make sure it's properly linked? Or none of the above?

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    • None of the above. Follow Octo's precedent for the time being. Remove "(story)" from references referencing Heavenly Yard. Example here.

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    • A FANDOM user
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