• I wanted to know where does the capitalized name come from, instead of Gear.

    I looked at Capriccio Farce's PV, the only thing I could find was the names of the Awakened Vessels inside this「 」 (「Doll Director」 「Master of the Graveyard」 「 Gear」 「Waiter」  「Master of the Hellish yard」).

    Also, in the Capriccio Farce's Profiles, the only capitalized names were Ma's (Ma) and of the Servants (SARVANTS).

    Have you got any idea where the GEAR name comes from?

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    • Capitalization, in my opinion, is a troublesome issue in which I don't deal with a lot. I mean, in various points in the original japanese pv, the names weren't even "properly capitalized" at all. At other sources like the Profiles, it looks like a mess. To be honest, I don't really like the profiles at all. I mean, who would spell servants like SARVANTS? Sometimes I think Painter Brioche needs to get her english skills checked. >.>

      So where did "GEAR" come from? Well, during the early stages of the ECWikia, all we had was the Vocaloid Wiki......and we all know how reliable the other wiki is. *COUGH COUGH*

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    • This reminds me of the issue we have with Banica's chef. I can't find one source that mentions his surname,  Crim. Now that we know that Kachess became the king of Marlon, adopting the same surname, this is likely a fan assumption..

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    • All the more reason why we need the novels badly. If the surname is actually different, all hell will break loose.

      Right now, my internet is partially down for me so I can't access the EC Facebook Group, Tumblr, Youtube, or anything else to generate a good response. Sorry about that.

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    • Joseph's name will be confirmed to us once the gluttony novel's website is up so it will only be another three months or so. Funny, I have heard someone else mention the very same thing before, Dany. :p

      The last few months have given us time to catch up in several areas. While we wait for new info to get fully translated, let's continue to look back and try to stamp out fanon and unreasonable assumptions.

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