• "Freude schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium" The first part is translated like: " A beautiful Glimmer of god that brings joy" That reminds me on the two lights when Hänsel and Gretel Split apart the original sin. Then: "Daugther out of Elysium". Daughter out of Utopia. The Rin character could have a very important meaning. That makes me think that the Rin character could be MotC. Just Akuno-P thought that the MotC should be Miku at the end. I dont think that Akuno-P could make a mistake like this, but since "Wordplay" was his first Song and he just had Rin to sing it, it could be.

    There is also the part that doesnt has the melody in "Wordplay" but it can also be related: "Wir betreten freudetrunken/feuertrunken himmlische dein Heiligt(h)um" translated like: "We enter happily and drunken your heavenly sainthood/sanctuary/Holy place" That can be related to the evil's theater finding all vessels and going to Utopia.

    Its just a small thing and it could even be just a coincidence,that "Wordplay" has the same melody in the Refrain like "Ode to Joy" but maybe its a important hint. (Man, my english is bad, and I am just bothering you,but thank you for everything though)

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