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The School Capriccio of the Dead is a doujinshi that was sold at THE VOCALOID M@STER 30, on April 25, 2015. The manga is written and illustrated by Tamara, it tells of the seven vessel owners and Allen Avadonia, whose school suddenly is faced with a zombie invasion.

Plot Summary[]

In the "Capriccio" School, Kayo Sudou rushes to tell her friends that a zombie invasion is on it's way, pulling back the curtain to show them when they doubt her story. Sateriasis Venomania then comments that he feels strange before sprouting wings. The rest of the members agree to feeling strange, save for Margarita Blankenheim, and Allen witnesses Banica becoming more gluttonous, Riliane more selfish, Kayo more envious, and Gallerian greedier.

Allen and Gallerian then suggest that Sateriasis fly out and check the situation; Kayo volunteers to go with him, due to her high observation and stalking skills. Riliane announces the invasion to the whole school and encourages students to barricade the rooms, the announcement overheard by Ayn, Chelsea and Clarith. Gallerian sends off Kayo and Sateriasis to oversee this; Kayo notices that the zombies have come inside regardless of the barricades and have devoured a student named Yarera in front of his brother, Zusco. She also sees Nemesis taking down some zombies on her own.

After Kayo spots a lone man in one of the classrooms and identifies said room, Banica recognizes it as the cooking classroom and realizes the man is Carlos. Despite Allen's protests, she runs off to save him. On arriving, she sees the zombies attacking Carlos and yells at them to get away, the creatures back off as a result. While holding Carlos in her arms, she ignores his pleas for her to run to safety and begs to stay with him. She tries to cry out her feelings before being drowned out by the zombies' groaning. When she tells them to shut up, she realizes that the zombies follow her commands and that this was the power she had gotten at the beginning. She then commands the zombies to vanish and the school returns to normal.




Conceptualization and Origin[]


  • The zombies in the doujin are from the game Minecraft.

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