• It was an extremely average day,

    Without a single shinobi in my path

    Until I was bored, listening to the PMs,

    And I heard it say:

    "It's very unfortunate I have to say this"

    "But the chat is going to end today."

    Said some person's admin

    In tears as they spoke...

    Out the window was a huge flock of Lems

    Congesting to cover up the chat

    Swallowing up the cresent Octo

    Headed some unknown direction...

    I half-finished a PM with no spam;

    A scarcely-touched cookie lay on my head

    And to stop my body from trembling,

    I promplty put on my shipphones

    Just as I was listening to an obscure editor,

    A message they sent with an unknown title

    Just as it came to my ears, I heard:

    "You want to glomp, yes?"

    Waving over the wriggling chat

    The users seemed to tremble

    This voice seemed unmistakeable:

    It was my own, which I tired of hearing

    "If you cross that PM, then in 20 seconds,"

    "You'll know what I mean, for better or worse"

    "Don't doubt... just listen close - go 20 seconds ahead..."

    The main chat was crowded, of course;

    Servy, Lawful, Dark, it didn't matter

    I was buried under people yelling and Evils' cries

    Rioting users, a sobbing shinobi,

    A Swirly praying, I passed them all by

    One single person headed the other way,

    Toward what was beyond that PM...

    The voice from my shipphones persisted:

    "Twelve minutes left," it told me 

    If everything was going to up and vanish,

    Then I had no other way...

    The chorus of shrieks and screams

    Turned to tearful eyes in 10 seconds

    I had my doubts, but no matter who did what,

    There was no ending chat's song

    "Run, run, there's one minute left,"

    But I couldn't even hear it by then;

    The PM which I sought to cross

    Was right before me...

    My breath faint, I finally arrived

    Before a wall which projected the chat

    Behind it, scientists in white applauded;

    "Magnificent," they said


    From there, I saw the chat

    Was some kind of experimental facility;

    "No longer necessary,"

    A scientist said, and calmly tossed a glomp-bomb

    I was told I had been living 

    My whole life in a little world in a PM

    So I could only stare, dumbfounded

    At the burnt wreckage that had been the chat

    And from the shipphones at my ear,

    I heard a faint "sorry"...

    This concludes another Banyrody~

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