• The whole fandom was crazed when Mothy dropped the Len bomb, wherein new Len characters came out of nowhere. This includes Punishment and Irregular (who was previously theorized as Allen Avadonia). A theory had already been made upon their debut, theorizing who/what they may be. And later on the line, the executor of Kayo Sudou was revealed (or was it suggested?) to be played by Kagamine Len.

    The latest in the news of this Kagamine spree was last week. It was confirmed that Marina's twins survived; giving us two sets of god fragment-twins. Knowing this, it made want to tie the knot and connect these new information to the Four Endings of Evillious. 

    Let's begin with what we know:

    There are four Lens associated with the Four Masters:

    • Hansel (Pollo; Pierrot) - servant to the new Master of the Grave Yard
    • Allen (Kayo executor?) - successor of the Master of the Heavenly Yard
    • Punishment - an atomic bomb who is the brain child of the "Master of the Hellish Yard", Nemesis
    • Irregular - fetus of the new "Master of the Court" (Isn't Michaela still alive?)

    There are two sets of twins who survived Project MA:

    • Hansel & Gretel - 2nd project reincarnations
    • Allen & Riliane - 6th project descendants

    And here comes my first 2 theories:

    • The twin fragments cannot be reincarnated together unless the two parents of the project (the witch-mother & the scientist-father) or their descendants have children.
    • Love is something the twin fragments sprinkle upon project descendants in order to be reincarnated and walk in the earthly realm.

    The first bullet is proven by Ney Marlon, who was the daughter of Arth Lucifen but was not conceived by another blonde character, hence Ney doesn't have a Hansel nor does she look like a usual Gretel reincarnate. The second bullet is for me to prove my set of theories below.

    Third theory:

    • Punishment and Irregular also came from the failures of Project MA.

    Punishment theory:

    • I think Punishment is the son of the 5th project, the project that failed since only one child was born.
    • I think his witch-mother is played by GUMI while his scientist-father is played by Kamui Gackpo, two vocaloids who still haven't appeared in the Original Sin Story.
    • Punishment died a virgin.

    The first two theories for Punishment is backed up by two facts:

    (a) that although Punishment is Nemesis's brain child, the army was assembled and previously lead by none other than Gammon Octo. This basically means that Punishment could not exist without Nemesis's mental means and Gammon's physical means.

    (b) there is a recurring infatuation shared by the two vocaloids in the story; almost as if Punishment is finding a way to get back to this world. One example for this infatuation was by Sateriasis Venomania, who was in love with Gumina but failed to get children. The other one was by Nemesis Sudou, who was in love with Nyoze Octo, a descendant of Venomania and in the end, died.

    The last theory for Punishment is the reason why he can't get reincarnated by natural means, unlike Allen and Riliane.

    And my Irregular theory:

    • I am upon agreement with the Cain and Abel theory, which states that Irregular is the son of Eve Zvezda and Adam Moonlit. But I don't agree that the other half is Punishment (see Punishment theory above). But I do agree that Cain and Abel might still exist since it was confirmed that they fully formed and even had their real names.
    • But instead of natural birth or mental birth like the twins earlier, I think Irregular (Or Cain?) was born by mechanical birth. The "Soul of Adam", Gear, sacrificed his soul in order to make the former body of Eve's soul, Clockwork Doll continue to live, and miraculously, conceive a child by virgin birth. (Get ready for some blasphemy) This theory makes a Biblical theme for Miku and Kaito: once as Adam and Eve and now as Joseph and Mary. The clockwork tower that Gear powered could be seen as the Holy Spirit that entered through Mary, creating the world's savior.
    • This holy demeanor for Irregular makes me think that he's Abel. But who's Cain? That I haven't thought about.
    • But I have thought that maybe Cain's the collection of other Rin characters throughout the Evillious era, but I don't have any facts to back my claim.

    In conclusion, I theorize that there are four sets of children:

    • Hansel & Gretel - 2nd project reincarnations
    • Allen & Riliane - 6th project descendants
    • Cain & Abel - 1st project fetuses
    • Punishment - 5th project bomb

    And four parents in Project MA who conceived the children:

    • 2nd project - Seth Twiright & Meta Salmhofer
    • 6th project - Vey & Marina Lucif
    • 1st project - Eve Zvezda & Adam Moonlit
    • 5th project - Unknown Gumi Witch & Unknown Gakupo Scientist
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    • First off, that's Marina you're talking about, not Mayrana XP

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    • Oopsie. *changes*

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    • Few problems I imedientally spot.

      -The thing you said with Ney is bunk when Lemy's mother was a prostitute and Arte and Pollo are never hinted to have any special parentage.

      -The thing with different Vocaloids sharing relationships? Not really true. Just for example, we have two Kaito's (Adam and Kyle) in love with Miku's, two (Carlos and Kai) with Meiko's, one (Gallerian) who had an affair with a Luka and another (Karchess) who was with an UTAU. Yeah. Almost all of the others have been acknowledged or pretty obvious.

      -Pale had absolutely nothing to do with Meta in the project. That was Seth. Who is, in a way, Meta's father.

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    • Replies/Inquiries to Malice's constructive criticism:

      • Where did it say that Lemy's mother was a prostitute? How does this disprove my claim that Lemy's & Ney's parents were only half of the required bloodlines in order to have rebirth?
      • What do you mean by special parentage? Any parentage of sorts for them were never mentioned, to my knowledge. You could argue that this makes that part of my theory fail to have good evidence. But if you think about it, in Mothy's perspective, would he make this trend (all parents of Hansels & Gretels are Kiyoterus and Meikos) , if it is true, apparent for the fans to know what to expect for the other projects? I think not.
      • Mothy plays with his relationships, it's true. But my point is this: the key to a Dragon God reincarnate is a special Vocaloid relationship. I say that a Cain and Abel can only reincarnate if a Kaito and Miku have a child together. Cain and Abel did not form when Carlos, Kai, Gallerian, and Kachess had affairs..... Kyle loved Michaela but failed to have requited love. You also forgot a special pairing: Margarita and Caspar. Margarita loved Caspar... But did they have a child? And in the end, Irregular was the only choice left for Cain and Abel to be born again.
      • Sorry about the Pale one. I haven't checked Evillious for a month. I'm mixing up my characters.
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    • The Pierrot novel reveals that Lemy's mother was a prostitute who attempted to drown him.

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    • Ney Futapie looks like Gretel when she was young. Look at he profile web page, she does not blue eyes though

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    • What about her looks like Gretel exactly? I'm not seeing it.

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    • This looks p similar to me X X

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    • Both have hair blowing in the wind? Their actual appearance (hairstyle, clothes, color scheme) are very different from what I see in these images.

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    • what do clothes have to do with anything? They were born hundreds of years apart I'm p sure fasion would change a bit. But like besides Ney having longer hair and a different eye color I don't see much difference. Though I would like to say that I'm a different person than the person who commented yesterday. And like Rillian had longer hair when she got older as well. So I think it might be an age thing.

      But the point is Ney got to be a lot older than we ever saw Gretel to be. So that could easily explain differences in hair and facial structer. But in the younger picture of Ney her face is does resemble Gretel quite a bit. Though that may just be the anime/manga style. It's kind of hard to tell with different artists as well.

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    • structure*

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    • also I know it was just a simple mistake but it's kind of funny that you mentioned color scheme but one of the linked images was in black and white. But yeah Ney has a different eye color.

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    • We HAVE seen Gretel as an adult though. As Arte, she was in her twenties, if not older than that. She looked exactly the same. Also keep in mind that the art styles typically used in this series make it hard to really tell what a person's facial structure is like. Kids especially tend to get the same faces a lot. The first set of images is comparing two characters drawn in two different styles, and the second set of images is comparing two faces drawn by Ichika--who, as I'm sure it's become plain by now, occasionally has trouble drawing unique facial features

      Whenever mothy wants us to think a character looks like another character, it's almost always from the hairstyle and coloration of eyes and hair. Ney and Gretel have different hairstyles and different eye color. Ergo, we're not supposed to think they look alike.

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    • wrote:
      also I know it was just a simple mistake but it's kind of funny that you mentioned color scheme but one of the linked images was in black and white. But yeah Ney has a different eye color.

      I was actually referring to your image that was in color in regards to color scheme. wrote:
      The first set of images is comparing two characters drawn in two different styles, and the second set of images is comparing two faces drawn by Ichika--who, as I'm sure it's become plain by now, occasionally has trouble drawing unique facial features

      It's not "occasionally". Ichika's art style has a limited array of "anime" faces period. The only time she really tries going outside this is with minor characters who are either significantly older or have really large body types.

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    • AAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! My head is spinning! Hansel's spirit is first himself, then a bottle, then a servant,then what?! MAKE UP YOUR MIND, DUDE!!! All this is gonna give me a heart attack! Someone needs to make the Evillous Chronicles a manga. Actually, a regular novel. Anyway, ARTE IS IN HER TWENTIES?! She looks fourteen! (which she technically is, on account of Rin's fourteen)

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    • This is an outdated discussion. If you feel confused, please see Hänsel.

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    • I find your comment that someone needs to make a novel for Evillious hilarious anon .170 considering the series has over 10 novels already and it seems like, from your confusion, you've never even glanced at the articles for them. Maybe it'd clear up your issues with what's going on. :p

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    • I tried to post this earlier and for some reason it didn't work. Huh.

      I really like your theory! I have a few questions though. According to you the twins can be reborn by descendents, so Riliane and Allen would be 6th project twins reborn. So how then, did Arth and Prim conceive a Gretel, albiet an incomplete one, since the original parents were Meta and Seth? Also, would it have mattered that Arth was not human? Would that mess up the reincarnation or not because they are genetically the same?

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    • Also, could Cain be the unkown Rin singer in Wordplay, Full Moon Laboratory and Clockwork Lullaby?

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    • It's not likely since Cain was a stillbirth.

      Nowadays Mothy's pointing at it being Irina. I'd be interested in the idea that it's Irina using a Rin host, though, in which case maybe it's one of the Lucif twins. > >

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    • Or Levia. Y'know.

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    • Octofan
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    • I don't think Irina possessed Levia at this point

      But yeah, as long as we're listing all the possibilities, could be Levia, could be Waiter, could be Linde Blum(?), could be Cain, could be one of the Lucif twins, could be Gretel, could be Irina, could be Rin Miroku, could be Rin from Pierrot, could be Irina possessing any of the above. Etc.

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    • A FANDOM user
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