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"Come, repent."
―Nemesis Sudou[src]

The Muzzle of Nemesis is a song released by Akuno-P on August 8, 2014. It is part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, depicting Wrath, and was included in an album with the same name.


The song begins with Nemesis Sudou approaching a man and pointing her gun at him. She thinks of her mother as she recalls all the events that led to her seeking revenge against the man. Saying goodbye to "Mr. Père Noël", she offers him the choice of dying by the fire burning the house or a gunshot. Nemesis then proposes he give back his entire fortune to be spared, only for the man, Gallerian Marlon, to snap that he wouldn't do so. Thinking back on her childhood, Nemesis notices the man comforting his Doll and declares him mad, remarking on how the man's true daughter died long ago. Bidding her father farewell, she wonders why her mother loved such a man as she prepares to shoot him.


さあ 懺悔なさい

ねえ母さん 私ね 今


さあ 懺悔なさい

Hello and good-bye 『Mr.Pere Noel』
家にも火を付けたわ どちらか選びなさい
この業火の中 燃え尽きるかを

ねえ母さん どんな悪党にも

だからね私 彼にこう言ったの

「私の財産 貴様なんぞには 決して渡さない」


Hello and good-bye 『Master Of The Court』

ねえ母さん あなたは私を

ねえ母さん 父さんはもう
駄目みたいだよ 狂っているわ
暗い海底 沈んでいった

ねえ父さん 私を見てよ

Hello and good-bye⋯good-bye 『My Father』
殺し屋の元締 悪徳裁判官
ねえ母さん どうしてあなたはこんな人を




さあ 懺悔なさい

Tsumibukaki otoko yo
Saa zangenasai

Nee kaasan watashi ne ima
Hito ni juukou wo mukete iru no
Takusan no hito wo otoshiirete
Shifuku wo koroshita warui yatsu yo

Kono otoko no tame ni watashi wa
Aishita hito sae sono te ni kaketa
Tsugi ni jibun jishin mo utta keredo
Shinu koto wa dekinakatta

Fukushuu no toki wa kitareri
Saa zangenasai

Hello and good-bye "Mr. Pere Noel"
Ie ni mo hi wo tsuketa wa dochira ka erabinasai
Miken wo uchinukareru ka
Kono gouka no naka moetsukiru ka wo

Nee kaasan donna akutoo ni mo
Shokuzai no CHANSU wa ataeru beki deshou?

Dakara ne watashi kare no kou itta no
"Anata no zaisan wo tebanashinasai
Subete wo ubatta hito no kaeseba inochi dakenara tasukete ageru"

Kare wa kotaeta
"Watashi no zaisan kisama nanzo ni wa kesshite watasanai"

Dou shiyou mo nai KUZU ne
Yappari zangenasai

Hello and good-bye "Master of the Court"
Yoku ni obore kitta akutoku saibankan
Hitobito to watashi no ikari wo sono mi ni abite

Nee kaasan anata wa watashi wo
Onnade hitotsu de sodatete kureta
Umareta no wa mori no haioku
Chichi no kao nado shiranakatta

Nee kaasan tousan wa mou
Dame mitai da yo kurutte iru wa
Ningyou wo nee-san da to omoikonde iru
Ano hito wa mou tokkuni
Kurai unazoko shizunde itta
Mou musume wa kono watashi hitori dake na no ni

Nee tousan watashi wo mite yo
Watashi no koto mo mite yo

Hello and good-bye・・・good-bye "My Father"
Koroshi ya no motojime akutoku saibankan
Nee kaasan doushite anata wa konna hito wo
Ai shita no?

Kore de hontou ni owari yo
Subete wo saigo ni shimashou

Tsumibukaki Aku no monogatari yo

Itoshii hito
Nikunda hito

Tsumibukaki otoko yo
Saa zangenasai

Sinful man
Come, repent

Hey mother, right now
I’m aiming the muzzle of my gun at a man
A son of a bitch who ruined many people
And filled his own pockets

For the sake of this man, I
Even killed the one I loved
And then I shot myself too, but
I couldn’t die

The time has come for my revenge, so
Come, repent

Hello and good-bye 「Mr. Pere Noel」
Your house has been set on fire; select either path:
Will your brow be shot through?
Or will you burn up inside this hellfire?

Hey mother, any scoundrel
Should be granted a chance for atonement, right?

Therefore I said this to him: “Relinquish your fortune to me
“If you pay back the people from whom you stole everything, if you have just your life, I shall save you”

He replied
“I will never hand over my fortune to the likes of you”

You’re trash that can’t be helped huh?
Even so, repent

Hello and good-bye 「Master of the Court」
A corrupted judge drowned in greed
Let mine and the people’s hatred wash over your body
Then sleep

Hey mother, you labored on your own
To raise me
I was born in a deserted house in the forest
I didn’t even know my father’s face

Hey mother, it seems father is
Already done for, he’s insane
He’s convinced the doll is my older half-sister
She had already sunken
To the dark bottom of the ocean long ago
I’m now his only daughter, but

Hey father, look at me
Look at me too!

Hello and goodbye…goodbye「My father」
The boss of hitmen, a corrupted judge
Hey mother, why would you love
Such a man?

With this it’s truly over
Let’s make everything end

This story of sinful evil

Goodbye, the one I love
The one I hate

Sinful man
Come, repent

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV Text[]

〇〇一 「神の双子」ヘンゼルとグレーテル誕生
〇一三 レヴィアンタの災厄
〇一五 「七つの大罪」発生
一三六 ヴェノマニア事件
三二五 バニカ=コンチータ行方不明事件
五〇〇 ルシフェニア革命
五〇五 レタサン政変
五〇八 新生四騎士事件
五四九 蛇ヶ原の戦い
五九七 ライオネス焼失事件
六〇九 トラゲイ奇病騒動
六一〇 ロールド連続殺人事件
六一一 メリゴド高地の決闘
七四六 マイスティアが独立宣言
八四二 円尾坂殺人事件
八七八 アイシケル条約によるUSE結成
九七八 タイタニス号沈没事故
九八三 レヴィアンタ内乱



USE 暗星庁長官








001, the birth of “Twins of God”, Hänsel and Gretel
013, the Levianta Catastrophe
015, outbreak of “The Seven Deadly Sins”
136, the Venomania Event
325, the disappearance of Banica Conchita
500, the Lucifenian Revolution
505, the Retasan Coup
508, the Four Horsemen Incident
549, the Battle of Jagahara
597, the Lioness Burning Incident
609, the Toragay Epidemic
610, the Rolled Serial Killings
611, the Duel of Merrigod Plateau
746, the Maistia Declaration of Independence
842, the Enbizaka Murderer Scandal
878, the formation of the USE by the treaty of Aishikeru
978, the Sinking of the Titanis
983, the Leviantan Civil War

The Last Revolver

Money is the best lawyer in Hell

Director of the USE Dark Star Bureau

Gallerian Marlon

Judgment of Corruption

The Doll of the Miniature Garden

And Then The Girl Went Mad

“You’ve been abandoned”
“Abandoned, huh?”

The Last Revolver

Judgment of Corruption

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related Songs[]

The Last Revolver[]

The Last Revolver showcases the doomed romance between Nemesis and her lover as alluded to in The Muzzle of Nemesis, detailing the cause of Nemesis' grudge a year prior to the song.

Judgment of Corruption[]

Judgment of Corruption details the corruption of Gallerian Marlon as noted by Nemesis, showing events that occurred alongside The Muzzle of Nemesis.

And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night-[]

And Then the Girl Went Mad -Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night- shows more of Nemesis' past, featuring the abandoned house alluded to in The Muzzle of Nemesis and exploring a facet of Nemesis' relationship with her mother.

Master of the Hellish Yard[]

Master of the Hellish Yard explores Nemesis' future as the Master of the Hellish Yard, turning from an assassin to a dictator and seeking to erase all sins.

Seven Crimes and Punishments[]

The song Seven Crimes and Punishments alludes to Nemesis during the Leviantan Civil War, as she shoots the viewer while wearing the mask she donned while murdering Gallerian.




Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Nemesis is the goddess in Greek mythology who carried out retribution against those who did evil deeds and obtained undeserved fortunes.
  • The song's English title, "Satan's Revenge", is a reference to Satan, the patron demon of Wrath; it also refers to Nemesis' act of getting revenge on Gallerian, as portrayed in the song.
  • When first conceptualizing the song, mothy had planned for the story to portray the entire life of its central character, Nemesis, but realized later on that the song would be too large; he also admitted the issue caused a delay in the song's release schedule.[1]
  • While commenting on the song's creation, mothy stated that it was a process of trial and error and that the final song was nothing like the initial version, having eventually decided it was too bloated and cut down on its content.[2]
  • Prior to the song's announcement, mothy posted a poem entitled "Nemesis" with allusions seemingly reflecting characters, places, or events in the Evillious Chronicles; at the end of the poem, mothy stated it was a late night work and didn't have any meaning.[3]
  • On twitter, mothy posted a twit sound titled "the muzzle of a gun" for a period of time, featuring an instrumental sample for a future song;[4] despite the name similarity, the sample itself used a different instrumental from The Muzzle of Nemesis.
  • The revolver used in the song PV is based on the design of a Colt Python revolver.[5]


  • At the beginning of the song PV, a timeline involving the birth of Hänsel and Gretel, the Levianta Catastrophe, and all the major events involving the Seven Deadly Sins leading up to the song is rushed through.
  • Like the other songs in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, the song begins with the phrase "さあ" (Saa) after the singer addresses the "sinful man" following the timeline sequence.
  • Towards the climax of the song PV, the screen flashes phrases and images related to other songs; the phrases include "And Then the Girl Went Mad", "Abandoned" twice, "The Last Revolver", "Judgment of Corruption", and "Master of the Hellish Yard". 
  • Similar to the Judgment of Corruption PV, after Ma appears, a tunnel is being fallen through towards the end, with five colored rings along the tunnels of the walls; each ring is the color of the Deadly Sin representing it, excluding greed and wrath, and appears in the song series' chronological order.
  • During the ending instrumental in the song PV, illustrations for each of the other six characters featured in their representative song in the series appear in reverse chronological order; afterwards, all six line up with the six shots in Nemesis' gun cylinder that's pointed at the viewer before fading away.
  • The illustrations are supposed to mirror Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things, sans wrath.[6]
  • Humorously, mothy admitted he had uploaded the song on August 8th, the eighth day of the eighth month of the year, by pure coincidence, not noticing the date until shortly before he posted it;[7] Nemesis, the song's central character, happens to have the codename No. 8.



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