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    • Chapter 1, Scene 1:

      • Kyle Marlon ~On "Hark Sea"~
      • Kyle's dropped his governing of the Old Lucifenia territory to make his first homecoming trip to Marlon in a year and a half.
      • From the main deck of the Victoricia battleship, he's been watching the dawning sea for a long time.
      • The flow of the tides is poor now so the voyage from the Old Lucifenia territory to Marlon had taken a huge detour route south for safety.
      • This is done at Admiral Dylan's discretion, but Kyle wouldn't have gone with it if it didn't risk the destruction of one of Marlon's premium warships.
      • Normally, they would've been in the Marlon harbor within a day, taking maybe half a day at most to travel there.
      • Even before Lucifenia became Marlon territory, Kyle's been looking for suitable reasons to go to other countries.
      • For him, it wasn't a very cozy land, though he'd never say that out loud. It wouldn't be good if the king was known to have a bad feeling reigning over the country. But what was the reason for him feeling this way?
      • Maybe it was because he didn't like the cloudy sky of the royal capital, Bariti. Maybe it was because he liked the rich variety of food from other countries compared to the blandness of Marlon cuisine.
      • Or maybe it was because he was a reluctant king feeling obliged to his duty after his dreams were destroyed, not wanting to have the shining spot his mother eyes for him, childish as he was to her.
      • None of those seem like the complete answer though.
      • So, what's her reason for doing things?
      • Yukina: "It is because I wanted to know a lot more about the world!"
      • That seems to be the reason of the one watching the sea together with him, Yukina Freesis, for running away from home.
      • Bla bla bla, basic backstory on Yukina's birth and origin...... Yukina's parents, especially her father Keel, loved her ridiculously and cherished raising her. The innocent and childish Yukina's future with marriage is so-so as any prospective husband will have Keel as their opponent; they'll no longer be able to sleep in peace in their bedroom.
      • That's a joke but it's modestly plausible enough for this merchant and noble.
      • Kyle's known him since before he was a noble and was surprised he's become such a mild-mannered merchant nowadays, considering the savage/cutthroat environment he grew up in. Of course, his affection shouldn't betray that there is still the old Keel.

      Basically, you screw with Keel or his household and he will use every resource and cunning instinct at his disposal to mercilessly ruin you. Extra points if the one you try screwing is Yukina. I nominate him for best dad.

      • I wonder if I'll become such a person when I'm a parent? I wouldn't know yet though since I'm still single.
      • Yukina's may be a genius that pops up once every century. Her writing talent is undisputed. All the works that have been copyrighted and published have become best sellers. It's attracted attention for this rookie novelist.
      • It's made Keel very joyful and it also made Kyle secretly very pleased. But at the same time, there seemed to be some jealousy. He also had aspirations as a painter when he was very young. If his mother didn't interfere, maybe he could've successully kept painting.
      • Time isn't gentle to the loser. He's been able to see those who have accomplished their childhood dreams. Like Yukina.
      • But Keel miscalculated. Yukina's ambitions were something more than he could imagine. To gain more knowledge to writer her stories, she ran from home to go on a journey.
      • Now with those she met on this journey, Yukina and he are riding a ship to Marlon. Yukina's eyes gazing at the sea on the main deck didn't have a praticular color, just a state of enjoying the tranquility.
      • Yukina: "How much longer before we arrive in Marlon?"
      • It won't take more than a few hours so after he answered "You'll be able to see the land before long", he faced the northwest sea again.
      • He wouldn't be going to Keel's place first thing after they arrive, it was for something else.
      • Kyle takes a piece of parchment from his chest/pocket/pouch. A letter from Keel that's supposed to be an "invitation" for a dinner party the Freesis family will be holding.
      • To paraphrase it he's saying "If you're there bullying/teasing my adorable daughter, I'm going to come over there and beat the shit out of you, you bastard".

      That's a really rough translation and I may have missed the exact meaning, but that's the gist of it, explicits and all. And wow, Kyle, you really read into the subtext of that very politely and totally not desperately written letter.

      • Of course, he was originally planning to go as the Marlon King to the castle. Kyle made a bitter smile.
      • The fact he was possessed by a demon and put Yukina in danger was a fact. He was prepared to face Keel's scolding and resigned himself to it.
      • Yukina also recommend he go to the castle first; "First off, you should come show your face to the Queen Dowager. Surely she'll be pleased to see you."
      • She said so, laughing with a pleasant smile. He was grateful for her concern but he was going to have trouble facing his mother. It felt like an even moer painful punishment than being beat up by Keel.
      • It's because he can't afford to not ask her when they meet: "Why did you give me a cursed mirror possessed by a demon?"
      • The color of the sea has changed slightly. From crystal clear blue to a bit of a soil mix, a teastment that land was near.
      • Yukina: "Oh, I see it!"
      • Yukina pointed at the sky where wispy mountains appeared. They were the Jamet Mountains of Marlon's east coast. At least, that's what they appeared to be to Yukina who saw them.
      • But, that wasn't the case for the lookout in the watch tower: "Ship approaching. Pirates!"
      • As soon as the cry was made, the sleep-eyed sailors shot right awake: "If canonballs come flying, evacuate the ship."
      • Captain Dylan ejected himself from the captain's room and told Kyle and Yukina, he was wearing his indigo captain's hat.
      • Admiral Dylan is 42 years old this year. A nice man with a suave mustache. He's big, though skinny, and spends 90% of the year on board. He has a wife of 20 waiting for him in Marlon.
      • For him, the pirates weren't a threat; once the sailors calmed down, he confirmed their number.
      • Dylan: "Their numbers?"
      • Lookout: "Six total. Appear to be medium-sized ships.
      • Dylan points out they must've mistaken them for a merchant ship as they'd be foolish to attack a warship, even with their numbers.
      • Then there was a faint flash and the sound of shots fired.
      • Dylan: "We're all right. Their shots can't hit us from that distance."
      • The cannoballs land far ahead of the Victoricia.
      • Kyle: "Yukina. Please go back to your cabin, it's dangerous."
      • She pressed Yukina's back for her to move.
      • Yukina: "You're not going, Mr. Kyle?"
      • Kyle: "You're getting to observe the long-awaited heroics of Admiral Dylan."
      • Yukina made a reluctant expression. She was a curious girl so she would want to see the naval battle together with me. But, due to my somewhat forcible urging, I forced Yukina into the cabin. Keel didn't need anything more to be angry at me about.
      • In contrast to being a royal ship with luxurious decorations upon it, the battleship was used to move as a countermeasure for pirates. If you're patient about the comfortability, it's the safest ride.
      • As the admiral has said, the odds of the pirates winning against a battleship is thin. In exchange for that safety, I haven't seen a battle between pirates and the navy up until now. It had been a little dissatisfying for me.
      • When I was a kid, although I was an introvert, I was not without my interest in heroics such as swords and canons like other boys. But, my mother didn't allow me to touch those kinds of things.
      • Vassal #1: "Being instructed in the sword for self defense should be all that is necessary."
      • Vassal #2: "If a man is going to become king of an island nation, he should know about battleships."
      • The vassals advice fell on deaf ears.
      • "The King need not stand up front. He must be poised majestically behind the soldiers," argued my mother.
      • It was consistent with the traditional style of war for the Marlon army. For instance, having the king and generals spearheading the assaults from the forefront like the Lucifenian style of warfare would be arrant nonsense in Marlon.
      • But, I gradually lost interest in those things and became obsessed with drawing pictures instead.
      • In the end, I started learning the sword once I gave up being a painter and took over the throne in my late teens. Moreover, the motive was because I resented Keel teasing me at how I could barely wield a sword, which was downright pathetic.
      • Paraphrasing, but Kyle basically says it was the same as with him and his mother as a child, where he ended up giving up painting due to all the fault-finding she put in him.
      • And now I'm proud of my capability with a sword in my own way. His instructor, Lutwidge, had said...
      • "If you had serious instruction from an early age, you might've become one of the top ten swordsman in the Evillious region."
      • He may have been just flattering the royal family but it gave me confidence in receiving them.
      • It was only one time, to test my skills, I had challenged a small band of pirates to a fight along with the army. Needless to say, my mother was expectedly furious at the vassals and remonstrated them. Afterward, I was no longer allowed to take a voyage without the protection of the navy.
      • Once Kyle stops narrating his past, he brings up that he can't help but be excitemed about being in this naval battle, surrounded by the seal befitting the name of the "Blue Country" as this sudden change in the situation. He wasn't going to miss this.
      • The Victoricia had already started its counterattack. Admiral Dylan's strategy was to be delicate, not to waste their valuable position and expensive shells and try to avoid using as much as possible.
      • They would calmly determinedtheir position from the enemy ship and avoid firing their cannonballs until they were assured they could hit them. They hit the broadside of the ship and rob them of their attacking ability.
      • Standing next to the admiral, he saw him frown: "It goes without mentioning but you should be evacuated."
      • Kyle: "I wanted to check the performance of the Victoricia. Do you think they'll miss? The enemy shells."
      • The way I see it, there's a huge difference in the cannon range between the Victoricia and the pirate ship. To begin with, the cannon itself was only created in recent years so it's a rather unknown weapon to countries outside of Marlon. Marlon warships are equipped well enough to decently handle them, but [basically stories of low-grade pirates having good ones is bs].
      • Once they get in range, they can unilaterally attack. The difference in the abilities of the helmsman kept the pirate ship from approaching them.
      • Dylan is relieved they are facing windward. Kyle makes a sigh of slight disappointment. Dylan notes that it seems they were smaller fish than the admiral thought.
      • When Kyle asked why he thought so, the Admiral pointed to the Jamet mountains in the distance. They are almost at the home country and they were attacked from downwind, Dylan says, calling them complete amateurs.
      • The one ship vs six vessels, despite being an unfavorable situation in numbers, they ended up willingingly fighting them with overwhelming superiority. 
      • Quickly, two of the pirate ships were sunk. Four vessels remained.
      • Dylan: "It's already the end for them."
      • Kyle narrates that the pirates will realize they can't win and then hightail it out of there on the tail winds. But they had some unexpected behavior instead.
      • The bows of the four remaining ships headed towards them at full-speed. Given the current tactics, it was reckless. Even Kyle could come to that conclusion.
      • They still had the distance for a head-on assault and they were equipped with cannons on the sides. The're no way they can get in for a close-range assault.
      • Of course, Admiral Dylan didn't miss this and turned broadside toward the enemy vessels and fired a barrage of cannonfire at them. Two of the pirate shipes were immediately destroyed. The remaining vessels didn't lessen their speed.
      • Dylan: "Surely...... they're not trying to commit suicide?"
      • He said in a bewildered voice. This was the first time Kyle has seen the man look impatient.
      • They continue shelling them and another vessel sinks. There was only one ship left looming before them.
      • Dylan: "Your Highness! Please hold onto something!!"
      • I grabbed the nearby rope to the  sail mast. Immediately after, a roar resounded at the same moment a tremor hit the ship. The pirate ship's bow collided with the Victoricia's broadside.
      • From the tone of the admiral, the thought came to me that my body was dancing through the air. I don't have wings anymore. The only thing to happen to me will be falling in the ocean.
      • But, the tremor wasn't that big a deal. The Victoricia was a medium-sized ship and it didn't seem the assault was enough to sink it.
      • Admiral Dylan probably knew that. While he was telling me that, he himself didn't grab onto anything and stood there calmly without even bending his knees (okay, that's pretty badass).
      • Dylan: "It seems they're going to come aboard!"
      • At the sound of his voice, the sailors grabbed their weapons. They were on the defense.
      • Dylan: "Close quarters combat is quite the classical method......."
      • He said with amazement and glanced at Kyle.
      • Kyle: "I'm not evacuating. I want to see these enemy pirates with my own eyes."
      • I answered ahead of him and, although the admiral shrugged with a "Please stay behind me, just in case," he knew there was no persuading me otherwise. We had a big relationship in its own way. He probably knew of my skill with swordplay too.
      • Yarera: "Ahoy!! Avast!!"
      • A loud dummy voice sounded from the pirate ship.
      • Yarera: "This ship's been commandeered by the Yarera Pirates! Surrender quietly and gives us ye booty and grub!!"
      • Well, he certainly had a pirate-like serif.

      As a side note, they use odd extended syllables for the ends of Japanese dialogue but I'm sure a more proper translation would be like saying "Arrr" and other antiquated language to give that stereotypical pirate talk. It's been translated as such now.

      • The owner of the voice was that of a giant, stubble beared man (so unshaven). His hair was clipped short, a taste for someone who practiced fighting.
      • Zusco: "Do as me big bro Yarera says! Unless ye dogs wants us to make y'die!!"
      • It was the little man next to the big man screaming that. He's quite thin and had a distinctive hairstyle (a few other details but a bit lost on them). They were the captain of the pirates and his second.
      • Kyle: (.......... They?)
      • I don't know why, but I felt like I've met them somewhere before. The name Yarera sounds familiar. But, I wouldn't be acquainted with pirates. It must be some mistunderstanding. Thinking about it, I decided I wouldn't pay it mind.
      • Now, the Marlon sailors wouldn't accept their recommendation to surrender, us vigorous young soldiers ready to board the pirate ship. I tried briefly comparing the numbers of pirates to Marlon salors we had about even numbers, surprisingly. There were slightly more pirates, though our ship was much larger than theirs. How in the world did they fit that many people in that hull?
      • At this close range, cannons were useless. I'm afraid we'll end up scratching the hull that way.
      • It's slow, but we have been making progress with the development of portable firearms, it's just that the practical model hasn't been finished yet. Both at sea and on land, close quarters combat was still fought with swords and bows mainly.
      • For amateurish voyagers, pirates are surprisingly formidable at close quarters combat and were a good match.
      • But that was only the story of the beginning. Before long, the battle situation became one of their naval superiority and the pirates were defeated one after another and were captured.
      • Kyle basically says he can't get the thought from his head regardless:
      • Kyle: (Still, I can't shake the feeling I've seen those two somewhere before......)
      • It was probably not recently, maybe in my childhood. I don't feel it's from the old days though.
      • But in the end, I wasn't able to remember after all.
      • Even when I had reunited with Yukina at Corpa's mansion, I couldn't remember her right away. Maybe I'm becoming forgetful. I don't want to even think about blaming it on my age though.
      • The pirate captain, Yarera, and his second were rather good fight. The sailors who attacked those two didn't seem to be much of a threat for them.
      • Still, the difference in number between us was becoming overwhelming. They will either be captured or----just as I thought that.
      • Zusco: "Arrrrr!"
      • From the confidant's glove, something was firing towards there. Thinking it was some kind of arrow, I dodged as that "something" as it flew past my head, sticking to the mast.
      • While it was indeed a sharp arrow, its fletching had wire tied to it. My eyes followed the wire to the confidant's hand holding it.
      • The next moment, the confidant's body danced in mid-air along with the pirate captain. The two bodies ran down the wire and were steadily approaching them there and the remaining momentum caused them to collide with the mast. A dull sound echoed across the deck.
      • Yarera: "Guhhh, that hurt......"
      • Immediatley before my eyes, the two had dramatically fallen. The collision didn't seem to be a big deal as I started at them getting right back up immediately after.
      • Yarera: "From the way yer dressed, yer probably the lad that commands this vessel. Ye do have blue hair like the wench sputtered...... [SOMETHING]. Didn't expect ye'd give us this much of a struggle."
      • The captain pointed the tip of his sword at me.
      • Yarera: "Ye bilge-sucking blaggard! Ye won't be interfering no more, no how!"
      • Admiral Dyland readied his sword and slashed at the pirate captain. But, it was easily dodged and he fell down from the momentum.
      • Yarera: What's this? Ye be a rather easily beaten old salt."
      • The pirate captain looked down upon the crawling admiral with a disappointed look and resigned to kicking him in the face. The admiral fainted at the one shot.
      • I had a long relationship with Admiral Dylan. So I knew.
      • He has the look and feel of being strong and was sharp with strategizing but not at all with his sword arm.
      • I was holding the handle of my sword on my waist when I noticed the dull shine of a knife at my neck.
      • Zusco: "Wait, don't pull yer sword."
      • Without my notice, the second had come around behind me. (Kyle basically says after there was nothing he could do but obey).
      • Yarera: "Avast! Why don't ye come around here! It'd be unnecessary to have to suddenly kill yer lad!!"
      • He shouted at the sailors. Pity, I ended up becoming a hostage.
      • Kyle: "You bastards. Was I your objective from the start?"
      • When I asked, the second made a vulgar smile.
      • Zusco: "Aye. We can get a mighty bounty if we take ye, blaggard. This way we can say goodbye to the pirate trade."
      • I don't know who would instigate the abduction of the king, but they were quite daring plotting that.
      • Kyle: "So then, you think you can escape so easily?"
      • He was trying to put up a bravado but he knew he couldn't be careless with the sailors lives on the line here. He wasn't in a position to easily deceive them or pull his sword.
      • In the middle of this tense air of defeat flowing around, an innocent was heard: "Oh my! What a dramatic development!"
      • Looking over from the stairs leading to the hold's liviing quarters, Yukina was holding her notebook, her eyes shining.
      • Kyle: "Yukina! What are doing out here!?"
      • When I involuntarily cried out at how Yukina seemed to have grasped the situation and both her arms began flailing in a panic.
      • Yukina: "Huh!? Well, since Miss Germaine said she felt  like she was going to throw up pretty bad, so we decided to go out together and......"
      • Yukina was looking around and around restlessly: "Oh? Where do you think Miss Germaine went?"
      • I was also getting restless. The sailors and pirates were getting restless, too.
      • Pirate: "GAH!"
      • Suddenly, there was a scream behind me. As soon as I looked back, I saw it was the second who had screamed. And there was someone else there, a woman in red clothes throwing up at the base of the mast----it was Germaine Avadonia.
      • Germaine: "Uggghh, I ended up doing it on the ship after all......"
      • Her left hand on the pillar, her head down; her physical condition was likely pretty bad.
      • Zusco: "Y-Yer disgusting, wench!"
      • The second involuntarily tried moving away from the mast, but I didn't miss the opportunity.
      • Kyle: "Wait, don't move."
      • I shoved the point of my broadsword at the second. Thanks to him being distracted by Germaine, I had the chance to draw my sword.
      • Zusco: "Tch."
      • Ignoring my advice, the enemy rushed over to the captain's side. Side-by-side, they had more of a height difference than I thought. If you looked from a distance, you might be led to misunderstanding them as being the extremely aging faces of a parent and child.
      • Germaine: "Oh, if it isn't Yarera and Zusco."
      • She finally looked up, saying so in such a disarrayed voice.
      • Yarera: "Y-Yer Germaine Avadonia!! What ye be doing in a place like this!?"
      • The pirates who saw Germaine was clearly upset. She seemed to be acquainted with the two of them. Without breaking my stance, I approached Germaine and gave her my hankerchief.
      • Kyle: "You know them, Germaine?"
      • Germaine: I know a few things about them....... You were there too, weren't you? Yarera and Zusco. The guys we overwhelmed at the tavern in Lucifenia."
      • Ah, I see. I remember. Those guys. Yarera and Zusco of the Venom Mercenaries.
      • Bla bla bla, recap about Kyle in revolution and the whole encounter they had at the tavern on the first day, having the leading presence there. Kyle narrates that they should've been washed away in the river but must've survived
      • Kyle: "Even so, what are they doing as pirates?"
      • Though Kyle instinctively blurted that out, he had a rough idea. After the revolution and the death of their leader, Gast Venom, the Venom Mercenaries were disbanded. They lost their cornerstone and the flow of the river...... led them to such a place it would seem. Anyhow, Kyle wasn't interested in their history.
      • What was important was...... who had hired them this time.
      • Yarera: "Just great...... We'll be paying ye back for the grudge back then."
      • Yarera and Zusco poised their weapons. Flames of hatred were burning in their eyes. And that anger seemed to be solely directed at Germaine.
      • At the time, I was wearing a mask. So those two didn't seem to notice that I had been there as well.
      • Kyle: "Don't kill them, Germaine. I want them captured so I can elicit their employer."
      • When I had whispered that to her, her mouth went ajar and stared at my face.
      • Germaine: Huh!? We're fighting together?"
      • Kyle: "Of course, that was my intention."
      • Germaine: "I don't have a weapon."
      • She was unarmed and unarmored.
      • Kyle: "How careless. Aren't you supposed to have been Gumillia's escort?"
      • Germaine glared daggers at him for the sarcasm.
      • Germaine: "So I'm not wearing my suffocating armor! Besides, my sword was broken because of you!!"
      • Bla bla bla, recap of her fighting demon hm, brings up guilt from regretful memories bla bla.
      • Yukina: "Miss Germaine, here!"
      • Yukina threw a rod-like object at Germaine. The delicate Yukina couldn't handle the weight and it didn't completely reach so it landed in front of Germaine with metallic sound. Germaine picked it up and unwrapped the clothe. It was a brand new rapier.
      • Yukina: "Miss Chartette brought it to me before our departure! Please use it!"
      • Germaine withdrew the sword from its sheath and took a stance. As she pointeed it, it shined brightly.
      • Germaine: "It feels great. Thank you!"
      • But, her body didn't seem to follow through. Her feet were unsteady. I should be a gentleman here and give her some kinds words.
      • Kyle: "You all right? You don't have to overdo it."
      • Germaine: "You were the one telling me to "fight" a minute ago."
      • Kyle: "No, I said that...... Are you having a hangover from drinking too much?"
      • Germaine: "I'm not drinking any alcohol! It's because I'm seasick!!"
      • As she cried so, her body shook again. Even if we can buy time until the sailors come back here from the pirate ship, I could tell that Germaine was about to hit the floor.
      • Kyle: "Well, we'll somehow make the most of it."
      • Yarera was watching our banter with his small eyes: ""Somehow", ye say? Ye better hope."
      • Zusco followed after him with a distorted mouth: "We be different from back then."
      • The two men closed the distance between them. Germaine had a smile on her face. Rather than be caught off-guard by the opponents, I noticed she had a habit of that recently.

      So now the paragraph spaces out and we get a huge tangent about Germaine. Consider it mothy's apology for cutting it from Praeludium imo.

      • Bla bla Germaine's mysterious backstory she's never told Kyle so he just knows she's Leonhart's adopted daughter. He had heard she was abandoned/orphaned child from a member of the revolutionary armed named York.
      • York didn't think too much of me, although we had few exchanges, but after the end of the revolution, we drank together one day. That's when I heard the story, "although it's only my speculation" he had said.
      • York: "I feel that she was atonement for Sir Leonhart."
      • Although the name of Leonhart Avadonia is heralded as a hero in the Evillious region, but because he had such great loyalty, he had committed numerous brutalities against other nations' people in his youth, especially to Beelzenian imperials.
      • ----For example, he had slaughtered innocent people of Beelzenia and, for example, found the only baby to have survived and, for example, noticed the foolishness of his own conduct----.
      • Anyhow, Leonhart has already died, so he isn't here anymore to know the truth.
      • He wasn't willing to teach the sword to his daughter, much to Germaine's dissatisfaction, so she spied on her father teaching lessons to his other child and York, a former soldier living in the neighborhood, taught her in secret, so she learned fencing in her own way.
      • Kyle's narration notes that the fact Germaine was able to defeat a swordsman of Gast Venom's caliber with her self-taught skills is a miracle (well Kyle, you can thank her daddy being a cheat sheet).
      • And while Germaine was traveling after the revolution, a legendary swordsman living in Asmodean, Nahed, instructed her in swordplay; old Nahed had also been Leonhart's teacher.
      • Anyhow, the current Germaine is undoubtly a powerful swordswoman....... when she's not drinking.

      And we get another space cutting us back to our hungover (Oh, I'm sorry, "seasick") Germaine and Kyle preparing to battle Yarera and Zusco.

      • Germaine fought off the pirates, evading their attacks while remaining calm and composed. So he wouldn't lose to her, Kyle also went in to fight the enemy and they kept them at bay.
      • Yarera's face began to sweat: "Y-Ye little shit! This be why I dislike the armed forces of merchant ships!"
      • Kyle surmises that he is apparently under the false impression that the Victoricia is a merchant vessel. The employer seemed to have not told them and they just saw the military uniforms of the sailors and assumed this.
      • Considering they were his subordinates, Kyle gives his sympathies to the late Gast Venom (in narration).
      • The sailors returning from the pirate ship gathered around the mast, the remaining pirates captured.
      • Zusco: "This be bad, big bro! Let's flee already!" He screamed while facing Yarera.
      • Yarera: "Aye!"
      • He (I presume Zusco) shot another wire from his glove, this time to the mast of the pirate ship. Kyle tries to stop them in a hurry but was too slow and they launch themselves towards the pirate ship.
      • Although I don't care, the man named Zusco had to bring over the larger Yarera, able to do something akin to acrobatics.
      • Germaine: "Assassin techniques, eh?"
      • Germaine had apparently seen these wire transports before.
      • Germaine: "I saw them in Asmodean."
      • Did you use them as well? When I asked that, Germaine immediately shook her head.
      • Germaine: "It seems necessary to train in it from childhood. It's not a trick you can learn overnight."
      • That someone able to wear such technology is in the trade of being a mercenary and pirate is stupid, or rather I should say pathetic. Then again, you don't have to be a genius for these things and rich men wouldn't want to become them (I think?).
      • Zusco and Yarera, without hitting the pole this time, jumped over to the pirate ship and went on their way.
      • (I think) they were spewing some ridiculous farewell words like "We'll remember you~"and the ignored their subordinates' cries like "Don't go hiding~".
      • The pirate ship headed toward the Marlon mainland.
      • Kyle: (We might have to face them again in Marlon)
      • Kyle made a backward glance at the impatient sailors and wondered why I was thinking such carefree things.
      • But, my forest was wrong.
      • Something entangled the pirate ship and it suddenly sank without a sound.
      • Kyle at first thought it might've had a hole already from the cannons.
      • Then Yukina cried: "W-What is that!?"
      • The direction she pointed----It was very close to the sunken pirate ship----there was a wraped shadow over there.
      • Due to the distance, he couldn't say with certainty, but the shadow looked like it was huge. It wasn't a ship.  It wasn't made of any wood and iron. It was biological, and to him, it was like countless giant snakes. They started making larger splashes. They were approaching.
      • Dylan: "S-Strike it! Ready the cannons!!"
      • Before I had noticed it, Admiral Dylan was awake and giving orders. All the stunned sailors were verterans and swiftly returned to their posts. They fired shells at the giant snakes but they sank and the bullets missed.
      • Meanwhile, that form was approaching them.
      • And----with a tremendous splash, they finally saw the full picture; they weren't big snakes, the form were tentacles...... they were arms.
      • It was----a giant octopus.....
      • The splash the giant octopus raised eventually became a giant wave, attacking the Victoricia. The hull made a huge shake. In that moment, Yukina rushed over to him and fell over, Kyle supporting her. (I think?)
      • Yukina: "T-Thank you so much."
      • Kyle tells Yukina that he wants to ask her about her knowledge  but questions if she knows anything about giant octopi.
      • Yukina: "I've never seen one before. However, there are tales about demons of the sea remaining." (I think?)
      • Yukina's eyes were getting teary, though she wasn't the kind to cry out of fear. You can tell by looking at her facial expression that she was smiling out of excitement for the first time encounter of a giant octopus.
      • Kyle notes in his head that, in this situation, she's probably not going to listen to being told to evacuate being onboard.
      • I called for Germaine. She approached me with a frustrated appearance.
      • Germaine: "Well aren't you suave, King of Marlon. Trying to get even closer to lovely women."
      • Kyle: "I thought it was all right if it was you."
      • Germaine: "Somehow, everyone's gonna treat me roughly."
      • Germaine's cheeks swelled into an offended/engry face. We could afford htat in this emergency. It just means that my judgment was right. It might be that there isn't a big difference for such a optomistic woman. Wasn't she afraid of that monster.
      • When he asked, Germaine said, "Well, I was surpised but," before grinning and laughing. "I saw a winged monster not too long ago." She said with irony.
      • After I asked Germaine to protect Yukina, I headed over to Admiral Dylan. They were firing in rapid succession but it didn't seem to have any effect. Undaunted, the octopus approached.
      • If you looked at Dylan's face, there wasn't the red on his forehead from when Yarera kicked him but it didn't seem he was too concerned about that at the moment.
      • Kyle: "Up until now, what experience have you had with a monster like this?"
      • I could imagine the answer but I wanted to hear it first.
      • Dylan: "I guess I have taken down a whale. Though that was considerably smaller in comparison."
      • Kyle: "Would it be better to flee?"
      • Dylan: "Already done! All of starboard's at full speed. The enemy's fast."
      • This has probably been one his worst voyages. I wonder if he'll complain about it to his wife when he returns home to Marlon. If he returns home to Marlon.
      • Kyle narrates that the cannons were probably working in their own way. Best weapons mounted on the Victoricia. But the octopus wasn't slowing down. The cannonballs hit it initially but then it repels it with a plop (also means not batting an eyelash, so basically effortlessly).
      • Even Admiral Dylan, an expert on naval warfare, wasn't qualified for enemy monsters.
      • Kyle: (An expert on enemy monsters...... huh?)
      • Kyle knew of someone like that and she was currently voyaging on the Victoricia with them. He calls for a messenger who had finished the reports for Dylan before he was sent somewhere else.
      • Messenger: "What do you need?"
      • Kyle: "Do you know where the mage Gumillia is right now?"
      • Messenger: "Well, I had seen her on the battery deck earlier. She seemed to be arguing with the gunner(s)."
      • When I had instructed him to summon Gumillia here but that didn't seem necessary. When I looked behind me, she had already come up to the main deck.
      • Gumillia: "Who's the captain, of this ship?"
      • She called out with her slightly sketchy language.
      • Dylan: "I am. What is it?"
      • Gumillia: "I want to work, on the cannons. I require permission."
      • At Gumillia's unhesitent request, the admiral was taken aback a little.
      • Dylan: "As you can see, we can't right now. Besides, the guns shouldn't be handled by an amateur. You could injured yourself."
      • Gumillia: "Just write, a few words, for the guns. It'll take no more than ten minutes."
      • Dylan: "Ten minutes? Sure, if the ships doesn't sink by then." (dat sarcasm)
      • I interrupt the two's conversation.
      • Kyle: "Admiral Dylan, do as she says."
      • Dylan: "But......"
      • Kyle: "She's likely to know more about the monster thing. Anyhow, at this rate, everyone will be at the bottom of the ocean."
      • Dylan: "......" He still couldn't put up a convincing face.
      • Kyle: "She's one of the patrons who saved me. We have not choice but to bet on her."
      • Dylan: "...... Hey!"
      • The admiral called to the steerer.
      • Dylan: "How much before it catches up to us?"
      • Steerer: "At it's current pace, about 15 minutes!"
      • Dylan: "A margin of only 5 minutes......"
      • The admiral turned to Gumillia again.
      • Dylan: "Mage, this ship has around a hundred cannons. Will ten minutes be enough?"
      • Gumilia calculates the work, number, and guns and decided that half at 50 could be done. "Besides, other help has already been prepared."
      • Gumillia snapped her fingers and a boy came out from the hold, followed by a number of men in black leaping out after him. It was Yukina's younger brother, Shaw, and his entourage.
      • Shaw: "You called, Miss Gumillia!"
      • Gumillia: "We've received permission. I entrust you with the arrangements."
      • Shaw: "Yes, maam!"
      • As soon as he answered, Shaw took his entourage and went back to the hold.

      Then we have a space for a tangent on Gumillia now.

      • The mage Gumillia is a mystery to many people. She's the apprentice of Elluka Clockworker, one of the Three Heroes like Leonhart and had been serving as an adviser to the Beelzenian Empire in recent years. That's about all I know.
      • To be honest, her relationship with me's pretty bad. I've had many encounters with her, us attacking each other on several occassions. Until just the other day, I had her branded as a fugitive "witch" (It had been the same for Germaine).
      • Something about Gumillia, Kyle, and Michaela relationships.
      • It was my fault. But it was absolutely impossible to apologize to her for it. Apologize that I had been the cause of Michaela's death, I admit it. I fear her eyes will see through me as [can't figure it out].
      • Even after the events at the Millennium Tree Forest, I've unconsciously avoided contact with her. Even now, when during that conversation with Admiral Dylan, I couldn't look Gumillia in the eyes.
      • Shaw was the son of the noble Freesis Family. I'm not sure whether he's become Gumillia's underling, but it seems he's completed her preparations in the stated ten minutes.
      • The octopus was on the verge of looming over us, each of the increasing splashes from the tentacles shaking the ship.
      • Gumillia: "On my cue, fire them all at once. Target, the octopus' forehead."
      • She relayed her orders to Admiral Dylan.
      • Dylan: "Its forehead?"
      • Gumillia: "Yes, here."
      • She mercilessly placed her finger on the admiral's swollen, red forehead.
      • Dylan: "T-That hurts, it hurts!"
      • Gumillia: "The octopus' weak spot is here."
      • While the target is large, aiming it all there won't be easy. Here will do Marlon proud of its cannons.
      • The octopus approached while its body swayed up and down.
      • And then, at the moment the body move up to its highest.
      • Gumillia: "...... Fire!"
      • The shells were all fired simultaneously.
      • Basically, all of them hit the general area they were aiming for.
      • To my knowledge, an octopus shouldn't be able to utter a cry, but this monster octopus was different. It roared.
      • Ziz: "KISYAAAAAAN!"
      • Maybe it was more sound waves than its actual voice. With the incredible ringing in my ears, it went face down on the spot.
      • It seemed to be more effective than you'd imagine for Admiral Dylan, who maid a groan of both admiration and chagrin. Kyle doesn't know what "modifications" Gumillia did to the cannons but they seemed to work.
      • Dylan: "Alright, go! Fire at it, quickly!"
      • The admiral raised his voice. But, after he said that, there was silence from the battery deck.
      • Dylan: "What the! Why aren't you firing!?"
      • The messenger rushed over to the admiral.
      • Messenger: "It's awful, sir! The cannons have completely broken down."
      • The messenger apparently has poor wording due to being upset.
      • Gumillia: "Perhaps it's backlash, they were hasty preparations."
      • Gumillia calmly commented.
      • I ordered Admiral Dylan: "Change course, cut through the giant octopus, and head for Marlon."
      • Dylan: "...... Are you sane!?"
      • Kyle tells him its their chance to get to land now that it's daunted.
      • Dylan: "...... Unlikely there's much other choice."
      • The ship changes course and gradually gains full speed. As it slowly passes the left side of the ship, Kyle counts down from ten in his head. Its tentacles hit the ship as it passes. They passed by its eyes. Admiral Dylan and the other sailors all gulped their saliva in the tension. One of the tentacles twitched as it moved.
      • They all made it by safely.
      • Kyle: "After this, even if there's no change in the wind, we should be able to escape until we reach the shore!"
      • Cheers were raised on deck.

      Another space.

      • While all the sailors rejoiced, one person had a sinking expression. It was Gumillia. I was curious so I decided to talk to her. If it wasn't for Gumillia, we would've been that octopus' prey.
      • Kyle: "My thanks, we survived thanks to you, Gumillia."
      • Gumillia didn't react to his words. Since I expected to be ignored, I didn't mind. But I'm a representative of Marlon and wanted to give her our thanks. Kyle then moved to return to his cabin. Soon they'd arrive at the harbor and get off the ship.
      • Gumillia: "That was...... a very, amazing, octopus."
      • Gumillia muttered so behind me.
      • Kyle: (A very amazing octopus?)
      • That term sounded familiar. Five years ago, when the prime minister of Lucifenia visited Marlon, my mother gave the thing to him as a gift.
      • Kyle: "That was the octopus from back then!?"
      • I involuntarily looked back. Gumillia questioned me. Now I'm not being ignored.
      • Gumillia: "Back then?"
      • Kyle: "The octopus of five years ago. Mother----Queen Dowager Prim gave the octopus to Elluka Clockworker. I'm certain my mother had called it a "very amazing octopus"."
      • Gumillia: "Ah...... That wasn't it. The octopus from back then became a sacrifice."
      • Kyle: "So then the one this time is.......!?"
      • When he had saw the octopus back then, Kyle had asked his mother about why she called it a "very amazing octopus" since he could tell it didn't look like an ordinary octopus.
      • Prim: "Generally speaking, it is nothing but amazing." (basically, the response everyone gives to this thing)
      • Mother answer so and didn't tell me any more.
      • Kyle then remembers his mother had said something else. That only two people in Marlon could distinguish the very amazing octopus from an ordinary octopus: herself and Abyss I.R.
      • That octopus had to have been caused by someone so it must've been either Prim or Abyss I.R.
      • Kyle: (Is Mother trying to kill me......!?)
      • Kyle shakes his head. Too soon to jump to conclusions. Could someone have been using magic to manipulate that giant octopus?
      • Kyle: "Gumillia, could you, for example, create such a giant octopus to come?"
      • Gumillia: "It's impossible, for me." She explains you've have to a large amount of magic power for it.
      • Kyle's narration notes that, while his mother is crazy about magic, he doesn't think she could use powerful magic like that. So he surmises it might be that "creepy old woman" Abyss I.R. that he wouldn't let put a hand on him.
      • He wonders if Abyss I.R. is the mastermind behind this.
      • Gumillia took a big, deep breath and continued: "Controlling a Very Amazing Octopus...... There can only be one person in the world----only the Mage of Eternity, Elluka Clockworker."


      • It's been about 25 hours since they had deparated the harbor of the old Lucifenia territory. They were a little behind schedule but they eventually got to the port town of Jamet. Keel would have made preprations for them.
      • He's not sure if they have the correct answer but for now, they can only travel.
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      • Am I the only one getting a kind of subtext reading Kyle talking about Yukina? I mean, he even mentions marrying her and then that he's single. Hmmm.
      • How the hell do you mistake pirate ships for maintains? Honestly, Yukina.
      • So Dylan has a wife who's 12 years younger than he is. Is this supposed to be a backhanded allusion to KylexYukina??
        Loading editor
      • I don't think so--personally I'm looking at the context more than the individual words. Kyle doesn't mention "marrying her," he mentions her getting married in the context of Keel being overprotective and giving any husband a hard time. Likewise he mentions being single in the context of "I wonder if I'll ever get like that around my daughter?" Feels like right now Kyle only sees Yukina as Keel's daughter, though he is noticing how she's getting older in the context of how capable and talented she is at fourteen. 
      • 22 years younger. I would say it's not a reference to anything, such would be common for this time period and later and as far as references go it would be a little contrived, in my opinion.
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    • I feel there's a thing about Dylan and his wife's relationship, but it's hard to translate the details for me. I can't tell if the sentence is talking about Dylan's age or that he gets a peculiar reaction when his wife comes up.

      I love how Kyle talks about Keel the way he is: a hilariously overprotective parent. Especially with the "miscalculated" part and how he interprets Keel's letter to him. It's a nice reinforcement to Earl Felix's reaction to Keel not being such a shrewd, cunning, and pragmatic businessman when it comes to Yukina.

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    • KyleKeelYoung
      Looks like The Daughter of Evil: Act 2 will get as far as showing us a flashback of Kyle and Keel meeting. The text is Keel's thoughts about the "painter prince" and his connection to the royal family, and we see Keell in peasant looking clothes. This must be in 489 when he goes to the rumored apprentice for help about Margaret.

      I am glad. This means we might actually get through all of Michaela and Clarith's Yatski stuff and potentially get up to Michaela becoming a diva for Keel.

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      • slams fists onto table* PARTS OF ACT 2 ARE OUT?!?!
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    • Ichika just posted an image on her twitter. Nothing more. We might see more as the days progress, who knows. If the volume gets it's own trailer, it'll probably have some new images there too.

        Loading editor
    • Now, I like Michaela's current avatar as much as the next user, but. > >

      I find Clarith a bit distracting and now that she's featured on the Act 2 cover, do you think we can use that for her avi instead?

      I mean, Riliane has her cover art for her avi. Just a thought. ouo~~

        Loading editor
    • Michaelaavatar3
      I don't mind the avatar either way, honestly. Both images look good to me. The illustration inside the booklet might be better though.
        Loading editor
    • Huh. The title is kinda cutting in, I guess it's not as great as I thought. o~o


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    • NinjaClockworker wrote:


      I should've said the manga to be accurate, but yes. If it's anything like volume 1, that's where the profiles used on the website come from. Depending on how it's arranged in relation to the little excerpts of text, they might make decent infobox images.
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    • That looks good, I bet if you resized it a bit, it would make a good avatar. I'm good with either one, tbh.

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    • I'm kinda against the new avatar - I like the old one better. Plus it doesn't have text on it. (This is GT btw)

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    • I say we use the Act covers as avatars at all times

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    • I tried making one without the title in it

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    • I don't want to throw this thread off-topic, but I just realized something. To add to the Hansel and Gretel reversals with Riliane and Allen, we see in the Act 1 manga that Riliane leads the way in walking through the Forest of Bewilderment, while in Abandoned on a Moonlit Night, Hansel leads the way.

        Loading editor
    • The ad version is smaller/lower quality but it shouldn't be noticeable at 280px. I don't personally mind the title piece that much so either option works for me.

      I don't see the connection, GT. I have a similar stance as I did with the Arte-Pollo thing. It just doesn't seem to hold relevance to the characters in coorelation.

      Edit: On another note, I am questioning one portion in the fanbooks. While it does say "Elluka recovered some of the vessels of sin from Mikina", it doesn't specify the vessels or how many.

      Now that we've gotten a larger idea about the battle on the beach, it sounds impractical to me that Abyss was hiding the sword and doll somewhere in that dress. Maybe the mirrors, but  she only pulls out the glass and spoon.

      I'm thinking we should just assume "some" refers to specifically the spoon and glass for now. Irina could've left the other vessels behind. Until we get clarification about what vessels Mikina actually had on her and what Elluka nabbed, I think it owuld be safer.

      I mean whether it was just the glass and spoon or not, we know Irina gets the wine glass back by the time she fights Chartette.

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    • Honestly, I don't mind either of images being suggested for Micheala. Though I feel like the one on the cover gives her a more angelic look? And I think it's the closest looking to her own personality. Though I'd prefer that Act image having more range? Like going down a bit further in showing her torso. It looks a bit awkward and too cut off.

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    • I'm not really crazy about either of the suggested images to be honest, I love Ichika's mangas but her covers are not always the best.

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    • Aku Musu 2 is announced

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    • I don't see any official announcement, just the listing on amazon, which still lacks the Opera Buffa (2) that the last chapter confirmed was happening.

      On a side note, I decided to check through stuff in Wiegenlied and the Worldguide to try to rectify another obvious translation error in the novel.

      Here's what I can confirm:

      • General George Ausdin, leading the First Army (Lucifenia), is the one directing the scene in Toragay during the Lucifenia-Elphegort War.
      • General George's third son, a recruit into the army this year, is Daniel Ausdin.

      So no, Daniel was not a general, there aren't "three generals" in the Lucifenian army, there's no "John Ausdin" and George Ausdin is Daniel's father and has two siblings.

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    • No I saw opera buffa 2 as well

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    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      No I saw opera buffa 2 as well

      Yep, you're right. I messed up the search. Either way, that means we'll need article for the new volumes.

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    • Before I forget, I'd like to suggest an article for Yatski. We have lots of information on its locations, from the fields to the homes, would be able to make a decent-sized history section from what is included about it in Wiegenlied and EFEC, and now have illustrations that can be used from DoE Act 2.

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    • I agree that it deserves an article.

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    • Sure, I'm okay with that.

        Loading editor
    • Yes. (/o o)/

      Also I don't know if it's still being, uh, debated or anything but I don't care for either new avis for Michaela either.

        Loading editor
    • Me neither < <

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    • So can anyone record the live streams or something?

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    • nvm i got in

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    • What do RIn and len say in the comic by ichika?

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    • Discount Gally
      Welp, we finally got an Ein and it looks like both Clarith and Michaela have Kaito suitors.

      Okay in more seriousness, is it possible for us to make do with this picture? I think it's from the livestream, so would it be possible to take a better one?

        Loading editor
    • he does look nice.

        Loading editor
    • Your image description fit it perfectly. He wasn't given much uniqueness here, besides a small trim on the end hairs. Otherwise, a green-haired KAITO. Around expectations; he's the typical nice guy character so it was either shaggy short or a flattop imo. Not as good as Clarith's mom imo.

      Here's what I could make out of the image for an infobox. Now that we have a confirmed face though, it would be best to get started on an article either way. Unless anyone obejcts to him having an article and believes it should be further discussed (please speak up now).
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    • A little blurry but Ok.

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    • Actually, since this hasn't been discussed yet (to my knowledge), how does everyone feel about assuming the shaman Mikina and Prim head to Yatski for is Clarith's mother?

      I've double checked Wiegenlied and she refers to herself as a まじない師 in her scene with Michaela. That's the term for a shaman/witch doctor/healer/medicine man that we've seen used consistently for all these "shamans".

      We know Clarith's mother would be alive by those EC 490s and shamans living in or by the Millennium Tree Forest have existed since at least Conchita's time when Carlos learned how to make his healing elixer.

      I think it's a clear tie-in.

        Loading editor
    • I think it's a pretty safe assumption. So does this mean that we should change all instances of "sorceress" to "shaman", then?

        Loading editor
    • Yes. I can 100% confirm that the Wiegenlied translation is wrong. If she was referring to herself as an actual magician/mage, the term 魔道師 (madoushi) would be used instead of まじない師 (manaishi). There was probably some error reading the Chinese or lack of care in the technicalities department.

      So that's two okay with the assumption? Anyone else? Anyone object?

        Loading editor

      No but seriously I think that's a definite nod. Shaman appears to have no other family, which would probably come up with her adopting Clarith, so can't see who else it is.

        Loading editor
    • Very true.

      On the other hand, I'd also like to bring up the topic about the fanbook and Mikina: I mentioned earlier:

      Servant of Evillious wrote:
      [...] I am questioning one portion in the fanbooks. While it does say "Elluka recovered some of the vessels of sin from Mikina", it doesn't specify the vessels or how many.

      Now that we've gotten a larger idea about the battle on the beach, it sounds impractical to me that Abyss was hiding the sword and doll somewhere in that dress. Maybe the mirrors, but  she only pulls out the glass and spoon.

      I'm thinking we should just assume "some" refers to specifically the spoon and glass for now. Irina could've left the other vessels behind. Until we get clarification about what vessels Mikina actually had on her and what Elluka nabbed, I think it would be safer.

      I mean whether it was just the glass and spoon or not, we know Irina gets the wine glass back by the time she fights Chartette.

      I do feel this is an important topic to discuss, since it affects the information about the vessels of sin changing hands and into whose hands they change into.

        Loading editor
    • > > That sounds good to me. It specifies that only some of the vessels were taken, so we can't assume all of them were, so in that vague context the only safe assumption is that those two shown with Mikina were the ones recovered.

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    • We need more replies to this above topic to get it through. Also I've got some wonderful news:

      Looks like a video game(?) is getting a DoE skin with costumes and cards and everything. I'll work on translating everything but it looks like we're getting awesome new spirtes for Riliane/Allen/Michaela.

      Here is the blogpost.

      A game called "Mikukore" is getting a ton of new stuff done in collaboration with mothy's DoE series.

      For one, there are a plethora of new cards being added with DoE artwork and themes. The card used for example is "Now! Kneel to me!" which forces everyone around the player to kneel, casting a root and DoT on all affected targets.

      Another new addition is a new level with the royal palace as the setting. And on top of that, new avatars are added for giving Riliane/Allen/Michaela skins.

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    • Awwwwwww :-3

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    • My copies of DoE Act 2 have arrived. The story roughly covers Wiegenlied from when Clarith finds "Grune" to when she and Michaela discover her mother dead. The story covered less than I would've liked but it's understandable.

      A lot had to be covered in this volume and there's only so much that can be squeezed in with all the pages trying to montage months of time passing.

      Illustrations for Ein, Ein's dad, Eugen, Chelsea, her posse, the transmigration ritual, Eve, spirits in spirit form, Gumillia, Aceid, Keel's mansion, and more.

      Edit: With the new images made available, I'd like to add Eugen and Chelsea to the list. While both relatively minor, they're acts make for sizable articles, with Eugen also playing a key role in the Adventure story and Chelsea getting some additional scenes added in the manga.

        Loading editor
    • Not as sure how big Eugen's article is going to be and pretty sure Chelsea has no skills but I approve of their getting articles. They're sizable enough roles in the first "Act" of Wiegenlied.

        Loading editor
    • Initially, I wanted to say no due to the length of their minor character section. But if their articles can be fleshed out more because of DoE Act Two, then I'm fine. As long as they're not too terribly short.

      Don't forget Octo. Chelsea has great skill in being a bully and some other nasty words. XD

        Loading editor
    • I think you mean Act 2, Evils. XD

      Chelsea's shown to be at least competent in doing farmwork, compared to Clarith, and is adept at socializing. Her downturn comes to her abusive bullying towards anything with white hair, though she lacks any actual combat skills and can't handle an actual fight (especially against armed soldiers).

        Loading editor
    • While writing up the articles, I took the liberty to add Chelsea's new DoE Act 2 scenes with Michaela and Clarith into the article already, so our two ladies will have to be updated as well now.

      I noticed quite a few inaccuracies in the information for her and Eugen though. Nothing too major, but there were some instances of dialogue just being skipped over in the tumblr blog translations for Wiegenlied (not that that's new).

      The one change I noticed the manga made though was that Michaela doesn't grab Chelsea's arm and apply any force to keep her from slapping Clarith. She sort of just stands in the way and Chelsea drops her arm on her own. It's small but I think the change is trivia worthy, like with what we did in The Daughter of Evil: Act 1 trivia.

        Loading editor
    • I agree to the trivia thing, but I mostly came on here to point out that Ichika's colored illustration of Gumillia in the manga doesn't look half bad and it captures her not-very-emotive demeanor. Unless someone has any objections, I'd like to propose making it into her avatar to replace the current "Profile pic" we still have of her up there.

        Loading editor
    • Gumilliaavatar
      Gumillia's not giving up her friend to some white-haired peasant, that's for sure.

      I edited together an avi to our standards. I do like the flat aloofness in her expression. Really captures the "stolid" part of her character.

        Loading editor
    • For a character I generally dislike, I very, very much like that image of her. I think it would be a lovely avi, yes. /o/ As long as nobody suggests that illustration of Clarith.

        Loading editor
    • Well she's just a little too protective of Michaela in my POV, and the artwork of Gumillia is too good to past up soooo, I vote yes for the profile change =^.^=

        Loading editor
    • I love their relationship ^^

        Loading editor
    • While the new avatar does capture Gumillia's personality, I'm not loving Michaela's cropped face in it, so I'm voting no. Is it possible to get an avatar from Heidemarie's character profile from the Gift novel? 

        Loading editor
    • I'm with Greek on this one

        Loading editor
    • GumilliaAvatar
      Okay, here's the alternative avatar I was talking about. 
        Loading editor
    • GumilliaHeideavatar
      Here's one more in line with our head proportions. I like this one too overall (save for the hat) so I'd be fine with it, but I am going to keep my preference to the DoE one overall.

      I updted the other Gumillia option as well. Noticed the proportions for the head were a bit off and fixed them, resulting in a significant decrease in Michaela's face in the image. It's not more like our existing Clarith and Michaela avis.

      While we're at it, might as well throw in a Clarith suggestion from the illustration.
        Loading editor
    • For Gumillia, I prefer the manga illustration. Putting her disguise as Heide as her avatar would be like -for me- using for Kachess' avatar his disguise as Elluka. :p

      I really dislike Clarith's illustration from the manga though :C

        Loading editor
    • I agree with not using the Heide avatar for the reasons Dany put--I know we don't make any attempt to hide spoiler-y info and it's obvious Heide is Gumillia, but when we have another option available we should use the one that's more iconic and not the one that we're technically-not-supposed-to-know-that's-her.

      I also don't like Clarith's face in that image. Something about the mouth being too low or something. Why the long face, Clarith?

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    • Both Clarith and Gumillia's manga illistration looks ok to me, so yes to both of them.

        Loading editor
    • I personally love the Clarith avatar and the Gumillia one is okay but I agree with the issues about Michaela being like in it still. If the Clarith one is used would it be possible to edit it a lil more so that the hair in the corner of the image isn't showing

        Loading editor
    • Alright, I'm going to give the trivia a yes. It's always nice to know the little changes made here and there in the mangas.

      Also I'm going to have to give the DoE Gumillia's avatar a yes since it gives a few good depiction of her personality and typical expression.

      Clarith's is not the best picture ever but I don't have a big problem with it so sure.

        Loading editor
    • I have to say I'm still for using the DoE's Gumillia. 0^0 But I despise that image of Clarith so I'm against that one.

        Loading editor
    • I vote no for the Clarith image. Something about it is just... off. Sort of like Ichika's character illustrations for the DoE: Act 1 manga.

        Loading editor
    • I dont remember if we have already discussed that, but how about changing Riliane's profile image from DoE Act 1 to the Seven Crimes and Punishment album illustration? She looks more natural in the more recent illustration, for me.

        Loading editor
    • Since we've been discussing names a lot lately, I'd like to bring something up: Can Kacherina's name be translated as "Katrina"? (Posting this here because she appeared in Praefacio)

        Loading editor
    • Wouldn't it have been spelt as "Katorina"?

        Loading editor
    • I checked and couldn't find any results tying that spelling to the name. カテリナ (Katerina) would be "Katerina" and カトリーナ (Katoriina) would be "Katrina".

      Since the name  is カチェリーナ (Kacheriina), Kacherina or something similar seems to be the most appropriate translation from what I can tell.

        Loading editor
    • Another thing I'd like to bring up, does anyone have a clue as to what the wordplay behind "Netsuma" is?

      Edit: Also, I vote we use Riliane's SCaP image as her page's avatar.

        Loading editor
    • Reading a week's worth of discussion threads! The horror, the horror!

      • Gumillia illustartion: Remove the looming Michaela in the background and it's excellent.
      • Clarith: Her current image is fine while this one annoys me (along with other users, from the looks of it).
      • Riliane's image: Like Dany, I greatly prefer her SCP illustration over DoE. The change would be excellent although I am fine with it remaining the same.
      • Netsuma: After doing a very, very quick and lazy check, I can't find anything immediatly. I assume it has some connection to Nechuha. 
        Loading editor
    • I agree with Riliane's and Gumillia's image change, they looks nice. As for Clarith's Image, I do like it, but I had been noticing alot of people here disliking it so if you guys are ok with leaving her profile logo alone then I'm ok with it.

        Loading editor
    • I like this one more then the one from the GFTPWBS, this one is cleaner

        Loading editor
    • Rilianetestavatar
      I count a vast majority response upping the DoE one so I'll give that a pass. Clarith has been leaning on the no so that gets dropped.

      I've also posted the potential SCP avi. Personally, I prefer the DoE Act 1 image. This one looks awkward imo.

        Loading editor
    • I vote no for the Riliane avi. I actually kind of think the old one brings out the pride in her better.

        Loading editor
    • i'm kinda neutral on this one

        Loading editor
    • I hated the Act 1 Riliane anyway (Ichika's Open Mouth Syndrome) and I like this Riliane option better so my vote is cast with it. She looks eviller, more like a tyrant, in my opinion. 

        Loading editor
    • I like to repeat myself, so I vote yes for Riliane's avatar change. The Act 1 Riliane was so very awkward (for the same reason as Octo).

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    • Considering that we already discussed why we're not using full/two third body images in infoboxes I don't see what relevance that has. oUO; 

        Loading editor
    • I like this one not only because it captures her prideful personality, but also because it matches the Waiter's avatar. 

        Loading editor
    • Octofan wrote: Considering that we already discussed why we're not using full/two third body images in infoboxes I don't see what relevance that has. oUO; 

      O.O since when? I missed that, besides, sometimes full body pics, if done the right way look nice anyway, a lot better then some of the ones we have now

        Loading editor
    • Right here.

      Simply put, especially in regards to this discussion, it has never been on the table.

      It's just more trouble than it's worth in some areas and if we can't do them for all the characters we might as well not do them at all. (This rings especially true here because we only have seven of these and 20+ characters)

        Loading editor
    • that goes back you your "image unavailable" we can't get for all the characters either but you still gave them pages, if you can have your image then whey can't we have other better looking full body pic for then one that have them? or not bother having info boxes to begin with?

        Loading editor
    • That's a false comparison. The policy for giving characters without images a page was beneficial in taking the unimaginable scrolling off the minor character lists, according to the community consensus. So for the sake of not making them have an unprofessional looking infobox (and not having an infobox at all carries with it its own issues) I made a placeholder image. It stays consistent in that every character page has a "character" roughly from the shoulders up in the infobox.

      When it comes to full body shots, the majority of characters do not have workable full body shots and so giving the ones that do that for their infobox causes inconsistency in the articles. There is no benefit to full body shots, the only actual argument is "It looks nice." It's not like you can put fake legs or waists on characters that we mostly have headshots of. 

      This is also getting off topic from the actual discussion, which is choosing between avis, not bringing up something that was already tabled.

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    • whatever...

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    • Getting back on topic, an anon pointed out on the Netsuma Clan page that the romanization of Netsuma, when scrambled, gives us ツマンネ (tsumane). Not only does it translate to "boring", it's also the name of a song sung by Yowane Haku. Can this be added to the trivia?

      Edit: Also, how does everyone feel about adding to Clarith's trivia the meaning of Yowane Haku's name, which translates to "saying negative thoughts"?

        Loading editor
    • Haku's catchphrase is Tsumane, I can't believe I forgot that.

        Loading editor
    • I just need some further explanation on "tsumane" and I'll be okay with it. I understand "tsumaranai" means boring, tedious, insignificant, worthless, etc. but not tsumane. The trivia point seems worthwhile for Netsuma Clan.

      I don't know about "negative thoughts" but 弱音吐く (yowane haku) would definitely mean to "make complaints". I am fine with that as trivia for Clarith herself.

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    • Like I said, Haku Yowane's catchphrase has become Tsumane through the fandom. She' sung about it

        Loading editor
    • Found the link to the Tsumane video. Also, according to the Vocaloid Wiki, Haku's name translates to "saying negative thoughts", but since saying something negative and complaining are relatively similar, I guess the translation could go either way. (Just going to wait for another user's green light to the trivia before adding it, as is the protocol.)

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    • Pssh, I brought this up on Clarith's page forever ago.

      The **tsumanne connection is new though.

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      Found the link to the Tsumane video.

      So is it supposed to be her just saying the word "すまんね" (sumanne/sorry) incorrectly? The joke's going over my head otherwise.

      Anyhow, I've found someone explaining the origin of the "tsumane", which apparently dates back to a glitch being exploited in the Vocaloid software; it caught on for users who didn't know the story behind said exploit. Seems to be the reason it caught on as Haku's "catch phrase".

      If that's the case, I don't think we should try explaining it too much. A trivia citing it as Haku's catch phrase and maybe referencing the video of origin should be enough. Leave the rest to the Vocaloid Wiki to look into.

      Also, according to the Vocaloid Wiki, Haku's name translates to "saying negative thoughts", but since saying something negative and complaining are relatively similar, I guess the translation could go either way.

      I don't know where the Vocaloid Wiki got their information. 弱音 would iterally mean "soft sound" and can also refer to "piano", to complaining/whining/wimpering, and to "mute". I don't know where "negative thoughts" came from.

      GreekTelepath wrote:
      (Just going to wait for another user's green light to the trivia before adding it, as is the protocol.)

      You don't greenlight that. Not enough users have given their input either, so I am not giving a pass on any trivia just yet.

        Loading editor
    • Let me just clarify something - you're not giving a pass on the Clarith trivia, or are you not giving a pass for both of the trivia points?

        Loading editor
    • To add more user input I'll agree to the Clarith and Netsuma trivias oUO;; they seem solid enough.

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    • Kind of an old topic, but how does everyone feel about flat-out saying Margaret is represented by Hatsune Miku? She canonically looks like an older Michaela/Eve Moonlit, so I think that's enough evidence. I feel like she's in the same boat as Arkatoir, since Arkatoir is literally "Kyle but with red hair", in the same sense that Margaret is literally "Michaela but older".

        Loading editor
    • I agree; the likeness is enough that Kyle mistook Michaela and the Clockworker's Doll's likenesses for hers initially. We've confirmed representative Vocaloids on less.

        Loading editor
    • Does this mean Ein is Nigaito? (I'm semi-joking.)

        Loading editor
    • I think Margaret falls under the Mayrana umbrella of "technically different but artistically indistinguishable". Nothing we've been given indicates enough difference imo. I can understand Arth based on Ichika's wording, but Margaret has been given a much closer resemblance in text. Unless we get an illustration giving us a really distinct contrast from our typical Miku character (40 Eve doesn't look older than 20 Eve imo), I don't mind.

        Loading editor
    • ^ Hey, let's not forget this topic now. Poor Margaret is being left in the proverbial dust here. XD

      Also, I added info up until the pirate ship is sunk by the octopus. Lots of new lore and more detailed explanations for story and characters. Looks like Abyss I.R. promised the pirates a reward if they kidnapped Kyle and then killed them off once they outlived their usefulness to her (or rather, just Yarera and Zusco, it would seem).

      And it looks like mothy threw in the cut backstory for Germaine into Praefacio through Kyle's pov. It's about what I was expecting happened with Leonhart, considering the Three Heroes' reactions to anything involving their wartime exploits.

      Because I only got up to the middle of page 34 and there's another 12 pages worth of info that would need to be translated, I'm giving a pass on everything we have for chapter 1 up until this point.

        Loading editor
    • Germaine gets a backstory? Yay!!

      I still vote to confirm Margaret's being represented by Miku, by the way.

        Loading editor
    • I've finished up with chapter 1 of Praefacio so I'll give a pass to the new info.

      I had completely forgotten the whole Gumillia-Kyle relationship. Yeah, there would be some awkwardness on at least Kyle's end, given his part in Michaela's death. Nice to see that aspect touched upon and develop in the novel. It's rather cute.

      Speaking of which, Shaw is absolutely adorable trying to be Gumillia's little helper (and of course Keel sends him with a contigent of bodyguards as his entourage).

      This leaves only the majority of chapter 2 that hasn't been properly mined for info. Besides the Kyle scenes I had already done, there's just the Freesis family reunion and stay at the mansion + the battle with Abyss I.R. (70 pages.... yipee.......)

        Loading editor
    • Praefacio Chapter 2, Section 2 has 9 scenes total. The last two were the Middle Tower/Left Chapel scenes with Kyle. The first one was with Yukina on her way home.

      I'll start with Scene 2.

      • Yukina: "Big house as usual."
      • My impression I expressed at the front of the house after being away from home for so long.
      • Shaw: "What's with that? Saying stuff like that now."
      • Of course, this house being "big" was normal for my brother. But I was different. When I took the first inn while out on my journey, I thought it was a "small" building. It was my value for things at the time, but now I feel like this. That inn wasn't "small", this house was "big".
      • The house hasn't changed at all since I left. It wasn't the home that changed. I'm sure it was me.
      • After they got off the carriage, Yukina and Shaw went towards the front entrance where one boy wearing servant clothes was waiting, lowering his head to us.
      • Servant: "Welcome back, Master Shaw."
      • I don't know this servant. Was he hired after I left on my journey? (lol, Mikina's servant boy)
      • Shaw: "I've brought my sister and guests. So, won't you tell Father for me?"
      • When he replied to the servant boy, he left to the back of the mansion to call my father. Behind me, Germaine spoke her mind and gave this proposal.
      • Germaine: "Won't this be a parent-child reunion? Shouldn't we leave the premises?"
      • I think Yukina narrates that she expects them to not want to try staying if they invited them as thanks. She cites it wouldn't be trouble.
      • Yukina: "You won't be a bother." She goes with that answer.
      • The entrance from the front door led into a long corridor. At the point where it turned left was Father's room.
      • After a little while, they saw a figure dashing toward them. It was obvious who it was, even if he was invisible.
      • In fact, Yukina wasn't sure whether to face her father, given his attitude toward her. Her hugging her father innocently as a kid and cryng "Papa~!" to soften him up would be pretty calculated.
      • Even Shaw told her before their departure from the Lucifenia territory, that her father's personality, would probably be unlikely to be mad at her but she would need to be ready just in case. But first, she needed to know what his attitude was.
      • Keel: "Yuuukiiinaaa~! Welcome back~!"
      • On first sight, Keel went toward her she resigned herself to his open hands readying for a huge. His face was a mess, his eyes in tears.
      • Yukina's a little annoyed at the lovely dovey hugging, even though it's her retribution for leaving him feeling so lonely. Regardless, she wanted to apologize.
      • Yukina: "Here, Papa. This is Miss Germaine and Miss Gumillia."
      • She didn't have to introduce them since Keel had already met them before but did so anyway.
      • Keel: "Hm? Oh, it's been a while, you two."
      • Keel hurriedly wiped his glasses which were flooded with tears and corrects his posture.
      • Keel: "You took great pains to come here, you should take it easy. There are various things I want to hear."
      • And in that moment, the Commerce Alliance Head, Keel Freesis, had returned.
      • Her father was embarressingly doting but she knew his face as a merchant prevailed above all. For now, he could postpone his feelings for this. When he composes himself, he makes for a great conversational partner.
      • Keel: "Come join me Yukina. We're preparing something to eat."
      • Unlike earlier, Father was maintaining his dignity while speaking.
      • Yukina: "Okay, but, before that, I want to go see Aile and Mother."
      • Keel: "I see, well then while you're at it, call the two of them to the table. After so long, let's eat dinner together as a family."
      • Keel looked over his shoulder and stopped his body as if he noticed something, looking around the entrance.
      • Keel: "Come to think of it, what happened to Kyle? Did he not come with you?"
      • Yukina: "I recommended that he return to Marlon Castle first. I figured that his duties as a king would be more important." (Not so sure on the second part)
      • Keel: "Oh...... is that so......."
      • Keel looked a little disappointed. He then brings Germaine and Gumillia to the dinner table.
      • One of the black suits spoke to Shaw.
      • Black Suit: "Then we shall take our leave."
      • Shaw: "Well, it has been hard on you guys. You should rest easy today."
      • The black suits leave so it's only Yukina and Shaw now.
      • Shaw: "Sis, go to Mother's room. I'll go call Aisle in the meantime."
      • Yukina: "Hm, what?"
      • Why I said something like that, I don't know myself. But I just involuntarily said that.
      • Shaw: "Before, with Papa....... have you changed?"
      • What was Shaw saying? I said with a face glaring back at him.
      • Yukina: "Whatever's changed, I think you should speak better to your big sister."
      • Shaw: "You...... think so? Sorry, I heard something strange."
      • With a shrug, Shaw went toward Aisle's room.

      Done. The dialogue between them at the end might be a little rough. I had trouble understanding what Shaw was saying too and hag to go over that several times.

      Likewise, that line about Yukina hugging her dad was long and a bit confusing so I want to go over it again. I got the impression that her intentions were to try buttering him up if he was angry at her.

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    • Starting on Scene 3.

      • As I approached Mother's room, I heard the pleasant sound of a harp. Perhaps Mother was playing in her room?
      • When she opened the door, it stopped playing. There, like Father, my mother's appearance hadn't changed.
      • Mikina beams a smile at Yukina upon seeing her: "...... Welcome back, Yukina."
      • Yukina: "I'm home, Mama."
      • We reached out and hug each other, happy for this reunion after so long.
      • Mikina: "Have you grown a tad?"
      • Yukina: "Y'think I did?"
      • Mikina: "Was your journey fun? You didn't ruin your stomach with foreign food, did you?"
      • Yukina: "Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, Mama."
      • Mikina: "Yes?"
      • Yukina: "For the first time in a long time, I want to hear your harp."
      • Mikina: "Heheh, wonderful. But it'll be time for dinner soon so only a little."
      • Once I sat down in a chair, Mother sat in front of the harp and resumed playing.
      • My mother, Mikina Freesis, is essentially a modest woman but continues to support Father from behind the scenes as a virtuous (ie, femine modesty/fidelity) person.
      • Although she was a noble lady from a good family originally, the result of her great love for him was enough to exile herself  to Elphegort and elope. I've heard Mother's love story with Father from her several times.
      • Mother's only hobby good hobby to speak of was her playing the harp. Although my father often suggested Mother play at his dinner parties, Mother would never nod her head and told him, "Because it's embarressing." Mother's tune was something only for our family.
      • Yukina enjoys listening to the sound, finding it nostalgic to hear it again, finally feeling that she was home.
      • Yukina: "Mama...... I'm sorry."
      • Mikina: "Hm, what about, dear?" She says while continuing to play."
      • Yukina: "I selfishly went on a journey and made you worry."
      • While saying that, I remembered that I haven't apologized to Father. Mother didn't say anything and just continued playing with a smile.
      • Soon after, the playing at stopped. As my mother was about to open her mouth and say something, someone opened the door and came in.
      • Aile: "So Big Sis did come back!"
      • Yukina: "I'm home, Aile."
      • Aile ran over to me and gave me an innocent hug. Because she got too excited, she started choking and coughing.
      • Aile: "Hey, hey, because you're running......"
      • With an anxious face, Mother rubbed Aile on the back. Aile is four years younger than me. Due to our mother's strong character, Shaw and I were pretty docile by comparison.
      • Since she's been somewhat sickly since she was a baby, Mother had been constantly attending to nursing her for a period of time.
      • Yukina is narrating that apparently Mikina wouldn't leave Aile's care to any of the servants.
      • I don't know the reason, but hearing the rumors among the servants, when Shaw was a baby, there seemed to have been a nanny who had caused an accident.
      • While I don't know the details of the accident, there are faint traces of residual burns on Shaw's back.
      • Mother oddly hates Elphes, so it's a rare thing for her to employ them as servants; I believe that's involved as the cause.
      • While her mother wasn't always taking care of her, Yukina didn't think she was lonely. The one who always gave her affection was her father. Even when he was busy, he'd make spare time for her in his work. She was pleased because she always had her father's love.
      • And yet now she found her father's affection a little unpleasant.
      • Yukina: (Still, I should apologize to him)
      • The door then opened again and Shaw peeked his head inside.
      • Shaw: "Let's go to the table now, everyone. I'm hungry."
      • Mother rose and clapped her hands.
      • Mikina: "Well then, shall we be off? It's been a while since we've all eaten together, heheh, Mama's delighted."

      Scene end.

      More later.

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    • And now for one of my faves, Scene 4:

      • You got Gumillia, Germaine, and the Freesis' at the table in a peaceful atmosphere.
      • Lavish dishes made by a veteran cook that was living with them in Elphegort had been lined up on the table. An exquisite cut of roast beef and freshly made baked potato, the pudding garnish also exquisite.
      • She could tell Gumillia and Germaine were enjoying themselves too. Especially Germaine, who had been previously been unsteady on her feet was vigorously eating.
      • Germaine: "It's my first time eating it, but Marlon cuisine really is delicious."
      • While Father had a proud face, he gave a wry laugh: "While I'm honored by your compliments, our dinners are a little different from standard Marlon cuisine. We have it seasoned so it's more like Elphegort."
      • Germaine: "Really?"
      • Keel: "Yes, if you want to eat true Marlon cuisine, you should look to order it from the nearby taverns...... I don't recommend it." He again made a small laugh.
      • Generally, Marlon cuisine has a flat taste to it. It was acceptable for our parents who had been born and raised in Marlon, but for Shaw and I who had spent our childhoods in Elphegort, it was a little a dull....... it was clearly awful. There weren't many foreign foods in Marlon.
      • Once Germaine drank the Sherry, my father proposes this.
      • Keel: "You were late today and Kyle's not here. You're also tired from the voyage. Bedrooms have been prepared so you should rest easy. Let me trying hearing the full story tomorrow."
      • Germaine: "If you're able to, I'd be grateful."
      • Gemaine placed her knife and forks on the dish.
      • Germaine: "Today I was attacked by pirates, chased by a giant octopus, it was terrible."
      • Now Mother and Father placed their knifes and forks down. Or to be more accurate, dropped them.
      • Keel/Mikina: "Pirates...... Giant octopus!?"
      • Unaware of how disturbed the two were, Germaine continued talking.
      • Germaine: "It was really bad~. A little more at sea and we would've been scraps of seaweed......" (metaphor for "dead at sea").
      • Keel/Mikina: "Yukina...... and Shaw...... had such a dangerous experience......"
      • Father became teary-eyed. Mother's hands were trembling. I had a bad feeling about this. I interrupted the conversation in a hurry.
      • Yukina: "H-Hey, they can listen to the rest of the story tomorrow, alright?"
      • Shaw: "Y-Yeah. Isn't that what Father said? Everyone's tired!"
      • With Shaw's additional assistance, the situation managed to be subsided. If told my parents about the very best events of my journey, they probably would've fainted. I'll tell the story to them slowly, over time.
        Loading editor
      • So Yukina is Keel's favorite, whereas Mikina is a doting mother to Aile. Hmm, sounds like the stereotypical middle child situation to me. Has Shaw ever expressed frustration of not getting as much attention from his parents anywhere in the novel?
      • "Mikina: Have you grown a tad?" What exactly is Mikina asking here? The meaning I'm getting is "You've grown a bit, haven't you?"
      • Are all of the Freesis servants Elphes, or just a majority? Also, did the family take all of them when they relocated to Marlon after the Revolution?
      • I've done a bit of research, and apparently potatoes found a "firm place in German cuisine" sometime after 1774; Lucifenian Revolution takes place alongside 1799, so it all matches up. Can't find anything on roast beef, though. Apparently a kind of roast beef originated in Germany, but my source didn't say when. Another source I found says that they spit roasted oxen because of influence from the Romans. Makes sense, since Banica was a great influence in cuisine.
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      • Aile is doted on by Mikina and Keel is attentive to Yukina but that doesn't mean they neglect Shaw. After all, Shaw is Keel's heir to the Freesis Firm and it's even stated they doted on him a lot when he was younger as well as taking Keel him to every business meeting.
      • Most of Keel's servants aren't Elphes; in fact aside from Michaela they never hired an Elphe after the nanny. That is what Yukina just said :P
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    • In order:

      • Octo covered it. Shaw's the favorite but we see in Wiegenlied that Keel would make time to give her his affection (much to Earl Felix's amusement). We also get reference to Aile taking up all of Mikina's time in Wiegenlied. Shaw acts pretty smug and lighthearted
      • "Tad" meaning "little" or any small amount. She's just wondering if she's grown a little since she last saw her.
      • Like Octo said again, most servants aren't Elphe; most of them are probably Elphegortean but Mikina refuses to hire Elphes (barring Michaela) and the Freesis' are extremely sympathetic to foreigners that live in Elphegort.
      • Let's not get too hung up on period equivalents here. This is a period where they haven't even invented the basic revolver (but are in the process of) and only Marlon seems to have cannons and explosives of any kind.
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    • Scene 5 is another short one:

      • While Yukina hasn't been in her room for a while, the servants kept it from getting dusty so it was exactly the way she left it.
      • It could be mistaken for a male's room or some study as it has bookshelfs with countless books lining both sides.
      • Yukina takes a deep breath and can smell the faint smell of paper. There was no doubt, it was her room on the second floor.
      • She slipped into bed and closed her eyes. Like Germaine had said, a lot happened that day. Not just that day, she's seen a lot of stuff in the past one and a half years.
      • But it wasn't enough. She still wanted to know more. The mystery of the "vessels of sin" hasn't been solved. Someday, when she becomes a little more of an adult, she'll go on another journey and discover it herself.
      • As she thought all this, she became sleepy. As she started dozing off, she noticed a rustling sound coming from outside the window. There were windows in the east and north of this room. The sound was coming from the northern one.
      • To the north was Column Forest but with the dark night, it wasn't clearly visible.
      • Yukina saw a figure walking toward the forest. She can't make out the face, but she confirmed it was a mage in a robe with short cut green hair.
      • Yukina: (Miss Gumillia? What's she doing in the middle of the night?)
      • Soon, the figure disappeared in the woods. It was dangerous to enter the forest during the night. She couldn't risk following her.
      • Yukina narrates her confidence Gumillia will be okay despite the danger. Compared to the time at the Millennium Tree Forest, this one was only 1/10th of the size.
      • Why did Gumillia choose to enter the forest?
      • It was a time and place suitable to using magic. The forest at night was the best time to perform magic rituals, Gumillia said herself. That means Gumillia's performing something magical, one can infer. But for what? The answe is simple. Preparation for the "enemy".
      • Yukina: (Overall, what I'm thinking about is irrelevant)
      • Being in the safety of my home, I had forgotten about it. Go on another journey? What am I thinking? This journey right now isn't over.
      • The conspiracy in the shadows by Marlon. The person responsible for King Kyle's demonic possession, and Ney Futapie. Not until those are settled.

      Mostly a fluff scene, though it seems to be alluding to something with Gumillia I'm curious about. I wonder what that's implying with Gumillia.

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    • ...Maybe Yukina has a crush on Gumillia too. Watch out Shaw, looks like you've got some competition.

      Is the battle with Abyss I.R. in the next scene?

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      ...Maybe Yukina has a crush on Gumillia too. Watch out Shaw, looks like you've got some competition.

      Is the battle with Abyss I.R. in the next scene?

      It's not even in this section. There's a six and a half page scene with Yukina, Keel, and Germaine, then a short scene after that before the two Kyle scenes occur where he's at Marlon Castle, meets up with Arkatoir, and discovers Abyss is dead.

      The Abyss fight in the forest is what takes up most of Section 2 of the chapter.

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    • It says on Yukina's page that an excerpt from a Freesis Fairy Tale appears at the start of each DoE light novel. What excerpts appear at the start of Praeludium and Praefacio then? I think we may have missed those when making the Bolganio Literature page.

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    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      It says on Yukina's page that an excerpt from a Freesis Fairy Tale appears at the start of each DoE light novel. What excerpts appear at the start of Praeludium and Praefacio then? I think we may have missed those when making the Bolganio Literature page.

      Read the trivia carefully:

      "Several songs by mothy are confirmed to be Freesis Fairy Tales; in The Daughter of Evil series, excerpts from the fairy tales are placed at the beginning of several of the light novels."

      Praeludium and Praefacio are not subject to this.

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    • Whoops. Sorry about that.

      Moving on, how does everyone feel about adding this to the Arth's trivia the possibility of him being inspired by Louis XIV, the absolute ruler of France who brought the kingdom to its height and excessively waged war with other countries? Also, Louis XIV's grandson, Louis XVI (Marie Antoinette's husband), was deposed in the French Revolution. I think this is the same situation with Kyle and his Napoleon parallels.

        Loading editor
    • Imma repaste here what I wrote when you put this in his comments: I would think that, based on the name, he's more supposed to be King Arthur, who mythically established a peaceful kingdom in a time of conflict.

      Pretty much the only thing he has in common with the Sun King is the wars. I don't think mothy necessarily based all his Story of Evil characters on one French ruler or another.

        Loading editor
    • There's still a possibility; that's why I brought it up in the thread to discuss it. :0 I'll try to research some more on Louis XIV to see if he really inspired Arth.

      Also, counterargument, Leonhart's name is derived from that of an English king, despite him not being the King of Marlon.

        Loading editor
    • How is that a counterargument to my argument though? xD It just proves the inspiration for the characters doesn't necessarily have to be based on a person in their inspiration-country

        Loading editor
    • It I'm not mistaken, your argument was that a character's name origins is a more likely basis for their inspiration. My point in citing Leonhart's name is that, while his name is derived from King Lionheart, he does not do anything of the sort, since he was never a king. The same goes for Kyle, who has numerous Napoleon parallels despite not having his name derived from Napoleon.

        Loading editor
    • Ahh my mistake ooo/ I will try to clarify:

      My argument was not to be applied to all characters. I was overall saying that Arth, in aesthetic and legendary status, has more clearly in common with the mythical (legendary) king Arthur, as well as having Arth in his very name, that saying he's based on Louis XIV looks to be too far reaching in comparison.

        Loading editor
    • Alright then, sorry for the misunderstanding. I think I've already made clear my main point, which is that there are several parallels between Arth and Louis XVI.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, I'm not seeing it as a strong enough connection imo. Maybe if we knew more about who he is as a character, we could draw something. But he's portrayed as his own thing, if not drawing from some of Arthurian legend. I'm not convincedof Louis being a possible inspiration.

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    • Alright then. Moving on, did Gumillia go into Column Forest to confront Abyss I.R., or did they just happen to bump into each other?

      Also, should Gumillia be added to Shaw's Character Connections, since she was his crush as a child (not to mention someone he trusted enough to masquerade as his dead great-granddaughter a century later).

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      Alright then. Moving on, did Gumillia go into Column Forest to confront Abyss I.R., or did they just happen to bump into each other?

      I haven't seen that scene in-depth. All I know from what I've glanced at is that Gumillia and "Elluka" go out together through the forest and then Gumillia suddenly attacks her.

      With this scene, I'm of the opinion she was setting up to ambush Abyss in the forest and has been aware of the whole Elluka-Abyss thing since at least the ziz tiama incident (maybe the entire time). But there's no way to be sure until I get to that scene.

      As for Shaw.... idk, her relationship with Shaw isn't focused on at all so we don't know if she ever reciprocated the feelings, knew but ignored them, or was just wholly ignorant (which doesn't merit a connection). I don't think it's one of Gumillia's major ones personally.

        Loading editor
    • But Michaela didn't reciprocate Allen's feelings and she still gets a Character Connection. Also, there's evidence that Gumillia cared for Shaw (at least by the Gift novel) since she wanted to cry at his funeral but couldn't.

        Loading editor
    • GreekTelepath wrote:
      But Michaela didn't reciprocate Allen's feelings and she still gets a Character Connection.

      They had more to their relationship than a one-sided romantic interest. The section has the romance as a footnote to everything else.

      Also, there's evidence that Gumillia cared for Shaw (at least by the Gift novel) since she wanted to cry at his funeral but couldn't.

      I said "idk" and "I don't think it's one of Gumillia's major ones personally". I'm not denying the 2-3 lines I read out of the Gift novel. But I'm not sure if it would be a relevant enough connection on her end. I'd say Kyle's far more relevant as a relationship, and I'm not sure about him either.

        Loading editor
    • Alright then.

        Loading editor
    • Gumillia should probably be listed with Shaw for sure--comedic childhood crushes are important like that. If we have to reciprocate with Gumillia, I think it's at least enough to say that she made use of him as a little helper and continued to have an ally/friend relationship with him, whatever kind it was, until his death.

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    • Gumillia should be listed under Shaw but I don't think she has a strong enough connection to him to warrant him being listed on her page.

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    • Lilyavatar2.2
      Providing two new suggestions for Riliane Mouchet's infobox image from the schedule book. These were the best quality images I could muster.
        Loading editor
    • To be honest, I don't really like either image (although it's not like the one currently on her page is any nicer so...)

      Question, do we have any policy against the use of black and white avatars for characters with colored illustrations? Because if not, I'd like to propose this one, which was made using Lily's Praeludium illustration.

        Loading editor
    • Nope. People tend to preferred color but that doesn't mean it has to be colored.

        Loading editor
    • I reallt like that first one servy suggested

        Loading editor
    • I like all of them, but they're all kind of a blurry quality. I think for color and being the sharpest we should go with the second one.

        Loading editor
    • I'm going to vote on the second one that Servy suggested as well. Although I do like GT's for it's quality.

        Loading editor
    • I think that the second one from Servy is the best. Its background isn't overly-distracting (not the Greek's is, either) and it's simple. To be honest, I do have a bias towards avis with color. Unless it's a manga-only character and they only exist in black and white. But if other material has them in color, I prefer that.

        Loading editor
    • I'll give the second one a pass then.

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    • Servant of Evillious
      Servant of Evillious removed this reply because:
      Topic over.
      03:04, March 14, 2015
      This reply has been removed
    • Question: What are the thoughts of changing Anne's maiden name Sui (スイ) from the literal romanization to "Swee" to better resemble the Sweet Ann reference, similar to our handling of the anagram for the Rogze family name in relation to Prim?

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    • is that how it is pronounced? if so I vote yes.

        Loading editor
    • I like it, honestly. Sui is an odd name anyway.

        Loading editor
    • Alexiel Lucifen wrote:
      is that how it is pronounced? if so I vote yes.

      For point of reference, common spellings of "sweet" are スイート (suiito), スウィート (suwiito), and スィート (suiito).

        Loading editor
    • cool, never knew that. thanks btw you said "スイート" twice

        Loading editor
    • Alexiel Lucifen wrote:
      cool, never knew that. thanks btw you said "スイート" twice

      You're not looking close enough. スート and  スート (while pronounced the same) are technically different. ;p

        Loading editor
    • oh, didn't notice the size difference, lol

        Loading editor
    • I suppose I've no objections > >;

        Loading editor
    • I'm a bit opposed to the idea, since Sui is more aesthetically pleasing than "Swee". But if everyone else agrees with it then I guess I'm okay with it as well.

        Loading editor
    • I agree with Greek, Swee kind looks weird. But to be honest, both are pretty much the same thing, so I'm good either way.

        Loading editor
    • It ruins my terrible pun but that pun should be ruined, it was awful.

      I approve of changing it to Swee.

        Loading editor
    • Alright. The Swees have it. I'll sanction the change to articles. The Anne Sui redirect will now be changed to Anne Swee as well.

        Loading editor
    • Servant of Evillious wrote:
      Alright. The Swees have it. I'll sanction the change to articles. The Anne Sui redirect will now be changed to Anne Swee as well.

      That actually makes a whole lot sense since she's based off of Sweet Ann, I like it :-3

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    • I know she doesn't really look stoic in this one, but how does everyone feel about using this as Gumillia's avi?

        Loading editor
    • That's pretty much the one we used before her Act 2 avatar, though. It's not a bad image, but I'm not sure if captures Gumillia, if you know what I mean.

        Loading editor
    • I agree with Ninja. We just had that discussion in mid January about that. I think the current one is fine.

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    • Well, found the source for PHP's birthday info in the Schedule Book and it seems most of the main cast do have their birthdays corresponding to their Vocaloids. I updated the trivia and articles a few days ago on that.

      What really struck a chord with me though was a passage in the trivia blurbs throughout the calendar. One of them claimed the "two great (female) knights" had a duel, Germaine and Riliane (Lily). I went through the fanbook again the aftermath does only say Lily had a duel (which she "beautifully won") against Germaine, not necessarily Abyss I.R. There's also this illustration the fanbook provides, which would make sense in that context.

      The trivia also purports that Prim, Anne, and Arth, were all the same age. Based on that, the implication would be the same birth year at the very least.

      Considering this mix of old and new trivia, I'm going to work on fully scanning it. The above stuff should be changed regardless, unless anyone wants to debate the Lily-Germaine point.

        Loading editor
    • I hope we get hose kinds of thins--the birthdays--for all of the arcs. :c It'd be really interesting knowing my favorite characters' birthdays instead of having to guess while, once again, Story of Evil gets all the nitty gritty...

        Loading editor
    • wrote:
      I hope we get hose kinds of thins--the birthdays--for all of the arcs. :c It'd be really interesting knowing my favorite characters' birthdays instead of having to guess while, once again, Story of Evil gets all the nitty gritty...

      To be fair, the schedule book came about 3 1/2 years after the novel series began. Deadly Sins of Evil is a longer novel series and so has a lot more to go before it'll be wrapped up and can have a tiny little handbook for the fans.

      Anyhow, I'll be updating Lily and Germaine straight away since no one's posting an objection in the past 12 hours.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, hopefully we get one eventually, then.

        Loading editor
    • Well found this by accident: Checking through the Cloture map and noticed that the Stonehenge area below Levianta in northern Elphegort had a name for once. Read 禁断の地ネム: "The Forbidden Land of Nemu".

      This is probably the Nemu village of OSS imo, which would confirm that Eve's village was in Elphegort. I think Nemu should be in Elphegort's Locations sections now that we can confirm this.

        Loading editor
    • Oh cool Nemu. Can you go through the entire map, Servy, to make sure we didn't miss anything? 

      Also, it seems mothy has had this thing planned from the very beginning. I wonder why it became a forbidden land - a failed Ma candidate originating from there and Marina's corpse being found do not make for a good reputation.

        Loading editor
    • This seemed liek the right thread

      mothy's latets nico live thingy revealed

      VG Cloture has colored character profiles

      Manual of evil is in there

      VG Wiegenlied comes with Novelette

      the changes that have been made are very very very minor.

      mothy fanboyed over sakura no ame and he's going to osaka for an event thing and visit his mother

      He then went on to talk about how he's either wants or plans to make a "End girl Gretel"(Not exactly that title but a gretel song in the style of hänsel's)

      He mentioned something about sweden

      He was going to talk about Hänsel and ALlen nore in depth but then myh time ran out

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    • Here's my coverage for the changes in the VG version of Cloture of Yellow. As these are one giant pain in the neck, I haven't mined the new or heavily edited scenes in full detail but will answer what I can about them in the mean time. 

      The only scene I'm going to be staying vague on is the Leonhart and Allen fight scene because there's just so many differences and additions mixed in with the old that it'll take more time on my end.


      • Allen’s mentions of Leonhart and Mariam in narration are changed to “adoptive father” and “head maid” respectively; the relevant sentences are sometimes changed, though they lose no significant meaning.
      • Allen’s new reference to Leonhart has his “adoptive father” returns to being simply “Leonhart” following his discovery of the man’s “betrayal”.
      • Several lines of narration (specifically pure exposition) by Allen were changed to have more of his sarcasm and snarky personality filtering the delivery.

      Chapter 1: Section 1
      Scene 1

      • Opening narration concerning Levin Church bell is expanded, talking more about how the bell could be heard from anywhere in town, even the far away place they were at, signaling the time so he wouldn’t even have to look at his pocket watch.
      • Allen’s interchange with Chartette is changed slightly, adding more narration describing who Mariam is (and why you shouldn’t be caught not working on her watch) among other details in description interspersed between the dialogue.
      • Allen’s narration about him and Chartette talking casually due to their long relationship since their youth is cut.
      • Allen’s narration concerning Ney is expanded to better portray why he chose her specifically to take his place, as well as mentioning her being the head maid’s adopted daughter.
      • Leonhart’s commentary about Riliane needing to think more about her people is expanded, Allen now arguing it with him before Leonhart finally coughs and changes the subject to Josephine to ease the awkward air.
      • Allen’s narration describing his realization it Ney’s screaming is changed for clarity; less emotional involvement now.

      Scene 2

      • New narration starting the scene describing the forest’s lush trees and its connection to the earth god, Held, as well as Allen’s feeling it’s “gloomy” whether it be because his faith isn’t enough or because of its name as the “Forest of Bewilderment”.
      • Narration describing Leonhart tracking Josephine slightly rewritten for clarity.
      • Allen’s narration mentioning the backdoor in the fireplace is changed to a thought with parentheses and a “huh?” added after the elipses.
      • New thought by Allen following his narration recalling the beach: (Just maybe—-)
      • Narration inserted describing Leonhart’s initial surprise when Allen says he’s going on ahead.
      • Leonhart’s last line is now proceeded with “I’ll say it again,”.
      • Allen’s last line of narration is changed to a thought with parentheses.

      Scene 3

      • Allen’s narration about the coast is slightly expanded, describing in more detail how he identified Jospehine (Lucifenian royal family’s coat of arms on the saddle).
      • Allen’s narration concerning Riliane’s reaction to Leonhart is expanded slightly
      • Allen’s narration describing Riliane’s tantrum is condensed slightly.
      • Allen’s apology for ruining Riliane’s plans has been changed to use more kani in it than just hiragana.
      • A new thought by Allen is added after hearing Riliane mutter about trying to kill Leonhart with her scratch: “(…… Honestly, same as ever)”
      • Allen’s narration thinking back on the day he last tend to her wounds is changed to a thought in parentheses.
      • Allen’s narration thinking about Riliane’s hand has been slightly rewritten with additional details and his usual snark about how obviously her tyrannical hand is warm because she’s a human, not a doll, so wondering that on his part was silly.
      • Allen’s last bit of narration flashbacking to him and Riliane as kids is changed to a thought in parentheses.
      • Narration about the sun setting expanded slightly.
      • New narration added describing Riliane not seeing through his lie about riding a horse.
      • Allen’s “?” after hearing Riliane say she’s alone is removed.

      Scene 4

      • New narration cocnerning Leonhart’s vague comment about there being all kinds of women in the country, reflecting it was probably “adult circumstances” and that he always treated him like a child and blurred the story. If he insisted, his adoptive father would see him more and more as an unreasonable brat so he always quietly backed down.
      • Allen’s narration regarding his reaction to Mariam accurately surmising his reactions is expanded to more explicitly point out she’s accurate.
      • New narration added explicitly describing Mariam’s look immediately changed to that of the stiff “head maid” prompting Allen to correct his lack of honorifics toward Riliane.
      • Allen’s narration regarding the incident was slightly expanded, including more details regarding the events with the Minister of Interior Affairs trying to eliminate the Three Heroes.
      • Allen’s narration regarding Elluka and Mariam likely not mentioning why Riliane doesn’t remember him is expanded, now more explicitly pointing out the possibility Elluka and the others aren’t mentioning the past out of consideration for Riliane.
      • Continuing from the previous bullet, Allen now points out the fact that blood was shed and Riliane herself was acting a little strange and could’ve possibly had her young mind scarred before Allen trails back to his original digression that whenever him and his sister come up, things get messy.
      • Allen’s narration after Minis speaks is slightly changed for literary flow, one new line recalling Leonhart’s words from the garden while he works.
      • Allen’s narration concerning Riliane coming up with making the cake that morning has been expanded, now detailing that Ney told him the story.
      • Continuing from the previous bullet, Allen now considers that it must’ve instead occurred after her escape from the palace as she planned to have Leonhart’s position jeopardized with her stunt before admitting that her behavior and actions aren’t very consistent to begin with.
      • Chartette’s squiggles in her first line of dialogue are changed to regular “~”.
      • Allen’s line about not understanding why/how Riliane is “lonely” is changed for literary flow and to better portray his emotional loss at it.

      Scene 5

      • Germaine’s opening drunken line is made more clear what it’s saying and therefore less drawn out.
      • Several of Germaine’s narrative exposition in her first scene have been converted to explicit half-drunken ravings by her.
      • Prior to Germaine mentioning the “royal palace”, a narration is inserted elaborating that Leonhart was beloved by the people but that rumors from some among them claimed he was a “minion of the aristocracy”.
      • Continuing the previous bullet, Germaine narrates it’s untrue, pointing out Leonhart was born a commoner unlike the noble families Generals Mouchet and Ausdin were born into and still refused to be granted noble status despite being known as one of the “Three Heroes”.
      • Still continuing off the previous bullet, his refusal to be anything more than a commoner precedes his choice of residence downtown away from the royal capital of Lucifenian instead of in the palace with what meager meals they have. 

      Chapter 1: Section 2
      Scene 1

      • After Allen mentions how Leonhart has somehow avoided being executed, he notes how it may not last long as Riliane’s self-indulgence is getting worse and worse every day. He mentions how recently the famed commander General Mouchet was relegated to the remote Retasan Fortress because “I’m not fond of excessively long beards.”
      • Some of Allen’s narration pertaining to his encounter with Asan was changed to better pace the fight and get into Allen’s mindset.
      • Additional detail added that Riliane was pale but without a scratch after Allen tackled Asan.
      • Bolded portions of text from Allen’s encounter with Asan was changed to regular narration describing actions, parentheses being used for thoughts.
      • After Allen’s narration describes Asan’s beheading the next day, it continues to mention that the servant didn’t have time to mourn the death of a colleague, as they may be the ones who are next tomorrow.

      Scene 2

      • Allen’s narration regarding Riliane’s mentality about “everything in the palace” being hers was changed to add more “personality” to the exposition.

      Scene 3

      • Allen’s narration after Riliane asks about him using a sword slightly expands, explicitly pointing out her seeing him use one before her eyes.

      Scene 4

      • Conversation between Leonhart and Germaine during the last meeting is greatly expanded, inserting additional dialogue concerning Leonhart’s desire for atonement from wartime actions.

      Scene 5

      • Allen’s narration regarding his decision not to kill Riliane is expanded, explicitly deliberating other scenarios Allen could take at this juncture and their consequences, as well as better establishing why he doesn’t want Riliane dead either and puts up with her awful behavior.
      • Ney’s entrance into the scene is expanded upon, receiving additional dialogue wondering “what’s wrong”, prompting Allen to look up and notice her having entered the Servant Room.
      • Allen’s narration regarding his feelings of disbelief and betrayal from being used are expanded upon, new narration better illustrating these feelings and his reasons for ultimately believing Ney’s claim.

      Scene 6

      • Allen’s narration about the story of Leonhart loving Queen Anne is slightly changed to also suggest Riliane may have heard the story from Ney like him.

      Scene 7

      • Allen’s narration describing him gradually closing the distance between him and Leonhart is replaced with narration regarding Allen seeing Leonhart’s face was red but his eyes were staring at him composed.
      • So much, I don’t want to talk about it.

      Scene 8

      • Germaine’s mention about Mariam in narration is expanded, adding that she really wanted Allen and Chartette there but that they apparently couldn’t get permission to go to the funeral from Riliane.
      • Continuing from the previous bullet, new narration from Germaine citing Allen “surely” would’ve mourned him.
      • Germaine’s mention about Elluka in narration is expanded, noting how Elluka and who looked to be her apprentice joined the two of them. After she gave a small nod to Germaine, Elluka continues with calling him an “idiot” before leaving.

      Chapter 2: Section 1
      Scene 1

      • Allen’s narration regarding burning the forest is changed; parentheses are used to denote the exact thought.
      • Allen’s narration about him being a servant ignorant about politics wasn’t the only one confused about Elphegort’s patronage was reworded for clarity of meaning.
      • Allen’s narration about Elphegort’s odd request was reworded for clarity.
      • Keel’s given name and surname divider is changed from a dot to a “=“ for consistency with other Evillious media.
      • Allen’s narration speculating about Keel’s motives were slightly reworded to better portray his curiosity about him.

      Scene 2

      • Allen and Gumillia’s dialogue is expanded to elaborate on why Allen is entrusted with delivering Gumillia’s gift to her friend.
      • Continuing from previous bullet, new narration describe Riliane having executed the delivery man the day prior (along with 15 other people since the beginning of the year) was added, slowing down everything in terms of communications.
      • Continuing from the previous bullet, Gumillia was told a servant would do whatever requested and when Allen asks, Gumillia says Riliane was the one who told her, making him sigh in his mind.
      • Allen’s dialogue with Gumillia is changed, Allen’s cut off line continuing all the way, prompting Gumillia to tell him he’s surely meet “Michaela” so long as he had the green onion. She confirms Michaela’s her friend’s name before saying goodbye and leaving.

      Scene 3

      • New narration beginning scene was added, expanding on Allen’s dilemma of trying to find someone by the name of “Michaela”, including his inability to even distinguish the person’s gender by the name.
      • A “(What is that?)” thought line is added between Allen noticing the crowd gathered in Aceid and him actually approaching it.
      • New exchanged added between five year old girl and Allen, the former pointing out the latter’s bag was glowing. His examination of this is interrupted by the crowd’s thunderous applause (replaces Allen’s narration of Michaela bowing after finishing singing).
      • New narration added after Allen narrates about Michaela calling him “cute”, pointing out the green onion glowing to her song and her being named “Michaela” supporting his belief she’s Gumillia’s friend.
      • Michaela’s “……!” reaction to Allen’s mention of Gumillia was omitted and Allen’s narration about it was slightly expanded.
      • Line of narration added after Allen’s narration questioning what’s so amazing about the green onion, pointing out it’s previous glow and being an object from a mage apprentice suggesting it may be a magic tool.
      • New narration inserted in between Michaela’s thank you to Allen and her asking his name, elaborating Allen’s decision not to pry into it more and expanding on Michaela’s reaction to not knowing his name yet.

      Scene 4

      • Allen’s narration summarizing Michaela’s explanation about her past with Clarith explicitly mentions Yatski village.
      • New dialogue for Allen inserted between Michaela’s exposition about Clarith, pointing out she says “like” as if she wouldn’t know about her hardships when they should’ve both been living in the same village, prompting Michaela to cover for herself before continuing as is.
      • Slight rewording of several sentences for clarity and better rewording for Allen’s thought process.

      Scene 5

      • A “(! Since when did he come into the room!?)” thought line was added following Gast’s commentary about Clarith being a Netsuma along with new narration questioning who he is.
      • Allen’s narration describing Gast’s hair and sword is reworded for new literary flow.  
      • Gast and Allen’s dialogue concerning his “katana” is extended to elaborate on Allen’s apparent knowledge about the weapon and its history going from Jakoku to Evillious and why Gast was able to acquire one.
      •  Continuing from previous bullet, Allen’s dialogue with Gast continues to clarify Gast’s origins, slightly expanding some dialogue to explain how he knows Allen’s a servant from Lucifenia.
      • Allen’s narration expressing surprise about Gast’s identity is changed to an actual thought line with parentheses. 
      • Allen’s narration regarding the darkness in his eyes is expanded.
      • Keel and Allen’s dialogue concerning Gast is slightly extended.
      • Allen’s narration about Keel clearly knowing about Mariam being one of the Three Heroes and therefore too close to the royal family was changed into a line of dialogue from Keel in response to Allen mentioning he could’ve had the head maid come instead.
      • Allen’s narration commenting on Keel’s motives is changed to a thought line with parentheses.
      • New narration inserted after Allen’s initial reaction to Keel questioning if he was in love with Michaela, pondering the idea and pointing out the fact he only just met her.
      • Narration concerning Allen’s thoughts regarding Michaela’s suitors and her shell pendant expanded, adding Allen’s deduction of his chances as a servant and brief consideration of revealing himself as a Lucifenian prince before immediately dropping the idea as ludicrous (and thankful Keel didn’t seem to read him).

      Scene 6

      • This scene exists. It is a completely new scene portraying Allen’s arrival at the royal palace late that night and meeting with Chartette. Scene concerns Riliane apparently somehow getting on the roof; expands themes of day & night/sun & moon and Riliane’s connection to Anne.

      Scene 7

      • Minis’ squiggly opening line in the scene was changed to a normal “~”.
      • Minis’ answer to Riliane when asking what the strange octopus was is changed from an “infant octopus” to an “infant “aotako”” to match name usage in other media.
      • Continuing from previous bullet, Minis statement that it isn’t eaten/edible is qualified now with an “almost/practically”.
      • Allen’s narration regarding is is expanded to say that Minis’ complexion was the same as the “aotako” before correcting that it was an even deeper blue than it.
      • New narration added describing how Riliane was smiling at first while reading Kyle’s letter it gradually began to flush.
      • Narration after Minis’ line attempting to explain situation was changed to accommodate previous change, now describing how Riliane’s eyes were already filled with anger.
      • Riliane received new line in response to Minis’ exposition about the letter’s contents: “I know! He wrote such in the letter!!”
      • Minis’ line explaining Kyle seemingly fell in love with a green-haired girl is expanded to also mention she’s seemingly from Elphegort.
      • Allen’s narration concerning his consideration to kill Kyle is significantly expanded, better portraying his conflicting guilt over Leonhart’s murder in correlation to his increasing extremity to protect Riliane regardless of who he must kill.

      Scene 8

      • Germaine’s narration concerning the house recently being in use is expanded, elaborating on how said old dilapidated house underwent simple repairs to keep it livable and “surprisingly” had furniture and tableware left there, and was essentially needed for a hideout. 
      • New narration added expanding on Germaine’s choice of setting up a resistance to oppose Riliane.

      Chapter 2, Section 2
      Scene 1

      • Mariam’s report about her failure to find Kyle’s lover is expanded, beginning with pointing out the likliehood she was an Elphen royal or Elphegortean noble but inability to ascertain her true identity.
      • Allen’s narration concerning Keel’s earlier words to him is expanding, additionally pondering him possibly being involved somehow when Riliane’s scream interrupts his train of thought.
      • New dialogue between Riliane and Minis is inserted after Riliane orders him to have the army invade and kill all green-haired women. His initial protest is immediately cut off by Riliane as she stubbornly insists he prepare the forces to depart right away.
      • New narration is inserted after Minis points out the forest blocking Elphegort, Allen explaining Minis trying to avoid outright disagreeing with Riliane (due to the danger of that) by pointing out the geographic problems to deter her instead, which unexpectedly has the opposite effect.
      • New narration added after Riliane says she wants the forest burned, Allen admitting he said the same thing in his sickened stupor but Riliane is different since what she says really happens as per Lucifenia’s status quo and wondering who can stop her.
      • Elluka’s lecture toward Riliane is slightly changed, almost calling Held by name before correcting herself. Riliane interrupts original line to scoff that she’s stupid as “there are no gods or demons”.
      • Continuing previous bullet, Elluka’s commentary includes a line about not caring for her sins/crimes, just the deadly sin(s) and staring downcast in amazement. 
      • Continuing previous bullet, Allen additionally narrates about Elluka’s claim to be a mage and the mysterious events.
      • Elluka’s continuing line telling Riliane not to be a fool and destroy a country out of jealousy since her parents and them never did, adding that she knows she’s the most ignorant and stupid monarch ever to govern the same or even more so than Anne.
      • Continuing previous bullet, Riliane demanding Elluka be beheaded is expanded, Riliane outraged by Elluka’s disrespectful reference to Anne by name without honorifics and having finally been done with Elluka’s rude attitude she’s been “condoning” up until now before spouting the same beheading line.
      • New narration about Allen pointing out they’ve both lost their cool and his uncertainty about what to do before these two powerful women.
      • Allen’s narration after Elluka notices and addresses him expands on his fear despite his prior dedication to Riliane.
      • Allen’s dialogue with Elluka is expanded, the fearful Allen silently being petted on the head by Elluka (cold hand versus Riliane’s warm hand) as she thanks him for doing the earlier errand for Gumillia in her place. She therefore tells him about Lucifenia’s fated destruction as a reward.
      • Continuing from previous bullet, Allen’s suprise is expanded to ask if that’s a “prediction/prophecy” and she assures him it doesn’t matter if she’s captured.
      • Mariam’s reaction to new dialogue is added, staring at her friend with a surprised face: “Elluka… What are you…”
      • Continuing from previous point, Elluka points out how surely she vaguely felt it, pointing out Leonhart surely did and that they all were working hard because they could feel the country was becoming “hopeless” but admitting it was impossible as the gear already went out of control.
      • Allen’s narration is expanded to point out Elluka stoops low to his face when then asking if he’ll run away with her now that he’s heard her prediction.
      • Continuing from previous bullet, Allen exclaims the country won’t be destroyed and he won’t run away unlike her, arousing Elluka’s anger again, prompting her to yell “Don’t be cheeky/conceited!” and slaps him against the wall.
      • Continuing from previous bullet, Elluka rants about the absoluteness of her “purple dream”. Allen’s narration ponders if said “purple” dream” is her “prophecy” and describes Elluka’s sad expression indicates she was neither lying nor joking, better portraying his belief in her.
      • Allen’s bolded line about protecting Riliane and the country has been slightly changed, adding a “Still” precediing the “I”.
      • Continuing from previous point, Elluka rants more how he’s being unreasonable, pointing out how she knows Riliane will die at the guillotine, having seen it in her dream.
      • Continuing from previous point, Mariam yells “Elluka!” followed by a loud sound echoing in the hall, Mariam having slapped Elluka’s cheek, lecturing she’s being unreasonable now. Elluka apologizes for getting too excited and returns to her “usual” calm as Allen narrates.
      • Elluka’s line telling Allen to take care of Riliane if he won’t take her word for it is expanded, adding that she wonders if he can change fate and cause an “irregular” (irregularity) in the prophecy (pointedly wondering if he can do it).

      Scene 2

      • Germaine’s narration about Minage being from Elphegort is slightly expanded, adding that he was worried about his homeland.

      Scene 3

      • Allen’s narration about the genocide to the country now more specifically refers to “Elphegort” as the country being talked bout.
      • Keels’ dialogue with Allen is slightly changed, now noticing something before asking “Is there someone over there?” Allen looks back and the narration about what looked to be a dark figure by the stairwell continues.
      • Continuing from previous point, Allen now asks “Who are you!?” and he approaches when there’s no response to confirm there’s no one before returning to Keel and letting him continue his exposition story.
      • Michaela’s narration about Clarith slightly changed, Allen’s narration now mentioning her tears welling up before she proclaims she’s a coward who abandoned her friend.
      • Allen’s narration admitting he’s in love with her is expanded, additionally pondering the fact he met her through Gumillia/Elluka and wondering why Michaela is acquainted with a Lucifenian court mage and (more importantly) what in the world that green onion was.
      • Continuing from previous bullet, Allen’s narration moves onto ponder what to do about Michaela since he wasn’t formally ordered to kill her like with Elluka but admitting she’s a necessary sacrifice to prevent Riliane’s wrath from even reaching Marlon should Kyle get a hold of her.
      • Continuing from previous point, if the eastern Asmodean and southern Beelzenia take advantage of the opportunity, they might got to war with Lucifenia, which would drag the entirety of Evillious into massive war and it would be as Elluka says, Lucifenia would be destroyed and Riliane would die.
      • Continuing from previous point, Allen still doesn’t want Michaela to die despite all that because he’s in love with her, finally leading back to the original narration about his impulse to run away with her.
      • Allen’s leaving of Michaela is expanded to include the information provided from Michaela’s perspective in Wiegenlied of his failed confession to her.

      Scene 5

      • New narration after Allen brushes of Ney’s apology, connecting the dots between her and who Keel saw. He considers attacking her for that but disregards the idea as his fault for carelessly uttering the conversation.
      • Allen’s answer to Ney’s question about him killing Michaela is broken up to include a “……” after Allen’s “I don’t know” and a “! Allen…..” in place of her original “Allen……”
      • New narration added to better portray Ney’s shock and implicit understanding of his words “this may be farewell soon”.
      • Allen’s final narration about not sleeping until morning is expanded, now narrating he finally came to his conclusion.

      Scene 8

      • This scene is now a scene. Allen’s dialogue from Michaela’s perspective in Wiegenlied is added and his narration expands on his inner thoughts (sadness) regarding the scene he sees (also continues implicating him as the murderer).

      Scene 9

      • Allen’s narration regarding his surprise Chartette can read is reworded for clarity.
      • New narration is added to expand upon Allen’s wonder if Chartette has “grown”, wondering what growth means and if it means killing people and seeing death, which he’s now seen with Leonhart and Michaela.
      • Continuing from previous bullet, Allen’s narration devolves about how many have died in the war, narrating to his sister why she won’t stop it already, wondering why she won’t stop since another war is senseless.
      • Continuing from the previous bullet, Allen narrates that Riliane doesn’t hear the voice of his mind speaking to her, not caring about the war outside. She’s enjoying a conversation with her maids. Maybe if she saw it firsthand it would be different, but she doesn’t care.

      Chapter 3, Section 1
      Scene 1

      • Dialogue between ministers is slightly expanded, going into more details about General Ausdin in relation to the war and point out why General Mouchet’s forces can’t be recalled either or risk being struck from behind by Beelzenia during their precarious situation.
      • Allen’s narration about what’s transpired is expanded, now more explicitly reflecting his feeling of loss with Michaela’s death, not seeing any point in the war continuing at this point and feeling simply empty inside with how things are at this point.
      • Allen’s narration about Marlon staying uninvolved thus far is expanded, also covering his wonder if Marlon does get dragged into this war, then what did Michaela die for?

      Scene 2

      • Allen’s narration about Mariam’s entrance is expanded, adding his view that it may be his imagination, but she looked rather hostile toward Gast.
      • Allen’s line exclaiming “Head Maid!” is gone and skips to Gast’s dialogue after a space in the text.
      • After hearing Gast’s answer that he’s looking for “a place to die”, Allen’s narration describes that the image of his dying “adoptive father” comes to mind (correcting himself to say “Leonhart” instead).

      Scene 5

      • This scene exists. It is a completely new scene portraying Allen looking for Riliane all over before finding her at the rooftop garden again. Expands more on Riliane’s relationship with her mother and Allen’s frustration with resigning himself to just being a “servant”.
      • Allen convinces Riliane to propose ending the war with Elphegort during a future meeting with the ministers.

      Scene 7

      • Allen’s narration about Elluka’s earlier prophecy is expanded slightly, better portraying his desperation to try changing fate (hoping Riliane ending the war will go as planned) while being helpless to know what’s right or wrong anymore.
      • Continuing from the previous bullet, Allen’s insistence Riliane is the lonely one before realizing it’s him who’s lonely is expanded to better portray his thought process.

      Scene 8

      • Space for “And……” on Germaine’s second to last line of narration is removed and made part of the prior line, likely to keep from trailing onto next page.

      Chapter 3, Section 2
      Scene 1

      • New narration added after Allen’s mention he’s eavesdropping on the meeting in the Hall of Sounds, mentioning the meeting where Riliane was supposed to propose a ceasefire with Elphegort was supposed to happen today but now wasn’t going to anymore.
      • Allen’s narration regarding Minis’ competence during the revolution’s outbreak was changed from “Truly” to “For the first time since I became a servant, I felt respect for him.”
      • Riliane’s scene asking Allen what was the snack for today (bored) is continued, Allen pointing out she ate just a little while ago and her saying it was settled; she also tells him the matter with Elphegort is seemingly fixed as Minis said they’re pulling out the troops.
      • Continuing from previous point, Allen’s narration points out how the underlying meaning of what’s happening is what he’s afraid of, saying it’s already too late.
      • Allen’s last two lines of narration have a new line between them: “…… Minis was Minis after all.”

      Scene 2

      • Germaine’s narration about the Lucifenian army being slowed in Elphegort by the natives because of Minage is expanded, qualifying that the one leading the forces, General George Ausdin, was man who even her father admitted the ability of and therefore would put them down if he arrived with his overwhelming forces.

      Scene 3

      • Allen and Mariam’s dialogue together is greatly expanded, including Mariam kneeling to swear her allegiance to Prince Alexiel Lucifen d’Autriche and support his reign over that of Riliane’s, explaining her desire has been to protect the country Arth and Anne left behind, not the princess herself.
      • Allen’s narration mentions how her power/strength/intensity is different from both Leonhart and Elluka, continuing to swear allegiance to something and finding no significance to her existence otherwise, noting it seemed mad but realizing such loyalty to her “country” is the same feeling he has for Riliane and reminded him of someone else.
      • Allen orders her to continue protecting Riliane and Mariam gives up and seemingly brush it off as a joke. Their ensuing dialogue about what she plans to do now includes Mariam first saying she’ll do just as he commanded.
      • Allen’s last narration about Mariam seeming to be like his mother was made into an affirmed statement about how the two were a little similar.
      • New narration was added after Allen revealed his relation to Riliane to Gast, pointing out there was no more point to hiding his biggest secret he never talked about.
      • Allen’s dialogue with Gast is expanded, inserting Gast asking why he still insists on protecting Riliane if he knows this may even be retribution for their evil. Allen insists she’s also a kind person and believes that if one person can reach her as an ally and not an enemy; he finishes with his assertion to go against retribution as in the original dialogue.
      • New narration asserting questions if he was doing this out of indebtedness for killing Leonhart, defyiance of Elluka’s prophecy, or loyalty to the country like Mariam before narrating this was his own reason.

      Scene 5

      • Allen’s narration is expanded, now mentioning Elluka’s prophecy of Lucifenia perishing and Riliane being beheaded at the guillotine, wondering what to do to prevent it before continuing with the original prose to find Riliane.

      Scene 7

      • New narration inserted after Riliane asks if she’s going to die, reflecting how her appearance isn’t that of The Daughter of Evil he knew but that of a scared, adorable girl, and he doesn’t want to see that (it wasn’t what he was working so hard up until now to see).
      • Allen’s answer is now preceded with a “What’s going to happen to you after this?”
      • Allen’s final request to hear out her wish has a “once again” added to it.

      Scene 8

      • Germaine’s narration about Gast’s swordplay is continued to describe how Germaine’s was lacking, Leonhart only training Allen seriously while teaching Germaine enough for self-defense only; she was frustrated and decided to study swordplay in secret and has now tested her skill in the revolution, besting Lucifenian regular soldiers.
      • Continuing from the previous bullet, she wonders if her father would be happy to see her or angry but can’t know anymore because they’ll never see each other, he’s gone from this world before reasserting her need to win the fight against the “monster” for her father and for the country.

      Chapter 4
      Scene 2

      • New narration added concerning Mariam and the Three Heroes’ essentially being the reason Lucifenia could become such a big country, Leonhart being one of them making Germaine proud. Their names carved a piece of an era.
      • Germaine’s narration about them apparently winning at last is expanded, better portraying her inner feelings of uncertainty over how she feels about it and what will happen to the country in the future; also makes her intention is for it to be ruled by the revolutionary army, ie the people, explicit though qualifying whether the entire conference would acknowledge that was another matter.
      • Some narration is added throughout the passage to add new literary flow to the scene. York gets a new line about obeying Germaine’s desire for him to sit down and listen to Kyle first and exclaims his hope the Marlon king’s grateful for that.
      • Allen’s narration about Kyle reminding her of Allen is expanded, mentioning how Chartette’s story claimed the servants fled before the revolutionaries invaded and so he might’ve been  among them. Because it’s dangerous to be known as being from the palace right now, she wonders (and hopes) if he was safe and in hiding somewhere.
      • Germaine’s last conversation with Kyle is expanded, Kyle now asking if he was going [to see the princess] right away and Germaine answers of course as she has plenty to say to her.
      • Continuing from the last bullet, Kyle’s face goes “cloudy/dark” hearing that and tells her to not forget that she’s the representative of the revolution and the one who caused this. Germaine naturally wonders why he’s bringing that up now and that she’s well aware.
      • Germaine receives a new line when Kyle’s about to bring up the matter of Riliane’s execution, pointing out it was unnecessary to discuss the topic.

      Scene 7

      • New narration added after the executioner talks to him and he describes the guillotine, narrating laughter at Elluka for her prophecy indeed coming to pass but her having the wrong interpretation, him being the one dressed as Riliane instead of it being Riliane herself.
      • Continuing from the previous bullet, Allen even asserts the possibility the Riliane she saw in her dream wasn’t the real thing, proclaiming he changed the fate of the prophecy the mage certified. That he won. The blade just needs to fall in his neck (devolves into panic like the original text afterward).
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    • Sweet Behemo that's a lot...

      To think what Wiegenlied will have...

        Loading editor
    • With all this new info, now I can feel how "lacking" Cloture's narrative felt when it was translated.

      Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Cloture was Mothy's first full work in literature. I'm just saying now it feels more complete :)

        Loading editor
    • So, I presume the character articles will be rewritten with these edits in mind?

      Makes me wonder if Predulanium and Prefactio will get the same treatment...

        Loading editor
    • A lot of these are just explicitly writing out what's already implied or referenced somewhere else in the text so there won't be too many changes. The stuff that outright retcons how scenes played out in the original Cloture however should be changed though.

        Loading editor
    • Well... Atleast Michaela's death scene is no longer one big extended scream...

      I always found that one a bit odd.

        Loading editor
    • Yes, the original assumes too much about readers being listeners of the song and doesn't treat itself as its own work. I welcome there actually being written context and build up that still preserves the misleading action mothy was going for. I think it makes the scene much stronger and flow more naturally.

      I also congratulate mothy on better integrating Riliane into the story even when she's not present. Having her murder the messenger man and direct Gumillia to force Allen to do the delivery, as well as send off the prestigious General Mouchet to Retasan because she didn't like his beard made for both great (and dark) comedy and more explicit reminders about why things are only getting worse over time with Riliane's rule.

        Loading editor
    • I think its great that Mothy gets to fix it up, off the top of my head I can't think of any english writers who have re-released their works with fixes to scenes and stuff.

      But Servy, does Allen come off a bit differently now with these changes? Like the fact that he's laughing at the fact he's "won" over Elluka's prophecy, although I would asume that's his pride.

      As for Wiegenlied VG, I'm hoping Mothy fixed up how its not obvious that some of the book takes place 5 years later???

        Loading editor
    • DaughteroftheforestCourt1 wrote:

      But Servy, does Allen come off a bit differently now with these changes? Like the fact that he's laughing at the fact he's "won" over Elluka's prophecy, although I would asume that's his pride.

      Nothing I read came off like something the original didn't already implicitly or explicitly already contain. Allen was made a little more active in his actions in the narrative but nothing actually changing his character, just building upon those preexisting themes and emotions.

      For example, the original book has Allen take Elluka's prophecy and then essentially do nothing about it until his inevitable twin switch, narrating or implying through narration his concern about it and desperation to prevent it only a few times in the meantime up through the switch and his death.

      The VG version now has Allen not just absorbing Elluka's prophecy but actively responding to it, standing up to Elluka with the same refusal to abandon Riliane in the face of apparently inevitable destruction of their country. The book then adds more narration detailing Allen's frustration and increasing hopelessness with the disintigrating situation as was originally indicated and later referenced a little during the prison scene with Germaine. This frustration gets the added action of Allen trying to influence Riliane to end the war with Elphegort in a last ditch effort to try saving it all before the revolution begins and the story continues with new narration building on that increasing helplessness he's feeling.

      As a result, this is mostly just a change in presentation of his character (though I'd argue a stronger one). He's still always too late to act when truly needed and often times caught up in his own head too much; he's still going through the same emotions and feelings and worries. It's just now more padded out throughout the book rather than being so few and far between (which makes for a more invested emotional experience consistently throughout).

      His mockery of Elluka and her prophecy is a continuation of how broken and desperate he is at this point, building upon that original scene in prison where, upon learning the revolutionary leader who's telling him he's been condemended (by her) to be executed is his beloved foster sister, cracks up laughing and stays steadfast to keeping to the path he's chosen regardless. Allen is happy to have finally found some sense of victory/success in everything that's happened, which is (sadly) him denying fate by taking his sister's place at the guillotine.

      This still returns to Allen's inevitable realization that, yes, his desperate decision to save Riliane (as well as, now, beat a prophecy) means he's going to die and that primal fear of death inevitably overtakes him like in the original (until his vision of Riliane calms him, of course).

        Loading editor
    • Alright, thanks Servy!

      It does sound like a stronger reprisentation of his character, and I had indeed forgotten about the fact he began laughing when Germaine showed up to inform the "Daughter of Evil" of his impending execution.

      Is there any possiblitity of the VG versions one day being added to cleaned of translations of the original PDF files for Cloture and Wigenlied? (Also if something like that ever happens can I maybe be on grammer or tense duty? The curret versions switch A LOT between present and past tense, which make it harder to read)

      Poor Allen, he sounds like my anxiety.

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    • So, as it turns out, the PV for Handbeat Clocktower premiered at Akibahara UDX (a con of sorts, I think) on March 23, 2012. Do you guys think that that could be a good trivia point, or even a release date?

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    • Oh, yeah! We could probably add that. Where did you get your info though??? like I'm just wondering lol

        Loading editor
    • DaughteroftheforestCourt1 wrote:
      Oh, yeah! We could probably add that. Where did you get your info though??? like I'm just wondering lol

      I had to do some digging for another thing, but it was in the deep recesses of the novel series' PR Twitter account, they were promoting it because it tied in with the release of Praefatio.

        Loading editor
    • In that case, yeah, I feel like we could put it. I'm down for that.

        Loading editor
    • I too agree. Oh, anyway, does anyone know when doe act 3 will come?

        Loading editor
    • I don't think Ichika's said anything yet, but I'm hoping for maybe an early release next year... or maybe even Spring-Summer.

        Loading editor
    • It's been months since any official source's mentioned Act 3 and Ichika's last off-hand comment likely about the manga's production was weeks ago. We're past the typical nine-month cadence between books though so who knows. This could end up coming out a year after Act 2.

        Loading editor
    • it'll be out january 26th apprently

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    • Hey Handbeat has a sort of official upload on PHPcomix' channel

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      Hey Handbeat has a sort of official upload on PHPcomix' channel

      Link please? :)

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    • NinjaClockworker wrote:
      So, as it turns out, the PV for Handbeat Clocktower premiered at Akibahara UDX (a con of sorts, I think) on March 23, 2012. Do you guys think that that could be a good trivia point, or even a release date?

      I almost forgot about this topic. Definitely agree with it being a trivia point as an early tease for convention goers celebrating Praefacio's release. There's a unanimous majority so I'll give this a pass.

      Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      Hey Handbeat has a sort of official upload on PHPcomix' channel

      Curious why they uploaded the PV over a year and a half after it first cropped up. We've been giving mothy's youtube videos preference over others so the same should probably be done with this too.

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    • So it was brought up in a comments section why the King of Marlon doesn't have a page. I drafted a Minor Character section in my Sandbox. Is everyone okay with adding it to the Minor Character list for DoE?

        Loading editor
    • Hey! That's what I was doing!

      (Also when your talking about the king of queen of something, the king/queen should be capitalized.)

        Loading editor
    • I didn't capitalize "king" because that's what we use for other minor characters. See Hedgehog (lord) on the EFEC list or Calgaround (earl) on the Gift list.

        Loading editor
    • No, Your first sentence is "The king of Marlon during the EC 490s and the husband of Prim." That's what I was talking about.

        Loading editor
    • Only proper nouns require capitalization.

      In "The king of Marlon", only "Marlon" is a proper noun. King is just a common noun, because it's being described by "of Marlon". If, on the other hand, you were to say "King Marlon", then "King" would need to be capitalized because it's being used as a title, and is thus part of a proper noun.

      Or in another example, "The head chef of Conchita's estate", versus "Head Chef Joseph".

      While capitalization is allowed and sometimes used (when referring to a specific King or Queen) for respect, it's not required.

      /two cents

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    • As far as the title goes, "Unknown Marlon King (EC 474)" or, in the case of his known surname, "Unknown Marlon (king)" is our common convention for these unidentified characters. There are a few DoE sections that should be included, all the more reason to keep the outflow of sections that meet the criteria for articles.

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    • Mistress brought this up on the Bariti page; could the city's name be changed to Variti (from the word avaritia) instead? We know that Elphegort's capital, Aceid, is derived from Acedia, so it makes sense that Marlon would also follow that apttern.

        Loading editor
    • I couldn't find anything solid for a B spelling of the term (only a Wa spelling as アワリティア), but I think a trivia would suffice the same. I'm against a name change though. Like Grabia and a previous suggestion I've made to changle Babul to Burble desert (reflecting a seeming pun on "purple"), the differences are worth keeping in, as even mothy's official English spelling for Rolled doesn't resemble the "Road" in Road Roller it's referencing due to the slight changes.

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    • With the upcoming release of Comic TDoE Act3, I suggest a new avatar for Michaela.
      PresentAnd960 1280

      This is from the promotional wallpaper given by PHP comix. What do guys think?

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    • Oh my god, that's so cute! But... my only problem is that her hair is, without a doubt, BLUE and not green.

        Loading editor
    • I agree, it's too off-color.

        Loading editor
    • I don't really have an issue with it and even if her hair is much more blue I think it is still consistent with how she has been coloring other Miku's recently. 

        Loading editor
    • MaxusFox23 wrote:
      With the upcoming release of Comic TDoE Act3, I suggest a new avatar for Michaela.
      PresentAnd960 1280

      This is from the promotional wallpaper given by PHP comix. What do guys think?

      Please, I want to see the info ;u;

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    • I also agree with Scarletta. It's cute and all, but... Ugh, we already had enough discussions about how Mikulia's hair seemed blue and not green. XD Let's not start it with Michaela as well

      So yeah I do think it's better to stay with the current one for now.

        Loading editor
    • Well to be completely fair, the current avatar has turquoise hair, so neither of them are green. That said, I really don't like the current avatars of Michaela and Clarith. It's pretty, yet somehow not very pleasing. I think its the eyes. I like the proposed better than the current one, but I prefer this one the most.
        Loading editor
    • I personally prefer the new one because regardless her hair is still blue-green and even if it is more closer to the blue spectrum it can still be considered green 

      Also I made an avatar of Clarith from the new cover but I have mixed views on it but since we are discussing new avatars and APP brought up Clarith I might as well put it 
        Loading editor
    • I prefer the Astro's proposed Michaela avi at the moment 0 0

        Loading editor
    • I vote for both the proposed Michaela and Clarith icons. They both seem better positioned than the ones we have now. Especially Clarith's icon. Also, there are pictures in the pv that make Michaela's hair look p blue so I don't think it really matters :b

        Loading editor
    • I like that Clarith avatar, though the lettering on the side would have to be removed.

        Loading editor
    • I like Maxusfox's Michaela picture, even if the hair is more blue than green. I don't really like the proposed Clarith picture though...

        Loading editor
    • PrincessAcedia wrote:
      I personally prefer the new one because regardless her hair is still blue-green and even if it is more closer to the blue spectrum it can still be considered green  Also I made an avatar of Clarith from the new cover but I have mixed views on it but since we are discussing new avatars and APP brought up Clarith I might as well put it 

      Here's that one slighty edited, though I admit to have mixed views on it as well.

      PresentPc clarith
        Loading editor
    • That slightly edited version of the Clarith pic is better, since I can see her shoulders and it looks less...umcentered? I feel like there's something off in the way Ichika drew her though...Hm.

        Loading editor
    • My personal impression of the current avatar for Clarith is that she's smiling at Michaela, who looks really zoned out for some reason, and something about the art style and Clarith's eyes makes me not want to know why she's so happy.

      The proposed one feels like someone asked Clarith if he/she could take a picture of her, and Clarith agrees even though she's kinda tired. It looks more like how Clarith probably is normally, and isn't at all creepy.

        Loading editor
    • Thank you Maxus for improving my avatar. I admit avatars I make tend to focus more on just the face so they don't look as nice I guess. So I vote for that one being used and also of course for the Michaela icon that was proposed by Maxus

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    • Astrophysics Person wrote:
      My personal impression of the current avatar for Clarith is that she's smiling at Michaela, who looks really zoned out for some reason, and something about the art style and Clarith's eyes makes me not want to know why she's so happy.

      Still better than the VG version.

      For those put off by the suggested image, would the Act 2 illustration suggested last time be better?

      I'm A-okay with the Michaela suggestion. Hair color's pretty green to me as far as teal goes; we're always seeing artists use inconsistent blue and green hues even in the same lighting so I feel pretty indifferent toward that factor (especially after Mikulia).

      Either Clarith image is okay by me, though I feel her Freezis maid outfit's a little more iconic.

        Loading editor
    • I'm all for changing Michaela's avatar, but I'd rather we keep Clarith's avatar the way it is.

        Loading editor
    • I'd like Michaela's avatar to be changed and I'd prefer clarith's act 3

        Loading editor
    • Michaelarecolor
      I made a color edit of the avatar so it's closer to, say, the full body concept art from Entr'acte of Evil or the schedule book

      The original seems discolored compared to this. I mean, her skin looks yellow in the original compared to the previously used reddish tint that appears here

      are edits like these eligible for use?
      Cha1 img (1)

      see the red shading?

        Loading editor
    • I think it would be dishonest if we did this. Brightening the colors and scrubbing miscellaneous stuff from the shot is one thing, but if we say it's okay to change the actual hue I feel like we're going to open up a can of worms. Additionally, whatever you've done seems to have messed with the quality a little bit.

      Like I said before, I'd rather use the avatar proposed by Astrophysics Person.

      I don't know what PV Tobimisa is referring to, but I don't remember a single instance of Michaela having her hair depicted in that blue shade before this. It's usually been more identifiably green than any of the other Miku characters, if not at least the typical Miku shade. This color right here is Master of the Court blue, and despite what SoE says I can't really see green in it.

      Now perhaps most of you consider this just a weird coloring choice and it shouldn't matter, and it probably doesn't matter to Japanese fans, but I think the difference in shades here is significant enough that it makes Michaela look off-model, and therefore I find the avatar unsuitable as the first image that a fan will see when looking at her article.

      The Act 3 Clarith also looks acceptable to me.

        Loading editor
    • I agree with Octo for both avatars.

        Loading editor
    • I agree with Danytaly and Octofan.

        Loading editor
    • Octofan wrote:I don't know what PV Tobimisa is referring to, but I don't remember a single instance of Michaela having her hair depicted in that blue shade before this.

      Ah sorry, I did leave out which pv I was reffering too ^^' I meant the Daughter of White pv. Specifically this image x And yes it's not as blue as the picture being purposed but teal still isn't green and it's definately more on the blue side of the spectrum. And would you mind explaining why it's so important that the color not look too blue? Other elphe's have had hair that looks blue in the past.

        Loading editor
    • I honestly find that example you gave to be a pretty good example of a well-colored Miku actually. Her hair is that of a bluish green, and I can definitely see it as green. It's a matter of perspective though, some people see this differently. There's no reason for us to start a discussion on this subject. (I already had my dose on chat and it didn't lead us anywhere XD)

      However, the first avatar to be proposed is definitely not green. No matter how I look at it, I can barely find some light shadings of green in that picture. I have to agree with Octo that it wouldn't be correct to edit the pictures for avatars aside from some exceptions, although I find Scarletta's work to be pretty good, even if it lost a little bit of quality. c:

      Well, it seems like Japanese fans are not very good at distinguishing blue and green, but to me it bothers me whenever they do mix the colors. We all know most Miku characters are supposed to have a beautiful green hair, so I think that should be as obvious as possible when the reading their page. It's the same as grabing Banica's old picture from her PV with her light-brown hair when in fact she has a dark brown, even reddish hair. It'd be like tricking the reader, in some way. That's why I think this subject is important.

      That said, having that picture from the Act 2 cover is a good option that does solve us some problems. It's closer to most representations of Michaela, so it's fine by me.

        Loading editor
    • And by the way, looking through all Miku characters (besides Court who's supposed to have blue hair anyway), we always choose an image with green hair for their infoboxes (I don't think it was on purpose but still), so I think Michaela should have the same treatment.

      God, writing is tiring! After writing all this, I'll sleep for about three days to compensate. =3= See you now.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, to simplify this in response to Tobimisa's question, it's not that I have a problem with the color blue necessarily-- but as I said, this shade is so different from Michaela's usual hair color that it looks off-model. 

      Even if you disagree how green or blue it looks, that PV image you linked was very clearly not the same shade as the proposed avatar, or even the shade of other Elphe (Miku) characters. To be clear, I would also have a problem with using any image of Michaela that had hair that was too green. 

        Loading editor
    • Teal, aqua and all those borderline blue-green colors are going to look different depending on how you're taught color (as well as color blindness). This is especially interesting seeing how various cultures perceive color, some being "blind" to subtle changes in shade that are extremely obvious (and different) to other societies and vice-versa; wonder how that relates to Japan. Anyhow, that's besides the point so back on topic:

      I am not going to allow color editing of digital images. The image is what it is. This isn't a scanned picture that has to filter through the scanner as a medium; I'm drawing the line there. If mothy and these various artists tells us all these greens that look like blues are green, we accept and work with it, not try to tinker with the coloring to match a more universally accepted idea of what "green" is.

      Anyhow, majority in favor of the suggested Act 3 Michaela and Clarith illustrations for infoboxes so I'll give those a pass.

        Loading editor
    • Servant of Evillious wrote:

      Anyhow, majority in favor of the suggested Act 3 Michaela and Clarith illustrations for infoboxes so I'll give those a pass.

      Wait I thought we didn't vote for a Michaela avatar- I prefer her Act 2 illust. Like Sloth said, it's the closer representation of Michaela; she loos cheerful and stuff.

        Loading editor
    • Danytaly wrote:
      Servant of Evillious wrote:
      Anyhow, majority in favor of the suggested Act 3 Michaela and Clarith illustrations for infoboxes so I'll give those a pass.
      Wait I thought we didn't vote for a Michaela avatar- I prefer her Act 2 illust. Like Sloth said, it's the closer representation of Michaela; she loos cheerful and stuff.

      Tallying that up is still less than those preferring the Act 3 image right now.

        Loading editor
    • Alright, Sekka's about to get her article put up so I want to confirm a few things. For one, we all okay with "Sekka" for the name? Last chance if anyone wants to complain.

      Anywho, the name does match the name of the Utau Yufu Sekka but as far as I can tell, this looks to be a situation similar to Bruno (Utau/Vocaloid isn't credited in Cloture) so I don't think the connection merits even a trivia point right now. I don't see anything it's supposed to be either so I'd prefer we not do anything with this character right now, at least until we get firmer indication otherwise.

        Loading editor
    • PHP released the trailer.

        Loading editor
    • It seems we're getting to the point where Kyle is attmepting to seduce Michaela, bo I'm looking forward to see Michaela shooting him down

        Loading editor
    • I look forward to Michaela shooting Kyle down as well..

      It also seems like they have different Maid outfits compared to their novel depictions in some of the panel shots.

        Loading editor
    • The back cover illustration confirms it'll cover up through Allen and Michaela's scene with Ney's portrait and Kyle and Keel take the website profiles for the volume as expected.

      What's got me curious is the brief snippet of Riliane we got at the beginning of the trailer. Doesn't look to be a Kyle flashback kind of picture either. I wonder if we're going to be switching back to Allen's (or at least tease it) this volume.

      The website preview shows us still at Clarith's home 15 pages in so the pacing will have enough time to adapt some material if it's on the longer side like Act 2. But it looks like Ichika's also fleshing out the timeskips a little too so I question what it's second half will be covering.

      Maybe a flashback to Keel seeing Riliane at her birthday party?

        Loading editor
    • Should (corpse) be a thing for appearence sections or? I mean with Clarith's mom being dead in Act 3

        Loading editor
    • Nothing like a guy getting humiliated after putting himself out there amirite? Although I think the point was that she never actually shot him down, she just waffled all over the place.

      More on topic, how do people feel about using the website profile pictures for Kyle and Keel's avatars? (I feel less so for Keel, because ironically put side-by-side he looks less mature than Kyle with the larger eyes and big glasses.) That is, when the full images come out. 

      Kyle's I think looks superior to his current avatar proportionally, and it seems like we're making a trend to have most of the character avatars drawn by Ichika. (Although how do people feel about this trend?)

      And why the inconsistency in maid outfits? ;w; is it that they dress in their casual clothes when they're not doing work?

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      Should (corpse) be a thing for appearence sections or? I mean with Clarith's mom being dead in Act 3

      I think it could count? I don't see why not. It's inevitably a 'flashback'/reference of some sort

      Octofan wrote:


      I vote yes for Kyle's avi. Keel looks like a baby with an adult clothes so nope.

      I do like the trend to have most of the avis drawn by Ichika. She's SUPER KAWAII VERY AMAZING THE MOST WONDERFUL HUMAN EVER basically mothy's only official illustrator and is the one most diligent and accurate, in my opinion.

      And yeh they are casual clothes, and they already have appeared with their usual maid outfits so there is no inconsistency. ALSO GUYS THIS IS ICHIKA WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HOW COUlD SHE HAVE ANY FLAW OF ANY KIND

        Loading editor
    • I haven't seen either the Kyle or Keel images so I'd have to get back to everyone on that, but I do like the consistency of having most if not all of the profile images being by Ichika.

      (Also I think I could hear Danytaly fawning over Ichika from over here in Canada xD the text wasn't subtle)

        Loading editor
    • Keelmangaprofile
      Here u go baby face keel and (not)smoldering kyle
        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      Should (corpse) be a thing for appearence sections or? I mean with Clarith's mom being dead in Act 3

      I don't think there's a need to, honestly, but I'm not entirely against it.

      I agree with Kyle's avi as it looks way. Hopefully we get the full picture soon. And I do agree with Dany on Keel looking like a baby. xD

      Well, about Ichika's "trend" - I don't find it to be a trend, it's just that usually we have her drawings as the most up-to-date, good quality images for profile pictures. We are not choosing them just because it was Ichika drawing them, and as such I'm ok with it.

        Loading editor
    • Oh wow Keel DOES look YOUNG

      I didn't think it would look that bad.. I like Kyle's a lot though (it's nice to see him smiling) so I would be okay if that image got used as his profile picture, however, I would say wait for a better picture before updating Keel because Keel looks like he is 14 or something????

        Loading editor
    • Octofan wrote:

      More on topic, how do people feel about using the website profile pictures for Kyle and Keel's avatars? (I feel less so for Keel, because ironically put side-by-side he looks less mature than Kyle with the larger eyes and big glasses.) That is, when the full images come out. 

      Kyle's I think looks superior to his current avatar proportionally, and it seems like we're making a trend to have most of the character avatars drawn by Ichika. (Although how do people feel about this trend?)

      Nothing wrong with Kyle's as far as I can tell. I'm okay with Keel's but I agree, he does look like he just saw Yukina wave at him from the second floor window.

      And Sloth put it best. It's more a result of Ichika being the only artist really pumping out new/updated material as of late. Besides comedy artists like Tamara and the occassional special artist with the (usually) more polarizing styles, it's really been her giving Evillious a visual identity.

      And why the inconsistency in maid outfits? ;w; is it that they dress in their casual clothes when they're not doing work?

      Hard to say. May be reflective of their probation. At a glance, it looks like that's the scene where Clarith talks about Yukina before Keel catches her singing but it could just be part of a montage of them being on probation as maids. It's possible after Michaela becomes famous they start wearing their more iconic outfits more.

      Anyhow, I don't feel corpse is needed right now as a label. We see Clarith's mom alive in a flashback so that will suffice. It's something to keep in mind if we run into an actual issue of only a body and no soul inside it in the future.

        Loading editor
    • Alright, before Mark goes up, want to confirm we all okay with Mark or we'd rather go with the French Marc or something. I have no preference.

        Loading editor
    • I'm fine either way too, but having the french Marc as his name seems more logical to me.

        Loading editor
    • Has anyone else noticed that those framy things on the back of the volumes are paintings done by Kyle?

        Loading editor
    • Other than Ney's portrait, none of them are really indicative of being work Kyle did as far as the light novels mention. Each one simply been focusing on a theme of the volume. The first a sunset revolving around Riliane and her lonely tyrant dilemma in relation to Allen, the second a forest reflecting the setting linking Clarith and Michaela, and now Kyle's portrait of Ney that should reflect him and Michaela's connection developing the earlier romance.

        Loading editor
    • I'd like it if we used the French Marc instead. This sounds a lot like the Caspar/Kaspar issue.

        Loading editor
    • I too would prefer Marc

        Loading editor
    • We need to get akame on our side becuase this girl seems to get everyhting before release date, she has act 3 already

        Loading editor
    • livestream on the volume

      • Eugen's was mispellt with "oigein" cue gay jokes from the commenters
      • mothy dubs keel and kyle as "four eyes" and "trash man"
      • Ichika loves ayn
      • new VG covers
      • Ichika confirms atleast seven acts
      • Everyone loves her and she's grateful
      • Mystery characers will pop up
      • Gerda may have had a baby with Arkatoir
      • Felix
      • Mikina is beautiful
      • Clarith's smug smirk is awesome
      • Carlos marlon
      • Original Sin Story Drama CD (Idk i might have interpreted it wrong)
      • Art of Michaela and Clarith that has to be won together because mothy doesn't want to separate them
      • Q&A part:
      • mothy was going to go on about the last scene in enbizaka but realized not everyone has read it and decided not to spoil
      • He wants to see Mariam Elluka Leonhart and Gast meet in the pit
      • Ichika is miclarith trash
      • Mothy realizes he didn't give clarith's mother a name, Ichika suggest they name her "Anonymous"
      • Akame that always gets everything chipped in a question not relevant I'm just happy for her
      • The demons won't take psysical form in the manga
      • Clairth is an E cup, Michaela is a B cup, Germaine is a D cup, Elluka has the biggest breasts. Why anyone would ask this i do not know
      • camera man zoomed in on clarith's boobs and got kinkshamed
      • Yukina welcome home attack
      • Survival on it's way maybe
      • Lulila has no meaning mothy just didn't want to go with lalalalalala
      • he owns vy2
        Loading editor
    • wait if Clarith is an E (AN E!!!) how MUCH OF A BUST DOES ELLUKA HAVE

      honestly Mothy and Co. sound so chill and I love that

        Loading editor
    • HouseofAustrich wrote:
      wait if Clarith is an E (AN E!!!) how MUCH OF A BUST DOES ELLUKA HAVE

      It is where she stores all of her magical power.

        Loading editor
    • Sloth Sinner wrote:
      HouseofAustrich wrote:
      wait if Clarith is an E (AN E!!!) how MUCH OF A BUST DOES ELLUKA HAVE
      It is where she stores all of her magical power.

      Told ya Lukana's boobs were magical

        Loading editor
    • In that case she must have a *zevran arainai voice* magical bosom.

        Loading editor
    • Danytaly wrote:
      Sloth Sinner wrote:
      HouseofAustrich wrote:
      wait if Clarith is an E (AN E!!!) how MUCH OF A BUST DOES ELLUKA HAVE
      It is where she stores all of her magical power.
      Told ya Lukana's boobs were magical

      Maybe that chest actually enchanted Veno instead of Veno enchanting Lukana. :P

      (And now I'm imagining Elluka competing breast sizes with Komachi Onozuka - //shot)

        Loading editor
    • Kyleavatar2
      Well since some users wanted to see if Kyle's DoE Act 3 profile could work as an infobox image, he's what I got.
        Loading editor
    • That is much better. This should be his avatar.

        Loading editor
    • Looks blurry to me for some reason, but I think otherwise I think it's great. No persons in the background and looks much nicer in face proportions.

        Loading editor
    • I like this one a lot better.

      On a side note Kyle looks super hot in that one oh no

        Loading editor
    • Yeah I like this one too

        Loading editor
    • Octofan wrote:
      Looks blurry to me for some reason, but I think otherwise I think it's great.

      I honestly can't even tell so I don't know if there's a fix for it.

        Loading editor
    • Servant of Evillious wrote:
      Octofan wrote:
      Looks blurry to me for some reason, but I think otherwise I think it's great.
      I honestly can't even tell so I don't know if there's a fix for it.

      I think it's only the small version we see on the thread before clicking it that looks blurry. I like this one.

        Loading editor
    • Alright, then this will be Kyle's new infobox image.

        Loading editor
    • Misstress of the heavenly yard wrote:
      livestream on the volume
      • Eugen's was mispellt with "oigein" cue gay jokes from the commenters
      • mothy dubs keel and kyle as "four eyes" and "trash man"
      • Ichika loves ayn
      • new VG covers
      • Ichika confirms atleast seven acts
      • Everyone loves her and she's grateful
      • Mystery characers will pop up
      • Gerda may have had a baby with Arkatoir
      • Felix
      • Mikina is beautiful
      • Clarith's smug smirk is awesome
      • Carlos marlon
      • Original Sin Story Drama CD (Idk i might have interpreted it wrong)
      • Art of Michaela and Clarith that has to be won together because mothy doesn't want to separate them
      • Q&A part:
      • mothy was going to go on about the last scene in enbizaka but realized not everyone has read it and decided not to spoil
      • He wants to see Mariam Elluka Leonhart and Gast meet in the pit
      • Ichika is miclarith trash
      • Mothy realizes he didn't give clarith's mother a name, Ichika suggest they name her "Anonymous"
      • Akame that always gets everything chipped in a question not relevant I'm just happy for her
      • The demons won't take psysical form in the manga
      • Clairth is an E cup, Michaela is a B cup, Germaine is a D cup, Elluka has the biggest breasts. Why anyone would ask this i do not know
      • camera man zoomed in on clarith's boobs and got kinkshamed
      • Yukina welcome home attack
      • Survival on it's way maybe
      • Lulila has no meaning mothy just didn't want to go with lalalalalala
      • he owns vy2

      This is some good stuff X3

      Also since he has VY2 Yuma, there's a possible chance he'll make a song with him! 

        Loading editor
    • Keelavatar3
      And he's what I could do with Keel. Apparently, he isn't seeing Yukina from the second floor window but just found a really heartwarming book about Yukina. Thoughts?
        Loading editor
    • Something about it feels off, so that's a no for me.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, much as I'd like to give Keel a picture where his eyes are the same shade as his hair his smile looks really creepy somehow.

        Loading editor
    • The picture of Keel feels off still so Idk how I'd feel about it being implemented as his picture

        Loading editor
    • I don't think either picture is better.

        Loading editor
    • I wouldn't say it looks creepy but he does look a bit too young

        Loading editor
    • I'm a bit mixed

        Loading editor
    • I don't know. He just looks...weird.

        Loading editor
    • hit and miss

        Loading editor
    • its a nope for keel

        Loading editor
    • 53231832
      I noticed in the past livestream the new covers for the VG versions of Cloture and Wiegenlied. I wonder why I haven't come across the digital versions of these yet...
        Loading editor
    • I'd guess isn't a digital version this time around since the first edition's image is already being used by the major retailors. Shame, since they're quite nice, infinitely better than whatever touch up was done to the Wiegenlied cover.

        Loading editor
    • they're gorgeous 

        Loading editor
    • Riliane kinda looks like a pregnant lady though. Am I the only one who noticed that? XD