• Once you finish character connections reference the Terminology sections for Clockwork Lullaby, Seven Deadly Sins, and Original Sin Series. If there is an issue with referencing anything, compile into a post as part of a reply here so I can provide the best sources for you (assuming there are any). If you feel anything should be changed, reworded, or removed, compile that in your reply here as well.

    Since I know you will finish all that by Saturday at the very least, I want you to reference whatever I have so far done of Marlon. After that, reference Banica Conchita and use Rhia's blogpost on her Revised PV timeline to check and make sure all the info is accurate. I then want you to reference all KAITO characters. Once you finish those, move onto making sure all Original Sin characters are referenced. After that, move onto Rin and Len characters. By the time you do all that, I should already be back.

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    • Waaah, I'm so sorry!

      My grandparents don't have wifi (I don't think...) I'll be gone from about Friday to Sunday...That may slow my schedule down a bit ^ ^;

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    • seems I won't be going out I guess I'll just...get this done over the weekend after all.

      ^ ^;

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    • Interesting....

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    • there a way I could get what's been translated of Praeludium to look over? (Not sure if you're just unavailable for chat or if you won't be on at all.)

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    • Working from a phone leaves little to add. I can share what we have later on. For the moment, just put a code for "source needed" and you can add it later.

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    • Is there anything in particular I could or should reference for the assertion that the sins are a manifestation of Eve's tainted magic?

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    • I believe the lines being used as the direct implication is:

      "Her failing to be children died. She envied people who were happy.
      It soon changed to anger. She wanted to have what was lost.
      And she picked up the fruits from hunger."

      and from Chrono Story:

      "she left behind the "original sin" which we split into seven pieces"

      Everything else is based on logical bases from the Seven Deadly Sins themselves. The sins are magic (or demons possessing magic) which when put together came from Eve (one magic) which therefore would mean Eve's intentions corrupted her magic.

      Citing a specific line that points it out is impossible though. If the info sounds shaky to you, feel free to remove it.

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    • Mmm...I guess I'll leave it in.

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    • You don't sound too convinced. I look for a more direct source in the mean time.

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    • Okay.

      I have this line of thought in my uncertainty--the assumption that the Original Sin is a compilation of the magic found in the Seven Deadly Sins and their demons is not outright stated, but it's a logical leap. That the magic is Eve's own magic corrupted by her intentions is also not stated, but it's also a logical leap from the first one. I'm just not sure we should put information on the wiki that's two leaps away from confirmed information, if that makes sense...

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    • (Psst: Also, did Twiright Prank illuminate Anne's feelings towards Riliane in any way other than motherly love?) Eh, not assuming there would be much, but...

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    • Also wondering if the term "Epitome of Sin" was found somewhere or if it was coined for ease of summary. Same for "Awakened Vessel."

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    • Epitome was coined. Originally I thougth to use Climax, but for avoid innuendos I decided use other woed. After see Epitome means perfect example, embidoment or representation I thought it worked well, too.

      The Awakened Vessel was derived from the songs Heartbeat Clocktower, Cappricio Farce and the documents stating the Venom Sword and Kayo's Scissors haven't awakened

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    • ^ That's how I understood the term popped up as well.

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    • Alrighty then. Now...requesting specifics for Marlon. 

      1. Where did you find the date for Kyle ascending the throne and where was it mentioned that Marlon received large sums of money as gifts from Lucifenia.

      2. The Witch Hunt order--was it discussed in Praeludium, or just Cloture?

      3. Which chapter and section in Praeludium saw Marlon being driven out of Beelzenia (if that did happen in Praeludium)?

      4. Where did you find information on the Marlon army, mostly the information on their different branches and adaptability? 

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    • 1. Kyle ascending the throne comes from the Fanbook. I found it among the timeline years, you may want to check of Kyle's page to reference all the years listed there for when Margaret died, he burned his stuff, he became king, etc.

      2. Praeludium. Chapter 1 Section 2.

      3. It happens sometime after what we have translated so just say Praeludium for now.

      4. Ney Futapie is the Head of Espionage so there must be a division of the military dedicated to spying and reconaissance. Adaptibility is derived from their ability to remain unidentified to both the Resistance and Lucifenia during the Revolution and be able to stage raids on their enemies across multiple fronts.

      The side stuff like their uniform is Praeludium Chapter 1 Section 1 and their swords is mentioned in Cloture.

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